AR: Extra 6

A video popped up on Ji Yi’s mobile phone, but before she clicked it, she recognized Xu Yue and Zhang Wenhao from the small picture.

    She couldn’t help but click, and the video opened. It was Zhang Wenhao who was lying at Xu Yue’s feet and “betraying” her.

    “Heh, you? I just want to know who I work with to find those information?”

    “You? Let me go, I will tell you?”

    “The police are also human, and I want to live too. “It

    ‘s… Ji Yi!” The

    video picture and sound stopped abruptly here.

    Ji Yi turned off the phone, his teeth bit his lips subconsciously, and an unspeakable heavy breath was pressed in his heart.

    Xu Yue walked out from the side door with a bit of sneer, “You? Look, the so-called righteous good people you want to protect, but want to drag you into the water behind your back.”

    He walked over with a natural palm. Stroking her straight back on the ground, moving up along the spine, with cold fingers sticking to the back of her neck, gently rubbing.

    He lowered his head and leaned over, bit the girl’s ear, and his voice was deep, “If you are not An An, how innocent?”

    Ji Yi gritted his teeth, “What… mean?”

    Xu Yue touched her. Hair, smile without saying a word.

    If Zhang Wenhao points out that the person is not Ji Yi, and replaces it with any other one, I am afraid he will choose “I would rather kill the wrong person than let it go.”

    Isn’t the slandered person innocent?


    ? All that day, Ji Yi mood is very low.

    She actually? Want to say… not like this.

    She didn’t have the noble feelings of compassion and compassion, but she didn’t want Xu Yue to go all the way to the dark.

    She hopes that Xu Yue’s future is bright.

    Xu Yuezhi? So he chose to commit suicide because he didn’t enjoy doing evil himself. He had money and rights, but he didn’t find the meaning of life.

    Since she will come to this world, why not? One early? One point? If it was a little earlier, Xu Yue would not be where he is today.

    The more I thought about these things, the more complicated I felt. I panicked and I ran to look for him.

    Now? Everyone here knows her almost, even if they don’t know her, there is no way to ignore the necklace hanging on her neck.

    Xu Yue has been worn for many years. Although it has no real effect, it has formed a specific mark because of time. Everyone guessed that Xu Yue was special to Ji Yi. Even if she suddenly ran out and asked to see Xu Yue, some people would give her advice.

    Ji Yi was taken into a strange place again. This place was relatively empty with some equipment, probably a shooting training ground.

    When Xu Yue saw her, he put down the gun in his hand and waved to her, “Come here.”

    Ji Yi ran over and grabbed his sleeve directly, “I have something to tell you.”

    “Say.” Xu Yue’s eyes fell on her slender fingers, and the corners of her lips raised slightly.

    But at this time, Ji Yi had something in her heart, and did not observe his micro expression carefully.

    She looked at Xu Yue, her eyes widened, “I want to tell you what happened yesterday?, what I think.”

    Xu Yue frowned, with a puzzled look, seemingly surprised by this.

    Ji Yiqi lip said: “Is it you who are not talking about you? In front of Ji Xinfei’s face to give a warning, or to Chu Lian’s methods, including interrupting Zhang Wenhao’s legs… These things, in my opinion, are all incorrect behaviors. . ” “

    those who fear you?, surrender to you?, can you? not happy, right? “

    Xu Yue snorted, “Ji An’an, are you? Are you teaching? Teach me?”

    “Yes, no. I want to tell you? Some things are wrong, I hope you are? Protect yourself? Next, can you leave some leeway for yourself.” She breathed out all the words in her heart before she breathed a sigh of relief, adjusted her mentality, and asked him, “Do you have any expectations for the future?”

    See her With a sincere look in his eyes, Xu Yue turned his head and looked into the distance, “Many things can’t be done with the word expectation.”

    “I will be with you? Oh, because some things are difficult to do, they will have something to do. Expecting and expecting, I will try hard.”

