AR: Extra 13

 The evening breeze was slightly cool, Song Yanke took a bottle of beer and sat by the small river outside the basketball court, chatting with He Xuxu on the phone.

    He Xuxu said on the phone: “I have a friend…she met her ex-boyfriend while playing games, my friend is very sad now.”

    Song Yanke pricked her ears and asked, ” What are you worried about?”

    He Xuxu: “It’s not me! It’s mine? A friend!”

    Song Yan cut his ears.

    All right, no friends.

    She understands.

    “Then? Excuse me? Your friend, what are you

    worried about ?” He Xuxu sighed?, “Do you think it is better for me to use a brick? Good?, or an iron hammer?”

    Song Yan can hold He took a sip of a beer can, “I think…ICU is quite expensive…”

    “Okay, I met my ex-boyfriend.” He Xuxu admitted.

    “Ah? What do you mean? A scumbag?” Song Yan took another sip for herself.

    I remembered that He Xuxu once said that he was young and ignorant, and when he saw a good-looking handsome guy holding flowers in front of him, he knelt down and agreed to be his girlfriend.

    Later? Someone left without leaving any words.

    The two of them just chatted with each other.

    The information Song Yan can accept is from He Xuxu’s unilateral understanding. The alcohol is on top. He raised the beer can and yelled?, “Scumbag, absolutely can’t take it!”

    She roared, and everyone nearby looked over. NS.

    Song Yanke immediately lowered his head, whispering quietly.

    He Xuxu had something to do and ended the call.

    Song Yanke turned off the phone and put her hand on her bent leg.


    She felt someone touching her!

    Song Yanke frowned, picked up the beer can to smash it, and found that the beer can was empty… He

    looked up and saw Lu Liansheng unexpectedly.

    “No…I am not drunk with this can of beer…” She suspected that she would only see the person she liked when she was drunk.

    However, Lu Liansheng didn’t think so.

    He didn’t see Song Yanke again during this time, he thought…she had a new goal, and she would be even more happy in the future. Unexpectedly, I met a scumbag and sat alone by the small river to get drunk.

    “Don’t?, sad.” Lu Liansheng didn’t realize that Song Yan was trying to smash people at first. He just felt that she must be very sad right now, so he couldn’t help but comfort him.

    Song Yanke blinked, but he didn’t dare to answer him.

    What’s the matter? How can I answer this? Can’t connect!

    This was misunderstood by Lu Liansheng as “sad to the point of speechlessness”. Looking at the usual, such a lively man was bullied by a scumbag. He suddenly felt that he had made a big mistake before!

    If he didn’t? Definitely push Song Yanke away, then? Would she not meet a scumbag?

    Seeing Song Yanke’s silence, Lu Liansheng also sat down beside her, quietly accompanying her.

    He couldn’t say so many good words like other people did, so he took out his mobile phone and searched on Baidu.

    Song Yan is almost stunned, which drama is this again?

    “Lu Liansheng, what are you doing?”

    Lu Liansheng pursed his lips and turned the phone over to show her.

    Song Yanke fixed his eyes and said: Let the memories of yesterday become the embellishment of today, whether it is good or sad. The person who loves you will not make you cry, and the person who makes you cry is not worthy of your love… The

    title of the search is: How to comfort a girl who is broken in love?

    “What are you doing to show me this?” Song Yanke was holding the beer can?, with a look of surprise.

    Lu Liansheng typed a line on the phone: You will meet better people, don’t be sad for the worthless people.

    “Is it worth it to me? It’s the final word.” She is sad for the person she likes, so she is willing, even this is not allowed?

    Alcohol is really on the top, I didn’t catch the point.

    Taking advantage of the sultry night, Song Yanke put the beer can aside and stared at Lu Liansheng, “How come the longer the better? Look at it.”

    Maybe Lu Lian grew uglier, she If you don’t like it, you won’t be disappointed or sad if you don’t like it.

    She slowly approached, and her fingers touched his tall nose, “It’s good here too?”

    She asked again? “What kind of girl do you like?”

    Lu Liansheng stared at her without answering.

    Song Yan is accustomed to his silent temperament, and patted him with an arm around his shoulder, “Forget it, no matter what you like, anyway, I’m all-match!” The

    two leaned close. , Lu Liansheng rarely pushed her away.

    The person

    she likes is close at hand, Song Yan can start to gain inches… She slowly stretched her claws toward the white swan’s neck, and finally touched his Adam’s apple.

    When Lu Liansheng was touched by her like this, his whole body was burning!

    “Don’t?…Don’t? Touch…” He wanted to hide, but couldn’t avoid it.

    “I wanted to touch it a long time ago, tsk tsk, it’s so good? Look, it’s the person that Song Yan can look after.”

    “Song, Song…”

    “Don’t? Learn? What did the shop owner call me? Song, Song Songxing No? It’s really earthy. I was not good at working in his shop at the time? I meant to refute.”

    Hearing that she didn’t like Song characters, he removed the first surname, “Yan, Yan…”

    Song Yanke decisively clapped his hands, “Yes! Yan Yan is pretty good? Listen.”

    She propped up half of her body? To stand up.

    Lu Lian was afraid that she would fall while standing on the stairs, so he subconsciously helped.

