AR: Extra 14

When Song Yan was pulled out of the cinema by Lu Liansheng, the gods wandered outside.

    Lu Liansheng hadn’t heard the girl next to her all the time, only then realized that her attention was on the hands between the two of them.

    Lu Liansheng’s cheeks were slightly hot, and his hands were loose.

    But one second before his fingers dropped, Song Yan could grab him one step faster, “You are holding me? Your hand?! You have to be responsible for me?”

    The little couple next to him looked at him. ?come over.

    Can Song Yan want more? What did Lu Liansheng say? Lu Liansheng hurriedly covered her? Her mouth, for fear that she would accidentally pop up again?

    Song Yan could use his cheeky skills, and would not let it go anyway.

    Lu Liansheng couldn’t get rid of it, so he left her alone.

    “Lu Liansheng, didn’t you go to the movies? You just brought me out like that? You don’t want to watch the movies?”


    “Lu Liansheng, talk to you.”


    “Brother Lu, you Do you like me? Huh?”

    Lu Liansheng really couldn’t listen to it. When he looked back, Song Yanke raised his eyebrows and smiled at him.

    never mind?! He surrendered!

    He touched it in the pocket of his coat. What did he take out? Put it in her palm, “Candy.”

    “Ah! There is candy!” Seeing the candy? Song Yanke immediately let go of her hand.

    When Lu Liansheng saw the leaving hand, his arm was still slightly raised, no one was holding it.

    He pursed his lips, and suddenly wanted to take away the candy that Song Yan could put in his mouth.

    But reason has defeated? His? Demon.


    After this incident, Song Yanke completely forgot about the “sequelae of strong kiss” and started to run to the math department again.

    Others praise Lu Liansheng for having a girlfriend who treats her wholeheartedly.

    Have you ever been rejected by Lu Liansheng? The girl felt unbalanced. When she heard the class talking about Song Yanke, her tone was not good? Interjected, “What girlfriend, isn’t it every day? Chasing Lu Liansheng cheeky, Still claiming to be Lu Liansheng’s? Girlfriend, others? Lu Liansheng has never admitted to it, okay?”

    So, everyone? They also yelled, “That’s it? That’s true, Lu Liansheng seems to be true. Didn’t you admit it.”

    They thought of Song Yanke as a laugh.

    Lu Liansheng came in from the back door. He didn’t go back to his seat this time. Instead, he walked straight between the gossips and said two words concisely: “She is.”

    Then , Turned and left?.

    Leave the dumbfounded? Everyone scratched their heads.

    “What did Lu Liansheng just say?”

    “It seems to say the words’she is’?”

    “Ah! This is answering me? What? Just now? He admitted that Song Yan is his girlfriend. ?? ” “

    wow, too hard won? Lu grabbing students come to me to? speak, actually help to clarify the identity of the girlfriend. “

    he had been rejected? girls secretly clenched his? boxing.

    When Lu Liansheng was passing by, when he heard these words, he didn’t even think about it, so he rushed in, and he said those two words. Did he think through his brain?

    Because Song Yanke came here often, this sentence was “accidentally” passed into Song Yanke’s ears.

    Is Song Yan excited?: Never thought that she was in love? Daytime? Goose unexpectedly! In front of everyone, she said she was his? girlfriend?

    This news seemed to fill her with 100 thousand volts of electricity, and her eyes were charging Lu Liansheng all the time, “Lu Liansheng, Lu Liansheng, I? I really like you so much? Yeah!” It

    was a treasure boy!

    The boy who was confessed quietly covered his face with a book.

    The two were walking on the road, Song Yanke rubbed his eyes as he walked.

    “What?” Lu Liansheng looked back at her, a little worried.

    Song Yanke pointed to her eyes and pressed her finger on her upper eyelid. Press, “It seems like it’s getting sand?”

    “Why don’t you drop it, can you help me? Take a look?” Seeing that the corners of her eyes are red?, How could Lu Liansheng care about the others? He immediately looked down and carefully checked.

    He gently? Blew for her? A few times, “Also, is there any?”

    “It seems to be better?.”

    Hearing this? Answer, he blew again? Blow, “More, do you?”

    Song Yan Can shake his head.

    Lu Liansheng was relieved now? He sighed.

    “Did you worry about me just now? Huh?”


    “You acquiesced if you didn’t speak?!”

    “……” Default is acquiescence, anyway he doesn’t say.

    “Hmph, you don’t say anything to me? You know, you’re worried about me?”

    “…” You still asked if you knew.


    Lu Liansheng answered the phone and hurriedly wanted to leave.

    Song Yan Ke anxiously stopped him, “What’s the matter? Where are you going?”

    Lu Liansheng’s lips moved?

    “Why do you turn your face and deny people? You can talk to me if you are in a hurry? Tell me, you are in this state? How can you rest assured that you suddenly ran out.” If you run out

    without saying anything, it’s easy to get an accident.

    Lu Liansheng pushed away her hand directly, and Song Yan only realized that his strength was so great that he couldn’t stop it at all.

    Lu Liansheng hurried out of the school gate, and Song Yan could see that he was in the taxi and got in with him.

    “If you don’t tell me, I’ll just follow you.” She took her hand up and was very serious.

    The driver asked for the address. Lu Liansheng glanced at Song Yanke and reported the name of the hospital.

    Song Yanke heard that he was going to the hospital. He immediately let go of his mouth and turned into worry, “What’s the matter? You tell me?”

