AR: Extra 8

At the media interview.

    A man in a black suit, with a serious look in front of the camera? Explaining mechanical technology, sharing knowledge and experience in the professional field, “China’s machinery manufacturing enterprises have fully entered the era of intelligent manufacturing development, and will informatization, construction and intelligent manufacturing. Integration to form an integrated modern management model.” The

    media interview reporter smiled, “Thank you very much for the professional knowledge and unique insights shared by Professor Xu, so that everyone has a better understanding of mechanical technology and technology. Then in At the end of the program, we have another special question to ask you.”

    “You have made a huge contribution to mechanical technology and are admired by others. We have also learned that you encountered ups and downs when you were young. Can Professor Xu help you? Everyone? Excuse me, what was it that made you cheer up and go to this day?”

    Finally, this question is not a professional knowledge. The man sitting there lowered his eyes, and no longer talked like before.

    Just when the reporter who interviewed thought he would not answer, and was about to come up with a topic, the man suddenly stood up with his microphone.

    The light of the interview room hit his face, the brightness of the highlights and the side shadows set off each other, outlining the outline of the man with distinct facial features, as well as the special brown mole.

    In front of the screen? Many people were bewildered by this handsome face, staring at the video intently, and then saw the mature and steady man make a very unexpected move.

    Facing the camera, he is equivalent to declaring to the world in front of everyone: “I was in the abyss of hell until I was 17 years old and I met the only light in the world.” I

    originally thought that for the rest of my life, he? Will he be alive, or will he end his life early? Unexpectedly, there would be a girl who suddenly broke into his life and pulled him out of the dirty quagmire.

    At the age of 17, a shining girl came to him, with warmth and love.


    After the interview, he? Didn’t? He stayed a lot, as if he couldn’t wait to see someone.

    Outside the interview, a woman with a hat and sunglasses stood there in front of an electronic projector for a long time, and finally took out her mobile phone to take pictures and videos.

    The projector will change a group of photos within ten seconds, and the theme of the recent broadcast is Xu Yue.

    The security guard on patrol looked at her several times, but finally did not hold back, and walked over, “Miss, what are you planning to do here?”

    “Ah.” The woman coughed slightly, “Nothing? , I’m waiting for someone.”

    “Miss Trouble, show me your ID.” Although the woman replied, the security was still a little worried.

    It’s not just that you can come in casually. Since you’ve walked in, you should have passed the identity verification of the front door, but standing here for so long, staring at the group of photos that have been rotated dozens of times, this time The behavior is really puzzling.

    The security guard’s attitude was correct, and the woman also cooperated. She was about to open the handbag to get the ID card, and she was suddenly wrapped around her waist, and she was close to a warm chest behind her.

    He heard the man’s steady, magnetic voice, “No need to check, she is my wife.” When the

    security guard saw him, he became awe-inspiring, “So it’s Professor Xu’s wife, Mrs. Xu Sorry to interrupt.”

    Ji Yi put on a standard smile, “It doesn’t matter, you have a good working attitude.”

    Before? I promised to go to the concert with the old teacher Nan Jia, but I didn’t expect to interview Xu Yue. Time hits the date. After the matter over there, she hurried over.

    Knowing that Xu Yue had entered the interview room and it was inconvenient to interrupt, she waited outside.

    Because I was attracted by the photos and videos on the projector, I stood here and watched it for so long.

    To resolve the misunderstanding, the couple left with ten fingers together.

    The security almost couldn’t help cheering: He? I actually saw Mrs. Xu in person!


    Xu Yue, one of the young scientists in China, was invited to participate in the World’s Top Scientists Forum at the age of 26.

    Such a genius has made great contributions to the country and is respected.

    Another special point is…this young scientist? He? Don’t be handsome!

    It is said on the Internet that a man who can obviously eat on his face depends on his talents, and he compares all the people in ten to nine out of ten!

    Some things about him have been picked up by netizens before and discussed, and most of the people who eat melons now protect Xu Yue because they are talented, handsome, and dedicated.

    When Xu Yue said such a sentence in front of the live broadcast, it was quickly spread on the Internet and was topped by the hottest.

    Although Xu Yue’s Weibo updates are basically professional knowledge, but everyone? Follow those years, you can still find clues.

    For example, he? He once gave a thumbs up to the

    account … People who eat melons quickly took screenshots, followed that account and found a very warm Weibo!

    To put it in a warm way, every Weibo updated by that account owner is sharing a good life, not deliberately showing off, but just letting people look at it and feel it is very beautiful.

    For example, a small dessert is updated daily, with text: While Mr. is not at home?, sneak into the kitchen to start a business, and you will be thrown out if you are caught!

    For another example, the update on Valentine’s Day is a bouquet of roses with the text: Mr. will only send roses every Valentine’s Day.

    There are also some scenic check-in pictures with some beautiful texts attached.

    You can read a few more pages of Weibo or follow it for a long time, and you can feel from the line that this blogger has a husband who loves her very much. Do you like to come here? I also like to look at the pictures and text she shared. It looks like a cure, and occasionally some psychological knowledge and sweet stories.

    The gossip netizens are all pervasive, guessing that the blogger has a relationship with Professor Xu, or even that kind of relationship…

    Then? Later, this Weibo account was stopped.

    Everyone? It’s even more amazing.

    After? After? After?, Xu Yuegao high school and the group of university alumni couldn’t sit still, and showed him? The beautiful love with Ji Yi, and even Ji Yi’s Weibo size did not keep it.

    But everyone did not have any malicious intentions, instead? Together? Happily knocked on the couple, and even established the “January CP” super talk.