    Ji Yi took two steps around and stood in front of him, this time holding his hand directly, without the hindrance of clothes and fabric, there was a touch of warmth between his fingers. Hot touch.

    “Humans are born to look forward to the light, you? Don’t hide yourself in the darkness, okay? You? Look at the sunny sky, isn’t it beautiful?” When

    she spoke, her eyes were full of expectation. .

    Xu Yue looked down, but did not answer. He picked up her stamina collar, and pulled the person to his side. “Come here, here you are? Find something fun.”


    He turned the gun in his hand and suddenly took it badly. Throw something into her hand, “Take it right!”

    Then she pointed to the target opposite and asked her to try.

    After living for so many years, Ji Yi still touched the real gun for the first time, feeling a bit like a hot potato, wanting to throw it… But

    under Xu Yue’s gaze, she didn’t want to admit it!

    “How to play this?”

    “Teach? You?” He adjusted the shooting posture for her, holding the gun, “Control the intensity, don’t be so nervous.”

    Just after speaking, Ji Yi trembled again, “… …I don’t want it either.”

    She got it true for the first time, and she was not allowed to shake her fingers!

    Under the guidance of Xu Yue, she slowly squeezed the trigger, at that moment concentrating and holding her breath.

    “Holding your breath for more than a certain period of time will affect the stability of the muscles.”

    A chuckle seemed to come into her ears, and she heard Xu Yue’s next sentence, “An’an, relax.”


    Miss the target.

    “Hahaha.” Xu Yue suddenly laughed loudly, laughing at her miss.

    Ji Yi covered her face with embarrassment, “You? Don’t laugh, okay, this is my first time!”

    Seeing her blushing, Xu Yue laughed.

    Ji Yi put down the gun and covered his mouth with his backhand, “Don’t laugh!” He

    covered his voice, and a smile would still overflow from his eyes.

    The girl said softly: “You? You hate it!”

    He didn’t like to hear that. He clasped her wrist to prevent her from escaping, and deliberately opened his mouth and bit her finger.

    This natural and ambiguous action stunned both of them.

    Xu Yue let go of her mouth, her hands were not free, she pinched her small face and squeezed, her smile did not diminish, still with a trace of suffocation?, “I hate it? Huh?”

    Ji Yi’s small face became hot, and her cheeks seemed to be hot. Applying rouge, the red is alluring, “You? Don’t laugh at me, you don’t…no hate.”

    “No joke to you?.” He raised his head to the top of his head and rubbed it.

    The question just now seems to have an answer.

    If you use beauty to describe the sunny sky, then I want to tell you: You in my eyes are just like the sky you see.

    So bright and beautiful.


    After Zhang Wenhao was locked up, Xu Yue sent Ji Xinfei away.

    She opened her mouth many times and wanted to ask him, “Did you? Have a positioning chip implanted in Ji Xinfei’s body?”

    But in the end she did not ask.

    She asked people about Chu Lian’s news and asked them to quietly send Chu Lian the best medicine.

    She didn’t remember Zhang Wenhao, but she kept instilling a thought in Xu Yue in her own way: Don’t hurt people at will.

    Later, Ji Yi was even more unbridled here.

    She would open the curtains in his room during the day to let the sun shine in.

    She will supervise him not to smoke and tell him three meals a day, one is indispensable.

    She doesn’t tie her hair, the single ponytail will fall off, and she looks pretty when she shawls.

    When she talks to people, she always has a gentle and polite smile.

    At that moment, Xu Yue knew that she yearned for sunshine.


    this day, when the two of them were dining at the same table, Xu Yue suddenly asked, “Want to go out to play?”

    Ji Yi swallowed the food in his mouth, with a lot of anticipation in his eyes, “Out to play? Go shopping?”

    Xu Yue: “I will give you one? One day to allocate time freely, you? You can go anywhere you want.”

    Ji Yi asked with some confusion: “Are you? Come with me?”


    “Then I’ll go out to play .” What?”

    “Whatever.” He said that it was free distribution, so he didn’t think about restrictions.

