AR: Extra 16

  Lu Liansheng suddenly received an unfamiliar call. If it weren’t for City B, he probably would have refused to listen.

    “Lu Liansheng, my hand? The phone is off…”

    He knew who it was when he heard the sound.

    Song Yan borrowed someone else’s mobile phone to call him, saying that the mobile phone had dropped and she did not bring cash.

    “Wait, wait for me.” Is Lu Liansheng from City B? He is quite familiar with these places. According to Song Yanke’s address, he directly took a taxi.

    When he found someone?, he saw the little girl sitting in front of a restaurant with her legs crossed, shaking her feet, not panicking at all.

    Lu Liansheng walked over quickly.

    A shadow was covered in front of her eyes, she slowly raised her head, and saw Lu Liansheng who looked worried, “You are so amazing, so you will find me soon.”

    “No, it’s okay?”

    “It’s okay to see you Oh!” She stood up on the bench and naturally took his arm, “Come with me for a walk.”

    “Okay.” Lu Liansheng didn’t ask the destination, but just followed her.

    When Song Yanke took out her ID card and provided appointment information at a welfare institution, Lu Liansheng knew that she had planned.

    “Why?” Come here?

    “I saw Xiao Yi once before, and I suddenly thought that I could bring you here.” The

    last time she came to Ji Yi, she noticed that the children left in the orphanage were actually somewhat flawed.

    It was about the weekend, there are already some people here?, leading the children to play together. Song Yanke led Lu Liansheng to walk around here, the overall area is not large, just can show him the environment here.

    A child holding a picture book rushed in front of them and almost fell. Lu Liansheng quickly reached out and held him.

    “Thank you brother!”


    He didn’t answer habitually, and the kid kept staring at him.

    Lu Liansheng couldn’t understand the child’s behavior, why? Standing here and not leaving?

    He looked at Song Yanke.

    Song Yanke smiled slightly, “You can tell him no thanks.”


    “Brother Lu, the kid wants to be a polite person? Do you want to take the lead? Ah!” Song Yanke blinked at him. Twitched his eyes.

    Lu Liansheng hesitated and said, “No, no, thank you.” The

    child got a response and left with his book in his arms.

    The last two? Back to the hall, Song Yan pointed to the group of children who were playing games, “Do you want to play with them?”

    “No…” He can’t even speak well, how can he accompany him? Those kids play.

    But this time Song Yan was not simply asking questions, no matter what answer Lu Liansheng gave, she directly dragged the person?

    Communication is also essential when playing with children.

    Lu Liansheng remained silent, Song Yanke suddenly poked his arm, “You don’t want to be this tall for the rest of your life? Cold? Brother Lu.”

    Lu Liansheng thought about turning his head back, and pressed his lips, “You, Mind?”

    Although he had planned for the worst in his heart, he still… still hoped that we could get along for a longer time like this.

    “Hey.” Song Yanke patted her knees, and sighed softly, “Really? The person who minds? It doesn’t seem to be me.”

    Really? The person who is worried about the past? It’s himself. , So I kept going around in circles, why? I can’t get out.

    “In fact, there are many people in this world who can’t make a sound. For them, speaking is a luxury. Compared to them, you are excellent.”

    “Lu Liansheng, you You should believe in yourself.”

    A little girl in blue accidentally dropped the contents of her hand on the ground, rolled twice, and landed at Lu Liansheng’s feet.

    Lu Liansheng went hand in hand? Picked up the things and handed them to her.

    The little girl took the flowers, smiled at them, and nodded.

    Song Yan Ke turned his head and whispered in his ear, “She can’t talk.”

    Lu Liansheng felt incredible.

    Because he saw the little girl turning around? In the kids group, he had a lot of fun with them.

    “Look, even so, she is still very happy.”


    Song Yanke’s original intention? To make Lu Liansheng more confident in herself, but even if he saw who he saw?, Lu Liansheng’s state did not change? .

    Now, as long as she shows up, Lu Liansheng will definitely be by her side. The relationship between the two? is also in a mild state without fluctuations. Even if she said a lot of nonsense, Lu Liansheng would listen to it quietly without interrupting or refuting that

    she used to think that she could only talk to each other. People who gossip? Can stay together for a long time, but now I find that someone? The original intention? Listening is also very good.

    In her sophomore year, she saw Xiao Li again at school.

    This time, he still came for Ji Yi to lead the way? Or Song Yanke, “I said, eldest brother, do you use me as a guide? Did you look for Xiao Yi, why did you ask me to lead the way? . ” “

    …… I made a phone call. “just a promise of more access.

    Song Yanke deeply sympathized with him, “It’s been more than a year. You haven’t seen each other, and you haven’t contacted. Why don’t you give up?”

    Although Xiao Li was expressionless, Song Yan felt that he should be very heartbroken.

    It’s rare to see him once, and he was interrupted by Xu Yue, but Xu Yue is a real boyfriend. There is nothing wrong with this.

    “I asked for you, Xiao Yi is in the teaching building, and she will be here in a while.”

