AR: Extra 12

 Is it about being hit? Song Yan has been gone for a week.

    Song’s father and Song’s mother came to City B on a business trip, just in time to visit his daughter’s son.

    I heard that Song Yan was going to work part-time in the milk tea shop. The two felt distressed, “My dear, is it because my father didn’t pay enough money.”

    Father Song was so distressed that he touched it again? Zhang Ka came out and stuffed it into Song Yanke. On hand?

    “No, Dad, Mom, I go to a part-time job to experience life.”

    ” I have to have classes from Monday to Friday , and I have to work part-time on weekends. That’s so tiring.” The Song family has always adhered to the principle of richness for girls and children. Never wronged her daughter or son in terms of money.

    The two persuaded and persuaded Song Yan to be chanted by them too? Nodded, “Okay, I resign from the boss.”

    She is not interested in part-time jobs . She insisted on it for so long, and what should be experienced?

    As for the original intention… it doesn’t seem to be achieved.

    And New Year’s Day is approaching, and winter vacation will come again later?

    Waiting, Song Yan and Lu Liansheng hardly have any chance to meet.

    When she first went to college, Song Yanke also felt that these classes were casually listened to, but at the end of the term did she know that “as long as the major is selected well, the end of the year will be like a college entrance examination”!

    The other department teachers are all focusing? Their department teacher said nothing, telling them to chew the book by themselves? Review.

    Hanging off the department has a bad influence on the future, so in the month near the end of the term, Song Yanke started to embrace the Buddha’s feet, occasionally chatting with the little sisters on video chat, or just opened the locked photo album before going to bed. Look at it.

    “White swan…”

    How does she look at it? The photos all feel greedy!

    It’s better to be forbearance, or watch it? There are so many bloody dramas, you have to be serious when chasing them, but? The routines have been popular since ancient times. I have been dangling in front of a person, forming the habit of him, waiting for the key to be turned off, and in case of a “fighting and indulgence”, wait for a while to check the effect.

    The reason is clear, but occasionally she would take the little sister to sit in the milk tea shop, deliberately choosing a location close to the front desk, and sometimes she was silly in public, or to say hello to Liu Xi, passing in front of someone by the way.

    Lu Liansheng realized that there was an extra little tail behind him.

    Song Yan used to walk by his side blatantly and would not lag behind. Now she is far away from herself, secretly following?.

    He thought he was hiding well, but in fact he knew it every time.

    Lu Liansheng held a “professional book” and walked slowly on the promenade, with a shallow arc at the corner of his mouth.


    Before the end of the holiday, Song Yan still can not help but talk to him, in the boys bedroom downstairs met roommate land grabbing students??.

    “Oh, Yan Song can?” Because she was born long before the land-grabbing brush face card, familiar people around her, “You come to land grabbing life ah?”

    Squatting were caught? Current, Yan Song can slightly I

    looked down, grabbed it unconsciously, and asked: “Hmm…Is he… here?” The roommate couldn’t understand the girl? The child’s little mood, smiling? Waved, “Go home?, exam Go back when it’s over?.”

    “What!” Song Yanke’s expression instantly distorted.



    Song Yanke embarked on the road back to Yancheng with regret.

    Holidays can’t stop her from attacking. If nothing happens, I will send a few messages to Lu Liansheng’s wx. They are nagging about my daily life, but I haven’t received a reply.

    Lu Liansheng rarely called, and never chatted with people. She persuaded herself to use this place as a spit, a diary, and she was not so disappointed.

    On New Year’s Eve, parents uphold the principle of patriotism and insist that the whole family watch the Spring Festival Gala in front of the TV.

    Song Yanke saw the last fall asleep again and again, and she took out her cell phone and chatted with the little sisters in the group, grabbing red envelopes.

    In the end, still didn’t you hold back the poking in? Lu Liansheng’s WeChat.

    She sent a sentence: Happy New Year’s Eve.

    The phone is quiet, there is no reply.

    The twelve o’clock bell was about to ring, and the sleepy Song Yan could be awakened by the movement of his parents.

    The phone that fell beside her suddenly “dingdong”, she picked it up and took a look-Happy New Year.

    Song Yan’s eyes widened suddenly, all the sleepers were gone?!

    She wiped the phone screen in disbelief, and even wanted to extract the text messages from that screen!

    “Is this true?”

    “Isn’t it a mistake? Right …”

    “Is it because I commented on the wrong person?”

    “Or am I too sleepy? Hallucinations?”

    She muttered to herself for a long time. Come to a conclusion?: I must be dreaming!

    Since? Lu Liansheng, who never returned to WeChat, actually sent her blessings by text message on her mobile phone?

    It seems to be true, not an illusion, not a dream.

    “Ah ah ah ah -” Song Yan ran to the balcony to get excited about the cool breeze blowing?.

    After a while, I suddenly calmed down again, grabbed the phone and looked at it for a long time, thinking about it, “This will not be a group message…”

    She clicked? The sender’s message to confirm that person’s The number, fingertips on the screen? Rubbing, a little vain.

    I thought, do you want to reply to a message now?

    Song Yanke looked up at the sky, and sighed.

    “Should I call him…”

    She was thinking like that, when she heard a voice, “Hello?”

    “Yeah!” A voice suddenly came from the phone, scared her hands trembling, and the phone was in her hand. Turned over? Two laps fell directly to the ground?

    With a “pop”, can it ring?!

    She hurriedly bent over and picked up the phone. Fortunately, the screen was not broken, and it remained on the call page.

    Call page?