    So when that sentence became popular on Weibo, almost everyone speculated that the person in Xu Yue’s mouth was his wife, Ji Yi.

    Of course, no matter how hot the online upload is, it can’t match Xu Yue’s enthusiasm.


    on the train, Ji Yi hat with sunglasses together removed.

    When she was about to lean back, Xu Yue quickly removed the hair loop on top of her head for her.

    “It’s not that it’s the collision date today. Come? Can’t it?”

    “I got on the plane and rushed over after the incident with the old teacher in Nanjia? It’s a pity, I missed the beginning.”

    Xu Yue leaned sideways in the seat. She put her arms on her shoulders, slender fingers close to her earlobes, and gently pinched twice to show punishment, “You broke your promise again, An’an.”

    Xu Yue’s words were a bit wrong, but Ji Yi I understood what he meant, and pulled his sleeves to show off, “Want to give you a surprise?”

    Ji Yi is a part-time commercial model? At that time, he was very popular on the Internet, although he was not as famous as a celebrity, and he also had a large number of fans. Once, she came out from the airport alone and was followed by an illegitimate fan, terrified herself, and even more terrified Xu Yue. Didn’t think that things had passed for so long, and Xu Yue never let it go.

    The two discussed how to buy something to go home, and drove to the city.

    Haven’t bought anything yet, Ji Yi passed by a milk tea shop, and suddenly felt dry and dry, “I want to drink lemonade, iced!”

    Xu Yue glanced down, hesitated, and nodded in agreement, “Yes. “It was

    just such a meal, and Ji Yi grabbed the “handle”.

    She deliberately choked at him with words?, “Why are you hesitating? Huh? Are you reluctant to ask your gentle and beautiful wife to drink a glass of lemonade?”

    Xu Yue suddenly drew up? The corners of her lips smiled, without speaking, she just picked up the phone? Clicked on a page and shook it before her eyes.

    With Ji Yi’s “Ah”, she couldn’t help but want to laugh. It turned out to be a record of her menstrual period.

    Ji Yi slapped his forehead, and pointed with the other hand in the direction of the tea shop, “Mr. Xu, go and buy me lemonade!”

    “Yes, Mrs. Xu.”

    She heard Xu Yue move forward? The sound of walking, opened his eyes, turned around, but found that Xu stood a meter away, copying his hands, and waiting for her to follow.

    With Xu Yue’s standard hook posture, Ji Yi trot two steps to his side and grabbed his finger.

    Ji Yi bought a glass of kumquat lemonade with ice, holding a transparent fruit drinking cup, and followed Xu Yue.

    The two walked together crookedly and tiredly, a young girl holding a microphone came over and said that she was doing neighbourhood activities, hoping they could answer a few questions.

    Xu Yue was not interested in this kind of thing, and when he encountered this kind of thing alone, he turned his head and left. But this time with Ji Yi next to him, everything has changed.

    He? Knowing that Ji Yi is very polite, he will look at Ji Yi subconsciously.

    Never thought that his little wife… happily agreed!

    The girl saw the pair of rings on their ring fingers and smiled, “Excuse me, how long have you been together?”

    “Seven years.” Mrs. Xu subconsciously replied about the time she was married.

    Mr. Xu added dissatisfiedly, “We have known each other for 12 years, together? 11 years, married for seven years.” The

    neighbourhood girl: “Wow, I am envious, so may I ask you to be together? After so many years, did you break up in the middle?”

    Mrs. Xu: “No? Yes.”

    Mr. Xu was very firm: “That’s impossible!”

    The girl in the neighborhood realized that this gentleman’s answer was more interesting, so she pointed the microphone at him?: “May I ask when you think your wife is the most beautiful? , When is it?”

    “Every moment.” Before? Mr. Xu, who was still resisting the neighbourhood, replied? Answered the questions, one by one.

    Mrs. Xu smiled sweetly.

    Asked a few gentle and not irritating questions, and already a lot of dog food was sprinkled out?.

    The girl in the neighbourhood held back her excitement and asked boldly, “When was the last time you kissed?”

    Thinking of those pictures, Ji Yi’s mind will be confused, her face is slightly red, and she whispered back? Answer: “No, I don’t remember.” As

    soon as the voice fell, a shadow was covered in front of my eyes, and a touch of warmth was attached to the corner of his lips.

    Ji Yi, who is easily shy, began to regret why he agreed to cooperate with the neighbourhood!

    Xu Yue was satisfied and glanced up at the interviewer, “Did you see it?”

    Mr. Xu’s face was full of satisfaction, and he embraced his little wife affectionately, and walked away.

    “Mr. Xu, why did you cooperate so much just now?”

    “Because she said we are very affectionate!”

    Mrs. Xu’s delicate voice was drowned out? In the crowd.

    * The

    two bought a bunch of things and put them in the car and carried them back to their home.

    I just wanted to use my mobile phone to make a call, and found that my mobile phone showed a red battery indicator, and the battery was in a hurry.

    “Xu Yue, let me use the phone.”

    “On the coffee table, take it by yourself.” The

    two phones can be completely interchanged. There is no secret.

    Ji Yi unlocked the lock, turned over the address book, found Song Yanke’s mobile phone number and called.

    After the call is connected, she has not come to sound, the phone immediately came two cheerful cries:??

    “! Dad”

    “Daddy ~”

    author has to say:

    say it ~ surprise

    this Fan The external part is a few years after the finale Xu Yue proposed to marry him, the next chapter is [more] surprise!

    The hole at the end of the previous chapter will be filled in in the next chapter.

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