AR: Extra 10

Song Yan, who had no illnesses and no disasters since childhood, grew up smoothly, and was happy after eating candy. She performed exceptionally well in the college entrance examination. He reported to the same school as his high school friend Ji Yi, and got the score of the university in City B, and was successfully admitted to the English department. .

    Entering university is like releasing a bird from a cage. Except for class? It is shopping, watching dramas, and watching gossip. In short? Her life? So far, she has not encountered any ups and downs.

    Two days after the official start of school, the school club began to recruit new students. In order to earn credits, they must join the club. Song Yan thought about going, and decided to be loyal to his major and join the English club!

    First, she accompanied Ji Yi to the photo agency to sign up, and the senior raised her cell phone and wanted to add WeChat? Then she contacted.

    Song Yanke put his head aside, concealing the uncontrollable smile on her face.

    After Ji Yi’s registration process was completed, the two came to the English club.

    Song Yanke said he wanted to sign up, and the senior sister of the club handed out the registration form.

    She held the pen and quickly wrote down the information, and she raised her head unintentionally…

    Seeing a tall, thin, thin boy in a white shirt, passing in front of her eyes.

    The golden sunlight casts on his side face, and the shadows from the base of the nose outline the contours of the facial features with excellent proportions. The chin descends to the neckline, and a neck that seems to be shining light is exposed, with a prominent Adam’s apple.

    Absolute Yan control fell in one second!

    At that moment, Song Yanke had three words in his mind: white swan!

    She does not deny that she is a face-seeking vulgar, and friends around her know that she is an absolute face control. But seeing so many good-looking boys from small to large, they are only visually eye-catching, and none of them is like a white swan. When she takes a look, her heart throbs.

    When was she? The whole person was stunned.

    As a result, I forgot how to contact you when you rushed up!

    On the way back, Yan Song can be talking all the way, “If you let me come across, I will not let him??!”


    Song Yan can play to their ability to gossip, began to search the school, I do not know how to go back What happened, I didn’t inquire about the white swan.

    With such a big campus, she really never met that boy again?.

    Soon, the military training of the English department was scheduled.

    All students in the department went to the military training base, and even their mobile phones had to be handed in forcibly. After half a month of so hard, Song Yanke, when he returned to catch up with the National Day holiday, how much tan was all over him!

    The roommates were all packing their things and preparing to go home, and she also received a caring video from her parents at this moment.

    The first sentence of the mother said: “My dear girl, I have discussed with your father to travel on National Day. If you want to go home or stay at school, you can.” The

    father said immediately afterwards: “Dad goes to your card. I paid some money in, and I checked it when I had time. You can buy whatever you want to eat. Go out? Don’t treat yourself badly when you’re outside.”

    Song Yanke frowned and narrowed his eyes:? ? ?

    Okay, biological?

    On the afternoon of the holiday, the roommates were all gone, Song Yanke was bored in the dormitory alone, and asked Ji Yi to go to the milk tea shop outside the school to chat.

    Pointing to his face, Song Yan described the miserable situation during the military training and mentioned the seven-day National Day holiday.

    Ji Yishun pointed to the tea shop recruiting part-time job sign, and asked, “Would you like to try a part-time job?”

    She shook her head without thinking, “It’s too boring to stand here and make milk tea every day.” The

    voice just fell, that made her The big handsome guy in the white shirt that I missed, wearing an apron with a milk tea shop logo, appeared in her sight!

    Song Yanke’s hand holding the cup of milk tea was trembling: “White…white…white swan…”

    Ji Yi: “What?”

    “Handsome guy…” Song Yanke stared at the wonderful figure without turning his eyes. . She quickly adjusted her appearance, rushed to the counter, and raised her phone at the white swan, “Brother! Do you have WeChat?”

    Boy? Handed out a QR code.

    The little nympho, who was bewildered by the beauty, twitched his head, “How much money can I add to you?”

    White Swan: “…”

    Slaps come? Too fast is like a tornado, knowing that the white swan will work part-time in the store for the next minute , Song Yanke has already gone for an interview.

    The recruitment requirements of the milk tea shop are not high, and Song Yanke even? Doesn’t care about the salary, so the two parties? An agreement was quickly reached.

    “In this way, you can come to work tomorrow!”

    Song Yanke shook her head, “Boss, I can go to work now!” The

    shop owner was very satisfied with her positive attitude, and nodded gratifyingly, “OK, I’ll take you. Go out, let the skilled hand take you to familiarize yourself with the store’s process.”

    “Yeah!” Song Yanke forced a smile and made an appearance of “I am very worthy? Trust.”

    When the shop owner took her to the other two shop assistants, Song Yanke did not leave the white swan for a moment.

    “Liu Xi, Lu Liansheng? This is the person who is coming to our store to work part-time. Her name is…” The store owner had a brief memory loss and did not remember her name.

    Song Yanke took the initiative to add, “Hello everyone, my name is Song Yanke, I will be working with you here in the future, please give me your advice?!” The

    superficial work done? Well, the shop owner especially applauded her. .

    After a brief introduction, the shop owner pointed to the girl named Liu Xi, “Liu Xi, this Xiao Song just came, please bring her more.”

    Song Yanke was roaring inside: I want to follow the white swan!

