AR: Extra 15

 Song Yanke is in a good mood recently, because she finally waited for the response from her favorite.

    But… I kissed them, so why not give them? What is the status? ? ?

    I know that Lu Liansheng is not that? Someone who plays with emotions casually, but no matter how she expressly hints, he doesn’t? Seriously? He was in love.

    This makes Song Yan very worried.

    She remembered that He Xuxu once said? Was her ex-boyfriend a sea king, or the one who didn’t care about her heart or kidney? Kind of strange flower! This should be called a wild king.

    And Lu Liansheng is the other extreme?

    She didn’t think too much about it, but based on Lu Liansheng’s reactions, maintenance, and care, she could still feel Lu Liansheng’s feelings, but she didn’t know what caused him to stop.

    This road is nowhere, and Song Yan may decide to open up a new road.

    Last time I went to the hospital to visit Mother Lu, I also came over with any contact information.

    Song Yan Ke was so caring on the phone that she was so happy in Mother Lu’s heart that she even invited her to be a guest at home.

    “Okay, okay, I’m free!” Song Yanke’s face was filled with joy.

    Hung up the phone, as if there was a feeling that the dust had settled.

    I’ve seen my family elders before, and I’m afraid that Lu Liansheng may not be able to deal with it?

    On Saturday,

    Song Yanke changed a dress in accordance with the “elder’s favorite dress” style taught on the Internet, and asked Ji Yi to help with matching and set up a set.

    It’s not a ladylike style, nor is it cute and cute. It’s between the two, gentle and playful, but also suitable for Song Yanke’s personality.

    This time she brought a gift that she had bought for her elders in advance, so it can be said that she was well prepared.

    Song Yanke took a taxi according to the address. After waiting for a certain distance, the corridor was narrow and he could only pass by on foot.

    This place seems to have a long history…

    This is the official adjective of Song Yanke.

    She checked the address again, still having some doubts.

    After hesitating again and again, she called Lu Liansheng directly.

    Lu Liansheng answered in seconds.

    Knowing that he doesn’t like to speak? Talking? Song Yanke spoke for himself, “Lu Liansheng, I’m near your house?”

    “You? What?”

    “What should I do if I get lost…” Innocent Ah, she actually didn’t dare to go down, after all, it looked a little dark behind and the stairs were dark.

    Hearing these words, Lu Liansheng immediately rushed out of the house with his mobile phone, “You! Position! Wait for me!”

    Song Yan didn’t dare to delay, and quickly sent him a location sharing message.

    Lu Liansheng was still on the phone, repeating his instructions, “Wait for me.”

    “Yeah, wait for you to pick me up.” She was really standing there right now, and she didn’t have to move her steps.

    Lu Liansheng ran over, breathing heavily.

    Seeing her, Lu Liansheng finally breathed a sigh of relief, lowered his head and typed on the phone: Why are you here?

    “Miss you~” She pressed Lu Shengsheng’s shoulder, her tone ambiguous.

    The thin-skinned Lu Liansheng couldn’t stand it at all. The doubts he had asked before? Didn’t come? I forgot all the doubts at this moment.

    He lowered his head and stared at the girl’s face like Zhang Xiao’s flowery face, and whispered: “Yan Yan.”

    “Hey! Here it is!” Her smile became even sweeter when she answered.

    “Send you off, back to school.”

    “No, will you chase me away as soon as I’m here?”

    “No, no.” He didn’t want to drive her away, he just felt that this place was not suitable for a little princess like her.

    “Well, I won’t tease you anymore. Auntie invited me to be a guest at home, but I didn’t want to come here!” She deliberately bit the volume of the second half of the sentence.

    Lu Liansheng had nothing to do with her.

    Say? Yes? Say? But, rushing and reluctant? In the end, she can only take her home? At

    this time, Song Yan couldn’t help teasing him, “I like to hear you call my name. It sounds so nice.


    I’m sorry .” “Why do you suddenly apologize to me?”

    “…” I’m sorry, even what you want to hear? I can’t tell you completely.

    At the door, Song Yanke subconsciously wanted to change her shoes, and Lu Liansheng directly held her hand and motioned her to enter the house directly.

    Mother Lu in an apron came out of the kitchen and saw Song Yanke

    . She was very welcome, “Coco is here.” “Auntie.” She was polite, and then handed over the gift. “Auntie, this is Here is a small gift for you.” If

    it is a small gift, it is definitely not a small gift.

    Just now, Lu Liansheng mentioned going upstairs, but at the door she “robbed” back again. The reason was simple and straightforward, “I can take advantage of you in front of you, but I have to behave well in front of your mother.”

    She said that she was right, so she put the gift back in her hand.

    Mother Lu directed Lu Liansheng to get fruits, drinks, and snacks.

    Lu Liansheng finally knew that these things suddenly appeared at home to welcome this girl!

    The two of them were afraid that they had colluded long ago, so they waited until the door? Tell him to be a guest!

    Song Yanke entered the kitchen to help fight for performance, but was pulled out by Lu’s mother, “This is a guest. Thank you for your care in the hospital before. Let’s try auntie’s cooking skills today.”

