AR: Extra 9

 Ji Yi at the mobile phone, speaking softly sentence: “? Oh, not my father.”

    Phones that people end immediately corrected himself, shouted in unison:?! “Mom”

    ?? “Song

    “Yes! Auntie took us to the playground!”

    “Oh, let Aunt Song answer the phone first.” After

    Song Yanke got the phone back, the two exchanged words, and finally put the phone back. Say goodbye to the two little babies.

    After talking for a while, Xu Yue had already put away everything he bought home.

    Ji Yi raised his mobile phone, “Coco took the two little guys to the amusement park. It’s still early, I’ll tell them? I’ll pick up people later, by the way, can I play with them for a while.”

    “OK. “

    Xu Yue has no objection to this kind of thing.

    Ji Yi took the time to take out the charger to charge the phone. The homepage wallpaper is a photo of a family of four.


    Ji Yi kept in touch with Song Yanke. After buying a ticket to enter the amusement park, he quickly found their location.

    When he arrived, the background music of the merry-go-round hovered in the air, and Ji Yi only saw Song Yanke standing outside the merry-go-round guardrail.

    The two waved to each other.

    “Where are the two little guys?”

    “On the merry-go-round, there are many people on the merry-go-round? There are still a round of them, but it’s almost over.”

    Ji Yi looked up and saw the two sitting on the merry-go-round. The child, afraid of being distracted, did not shout.

    When the music ended, Ji Yi and Xu Yue, one by one, took the two children down and led them out.

    The little boy wore a black T-shirt and a black hat on his head, with one hand in his pocket, walking and pulling.

    The little girl is wearing a tender yellow chiffon skirt with a doll collar, and her soft hair is tied into two lovely double ponytails. With a crystal headband, it is a little princess dress.

    “Mummy, Bo Bo.” The enthusiastic little Lolita hugged her mother and kissed her, and then stretched out her hand to Xu Yue.

    Xu Yue bends down to pick up his daughter, and the father and daughter’s foreheads touch their foreheads, which is a unique way of greeting.

    Five years ago, Ji Yi and Xu Yue gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix fetuses. Both children inherited the excellent genes of their parents, with red lips and white teeth, and they were born well.

    The son’s personality follows his father. At a young age, it’s cool and cool. He doesn’t know how to act like a baby. His eyes are as bright as his mother. The daughter’s personality follows his mother. When she smiles, she looks like a blooming flower. A mole with tears is unforgettable.

    When the child’s biological parents are present, Song Yanke can also retire.

    She put two of the candy she bought before into the hands of the two little guys, “Wish, Xu Wang, Aunt Song has something to do, let’s go first.” When

    Xu Wangcong was three years old, she strongly demanded Everyone called his full name! Because he thinks that the full name sounds cool, how do you call the nickname? It’s weird.

    Two heart have a little guy and thanks: “Thank you, Auntie, see you next time.”


    after Ji Yi also asked what the two children want to play, you take them to try out?.

    Find a place when you’re tired of playing? Rest.

    When a family of four went there to sit down, their looks attracted attention.

    Ji Yi put his arm on the table, raised his hand, shook it, and looked at the two children, “My two darlings, are you thirsty?” After making a

    wish, he immediately raised his hand: “Thirsty!”

    Xu Wang followed closely. Afterwards: “I’m thirsty too!”

    “Then?…” Ji Yi turned his finger, pointed at Xu Yue, smiling broadly?, “Just ask our most powerful Xu Xian Sheng to buy a drink for the

    babies ~” The two children looked at their father together. .

    Xu Yue stood up immediately, put Ji Yi’s white handbag on the table, tapped on the table, and left an intriguing sentence, “Okay, Xu Xiansheng will buy drinks for my three babies.

    ” Oh~” The two children looked at their mothers at the same time, “Mom is also Dad’s baby~”

    Ji Yi, who has been married for many years and is still thin-skinned, was teased by her two five-year- olds . She was really ashamed and wanted to laugh. .

    Waiting time, make a wish to take off his small schoolbag, and take out the pinch ball in the schoolbag to play. The colorful pinch balls have different shapes. Children like brightly colored toys. If they wish, they like to watch and pinch to play.

    She still generously picked out the two who she thought was the cutest and pushed them to Xu Wang’s side, “Brother, I will give you the lamb and the calf.”

    Xu Wang turned aside his face. “No? Yes! Too naive!”

    “Well? Okay, let’s play by yourself.” Not annoyed to make a wish, smiled and brought the lamb and calf back.

    At this time, Xu Wang turned awkwardly, “Ah…for the sake of you wanting to send me so, I will play with you for a while.”

    Ji Yi, who was standing next to the child, couldn’t help but not interfere with the child. Our game.

    Although Xu Wang thought it was naive to hold this thing, he has always been cooperating with his sister.

    Do you wish to make a wish? Be careful to knock a round ball out of the border of the table. Xu Wang was about to climb down the chair to help his sister pick up the ball. He made a wish and jumped straight down, “Brother, I’ll pick it up!”

    She? Pick it up by yourself.

    That ball is too lively, it jumps several meters away in a row.

    Little Wishing walked on his short legs and kept chasing and chasing until a figure appeared in front of him, blocking the pinch ball, bending over and picking it up.

    Wish raised his head and saw a tall handsome little brother.

    “Brother, this is my toy, can you return it to me?” The

    boy handed out the picked ball.

    She made a wish and stretched out her soft hand to grab the ball, and gently scratched the boy’s palm with her fingers, like feathers.

    She took things back, raised her head up high and grinned sweetly at the boy, “Thank you!”

    Surprisingly, she raised her hand, wouldn’t the obedient ball use her fingers? Come out and fall to the ground.

