AR: Ch 58

 Shopping malls began to close at half past nine o’clock, and it was nine o’clock after Xu Yue took a taxi.

    There was still some way to get off the car and walk into the mall, and he almost ran over.

    One? It’s not unusual for a boy to step into a women’s clothing store. The owner wants to sell a fortune before closing. “Hello, do you need any help?”

    Xu Yue opened the paper and glanced at it? “Buy a set.” Girl’s clothes…this? S size.” The

    shopkeeper’s face was full of smiles, “Is it for my girlfriend?”

    “…cough.” The thin paper was pinched by his fingers, he Bite the scalp and nod? Nod? “Hmm.”

    “Which style does your girlfriend like?”


    Usually? Stay? School, Ji Yi wears school uniforms and pants in full accordance with school regulations. Even if you change, wear basic sportswear.

    The only thing that made Ji Yi profound was that time, when she was standing in a cheongsam under the light, there was only a glimmer of light in his eyes.

    Xu Yue stretched his finger? Next to the dress of the same color as the cheongsam last time, “This is it.”

    “You are really discerning. Many girls come to our store? Like these styles, you look at the

    shop …” The boss raised several hangers at once, this one tightened, and the other set showed a figure…

    Xu Yue was uncertain about it, and regardless of the price, he asked the boss to pack three sets.

    Two skirts and a set of comfortable and loose underwear.

    Bring it back and let her? Do it yourself?

    After buying the clothes for outside wear, he passed by the door of the underwear shop, hesitated?… The

    girl’s triumphant laughter was still in his ears, he gritted his teeth and took steps.

    “Welcome, may I ask you…” The clerk in front of the counter greeted him habitually, and when he looked up, he turned out to be a handsome boy.

    Xu Yue handed the piece of paper out with a stern face, and pointed at the data without wavering, “According to this? Buy two sets and the girls wear them.”

    Ten seconds later, the clerk walked around behind the cashier counter. He came out and asked: “Which type do you need?”

    “This is also divided into types?”

    “There are gathering types, and…”

    After hearing the introduction, Xu Yue’s face became calmer, “It’s ok to wear comfortably.” The

    clerk took off from the shelf. Have you taken two sets of light-colored packages, and handed him the bags.

    Xu Yue carried the shopping bags and turned around calmly.

    It’s just that when I stepped out of the door, I almost hit the glass…

    After that, some daily necessities are easy to buy, and the embarrassing situation will not appear again.

    When I went home carrying my things, I found that the lights from the living room to the bedroom were turned on, but Ji Yi fell asleep with his mobile phone.

    He took the phone out of her hand with a heart wing, and pulled out the thin blanket to cover it with her.

    Subconsciously press the screen of the phone, and after unlocking it, I found that I was still on the end of the page.

    “Really…” Addicted to playing?


    Just when it was about to close, a message popped up on WeChat. He habitually clicked it on and saw the message from Song Yanke: [If they close you again, we will call the police for you! ]


    He squinted his eyes slightly, his long and narrow eyes passed a touch of deep meaning, and his fingers slid up a few times.

    Gradually, his expression became more solemn, and a thin layer of anger appeared on his face.

    In the end it turned into patience.

    The arrogant young man crouched on his knees beside the bed, his eyes fell on her peacefully sleeping face, brushed her soft hair between his fingers, depicting her delicate features in his heart.

    “An An, from now on…” The

    rest of the words were hidden in his heart.

    Leaving the bedroom lightly, he opened all the shopping bags in the living room, and put cups and other daily necessities on the table and the sink. For the rest of the clothes, he took off all the hang tags directly with scissors. And put it in the washing machine.

    When he held the door of the washing machine to close, the light-colored white skirt was reflected in his eyes.

    Afterwards, he bent over to pick out all the new clothes inside, and washed them one by one with his hands. It seemed that he couldn’t bear to rub it hard.

    The clothes belonging to the girls were hung on the balcony clothes poles. When the night wind blew in, the skirts fluttered slightly.


    Sunlight leaned in from the window, and after dawn, the street outside gradually became lively.

    In the morning, Ji Yi woke up from hunger.

    Xu was in trouble before? Two days ago, I slept very comfortably this time. But? It takes too long and my stomach is empty?

    She opened her eyes and looked at it for a while before she got used to the environment, got up from the bed and put on shoes.

    The person lying on the sofa hasn’t gotten up yet. Who is on the sofa in 185? He is really suffocated on the sofa, and he can’t even straighten his feet.

    Seeing this scene, I felt guilty in my heart.

    She squatted on the sofa and tentatively shouted, “Xu Yue, you can go to sleep in the room.” The

    awakened young man looked at her with brows, put his hands on his forehead, and closed his eyes.

    Ji Yi didn’t dare to bother anymore.

    She got up, walked into the kitchen, looked around and started looking for pots, shovel, bowls and chopsticks, and brought out the food in the refrigerator.

    Just when she put the pot in the sink for washing, a hand stretched out from behind and took control of the pot handle.

    “Hungry?” Xu Yue tilted his head, his voice was in her ears.

    Ji Yi candid? Head, “ah, yesterday left so much food, I think a little hot? Eat.”

    “I have come.”

    “Never mind, ah, I’ll be? It somehow? You sleep a while longer You blame me for bothering you just now.”

    Xu Yueqing shook her head, questioning taking away the pot handle and spatula from her hand, “Go out, the phone is on the coffee table, I have to play with it and get it by myself.”

    Without discussion, she was “ejected” out of the kitchen by Xu Yue again.