    Probably because of the ambiguous atmosphere at this moment, Song Yan was so courageous, so he leaned forward from this angle, and gave Lu Liansheng a sip on Lu Liansheng’s face.

    “…” Lu Liansheng froze.


    Song Yan may not drunk, nor broken pieces, but also remember waking up the next day done their own “good thing?”??!

    When it’s over, she has no face to meet people.

    He yelled that he likes handsome guys, and when he sees that handsome guy wants to lick the screen, he is actually a little white who can only beep without practice.

    After so many years, she is the first time she has done a strong kiss goodbye? Human thing!

    Later, when Lu Liansheng pushed her away, it was one metre away when she was sent to the dormitory building.

    Want to come… It must be angry?


    Because of this, she didn’t dare to see Lu Liansheng again, even if it was not young? When Xin saw it, she also took a detour.

    Lu Liansheng’s gaze followed the fleeing figure, his eyes darkened.

    He should have known…this is the result.


    Time says it’s fast or not, but? Well? It’s like half a month has passed in a blink of an eye.

    Song Yanke’s roommate held a small party for her on her birthday in the dormitory, and invited several other good friends in the class.

    In addition to eating and drinking, they also play games to add fun.

    The simplest, most common and most exciting is nothing more than Truth or Dare.

    To be honest? Come and ask? It’s boring to go. Everyone stipulates that you can only take a big risk.

    Song Yan Keyun was pretty good, and had a few byes.

    Until the fifth round, she finally lost.

    “Well, what should I do?”

    Was held up in the phone, “Tomorrow there is a new movie release, you? Want to see it?”

    “What movie?” Everyone glancing around in the past, “the horror film ah?”

    “This movie is very Exciting, very good? Look!” The roommate who wanted to see strongly recommended to them.

    Timid? From? The move? Back, “Kan Bukan do not, I’m afraid of nightmares.”

    Suddenly someone asked, “Ha ha ha, cocoa adventure just lost, it is better to let her go with you.”

    Lying gun Song Yanke: “…”

    “I would like to lose the bet and go!”

    She occasionally watches horror movies at home, which should be fine.

    So, taking advantage of the weekend, she went to the cinema in the mall with her roommate.

    The two went earlier and bought a bucket of popcorn.

    When there were twenty minutes left, my roommate suddenly received a call, saying that there was an urgent matter to leave.

    Song Yan looked at the two movie tickets, “I

    ’m leaving now, what about our movie tickets?” “It’s really too late, I’ll tell you later .” The

    roommate is really anxious, and Song Yan is also very anxious. Okay? Hold on to others.

    Song Yanke took a photo of the two movie tickets, sent a message to the people in the group, and asked? Are they? Are there anyone nearby? Watching a horror movie.

    By the way, I posted another to Moments of Friends.

    Unfortunately, the people who answered are not there.

    Holding two tickets on the phone, Song Yan hesitated for a moment, or walked into the cinema.

    Probably it was because of her heart. From the moment she stepped into this movie hall, she panicked in her heart.

    At the beginning of the movie, as soon as the screen went dark, there was a person sitting beside her.

    Someone is next to me, so I feel a little relieved? What a little bit.

    But as soon as the sound effect came out, she was persuaded!

    The effect of this movie theater is really different from home!

    As soon as the horrible picture came out, she covered her eyes, but she could still hear her ears.

    So she closed her eyes, covered her ears, and wanted to leave, but she didn’t feel small? She sprinkled popcorn on the person next to her again.

    “I’m sorry!”

    She apologized in a low voice, and then sat back.

    Standing up would block the sight of the back row, Song Yan could only sit down, “Excuse me? Excuse me, I’m not…”

    Huh? This person? Familiar?

    She yelled quietly, “Lu Liansheng?”

    The person next to her nodded.

    “Hi…” Song Yan’s neck froze, and his eyes shifted from him to the screen.

    Before I watched it, I was startled by the screams of others in the court, and even she was so frightened that she subconsciously caught Lu Liansheng next to her.

    She just wanted to be steady before going out.

    Unexpectedly, a hand dropped gently, and then? Blocked the light for her and covered her ears.

    Song Yan couldn’t calm down anymore, his heart pounding.

    She is not scared at all now, and the sound and images that feel terrifying have disappeared.

    This luck? It’s incredible. You can meet Lu Liansheng when you watch a horror movie. Does Lu Liansheng like excitement? So? Should she give her her best? Pretending to be herself? Courageous?

    So she forced herself to raise her head and glanced at the screen.

    That’s it? She really can’t wait to see herself? Temporarily blind…myopia is fine.

    The bloody scene was so irritating, she finally couldn’t help but fell on the arm of the person next to her, and used his hand to block her eyes.

    Lu Liansheng sighed softly? He sighed? He said, “Go.”

    “Go? Why go?”

    “You’re afraid.”

    “I’m not afraid!” If she interrupted Lu Liansheng, he said Movies, worry about being deducted points.

    The two whispered to each other, the sound was not loud, and they didn’t make any noise.

    Just alone? The single dog who watched the movie said: It’s so sour, am I watching a horror movie or come to eat dog food? Hold it for a long time!

   Lu Liansheng could feel Song Yan trembling, obviously he was afraid.

    Even if she didn’t admit it, she couldn’t help it this time.

    So Lu Liansheng took her hand.

    “Let’s go.”

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