MFTIV: Ch 65

Seeing that it was Qi An’an, Jiang Lu’s sharp expression suddenly froze, then turned into unconscious tenderness, he hung up the phone and walked over.

    “An An… why did you come here?” Jiang Lu took Qi Anan’s shoulders and brought her in, while taking the things in her hand, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you just now, I didn’t mean to…”

    He was blank. Thinking, he didn’t mean it, did he look bad just now?

    “What nonsense are you talking about? Why apologize indiscriminately?” Qi An’an held Jiang Lu’s face with his somewhat dissatisfied hands.

    The expression Jiang Lu looked over for the first time was a bit indifferent, but she didn’t care about it at all.

    What’s this? It was not like this before. Sometimes Jiang Lu was busy and didn’t know who came in, but there was no smile when he looked over, so why did he apologize so seriously?

    Jiang Lu’s lips trembled slightly, not knowing what to say. He just couldn’t accept that there was any bit of badness in Qi An’an, even if he didn’t know who came from the first glance, but he knew that his eyes were cold and indifferent.

    Looking at her like this, he already felt unbearable.

    Qi An’an was worried. Jiang Lu behaved as if he had done something wrong, but this was obviously a trivial matter. She put her arms around Jiang Lu’s neck, and kissed him on tiptoe: “Why is it so fussing, I’m not allowed to say I’m sorry in the future, do you know, what did you do wrong? So careful.”

    Qi An’an knew, because of growing up Because of the environment, even now, Jiang Lu’s character still has a sense of sensitivity that cannot be removed.

    Precisely because she knew that, she felt more pity in her heart, looked at Jiang Lu tenderly, and gently shook his hand: “Jiang Lu, have I been doing well recently?”

    After thinking about it , Qi An’an can only attribute it to Could it be that I have left Jianglu out of the cold recently? Or is it not gentle enough? It is also possible that he accidentally said something wrong and made Jiang Lu misunderstand it?

    However, Jiang Lu immediately shook his head: “No, why do you say that?”

    He took Qi An’an in his arms, and slowly touched the back of her head with his big hand: “An’an, no one would be better than you.” It

    was the same as usual. Qi An’an temporarily suppressed the worries in his heart. Things can’t be hard, she took Jiang Lu’s hand and walked to the sofa: “Okay, are you hungry? Let’s eat first.”

    Qi An’an opened the lunch box and smiled at him: “But let’s say it first, today’s meal I made it by myself. I don’t guarantee the taste. But it seems that it can be imported, but you still need to be mentally prepared.”

    She smiled and brought the phone out of the takeaway interface and put it aside: “Don’t worry, if you find What’s wrong, I will order takeaway first aid right away.”

    The food on the table is very simple, it is very basic home cooking, the color is not very bright, and some places are a little mushy, but the fragrance is tangy.

    Jiang Lu was taken aback for a moment, and murmured: “An An, why are you so good to me?”

    “Say silly again,” Qi An’an smiled helplessly, “I should have treated you nicely.”

    She If you like him so much, if it’s not good to him, is it going to be bad to him?

    Qi An’an snorted and turned his hand off to a black screen: “I won’t order takeaway for you. Even if it’s not delicious, you will just eat it like this.”

    Jiang Lu smiled and whispered, “I’ll wash my hands. “

    He stood in front of the sink in the bathroom, quietly looking at himself in the mirror, and sighed secretly in his heart. Fortunately, he came in time, otherwise An An would definitely see his red eyes.

    After taking a few deep breaths, Jiang Lu picked up his mood before pushing the door back.

    After they finished the meal together, Qi An’an felt that his craftsmanship was not bad. Although he couldn’t talk about the delicious food, he could pass the test anyway. He discussed with Jiang Lu, “Jiang Lu, my level is definitely not as good as yours. , But I should still be able to get it when I practice, and I have more time than you. I will cover the cooking project in the future, okay?”

    Is she not good at craftsmanship? He felt that it was many times better than what he did. Jiang Lu smiled and kissed Qi An’an on the forehead: “An’an, you don’t want to make these, these should be made by me.”

    Qi An’an looked at him disapprovingly: “Why? You think my cooking is not delicious. “

    Jiang Lu scratched the tip of her nose: “Why? You know I didn’t mean that.”