    Lu Liansheng typed on the phone? One line? She saw: My? Mom is sick?, in the hospital.

    “Ah…don’t worry, don’t worry, let’s rush over now, auntie must be fine.” Song Yanke turned to comfort.

    Lu Liansheng bit her lips tightly, until their lips turned white.

    Seeing his expression tense, Song Yan couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and hugged him, comforting him, “Don’t worry, we will be here soon.”

    Has Lu Liansheng been struggling this time? , Did you hug her backhand?


    I heard Lu mother was at work when suddenly fainted sent over, but fortunately the two men rush to the hospital, Lu mother was awake????.

    Lu Liansheng stood by the bed and wrote down all the words the doctor had confessed.

    Mother Lu was dizzy, seeing her son worrying about herself, and pantothenic in her heart.

    Her? Son? can’t care about greetings like someone else’s language, but she’s true in her heart? Very filial and sensible, “Asheng, don’t worry, mom is okay?”

    Lu Liansheng held her hand and added a bit of strength.

    Mother Lu turned her head and saw the young girl in the back. Seeing her staring at her son?, she asked in confusion, “This is?”

    “Hello Auntie, my name is Song Yanke, and it’s Lu Lian.” Students? Classmates, no, friends! Very good? The kind! The best and the best? The kind!” First show the friendly relationship with Lu Liansheng, so that his? Will his mother love the house and the Wu ~

    “Song Yan, right? Sit quickly.” Mother Lu is used to her son? Silence. At first glance, she is so enthusiastic and lively? The little girl is a little uncomfortable, but she doesn’t dislike it.

    “No? Things? Aunt you’re welcome. I heard you sick? Because too anxious to direct drive over?, Your aunt feeling now how about the body?”

    “Well, all good.”

    “Auntie You had better “Take care of your body, don’t you know that when Lu Liansheng heard that you were sick? He was very anxious and ran over without daring to delay a minute?”

    “Oh, it really scares you guys?, I will pay attention to it in the future.” Mother Lu felt her kindness, and when she heard the girl’s lively words, a soft smile appeared on her face.

    Song Yanke’s? Rainbow fart opened his mouth, “Auntie, you look so good to smile. You will laugh more in the future. Keeping a good mood will help your body and mind be happy, so that your body will get better faster~”

    Seeing this scene, Lu Liansheng Suddenly want to freeze time.

    What he couldn’t say, someone said all for him.

    Or the…he likes it? Girl.

    Because of the speech barrier, many times he could not express his true thoughts, and was often misunderstood. Gradually, he got used to it.

    It was like hearing that his mother was sick just now, he didn’t even think of bringing Song Yanke, let alone Song Yanke would follow.

    In the past, he and his mother were always dependent on each other, never? There was… a third person appeared.


    Song Yan can feel this trip to Debu loss, the way home saw a long, also successfully won the favor of the mother land?????.

    Mother Lu was here, and she quickly pointed out her? Be careful.

    While Lu Liansheng went out to buy dinner? Mother Lu talked to her about some little secrets about Lu Liansheng, “Children, my family? Asheng is not very talkative, would you? Think he is too indifferent?”

    “No, I think he is very good.” How good is not to speak, at least not sweet to other? Miss sister.

    “Do you know that he… has some shortcomings?”

    “Disadvantages?” Can Song Yan think about it? Think, she really doesn’t think Lu Liansheng has any shortcomings.

    Isn’t it a disadvantage that she still refuses to agree to be her boyfriend?

    “You? You have known him for so long, haven’t you? Discovered anything special about him? Where?” Lu Mu was euphemistic again?

    Listening to Mother Lu’s tone of voice, Song Yan suddenly thought of what? What, “Auntie, did you mean that he was talking? Isn’t it?”

    Mother Lu’s expression was slightly restrained, and she nodded? Nodded.

    Song Yan could unconsciously? Playing with his fingers, softly replied: “I? You know?.”

    When it was dark when he left the hospital, Lu Liansheng sent Song Yanke back to school specially.

    On the way, both of them were extremely silent.

    Song Yanke suddenly jumped in front of him and asked bluntly: “Lu Liansheng, are you stuttering a little?”

    “…” Lu Liansheng paled, turning his head, eyes flashing with anxiety.

    Song Yanke looked down and looked at the roadside, just stepping on the tiles on the lawn next to him, so he was a little bit taller than Lu Liansheng.

    She said to the person in front of her: “You turn around.”

    “Huh?” Lu Liansheng subconsciously turned his head to look at her, casting a shadow in front of him.

    She lowered her head and pressed it down, a warm kiss fell between her lips, “Brother Lu, what are you doing in hiding, I? I don’t like you to talk.”

    “Then you…”

    Even though ? He only said two words. Song Yan still knew what he meant.

    She stretched out her hand and poked at Lu Liansheng’s cheek, and smiled openly, “I like your face, it’s so good-looking, you never get tired of it, just look at me? You can laugh for a year.”

    “…” Like his face, I really don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed.

    Be happy, anyhow he still has a good-looking? skin.

    Song Yanke suddenly hooked his neck and jumped off the lawn platform, unexpectedly bumping him back two steps.

    “Of course? The good-looking? The skins are the same, the interesting? The soul is one in a million.”

    “I talk too much, you talk less, we two just complement each other.”

    “God? Na! Think about it this way, we? What a good match?!”

    She really talked a lot, and she could talk a long way in a whisper.

    Lu Liansheng slowly raised the corners of his lips.

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