    Song Yanke fixed his eyes and saw that at the moment her mobile phone screen displayed the page to talk to Lu Liansheng!

    The head picture she gave to Lu Liansheng was a white swan, absolutely correct.

    “Lu Lu Lu Lu Lu grabbing life.” Under several teeth chatter, tells:???. “Happy New Year”

    took a while, only to hear the other side replies:?? “…… Happy New Year.”

    Hear With these words, Song Yan feels that she can float to the sky!

    I wanted to talk about it, but I didn’t expect Lu Liansheng to hung up the phone in a hurry.

    Song Yan’s call record that could be hung up, the corner of her mouth bulged.


    He saw the girls phone, almost without hesitation turned on??.

    Hearing the exclamation over there, and later stammering his name, he could almost think of the girl on the other end of the phone’s reckless and cute appearance.

    When he heard her voice, he also wanted to say “Happy New Year” in person, but he didn’t even dare to call his name, for fear that she would discover that the person he has always liked could not even speak a complete sentence smoothly.

    There was a coughing sound from next door.

    Lu Liansheng had to end the call ahead of time and ran to the next room.

    Her mother, who was obviously in her 40s and her teens but with her 60s, was lying on the side of the bed, coughing strenuously.


    Lu Liansheng hurriedly took it? A glass of water was passed over.

    Mother Lu drank half a cup, then gradually calmed down, but his face was ugly.

    Lu Liansheng twisted his eyebrows: “Go to the hospital.”

    Mother Lu shook her head, “No need? It’s just a small cold. It will be fine in two days?.”

    “No, no.”

    “Asheng, don’t worry about me. I know my own body.” Mother Lu took a pity on her son’s hand, “It’s so late? It must have made you noisy? Go back to sleep.”

    Lu Liansheng was very worried, but Mother Lu Also very persistent. Plus? It’s too late now, so I can only give it up temporarily.

    After Lu Liansheng walked out of the room, Mother Lu lay on the side of the bed again, covering the corners of her mouth with her hands, trying not to let herself cough.


    Spring semester begins.

    The first thing Song Yanke did after returning to school was to find Lu Liansheng.

    During the Chinese New Year, the two would occasionally use text messages to chat. She felt that the relationship between the two had advanced a lot, so she couldn’t wait to go one step further!

    This time she went downstairs in the boys’ dormitory again, and was about to call Lu Liansheng, but saw the familiar figure walking out of the corridor.

    “Lu Liansheng.” Song Yanke happily waved to him.

    Lu Liansheng also saw her. He paused, and when he touched the sunny smile, he shook his head and walked forward faster.

    Song Yan was very sad.

    I don’t know why, when school started, Lu Liansheng ignored her again?.

    But she was lucky, and she could meet Lu Liansheng by choosing any elective course.

    Of course, there are Ji Yi and Xu Yue.

    The couple who showed their affection did not know what they did? What was named by the teacher, Xu Yue helped Ji Yi answer? Questions, got it? The teacher’s praise.

    Song Yan, who was sitting in the back row, could only sigh, “I have a boyfriend who is a schoolmaster, it’s amazing.”

    After hearing it for a while, she couldn’t help but touch her phone out to play.

    She was playing? Playing?, she covered it with a book, and turned on the camera. A boy’s profile appeared in the camera.

    The boy slanting forward is the white swan she is thinking of.

    The effect of candid photos is very bad, only half of the face is in profile, not even the neck is visible.

    “Hey…” Song Yan sighed? She put her phone away and continued to stare in a daze.

    At the end of the elective course, she waited until the people in the classroom were walking around at odds and ends before starting to pack things up.

    When he got up and walked, he suddenly turned his head and glanced diagonally forward, and found that Lu Liansheng was still sitting there steadily.

    Song Yanke smiled, lightly walking behind? He walked around behind him, “Brother Lu~ have dinner together~” The

    ending sounded lightly, not a question at all.

    Lu Liansheng kept his things away without squinting, turned and left from the other direction.

    Song Yan Ke slightly sighed, shrugged helplessly, and was not disappointed, because this was the result that had long been expected.

    She and her roommate went out of school to settle? After a meal, when she came back, she ran into Xiao Li by accident.

    Xiao Li’s thoughts about Ji Yi, she could see through as a bystander, but Xiao Li was out of luck, and when she ran all the way to see Ji Yi interacting with Xu Yue intimately, she turned around and left.

    She felt that Xiao Li was really pitiful.

    Xiao Li is unfamiliar with the school. He is another person who is too embarrassed to ask for directions.

    Song Yanke decided to send him a ride with a kind heart.

    Xiao Li has long legs and quicker steps, completely ignoring that she can’t keep up?

    She suddenly felt that Xiao Li deserved to be single!

    However, Xiao Li, this stinky straight man, Dahan Han just walked faster, she wanted to kick people.

    Why does Lu Liansheng reject her, but she still likes Lu Liansheng?

    Song Yan rubbed his hands, feeling that he still had to attack.

    Perseverance can succeed!


    Song Xiao Yan can follow along on the campus from the car, this time from behind land grabbing born just came out????.

    The night wind rolled up the remnant leaves on the ground and rolled around in a circle, falling on the side of his pure white shoes.

    After following here from the library, he didn’t know what his mood was at the moment, but he felt very uncomfortable when he saw that girl, child, chasing after another? boy.

    Maybe in the future, Song Yan won’t look for him again?

    That’s fine…

    Then she would never know that she once liked one? What a terrible boy.

    The author has something to say:

    Okay, the next two chapters can start to be sweet~

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