    Qi Anan looked at him up and down several times, fell into his arms with a smile, and taught him seriously: “Jiang You can’t do this, Lu, you will spoil me

    like this .” She looked up from this angle, as if she was her world.

    Jiang Lu moved in his heart and bowed his head and kissed her.

    Spoiled, it doesn’t matter. He only asked God to give him a chance to spoil her.


    Before leaving work the next night, Jiang Lu called the company’s lawyer Wang to come in.

    As soon as Lawyer Wang entered the door, he saw Jiang Lu’s eyebrows twisted slightly, and his eyes calmly watched out the window with his fingers resting on the edge of the table, tapping them lightly, as if thinking about something.

    Lawyer Wang is very professional and highly qualified. He admires the young president of the company very much. He suddenly called himself affirmative. Lawyer Wang took the spirit of twelve points and took it seriously: “Mr. Jiang, you ask me to have What’s the matter?”

    Jiang Lu was silent for a moment: “I’m thinking about property issues recently.”

    Attorney Wang’s expression was stunned, and he sat up straight again.

    He knew that the young president’s beloved wife was like his life, and he had vested all his property under his name to his fiancé early. In other words, he is indeed the person in charge of this company, but to be more straightforward, he is also a migrant


In fact, attorney Wang disagrees with men doing this. The Jiangshan that he defeated was so easy to hand over. It’s too heroic and short of breath and love for children, but if President Jiang said that today, he may also want to open it.

    Lawyer Wang said confidently: “In fact, the property problem is very easy to solve. After all, this company, including all the industries you operate, is operated by you. Returning to ownership is just a matter of your first thought. Although the ownership is now It’s not with you, but I think it’s easy to solve the issue of your fiancee’s signature.”

    Yes, the most difficult thing is the signature of President Jiang’s fiancee. Maybe she is unwilling to return this large amount of property, but this It doesn’t matter, as long as you want to do it, signing is not an annoyance at all.

    Jiang Lu’s eyelids slowly lifted, his eyes cold: “How to solve it?”

    Attorney Wang came to the spirit: “Not to mention that your property was originally transferred without the other party’s knowledge, even if she knew, she…

    ” Okay.” Jiang Lu squeezed his eyebrows lightly, “Stop

    talking .” “President Jiang, what did I say wrong?” Lawyer Wang was a little nervous, thinking about what he said, is it too straightforward? Is there still something wrong?

    Jiang Lu said: “There is nothing wrong, I was thinking about this, so I plan to be a notarization.”

    Attorney Wang didn’t understand: “Then your notarization is going to…”

    “As you just said, although these things are now It’s not in my name, but if I want to get it back, it’s easy.” Jiang Lu squinted slightly, tapping his fingers slowly on the table, “I need a legally valid notarization. It proves that these things are personally in Qi’an’an. Under the name, no one has the right to relocate, including myself.”

    This is really speechless. Attorney Wang was speechless for a while: “Mr. Jiang, in fact…In my opinion, this is not necessary either, anyway. All decisions are made by you, and you don’t have to do things so early.”

    What big thing does he think it is because he is defending himself? This behavior is really speechless. It’s like putting another lock on the safe and breaking the key to be at ease.

    Jiang Lu shook his head, and only said, “It is necessary. This matter should be done as soon as possible.”

    He had thought about it, and he always had to make some preparations. When this matter is done, he feels a little more at ease, no matter whether he will change or what he will become in the future, in short, An An will never be nothing, and pitifully beg someone for it.

    Just in case, he must do this. Jiang Lu knew his abilities, Qi Yan couldn’t restrain him at all now, so he had to tie himself firmly with heavy iron ropes.


    And all this, Qi An’an is completely unaware of it.

    Before Qi Anan left that night, her tutor stopped her: “An An, there will be an international forum in a neighboring province in two days. I want to take you and Han Cheng together. This time there will be many outstanding people. Academician, it’s a good learning opportunity. It’s not a long time. Just three days. You go back to clean up.”

    Qi An’an was tempted immediately, and was about to agree, but suddenly hesitated: “Um…”

    Teacher Lin looked at She laughed, with an expression of someone coming over: “I’m getting married soon, you’re just sticking together, you young people, just separate for two or three days, so reluctant.”