    Lu Liansheng wanted to enter the kitchen. To help, Mother Lu was pushed out, “Asheng, you accompany Coco to watch TV and chat outside for a while, and the meal will be ready soon.”

    So the two were gathered together and sat on the sofa to watch TV. .

    At this moment, Song Yan? Is there? Attentive to observe the surrounding environment.

    This? The place is not big, I can almost see everything at a glance.

    Lu Liansheng’s eyes followed her all the time, and he couldn’t help thinking, what reaction will Song Yanke have when he comes into contact with his life in person?

    Song Yanke looked around twice, but without paying attention, she spotted a photo frame next to the TV.

    She pointed to the photo frame and asked: “Then? The person on the photo is you and your mother?”

    There is a young woman with a young boy in the photo. Judging from the texture and style, it is probably a photo from a long time ago. .

    “Yes.” Lu Liansheng also followed the direction of her finger? Looking over, remembering that when he was a child, his mother was alone with his hard life.

    Although their lives are very difficult, every penny that Lu mother earns is for the sake of her son. What ordinary people should have, Lu Liansheng has it.

    Later, when Lu Lian grew older, she lied to Mother Lu to say that she didn’t need those things, but Mother Lu knew her son, so she would rather treat him badly than his son.

    Song Yan just picked up the photo frame, looked carefully, couldn’t help cheering, “So cute!”

    Lu Liansheng when he was a child was so white and pure, what kind of special? Don’t be cute. Child.

    “Do you have any pictures? I want to see them!” She thinks? Lu Liansheng’s pictures are really addictive. The main thing is that they have good-looking faces, from young to handsome.


    “I like it very much!”

    “Wait…a minute…”

    Lu Liansheng pointed to the sofa, motioned for her to stay here, and then ran into the room quickly.

    I don’t know if Lu Liansheng left suddenly? What to do, Song Yan stripped dozens of melon seeds, and the talent inside came out.

    She asked, “What did you do?”

    Lu Liansheng didn’t answer, he just took one of her hands, and then stuffed a thin thing into her palm.

    “What’s this?” When she asked, she turned the thing over and saw an independent photo of a little boy!

    From the child’s eyebrows, you can see something similar to Lu Liansheng. This is a photo of him when he was a child.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! To the sweetheart Song Yan can not be too open-hearted, “I must take it back and mount it, no, I want to treasure it!”

    For Lu Liansheng? Can she make her laugh? So open-minded, then everything is worth it.


    Lu mother do the cooking is very tasty, at least Yan Song fart can blow the rainbow piles.

    Fun at the dinner table.

    Later, Lu Liansheng rushed to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

    When Mother Lu saw the photos in Song Yanke’s hands, she was a little surprised and surprised.

    She quietly talked about a story that was deliberately hidden but decayed in time.

    Lu Liansheng’s stuttering is congenital, and many methods have been tried to no avail. In addition, he is not very wealthy at home, and his medical level is limited.

    When he was a child, Lu Liansheng was still very good at learning to speak fluently, but was later teased by his companions.

    Slowly, he began to become silent. But at that time, he just didn’t like to speak or talk. Although there were some troubles in communicating with people, he still used words to communicate.

    In an English composition contest in junior high school, he originally took the first place in the city, but because he was unable to read aloud fluently, the teacher used this as an excuse to ask someone to read it aloud, and to mark two people after the composition. name.

    At that time, almost everyone was talking about him.

    Since then, Lu Liansheng began to cover up his shortcomings. The ones who can answer simply, he basically has one?, two?, and very few more than three?.

    Even if others say that he is tall or cold, it doesn’t matter, at least there are people who think that he has sex and can’t make fun of him? He stammers.

    Of course, this is the antecedent.

    Because of his “personality”, add another? That? That eye-catching face, when he was in high school, many girls liked him, and there was a special one who often appeared beside him. court.

    Lu Liansheng was innocent emotionally, and because there were no friends around him, he could not help having such a persistent girl with him.

    Not a heartbeat.

    I just feel? It seems that I really met a person who is kind to me.

    Just when he decided to agree to the girl’s confession, he confessed his shortcomings.

    He thought that those who treated him sincerely wouldn’t mind, but he didn’t expect that girl turned her face on the spot and said she was deceived by her feelings.

    Because this matter was so violent, Lu Liansheng was hired as the head of the family.

    At that time, Mother Lu didn’t feel very energetic, so she went directly to the hospital.

    Although the girl apologized later, this incident still left an indelible mark in Lu Liansheng’s heart.

    So when Song Yanke appeared…he couldn’t help but think back to the past.

    When he decides to obey his own will, how much courage he has to summon up, even he has already planned for the worst in his heart.

    If, if Song Yan is the same as those who used to be, he will once again be pushed into an unforgettable place!

    After Song Yan listened to this story, his whole heart was agitated.

    No wonder he has not dared to look at the relationship between the two people, there is still such a deep cause and effect.

    “Auntie, don’t worry, I know what to do~”

    She is very sure now, who she wants!

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