    The boy took a big step to block the rolling ball. After picking it up, he directly held up the wishing wrist, put the small ball into her palm, and pressed her fingers gently together, “No more. It’s gone.”

    “Yeah, thank you brother~” The tone this time was more sincere and lovely than before.

    After making a wish and turning away, the boy sat down nearby, took out the sketchbook, held a pencil and sketched on the paper, and finally became a little girl.


    Back home, recalling the gift of discipline during the day to two children brought back out.

    The two children opened the gift box in excitement.

    In the wishing box is a cute Sheep Baa doll, and some cute little clothes.

    In Xu Wang’s box are a toy gun and a toy car, which are different from the kind of ornamental toys usually sold in shopping malls.

    After the two little guys got the box, they opened up different game modes.

    Wishing is keen to change clothes for the sheep, and use her tablet to take pictures of the sheep.

    And Xu Wang dismantled the car in two strokes. The parts were all packed in a box and placed on the floor…

    After making a wish to play for a while, he got up and raised his hand to file a complaint, “Report, my brother is tearing down the house again!”

    Ji Yi, who was selecting a picture on his mobile phone, ran out of the room and saw the parts in that place, almost mad. Xu Wang! That? But a five-figure car! No? Can? Let it stay at home more? Will it survive for two days!!!”

    Xu Wang said nothing? No? Retorted, just silently covering his ears.

    After Ji Yi left, he turned his head and shouted: “Little traitor.”

    Wishing his waist, “I’m the first? Promise Mommy to supervise you, the teacher said, you will do what you say!”

    That? After Xu Wang dismantled the five-year-old car, he stuffed it into the box and lost interest.

    He changed the toy gun again, disassembled it and put it on again, and fired at the leather sofa, unexpectedly… it pierced a hole.

    “Xu Wang!!! You can dismantle your own toys, but you can’t destroy the furniture.”

    This time, Ji Yi directly took his son to the corner to think about it.

    Xu Wang always winked at his sister and made a wish, and ran to the kitchen to find his father.

    Xu Yue, a scientist who was regarded as a cool and handsome male god outside, walked out of the kitchen wearing an apron, took his hands and stood behind his son, “What did you do?”

    Xu Jing hesitated, “Changed the gun… Hit a hole…”

    Under the leadership of his daughter, Xu Yue saw the destroyed furniture.

    Xu Yue looked through his eyes, then smiled indifferently, “I ask for more? Blessing.”

    Xu Wang felt an arrow in his heart, “Dad, you are partial.”

    “?” Xu Yue raised his eyebrows and waited for him. The following.

    Xu Miao curled his lips and said, “Mom said, did you take her? Played with real guns!”

    Xu Yue was taken aback, and smiled, “Oh, did your mother tell you that she? The first shot missed the target?”

    Xu Wang: I suspect that my parents are showing affection, and I still have evidence!


    May is the blooming season of roses. When the children next weekend, Ji Yi directly asked Xu Yue to pick up the camera and take the two children to take pictures in their rose garden.

    Back then she was a model and existed under someone else’s camera. Later, she also started to learn photography, and could even make a blockbuster by herself!

    The rose garden covers a wide area, and even the walls on all sides are covered with roses.

    Are you happy to come here every year, whether it is Ji Yi or the child?

    “Wish, you can use the? That? flower basket props and put it on your arm.”

    “Yes, one hand is covering your eyes.”

    “Okay?, look at me.”

    “This angle is great.”

    Ji Yi guided Posing with a small model, in fact, the little girl with pink makeup and jade is the most photogenic, whether it is posing or snapping shots? Very beautiful and smart.

    Xu Yue took his son to sit in the European-style white round pavilion, posing in the same posture, staring at the two mothers and daughters who had fun in the garden.

    “Dad, if you allow the rose garden to be opened, we can collect tickets from tourists and profit from it.” Xu Wang began to calculate seriously, making a fortune strategy.

    “This rose garden belongs to your mother, don’t you? Pay attention to it.”

    “Oh.” Xu Humble.

    Ji Yi took his daughter and took dozens of photos. The sun was shining and it was a little feverish. She used a hairpin to pin up the broken hair, and her smooth forehead was facing the sun, without a trace of blemish.

    Xu Yue and Xu Wang handed water to Ji Yi and Xiao Xuwang respectively. Later, Xu Wang was dragged by his sister to run in the garden.

    Little Wish is hiding behind the flowers, like a giraffe, trying to stick out his head.

    Then, the god mysteriously ran to Xu Wei’s side, “Brother, I saw Papa and Mommy kissing each other!”

    Xu Wei quickly reached out and covered his sister’s eyes.


    Ji Yi with the promise to stay in the pavilion, his head leaning against his shoulder, nestled in beside him.

    “Xu Yue, in fact, I think my son’s suggestion is not wrong. If you open the rose garden, more people will see these beautiful flowers.”

    “No?” Xu Yue’s decision was firm. Don’t move.

    Ji Yi laughed and followed him, “Okay, don’t you say you can’t open it? Don’t open it.”

    Xu Yue turned around and squeezed her face.

    An An, I said I would give you the rose garden, I did it.

    You once told me that everyone can have a wish.

    In the end, you came to me and realized all my wishes.

    The author has something to say:

    Is it a super surprise! !

    I don’t know if you understand this. All the details are in the book. ! ! ! You can leave a message after the product comes out, and grab the red envelope in the comment area.

    Because many people want to see Song Yanke and White Swan out of business, and even ask to open a QAQ book, it can’t be published. They plan to update a few chapters, not many, it is estimated that chapters six and seven will be completely finished. (Adorable reminder: The white swan does not pretend to be cold, but has a little stutter, super cute, and also a redemption direction)

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