AR: Extra 7

  Everyone has discovered that because of Ji Yi’s appearance, that frightening Mr. Xu is no longer so gloomy, and takes bloodthirsty pleasure.

    Xu Yue and Qin Shan have often seen each other in the past two days, and they have been in the study for a few hours.

    Ji Yi didn’t understand the things they did, but after Qin Shan left, she brought in tea to nourish her stomach.

    Xu Yuemian faced the computer, working on some documents that she couldn’t understand.

    With the tea cup resting on the computer desk, Ji Yi reminded softly, “The temperature is just right?, remember to drink.”

    She sat next to her, with her hands lying on the table, her chin against the back of her hands, and she whispered, “You have been busy these days. Look.”

    Xu Yue heard clearly, and told her without shy, “The information Zhang Wenhao passed out is very unfavorable to us.”

    Ji Yi tilted his head and looked at him, “Xu Yue, do you have any? Haven’t you thought about not living this kind of life full of calculations? Let’s leave here and go to a new place…”

    Just fine? Just like when they left Rock City, they could also have another warm little home. That kind of ordinary life, happy and at ease.

    Unlike now, although those people are very afraid of Xu Yue, these are always against the law… Policemen like Zhang Wenhao will continue to appear, and they have been cautious and fearful in their lives. How can they be happy.

    “There are some things, once they start, there will never be a way back.” Xu Yue pondered for a long time, picked up the cup and drank it in one sip.

    “I? You know?.” Ji Yi straightened his back slowly, and turned his head to look at him, “I? I hope you can be happy.”

    Later? She will always be able to subtly influence him when she looks at it. It’s getting better? It’s a lot? At least not? It was so violent before.

    Thinking about it this way, Ji Yi is still looking forward to the future!


    Rock City has been rainy these days. When it comes? It always rains at night.

    When he woke up in the middle of the night, Ji Yi felt a little cool beside him, turned on the bedside lamp, and found that Xu Yue was not in the room.

    After rubbing his eyes, he sat up, stepped on his slippers, and walked towards the door step by step.

    As soon as I opened the door, I heard a slight coughing sound outside. She held on to the door, looked over quietly, and found that the man was smoking again.

    Xu Yuefa realized her existence, his eyebrows jumped, and he quickly squeezed out the cigarette in his hand.

    “Isn’t it good? Don’t smoke anymore?” Ji Yi sighed.

    “I’m sorry.” He broke his promise, just because he was too irritable and couldn’t help but smoke one.

    Seeing Xu Yue like this, she suddenly felt empty in her heart and dropped her head slightly, “I don’t like hearing these three words you say.”

    “Good?.” He stared at her, completely agreeing with her.” Don’t tell me.” It was

    getting cold late at night. Seeing her wearing thin clothes, Xu Yue raised his finger? Pointing to the door, “You go back first.”

    Ji Yi blinked slowly? Two eyes? Eyes, “Aren’t you going to sleep?”

    “Come back in a while, you will feel uncomfortable if you smell the smoke.” After finishing talking, he even chuckled, he didn’t even think about it, he would have such a time when he cared about a person so carefully.

    When the voice fell, seeing Ji Yi walking in her direction step by step, Xu Yuewei was startled, not knowing what she was planning to do next.

    “Cough, cough…” Sure enough, she felt uncomfortable when she smelled the smoke.

    But she still insisted on getting close, and took the remaining half of the cigarette butts from his hand, “I really feel uncomfortable, so you don’t want to smoke anymore?”

    “Yeah.” This time, he focused on his head.

    Ji Yi took the cigarette butt and threw it into the trash can. When he returned to the room, he sat on the bedside cushion and did not lie down to sleep.

    I don’t know how long it took, Xu Yue returned to the room. He could no longer smell the choking smoke, only a light bath fragrance, which was a very light mint smell.

    He seems to have a special liking for this smell, and he even likes her? This kind of smell.

    “Still not sleeping?” “Waiting for


    She was originally sitting on the other half of the big bed. After Xu Yue came up, she moved some positions, leaned over, and wrapped her hands around his waist. An extremely dependent posture.

    Looking at the girl in her arms, Xu Yue’s heart was softened.

    Never? People like her, trust him extremely.

    “In that world, did you stay by his side like this?”

    “Do you finally believe me? Do you?”

    “…” In fact, when she accurately revealed the secrets related to him, he There is nothing to doubt?.

