AR: Extra 16

  Lu Liansheng suddenly received an unfamiliar call. If it weren’t for City B, he probably would have refused to listen.     “Lu Liansheng, my hand? The phone is off…”     He knew who it was when he heard the sound.     Song Yan borrowed someone else’s mobile phone to call him, saying that the mobile phone had droppedContinue reading “AR: Extra 16”

AR: Extra 15

 Song Yanke is in a good mood recently, because she finally waited for the response from her favorite.     But… I kissed them, so why not give them? What is the status? ? ?     I know that Lu Liansheng is not that? Someone who plays with emotions casually, but no matter how she expressly hints, he doesn’t? Seriously?Continue reading “AR: Extra 15”

AR: Extra 14

When Song Yan was pulled out of the cinema by Lu Liansheng, the gods wandered outside.     Lu Liansheng hadn’t heard the girl next to her all the time, only then realized that her attention was on the hands between the two of them.     Lu Liansheng’s cheeks were slightly hot, and his hands were loose.     ButContinue reading “AR: Extra 14”

AR: Extra 13

 The evening breeze was slightly cool, Song Yanke took a bottle of beer and sat by the small river outside the basketball court, chatting with He Xuxu on the phone.     He Xuxu said on the phone: “I have a friend…she met her ex-boyfriend while playing games, my friend is very sad now.”     Song Yanke prickedContinue reading “AR: Extra 13”

AR: Extra 12

 Is it about being hit? Song Yan has been gone for a week.     Song’s father and Song’s mother came to City B on a business trip, just in time to visit his daughter’s son.     I heard that Song Yan was going to work part-time in the milk tea shop. The two felt distressed, “My dear,Continue reading “AR: Extra 12”

AR: Extra 11

   It is the first time for Song Yan to feel that the seven-day National Day holiday is very short, very short, very short!     She hasn’t developed further with Lu Liansheng yet, and she wants to start taking classes again.     The milk tea shop is only part-time, if they want to help, they also go onContinue reading “AR: Extra 11”

AR: Extra 10

Song Yan, who had no illnesses and no disasters since childhood, grew up smoothly, and was happy after eating candy. She performed exceptionally well in the college entrance examination. He reported to the same school as his high school friend Ji Yi, and got the score of the university in City B, and was successfullyContinue reading “AR: Extra 10”

AR: Extra 9

 Ji Yi at the mobile phone, speaking softly sentence: “? Oh, not my father.”     Phones that people end immediately corrected himself, shouted in unison:?! “Mom”     ?? “Song     “Yes! Auntie took us to the playground!”     “Oh, let Aunt Song answer the phone first.” After     Song Yanke got the phone back, the two exchanged words, and finally put the phoneContinue reading “AR: Extra 9”

AR: Extra 8

At the media interview.     A man in a black suit, with a serious look in front of the camera? Explaining mechanical technology, sharing knowledge and experience in the professional field, “China’s machinery manufacturing enterprises have fully entered the era of intelligent manufacturing development, and will informatization, construction and intelligent manufacturing. Integration to form an integratedContinue reading “AR: Extra 8”

AR: Extra 7

  Everyone has discovered that because of Ji Yi’s appearance, that frightening Mr. Xu is no longer so gloomy, and takes bloodthirsty pleasure.     Xu Yue and Qin Shan have often seen each other in the past two days, and they have been in the study for a few hours.     Ji Yi didn’t understand the things theyContinue reading “AR: Extra 7”