AR: Extra 11

   It is the first time for Song Yan to feel that the seven-day National Day holiday is very short, very short, very short!

    She hasn’t developed further with Lu Liansheng yet, and she wants to start taking classes again.

    The milk tea shop is only part-time, if they want to help, they also go on weekends.

    Liu Xi approached mysteriously and said that he had sent her a picture, “Xiao Song, remember to watch WX.”

    “Miss Sister, you? Can you? Don’t call me? Xiao Song?”

    This sounds true… Very tacky!

    Liu Xi grinned, “I follow the boss.” The

    boss didn’t change her words , and she didn’t change her words .

    Song Yan was helpless, and when he had time to open wx, he found that it was a class schedule.

    She fixed her eyes to see, Department of Mathematics? Class two?

    “Miss sister, you? Why do you have this!!!” Song Yan was very excited.

    Liu Xi simply replied: “When working part-time, the boss looks at the class schedule.”

    Song Yan can’t wait to kiss her with her mobile phone!

    But when she decided to stay in accordance with Lu Liansheng’s schedule, she rushed for nothing.


    Song Yanke hooked her finger to the fortune, mumbling something, and shaking her head again.

    Ji Yi sat across from her, resting her cheek with one hand, staring at her for a long time, and finally couldn’t help but say, “Coco, you? These two days are not quite right.” As

    soon as he mentioned it, Song Yanke The expression on the whole face collapsed, “I haven’t seen you for three days? I’ve arrived at the White Swan…”

    “…” Ji Yiyu started, Song Yanke three days ago? He used the “crying” emoticon in the group. I swiped the screen and said that the white swan was about to fly away, which probably meant that it was time for the military training of the Department of Mathematics.

    Ji Yi comforted: “Military training for half a month, you? Wait a minute.”

    Song Yanke felt that she was ill, so she went to Weibo and looked through many pictures of handsome stars and school grass. Can she brainwash her.

    Before I woke up, I posted a message like “I’m sick” in the circle of friends.

    She usually likes to give people likes and reposts. When people see her posting this, they can’t avoid greetings.

    After she woke up, she re-updated an article in the circle of friends [connect?, lovesickness].

    Everyone:? ? ?

    Song Yanke remained ill for two weeks until the return of the military trainee in the Department of Mathematics.

    The military trainee had just returned to school before he had time to change into camouflage uniforms. Song Yan could travel through several classes and finally found the position of the second class.

    But these people were so tall, they all stood together in uniform, and she couldn’t find Lu Liansheng for a while.

    She stepped on her feet hard and looked up. Someone noticed her funny behavior and asked: “Classmate, who are you looking for?”

    Song Yanke stood still, “Do you? Know where Lu Liansheng is?” the

    boy asked. “Lu Liansheng? Why are you looking for him?”

    “I have something to do with him? Hey .” Can she still? Publicly say that she came to chase her boyfriend?

    Someone immediately booed, “Oh, such a beautiful young lady came to find someone, I’m afraid it’s not a girlfriend.”

    The people in the last two rows didn’t hear clearly, and combined these few sentences together to get a conclusion. A conclusion?.

    The good-hearted man turned his head and shouted, “Lu Liansheng, are you? Your girlfriend is looking for you?”

    Song Yanke’s eyes widened when she heard these words.

    That’s awesome! Unfamiliar big brother, are you a good person!

    With everyone’s help, Song Yanke successfully found Lu Liansheng.

    See you again after half a month? When she arrived at White Swan, the waves in her heart kept surging, especially when she saw that face, she was even more aggrieved.

    The same is military training, why the white swan’s skin is still so white? The face is still so handsome?

    Lu Liansheng lowered his eyes to look at her, “Something?”

    Song Yan squeezed the water bottle in his hand.

    It was originally a fool to bring water, but because of the sentence just now, everyone was staring at them.

    According to Lu Liansheng’s temper, what if? She was rejected by? Wouldn’t it be miserable?

    In an instant, Song Yanke had countless ideas floating in his mind, and finally chose – to stand on tiptoe and approach Lu Liansheng, before he didn’t react, and quickly evacuated.


    I heard vaguely? Everyone’s ridicule.

    After walking away, Song Yanke looked back at the group of people in camouflage uniforms, with a successful smile on her face.

    If the delivery of water is rejected, everyone knows that she has nothing to do with Lu Liansheng, but just now she deliberately got close, and others didn’t know what they did. Maybe… it would be wrong if it was wrong!


    Song Yan can play a good thinking, such as the Department of Mathematics freshman freshman to start on the class, she did as curriculum, quietly slipped the double shift classrooms???.

    Song Yanke stood outside the window and glanced quietly, his eyes locked on the last row!

    She sneaked in through the back door and sat directly beside Lu Liansheng.

    Lu Liansheng did not squint, but frowned slightly.

    He seemed to have remembered the girl’s breath. When she was near, he could always smell a faint sweet smell, which was very sweet.

    Song Yanke was leaning on the table with his elbows, palms supporting half of his head, and staring straight at him.

    This strong gaze made people feel uncomfortable. The words came to the lips, and he hesitated for a long time before speaking, “Don’t look.”

    Song Yanke suddenly smiled and curled his eyes, “You? Are you finally willing to talk to me?”

    Lu Liansheng: “…”

    Song Yanke slowly moved his finger towards him, and his thumb and forefinger pressed down on the professional book on Liansheng’s table, and dragged him toward him.

    Lu Liansheng frowned and cast a puzzled look.

    Song Yanke lowered her voice, “Shhh, your teacher in this class is a bit fierce, don’t be found out.”

    She dragged and dragged like this, finally dragging the book between the arms of two people next to each other.

    Maybe her mouth opened and closed, and as soon as she dragged the book over, the teacher who was said to be very fierce stepped off the stage.