    If it’s not a close person, how could it happen? The solution is so deep.

    “Do you want to hear those things before? I? I can tell you too.”


    This man is really awkward?.

    Ji Yi picked some unforgettable things and sweet daily life to tell him:

    he gave her a necklace on the Ferris wheel and regarded her as life.

    He said that when he was at home, she basically prevented her from entering the kitchen and took the initiative to contract all housework.

    Said that he accompanied her to walk through the bustling city and see the strange scenery.

    Said that he made 99 robots and sent 999 roses to propose to her.

    After Xu Yue listened quietly, his deep pupils showed a different look, lowered? His voice chuckled?: “He is so lucky.”

    “Huh? I? Think it’s me? Very lucky.”

    How lucky is she? Fortunately, she can meet a man who spoils her like this.

    “Besides, he is you, don’t take the horns anymore?” She told him this, just hoping that he could listen to it, just want them to be together, the future is always beautiful?

    Xu Yue did not answer.

    Ji Yi lay on her waist? For a while, holding his hands on the bed? Raising his head, he gave him a mouthful, and smiled at him, “If you don’t think it’s not, that’s okay, so can we? Create your own memories.” The

    heartbeat speeds up uncontrollably.

    Xu Yue suddenly turned over and pressed her down. The two were very close to each other, close enough to see each of her eyelashes, curled and slender.

    He bowed his head, painted the corners of her lips carefully, prying away the teeth at the right time. The fingers lifted the straps of the shoulders, and the light in the eyes flowed in shreds.

    She was already emotional, “An’an, can you?” She didn’t reply, and two blushes crawled on her cheeks, responding shyly to him.

    Xu Yue attacked the city and deepened the lingering kiss until she was sweating, before she slowed down her movements in the cry of begging for mercy.

    When she fell asleep deeply, the restrained and forbearing man finally let himself show all his emotions, whispering softly in her ear, “An’an, I also love you very much.”

    Just let me? Also selfish once, have? you.


    obviously four spring in May, the most recent was always raining, rain not only is continuous????.

    Ji Yi breaks his finger? Forget it? Forget it, he has been here for almost three months, and now he has reversed the fate of Xu Yue? Right?

    At least, he would not commit suicide in that dark room.

    However, there are still two months left from that time, she must stick to Xu Yue’s side, and when she is sure that this matter will become a thing of the past, she doesn’t have to be so careful and can boldly plan for the future.

    This continuous rain lasted? For a whole week, in one afternoon, the sky finally cleared!

    “The sun is good? It’s warm.”

    Now Xu Yue has stopped letting her enter the kitchen, and he has even sent a piano to pass her time. When the piano was delivered, she tried it? A few tones did not move again. Until today, I saw the sun, and did she have the leisurely feeling of wanting to play.

    She searched the Internet and printed it? A sheet of music was written down and placed on the music stand. When playing the piano, it seems as if there is a?

    When she fingers off the keyboard, and a familiar voice suddenly came from behind, “What’s this song?”

    Ji Yi subconsciously back?, Laughter? Yan open, “read all the Galaxy.”

    The Galaxy are read, All galaxies are you.

    Xu Yue raised his hand and hooked his finger at her, “Come here and give you a gift.”

    “What?” Hearing the gift, he stood up and ran to Xu Yue’s side and stretched out the palm of his hand. .

    Xu Yue pulled her wrist, and there was a cold feeling on her wrist.

    Ji Yi fixed his eyes and saw that the golden bracelet came into view, and the four letters “anan” were clearly engraved on the dial.

    He put the watch on her wrist as she patiently explain the role of the hidden side buttons, “??. In a hurry, they can rotate the left side of this little button, I’ll sensed”

    “despair -“

    a Crystal eyes? Tears dripped on the dial.

    Seeing her reaction like this, the man frowned? His expression became serious, “Don’t like it?”

    “No.” She shook her head, quickly wiped away tears, arched her right hand with five fingers, protecting the bracelet watch between her left wrist, cherishing it very much, “I? I like it very much.”

    “You cry when you like it?” Xu Yue puzzled. .

    It was originally the emotions? Lost? Two drops of eyes? Tears, but now he was amused by his straight male words?, “Don’t you know there is an idiom called crying for joy?”

    Going around, once lost Yes, one day will come back to her.


    “Mr. Xu, you have found a suitable field after finding your request, and the flowers are ready? Are you planning to plant the flowers next?”