    Ji Yi stood at the door, not crying or laughing.

    She? Didn’t walk away, she leaned lazily at the door, and pointed her toes forward. She casually asked with a smile, “Xu Yue, are you raising a daughter?”


    He denied At that time, the water from the faucet was half full. Press your finger upward to close the water outlet.

    The sound of running water disappeared, and he heard his simple voice, “Is it? Yang An’an.”

    Only you.

    Ji Yi was so stunned by this sentence that he almost felt his feet soft, touched his heart, and ran away with a guilty conscience.

    Xiao Xiao ran into the living room and found his mobile phone on the coffee table.

    At the same time, I also saw a few shopping bags beside him.

    Remember?, these things didn’t exist before she went to bed, probably they were brought back by Xu Yue afterwards.

    She touched the bag, it was empty.

    Ji Yi looked towards the kitchen, “Right?, didn’t you buy clothes for me yesterday? Didn’t you buy my clothes for me? My clothes?”

    “On the balcony, have you seen it? Nothing.”


    She put her phone down, got up and walked to the balcony, and found that the clothes rails were all light-colored…clothes, trousers…and more personal…

    Xu Yue always wears darker clothes. Lulu, at first glance, this scene really violates peace. Especially the lady’s skirt with fluttering skirts is particularly conspicuous.

    Ji Yi suddenly realized that all of this was bought for her? ? !

    Hurry up and put away the clothes hanging on it with a clothes fork, try the lower temperature, it is already dry. She wrapped her underwear in a white skirt, blushed and entered the bedroom, closing the door with her backhand.

    Sunlight came in from outside the window sill, and the sunny bedroom was bright.

    She piled everything on the bed, her cheeks hot.

    Xu Yue actually helped her? I bought it back?! Have you washed it yet?

    Wash it in the washing machine…it must be!

    But after another thought, even if it was washed by a washing machine, it was dried by Xu Yue’s hands!

    “Let me take it? Go…” She? Why did you go to bed so early last night!

    Looking down, he was still wearing Xu Yue’s clothes.

    I couldn’t help muttering? “No matter what?.”

    Anyway, she is the only one who knows this matter? He knows about it with Xu Yue, and Xu Yue won’t say it.

    Regardless of? So many, quickly took off the clothes, put on the loose suit and pants, and folded the other clothes.


    The era of snake greedy has passed, Ji Yi began to play to wipe out the stars, she? She rose several levels all the way.

    Xu Yue brought the breakfast to the table, and found that the person who shouted hungry had already forgotten the feeling of hunger…

    “An’an, come over for breakfast.”

    “I’ll come right away.”

    Clear the game simply in one round, this one will not be addictive.

    “I’m afraid you’re hungry, I’ll make it in a hurry? Egg fried rice, you eat it first.”

    “Yeah.” If you have something to eat, she is not picky.

    But when she started to move, she found that Xu Yue had already stood by the gate and seemed to be ready to go out.

    “Are you going out?”

    “Go downstairs to buy something? You will be back soon.”

    “Go and go.” She didn’t know what Xu Yue was going to buy, she didn’t ask much.

    He said that soon it was really fast, and he returned home in just a few minutes.

    Xu Yue came back with a bag, took out a bottle of milk from it and handed it to her, then put the bag on the coffee table, “It’s all milk, if you want to drink it, take it yourself.”

    Ji Yi held the milk bottle. , Asked in surprise: “You just go out to buy milk?”

    “Yeah.” His voice was extremely soft and answered.

    “Why is it so troublesome, I can drink boiled water?” It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate it, but he is embarrassed to cause trouble to others.

    “Did I say?…An An is not my trouble.” The thin lips of the young man were slightly lifted, and the slight curvature represented a happy mood. There was no slightest? Unwilling.

    Because I saw her like drinking this kind of milk at school, I wanted to bring everything she likes to her.

    Ji Yi smiled and narrowed his eyes while holding the milk bottle.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the morning? So leisurely and comfortable, it would be better if Xu Yue didn’t always raise questions abruptly.

    “Don’t you need to go back to school for class?” he asked.

    “Hmm…” His eyes blinked quickly? A few times, and his mouth reacted quickly, “I asked the teacher for leave?.”

    Is Ji Guosheng forcibly asking for leave from the teacher? That is equivalent to asking for leave?

    The young man lowered his eyes, concealed the heavy gloom in his eyes, and tried his best to control his emotions.

    Asked: “Then, do you want to go out to play?”

    “What to play?” Ji Yi responded to him while poking his finger on the screen to play the game.

    She was playing with her mobile phone, and Xu Yue stared at her attentively, “Where do you want to go, it’s okay.”

    He gave Ji Yi the right to choose, letting her choose.

    Ji Yi suddenly put away the phone and began to think seriously.

    She hasn’t been free to play for a long time, and Xu Yue took the initiative to “play”. She has to consider it carefully.

    Now, they hide themselves in their homes, deliberately avoiding rumors on the Internet, but one day they have to go out, it is better to have a good time before the storm comes.

    Ji Yi checked the nearby attractions on the APP, and saw the sign of the amusement. Suddenly, he had an idea.

    “I know that? We went to Happy Valley it!”

    She? Bounced from the couch, the phone promises to give more immediate, “You see, buy? Ticket can go in? To the? Inside play one day.”


    I have something to say: My lonely and arrogant Xu brother has just grown up, so why is he an “old father”! ! ! What’s the matter with buying some clothes for my daughter-in-law? I didn’t knock the glass door on purpose. In the

    next chapter, I will give you some surprises.

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