    The teacher walked and lectured, and finally stopped by Song Yanke, tapped his finger on the table, “Who didn’t bring the book?”

    Soon after the school started, the teacher still couldn’t recognize everyone ? Some people thought Song Yanke was also a student in this class.

    Song Yan squinted his eyes, not so foolish that he was so unlucky.

    Just about to raise his hand to admit, Lu Liansheng suddenly held her arm down and stood up by himself, “Me?.”

    “Lu Liansheng?” The

    teacher recognized him, and his eyes were complicated on him. Waved his hand and let him sit down.

    After the teacher left, Song Yan could take a long sigh of relief.

    Afterwards, Lu Liansheng’s hand moved away from her arm.

    Song Yanke grabbed it quickly, “Thank you.”

    Lu Liansheng tried to break free.

    Song Yan could not let go.

    Lu Liansheng lowered her voice, with a serious tone, “Listen to class!”

    “Okay.” She made a face with her tongue and let go of her hand.

    After this class is over, today’s get out of class in their class is over.

    Lu Liansheng breathed a sigh of relief, so Song Yanke had no reason to sit next to him and stare at him.

    It’s not foolish to arrive at that, as soon as the teacher’s feet left, Song Yanke crossed his arms and stopped him in the seat. He smiled smugly, “Brother Lu, let’s go to the milk tea shop together.” ~ “


    winter is coming, Yan Song can still like it hot.

    But Lu Liansheng unfortunately caught a cold.

    The first time she learned the news, she ran to the infirmary and got two boxes of cold medicine. She was so foolish to send it to him, but she couldn’t get into the boys’ dormitory.

    She had to stand downstairs and call Lu Liansheng.

    The phone number was copied from the shopkeeper.

    After the call got through, she directly stated her intentions.

    But Lu Liansheng refused on the phone, “No.” It’s

    still a simple word, it’s hard to hear a word from him!

    “You all have a cold. It will be better if you take the medicine.”


    Lu Liansheng hung up the phone, because he was not feeling well, he slept drowsy for a while.

    He was awakened when his roommate came back to make a noise.

    The roommate brought two cold medicines to his bedside, “Lu Liansheng, someone bought you cold medicine.”

    Lu Liansheng became sober as soon as he heard this.

    He glanced at the phone time. He didn’t even care to pick up the cold medicine. He put on his shoes and ran downstairs. He saw that silly girl was still standing downstairs, playing with the phone.

    After a while, he received a text message: I have given you cold medicine? Roommate. Do you want to? Remember to take it!

    At that moment, an unexplained sentiment was fermenting in his heart.


    ? After land grabbing raw cold, Yan Song can be bought online from several ball of yarn.

    She originally liked to do handicrafts, and she learned very fast. Finally, she chose the gray woven wool into a scarf.

    She felt like, “You don’t have to buy it, I’m really good.” She bought one with expectation. The high-quality, elegant-looking packaging bag packs the scarf, and it immediately feels that the scarf has improved more than one grade.

    After class, she ran to Lu Liansheng’s classroom, luckily, let her wait!

    Lu Liansheng walked out from the back door of the classroom holding his professional books, and Song Yanke followed close behind.

    “Lu Liansheng, good noon, I’m stupid at noon today? What do you eat?”


    He didn’t answer.

    Song Yan was used to his silence and knew that Lu Liansheng would go to the cafeteria because he did this every day.

    But she is just stupid? Ask, find a topic.

    Walking out of the teaching building, the surrounding crowd gradually dispersed.

    As expected, Lu Liansheng went to the cafeteria, and the two people lined up, had a meal, and sat face to face.

    Lu Liansheng wouldn’t drive her away, but didn’t care about her.

    Fortunately, Lu Liansheng eats more slowly. She basically finishes eating first, so she doesn’t have to worry about Lu Liansheng leaving first.

    Seeing to go downstairs in the boys’ dormitory, Song Yanke lifted the bag and held it in front of him.

    Lu Liansheng turned around and stared at her suspiciously.

    Song Yanke chuckled, “I will give you a gift.”

    He lowered his eyes and refused without hesitation, “No.”

    “Well, I did it by myself! It took a full half a month!” She threw away both of the two that started to practice. She was not satisfied until the third, so it took a lot of money. Long? time.

    She was so foolish that she hung the gift bag directly on Lu Liansheng’s hand, but she was not foolish enough that he would just avoid it and the gift bag fell on the ground.

    Song Yan was stunned suddenly.

    Lu Liansheng moved his finger, as if he was going to pick it up. Song Yan lowered his head first and picked up the bag by herself.

    When she raised her head again, she saw that Lu Liansheng had already turned away indifferently.

    Song Yanke was about to catch up when she heard the phone ding-dong.

    She touched it out and saw that it was Ji Yi’s voice.

    It turned out that Xu Yue “robbed” Ji Yi’s broken scarf.

    Hearing such a result, Song Yanke deliberately pretended to respond with a relaxed voice: “Just tell me, don’t talk about you? I knit it by myself, even if you give him a piece of wool, he will carefully collect it! “After the

    voice was sent, Song Yanke turned off the phone, looked down at the dark coffee-colored packaging bag with a beautiful cover, and suddenly felt that everything she made was quite boring.

    “No matter how good the knitting is? How is it? People who don’t like you, even you? No matter how good a gift is given to him, he doesn’t like it.”

    She whispered, putting the dark coffee-colored bag with the contents inside. He threw it into the trash can.

    She moved forward without looking back.

  Not to mention that after she left, Lu Liansheng stared at her back blankly, then picked up the discarded gifts, and even wiped the packing bags carefully.

    The author has something to say:

    these two plots are only 20,000, not much, and they will be finished soon.

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