    “I? Go in person.” After the

    weather turned fine, Xu Yue Going out for a few days in a row.

    Ji Yi asked this question several times, and Xu Yuezhi said that he kept it secret.

    She found out carefully that the shoes Xu Yue wore every time he came back were covered with dirt. I didn’t know what he did? What did he do? What was it so mysterious? It seemed like it had nothing to do with “work”.

    At this critical point, she is most afraid of what Xu Yue will do, so Ji Yi sticks to him since she wakes up in the morning. I want to go out too.” The

    waiting driver opened his eyes in surprise, waiting to see that Miss Ji was ruthlessly rejected.

    never expected!

    Their hard-to-reach Mr. Xu not only refused cruelly, but took the girl’s hand, “Go if you want.” The

    driver was so shocked that his jaw was about to fall.

    Ji Yi was very curious all the way, until the car drove into a spacious green botanical garden.

    It is said to be a botanical garden, because it is surrounded by green plants on all sides, and a large open space is dug out in the middle, which is covered with seeds.

    “Is this planted? What?”


    “Roses? Are all sown here? Rose seeds?”

    “Yes.” I

    imagined that when the flowers bloom, this place will be full of delicate roses and become a beautiful rose garden.

    She couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Wow! Why did I suddenly think of planting roses?”

    “For you.” Xu Yue said bluntly. When he looked sideways at her, his eyes were gentle.

    Once someone proposed to her with 999 roses, he would send her a rose garden directly.

    Ji Yi didn’t expect that he was being “jealous”. He was really surprised by this wonderful gift. He even took the flower seeds and tried to plant seeds by himself. There was only a small part of the open space left, and the two cooperated to double the efficiency.

    Ji Yi pulled up a wild flower in the ground with a yellow flower center and white petals, holding a thin stem and leaf, holding it in the palm of his hand, facing the sun.

    “Xu Yue, look at me? You found a flower.”

    Hearing her call, the man who was buried in his head straightened up and was about to raise his head in response, seeing a red dot on her forehead. , The relaxed and natural expression instantly solidified on the face.

    “An’an, get down!”

    Ji Yi didn’t understand yet, the man on the opposite side had already rushed towards her, and the two of them were crushed in the mud.

    “Go!” Xu Yue guarded her away from the spacious flat ground. The driver who had been guarding outside was gone for a long time.

    Xu Yue’s expression condensed, and now Ji Yi is in his arms?

    The bullet pierced? A strong back.

    The man snorted and pushed the girl into the car?, followed closely.

    Ji Yi touched blood on one hand, and his whole body was shaking in panic, “Are you injured?.”

    Xu Yue’s face was clearly whitening. He didn’t care about the pain in his wound, but instead laughed, “Unexpectedly, this day is faster than I? I imagined.”

    “Don’t move? Me? Go ahead? Drive.” Ji Yi clenched his teeth and was about to climb to the front seat.

    Xu Yue grabbed her by the hand, “No need?” The

    next moment, a group of uniformed police officers rushed out and raised their guns to surround the whole car.

    “You won’t die! We go to the hospital, we can definitely cure you.”

    “But I don’t want to live anymore?”

    He said this in a calm tone.

    At that moment, Ji Yi felt that even breathing became difficult.

    Did she work hard? For so long, or did she not? Give him hope?

    “No, you have to live, you can’t die.” She tremblingly took out her phone, “I? Call an ambulance, I must save you.”

    Xu Yue clasped her hand and whispered in her ear, “There is a confidential document in the password box of the study. When I die, you will hand it over. They will not embarrass you.

    ” You won’t die! Let’s go out, OK? OK? Even if you admit your mistakes. “She just wants Xu Yue to live.

    “If I? Not today? I die here, and I can’t go back?”

    “Even if you are sentenced, I? Will wait for you!”

    “But An An…I? How can I be willing to…” He committed? Wrong, he deserves to accept all the punishment, but how can he be willing to drag that bright girl into the quagmire.

    How am I willing to stay alone in this strange world? Waiting alone.

    “Xu Yue, you can’t be so selfish. If you die? Just throw me? A person here, I? Will be very scared, I? Please, live on? Isn’t it?”

    “Please? …” Don’t lose hope of life.

    “Don’t cry.” His gasping voice gradually increased.

    “I? Please, even if it’s for? Me?” Ji Yi cried and choked. “Xu Yue…live, okay? OK?”