    Qi An’an blushed: “I ‘m not getting married yet, teacher. “It’s not that she is reluctant to part because of the small difference, mainly because she always feels that Jiang Lu has something on her mind recently, and she feels a little uneasy to leave.

    But when Qi An’an mentioned it to Jiang Lu when she went home, Jiang Lu smiled and stroked her head: “Go to An’an, this is a good thing, pay attention to safety, take care of yourself, don’t worry me.”

    Qi An’an hugged her. His waist, looked up at him: “But it will take three days to walk.”

    Jiang Lu smiled: “I know, it’s cold over there, wear thicker, don’t get sick, remember to call me.”

    He dripped blood . Carefully hide her heart, and no matter what An An wants to do, he will support her and prevent her from getting caught in her own footsteps.

    Even recently, some memories have become clearer.

    Jiang Lu helped Qi An’an pack his luggage. He hung his head, with complex emotions in his eyes.

    He already remembered his crazy revenge. The Qi family’s large company collapsed in just a few months with the power of destroying it. In his memory, his methods were more insidious than at the moment. He used despicable methods to give the other party no chance to breathe. Jiang Lu could even feel the heinous hatred in his memory.

    Did An An follow him in the previous life? If so, why would he insult her to such a degree? If not, then where do they begin to talk about their fate in this life?

    Everything was complicated, and he really didn’t know when he would fall.

    On the first day after Qi An’an left, Jiang Lu booked a ticket and revisited the old mountain city where they had traveled as a sophomore.

    After a few years, this famous tourist city is still full of bustling and noisy atmosphere, the street scene has not changed much, and walking on the road can still evoke many memories.

    Memories, Jiang Lu smiled bitterly, these two words almost became the inverse scale in his heart.

    It was here that he had the terrible nightmare for the first time, and since then vowed to find the man in the dream, and now everything is clear, he has been looking for it for so long, and the answer lies in himself.

    Jiang Lu once again went to the scenic spots they had been to.

    It is the time of the New Year, and it is the off-season for tourism. The scenic spot is located in a remote area, and there are far fewer people who come to visit. Jiang Lu walked on the glass plank road for a while, he turned his head slightly to look aside, and Qi An’an’s pale face appeared in a trance, and he looked pitiful with fear.

  At that time, he held her in his arms, and his heart was on the ground. At this moment, he was empty and there was nothing around him.

    Jiang Lu walked slowly until he reached under the love tree, and looked up at the small red cards full of trees. After watching for a long time, he suddenly reached out and flipped through them one by one.

    “Do you want to hang a red card? Ten yuan each. Write it yourself, and hang it on the tree.” The grandfather next to the tree looked at him as curious, and smiled at him kindly.

    Jiang Lu glanced at him and said, “I wrote it.” The

    grandfather was a little interested: “You wrote, then you… come back and see?”

    Jiang Lu didn’t speak any more, he stood in the memory. Place, stubbornly look through them one by one.

    “When did you come to write?” Grandfather or great interest approached, “can find so hard to find, this garden trees brand, so much you have to find what time ah?”

    “Besides looking at the big tree , How many tourists come every year? How many people write up here? We clean up regularly, otherwise the tree would have been crushed after so many years.”

    Jiang Lu’s lips moved, and he whispered: “Quickly It’s been four years.”

    “It’s almost four years. It must have been cleaned up a long time ago. Don’t look for it. You can’t find it.”

    Jiang Lu’s hands paused in the air and slowly hung down for a long time. He looked at the tree quietly, without knowing what he was thinking.

    The grandfather touched his nose, thinking that his words might be a bit depressing. He smiled and wanted to talk a few more words to make up for it: “You came on this trip alone? I didn’t see any companions around me. Why did you suddenly want to come here? Brand? I forgot what I wrote back then, so do you want to come and see it?”

    Jiang Lu said softly, “I remember.”

    He would never forget what he wrote by himself.

    “Oh, that’s nothing to regret. I remember it for so long, and it proves that you have a heart. Young people, these things are imaginary. Keep them in your heart, and it will take longer than hanging on a tree.”

    The grandfather laughed a few times, and warmly persuaded: “Even if you hang on a tree, you will be exposed to wind and rain sooner or later, and you will gradually lose sight of it. Remember it is different in my heart. Wipe it from time to time.

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