    Ji Yi took the last bite of rice in the bowl, put down his chopsticks, “Oh, can I go to the bar, then?”

    “…” Didn’t expect the face slap to come so much? Quickly, the man’s face was pale, and he dismissed it without hesitation. : “No.”

    “Hmph.” This time it was Ji Yi’s turn to laugh.

    Xu Yue gave her one day of free time, and also gave her a card, saying it was her salary these days.

    Ji Yi held the card in front of him? He shook his eyes twice, “How much money is there?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “I don’t know? You? Your own card? You don’t know? Probably how many?”

    “Maybe? Seven people? Count.” He said casually, as if he was perfunctory.

    Ji Yi coughed dryly, feeling that the card was also very hot, and quickly returned the card, “This is too much, can you? Give me a

    smaller one? ” Xu Yue gave her a glance, “I have. I can’t spend the money, so I’m idle, okay?”

    She had heard these words, and remembered in a daze that year, “You?…”

    Xu Yue didn’t know that she thought of the past and thought she was unwilling to take it. With a straight face and a fierce tone? He forced the card to her, “I am not short of money, you? Spend whatever you want.”

    Ji Yi couldn’t laugh or cry, and squeezed the card tightly, “Okay, I won’t be with you? You are welcome?

    Yes .” She did not go out for a long time, and she felt like seeing the sky again. This is the Rock City where she has lived, and some buildings and roads are still deep in her mind.

    Ji Yi contacted an orphanage and bought some snacks and school supplies to send. She has no interest in wandering, it is better to use this day to do something meaningful.

    She once worked as a volunteer in college, and she also had some coping methods for the disabled children in the orphanage.

    Those children are actually very simple, play with them, let them feel their kindness and want to get close.

    The library here is very small. There are a few normal ones still reading and writing in it. Ji Yi donated some books and brochures suitable for them.

    “Sister, do you know how to read this?”

    When a child asks her for help, she will patiently answer it.

    She even consciously or unconsciously did a little psychological counseling for two older children.

    Before leaving, the dean asked her specifically, “Why are you here?”

    Ji Yi thought for a while and replied: “Isn’t it said that good people are rewarded? I hope that if you do good things, you can meet good things?”

    The dean didn’t expect that she would say such a thing, and smiled and nodded, “We often have people here, maybe? It’s the school organization, maybe? It’s for other reasons. Many people took pictures and left, but very few of you. You are a kind and good girl who has patiently accompanied the child all day long.”

    “Thank you.” She hopes that her kind deeds, no matter how big or small, can be rewarded to Xu Yue.


    “Mr. Xu, Miss Ji is already on the way back.”

    “Well, send her back safely, don’t let her find out.”


    Ji Yi walked this morning, every move. They are all under the control of Xu Yue.

    He just wanted to know, if the girl didn’t stay here because of him, if the girl lived in the sunshine, what would she do.

    It turned out to be like this.

    It’s a completely different world from him.

    When Ji Yi went back, he was in a good mood.

    Across the promenade, she suddenly saw a long figure of Dao Xin leaning against the door, she speeded up and ran over, this time directly rushing into his arms.

    “Xu Yue, I’m back!”

    Xu Yue hugged her with arms around her waist, with her chin resting on her shoulders, and suddenly asked: “You mean, you are here because of me?”

    “Yeah! Because I missed you so much? I came here!” Obviously she was in a good mood today, even the words are so cute.

    Ji Yi always felt that he was too obsessed, so he appeared here.

    Xu Yue hooked her finger and suddenly asked: “Then if I am not here? What will happen to you?”

  This sentence stimulated Ji Yi, thinking of the ending of his suicide, Ji Yi’s stopwatch was serious, “You? Don’t talk nonsense! You? You will live well!”

    “Really…” He was

    used to walking in the dark, I like a girl who yearns for the light.

    He began to regret, why didn’t he? He met him when he was the most innocent.

    The author has something to say: The

    next chapter ends the book world. You should not guess the ending, but it may be different from what you imagined.

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