    “Don’t cry, me?” … I promise you.” Seeing that face with tears in the eyes, the man who was originally stubborn and stubborn couldn’t help himself to refuse no matter what.

    At this critical moment, this answer relieved her.

    Looking at that Qingjun’s face, Ji Yi was heartbroken, opened the car door, and jumped out by herself.

    However, at the moment when the car door was closed, Xu Yue took out a hand/gun from his arms.

    “We surrender, he needs treatment!”

    She thought that she would not die if she surrendered to the police.

    Just do it if you don’t die.

    Ji Yi was detained and saw the car door opened with his own eyes.

    Inside? The pale-faced man walked out by himself.

    But at that moment, the processed silencer gun penetrated the air and hit the heart.

    The bullet went into the heart, and the tall figure fell to the ground.

    Even the police did not expect, “Zhang Qiming, what are you doing!”

    “He killed? Me? Brother!” The policeman named Zhang Qiming was full of hatred and was detained.

    Ji Yi struggled desperately, opened his mouth and bit on the hand that restrained her, and finally broke free.

    The embarrassed girl knelt on the ground, her clean skirt stained red with blood.

    The man raised his hand laboriously, and finally covered her eyes.

    When he was dying, he smiled so thoroughly, “An’an, thank you for coming to my world.” The

    man closed his eyes when his arm lost power.

    The gloomy weather dropped cold rain, like the cry of the sky.

    Ji Yi held him, crying and trembled all over.


    “The world? People make mistakes, why don’t you give him a chance to change? If at the beginning, those of you so-called justice can appear earlier! If you can earlier?! “

    Able to appear earlier? Appear, pull him A handful! Maybe he will not fall into the abyss, and there will be no return.

    The mother’s domestic violence and abandonment, the abhorrence of blood brothers… The biological father selfishly thinks about self-salvation, but puts all the sins on a minor child.

    Human nature? Original goodness, no? I don’t want to be happy when I am born.

    “He is so smart, all? People say he is a genius, but those people blame others for his mistakes. How innocent is he?” Those rumors at the beginning ruined the future of Xu Yuemei.

    In order to pay for the treatment of her adoptive father, she had to seek skin from the tiger, and she has been living in self-rejection. Obviously, I tried so hard to live, but I was finally shattered? All the hope of life!

    Is the rain wet? Everything, she hugged Xu Yue tightly, not letting people come close, crying until she lost her voice.

    Until she felt the gun in his arms, she finally understood that the ending could not be changed.

    “I? Good? It’s not easy… OK? It’s not easy to come here, or you can’t change your ending.”

    “If there is no Xu Yue in this world, then I? Stay here? What’s the point?”

    She blocked the angle of view with her body, pressed the gun against her chest accurately, and whispered softly, “This time, I’m very accurate in marksmanship.”

    “No matter in which world or world you are, you are unique. Xu Yue.”

    “An An has always been…for you.”

    *Xu Yue monologue*

    When you fall in love with a gentle and kind girl, you will regret it, why not? I met when I was the most innocent.

    “Are you here because of me?”

    “Yes! You came because you missed it too much? Yeah!”

    “Then what if I’m gone? What will you do?”

    An’an, I regret it.

    I have been hiding in the darkness, suffering in pain, living a heavy and depressed life, waiting for the judgment of fate.

    I? I don’t believe in fairness and justice, and I don’t believe in repentance to purify sin, but I? Believe that you are me? The only salvation!

    If you are here for me, then me?…… Such a guilty me? I am willing to spend the rest of my life, with life as the price, to end everything.

    I? I sincerely hope that you can come back to him.

    Only with that clean genius can he be worthy of the best An An in the world.

    And I will take all the pain and sins of the past, and sleep forever—the

    author has something to say:

    This ending is the best ending I think.

    Because Xu Yue has been redeemed!

    If he were alone, he would not have weaknesses, would not be caught, but would commit suicide in the end.

    The appearance of An An made him weak, but he didn’t die this time because he couldn’t find the meaning of life. He knew that he liked An An and knew that he would never be able to live in the dark anymore, because that would be too wrong for him. Beloved girl too.

    Xu Yue, who has come this far, actually feels inferior when facing An An. Even his confession can only be whispered after An An is asleep, because he knows that he has made an irreparable mistake, even if he is immortal, he will be subject to the law. Sanctions, he is not willing to stay alone in this world and wait.

    However, there will be surprises in the next chapter~

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