    I am not embarrassed to violate the boss’s arrangement when I first came to work part-time. Besides, this place? It’s just that big, and it’s not far from Lu Liansheng to learn from anyone.

    Song Yan felt at ease when he thought about it this way.

    After the boss left, she rubbed her hands in excitement, preparing to take a desertion.

    Who knows, I saw Lu Liansheng just after I sent a cup of milk tea to the guests? He took off his apron and left with a washed bag on his back.

    gone? ? ?

    Song Yanke leaned forward, with one arm stretched out straight, posing as a standard posture for a miserable drama.

    “White…” Wrong.

    “Lu…” Wrong!

    I don’t know when? Why can’t you shout, just? I can watch the swan meat flying away…

    Liu Xi came over and patted her shoulder, “Xiao Song, what are you doing with your hand stretched so long? ? “

    Xiao Song students simmering a old blood,” nothing I exercise arm “!!


    beautiful day, a reminder from the boss to start work – “

    ah ah ah ah ah !!! “

    ? nine in the morning and more time waiting, A sharp howl erupted from a person’s bedroom.

    After Song Yan could see the boy he liked, he talked with the sisters all night in the group. I was thinking about seeing Lu Liansheng early the next day, but forgot to adjust the alarm clock and overslept.

    Liu Xi didn’t have her phone, so he could only contact the boss, and in the end he became the boss who urged her to work.

    Song Yanke quickly got up from the bed, put on his clothes, combed her hair twice, and walked out with her bag on her back. She was still tying her hair when she went down the stairs.

    When she hurried to the store, it was close to ten o’clock.

    Song Yan was very embarrassed to have the food on the first day at work. This morning, he followed Liu Xi to study in peace, but he couldn’t help but occasionally go to see Lu Liansheng.

    At noon, take turns to have meals. When Lu Liansheng went to eat in the back room, Liu Xi smiled and looked at Song Yanke, breaking her careful thoughts, “Are you interested in Lu Liansheng?”

    Song Yanke pretended to be. Surprised, “You found out about this?”

    “Obviously, okay ? Your eyes are about to fall from him?”

    “Miss Sister, you are a sensible person. Tell you the truth, I’m just rushing.” Come with him.”

    “Like him so much? Huh?”

    “Like it! Love at first sight, I love it!”

    Song Yanke shook her fist, showing how excited the expression on her face was.

    Lu Liansheng, who was just about to come out, paused when he heard this energetic confession, moved his feet, and took two steps back.


    With the support of Ms. Liu Xi, Song Yan can even express her heart unscrupulously.

    Near closing time, Lu Liansheng began to record today’s earnings.

    Song Yanke stood by, standing on the left for a while, and standing on the right for a while.

    Lu Liansheng turned a blind eye and didn’t say a word.

    After a long time, he stood up and stretched his arms, picked up his water glass, and drank with his head up.

    Song Yanke clearly saw the white neck once again. When he raised his head, his throat bulged, and the swallowing action made the throat roll, forming a flowing curve.

    Song Yan suddenly felt dry and dry.

    She licked her lips unconsciously, and shouted, “Brother Lu~”

    “Cough cough cough…”

    Lu Liansheng suddenly pressed the water cup on the table, his face flushed.

    Song Yan was startled, and stretched out her hand to help him, but Lu Liansheng grabbed her wrist and prevented her from touching it.

    However, Song Yanke didn’t realize that he was rejected at all.

    She looked down at the hands between the two of them, blinked twice, and suddenly three words popped up in her mind: Holding hands!


    ? Two people the same school, closed shop after tea, raw land grabbing self-serving back, Yan Song can be followed?.

    “Lu Liansheng? Are you going back to school now?”

    “It’s late now. Are you hungry ? Why don’t we go and eat some supper?” I

    originally wanted to lengthen the relationship between the two. Unexpectedly, Lu Liansheng was a Gaoling flower who was colder than Xiao Li. From the milk tea shop to the gate of the school, he didn’t answer a word.

    It suddenly occurred to me that Liu Xi was answering the guests’ questions when ordering, and Lu Liansheng was only responsible for preparing and delivering drinks, almost silent.

    Song Yanke coaxed herself: He wasn’t indifferent to me, but he didn’t like talking!

    “Lu Liansheng? Which department do you belong to?”


    Seeing that you have to walk to the boy? The bedroom is downstairs. She hasn’t gotten a word from Lu Liansheng? Song Yanke Anxious.

    A fist, a stomping, rushed to the land grabbing born? Front of him? Stopped, “If you do not say, I’ll send you pictures campus forum, someone knew!”

    Land grabbing life? Frown, quite a while before Spit out two words: “Mathematics.”

    His voice was different from his appearance, it sounded a little soft. It is not soft and soft, but the kind of Su soft that makes people feel like spring breeze.

    Song Yanke raised her hand to her heart, holding down her beating little heart.

    “Lu Liansheng? Do you have a girlfriend?”


    “If you don’t say it, you don’t have one.”


    “Brother Lu~ What do you think? How about me being your girlfriend?”

    “…” changed again Become a strange title!

    “Don’t tell me it’s a default!” Student Xiao Song double-labeled online.

    Lu     Liansheng? Meifeng frowned slightly , squeezing out a word: “No…”

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