    “Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome, but what’s the matter with you this time? Is it love? How? I feel like I have to see her. not it? ” “

    I want to go abroad. ” “

    go home to inherit millions of family property? ” “

    …… well, you can first song the students? go. ” “

    ??? “burning bridges do not have to be so? clear? it significantly ?

    “Xiao Li, you? Really? Yes!!! Forget it, don’t call me in the future, let’s black out each other!” This is an uncle with an iceberg face, she is not waiting!

    Song Yanke’s reaction was beyond Xiao Li’s intention. His words had no other meaning.

    After thinking about it, Xiao Li hurried to catch up and took out a candy from his schoolbag, “Wait, this one is for you.”

    Song Yan stared at him suspiciously, “What?”

    “Thank you for leading the way.”

    Song Yan But she often posts updates in the circle of friends, she likes candy, is everyone knows? This was originally intended to be taken back to the children at home, but now it will be given as a thank you gift to the person who leads the way.

    “I don’t want it.” It doesn’t look like it was prepared for her, so forget it.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean anything else.” Xiao Li apologized.

    “It’s all right, I know, I’m leaving first, I’m going to find someone?” She is not a caregiver? She was not angry just now, “You say goodbye to Xiaoyi. See you later? NS.”

    “You take it.” Xiao Li stubbornly wanted to give her candy.

    This scene looks like a dispute.

    Lu Liansheng didn’t expect to see the “scumbag” who had made Song Yanke sad again after a few months.

    Even more unexpectedly, that “scumbag” actually had the courage to entangle him!

    He stretched Song Yanke away anxiously, holding his hands on her shoulders, “Alright, okay?”

    “It’s good!” Song Yanke didn’t know that she had been misunderstood with Xiao Li, and smiled with joy. “I was going to look for you, but I didn’t expect you to come here. Are we really good at heart!”

    Xiao Li felt an unkind look from the boy next to Song Yanke.

    He felt inexplicable.

    With anger, Lu Liansheng’s courage greatly increased, and he rushed to Xiao Li to warn, “You, don’t disturb, her!”

    Xiao Li: “?”

    Song Yanke: “??”

    Two people who don’t like talking? At the same time, Lu Liansheng became more talkative.

    “No, your candy.” Lu Liansheng took away the candy box that Xiao Li had just put in Song Yanke’s hand, and returned it, “Yan Yan, don’t need it.”

    He returned to Song Yanke and held it directly. Raising her hand?, “Let’s go.”

    Song Yan walked away in a daze.

    After a while, Xiao Li called.

    She thinks something is going on, thinking about helping people? Help to the end, “Wait, Xiao Li is calling.”

    Just when she was about to press the connect button, Lu Liansheng suddenly became domineering and handed her? The machine was snatched away.

    “Answer the phone…” Before she finished speaking, Lu Liansheng suddenly lowered his head? Biting her lip, he was more active than ever before.

    Song Yan was so embarrassed by the kiss.

    “You, you, what are you doing?” I used to take the initiative, but I was robbed of the initiative. This is not in line with her characteristics!

    Lu Liansheng, who took the initiative to kiss someone, blushed, “I, dear, I like it.”

    I kissed you because I like it.

    Song Yan suddenly realized that he was on the watch.

    “Are you telling me?”

    “Yeah!” This time, he nodded his head, his eyes didn’t leave her half a minute.


    Xiao Li’s call was rejected. He looked at the two figures he wanted to bring from a distance, and took the initiative to retreat.

    Finally, he edited two short messages.

    One is to apologize to Song Yanke and express gratitude.

    The second text message was sent to Ji Yi.

    Suddenly, Ji Yi received a text message prompt, only two words opened: Goodbye? See you.

    Xu Yue asked casually: “What’s wrong?”

    “A text message from Xiao Li.” She delivered everything calmly.

    Standing behind the tree, Xiao Li saw Xu Yue raising his head, rubbing it on Ji Yi’s head.

    He suddenly let go and turned to leave.


    land grabbing life from behind sudden change out of her two favorite flavors of candy, handed it to her, and finally uttered the phrase Yan Song can be the long-awaited words, “Yan, Yan Yan …… can do my Girlfriend?”


    “No, can’t it?”


    Song Yan kept not answering, Lu Liansheng was anxious, so nervous that he said what he said? He didn’t know what he said.

    “I, not scumbag, will be good to you.” He eagerly expressed his heart to her and made a promise.

    Song Yanke was full of surprise, “Brother Lu, it turns out that you become like this when you watch the sun? You can talk!”

    “No, no, I, no…” He couldn’t remember what he said just now. What? Then suddenly became more stammer than before.

    Song Yanke steadily grabbed his hand, and stared straight at him. The joy in his heart almost overflowed from his two beautiful eyes, “If you want to show your love to me, I will promise you.” “

    This sentence inspired him, and the vibrating mobile phone in his hand was more like a ringtone urging the day.

    Lu Liansheng had a thousand words in his heart that he couldn’t speak.

    Thousands of thoughts are turned into? Simple words:

    “Like Yan Yan.”

    “I, like Yan Yan.”

    He once felt inferior due to his flaws, and tried his best to avoid and conceal him. He never dared to expect anyone to tolerate everything.

    But now?

   Fortunately to meet …

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