AR: Extra 5

  Ji Yi slept peacefully, and didn’t realize the consciousness of awakening until dawn.

    Squinting his eyes? Consciously raised his hand to rub his eyes, but something hit his face, Ji Yi suddenly opened his eyes and touched his hands? There was a hard necklace in his heart. Can’t it? It’s too clear, but from the feel, it looks like Xu Yue’s necklace of devil wings!

    It was dark all around, Ji Yi reflexively reached out to touch the phone, only to find that she hadn’t reached anything. She sat up on the bed and found out that this was not? She had the room.

    The sunlight outside the window should be very bright before it penetrates the curtains to let her see the outline of the room.

    Stepping on the ground barefoot, Ji Yi ran to the window and pulled it twice, opening the curtains with a “wow–“.

    The sun shone in, and the gloomy room instantly became bright.

    She lifted the silver-black necklace and held it in front of her eyes. The pendant under the chain shook slightly, but her smile spread unconsciously.

    Ji Yi hung the necklace around her neck and rubbed the pendant.

    Her heart was ecstatic, “It’s great, it’s given to me again.” She looked around, and this dark and simple room was also Xu Yue’s style.

    Here? If it’s Xu Yue’s room, does that mean that he was carried over?

    Seriously, I sorted out the memory before going to bed, probably…

    Last night I followed Xu Yue to the study, Xu Yue ignored her, she sat there and waited, and then she should have fallen asleep.

    Ji Yi rubbed his hands? Then he opened the door and walked out. After taking a few steps, I realized that I had forgotten to put on my shoes and was about to fall back, but Xu Yue caught him.

    “Ji An’an.”

    “Hey! I’m here.” Ji Yi smiled and waved at her.

    Xu Yue’s gaze fell on her chest, and she avoided the necklace when she saw the necklace hanging around her neck. His eyes moved from top to bottom to her feet, and the white and small heels formed a sharp contrast with the deep-colored floor.

    The man’s brows wrinkled again, “Are you sleeping? I don’t even know how to wear shoes?”

    Ji Yi quickly lowered his head, her little feet curled up and hugged slightly, “I? Forgot…”

    Just now suddenly woke up in an unfamiliar environment. Come on, don’t? I know where the shoes are. Later, I was so happy because of the necklace, I found out when I went out.

    The man stepped forward, walked towards her, and passed her by the door.

    Ji Yi shocked about?, Is to keep up, turned and was surprised to find many more single-handed? Carrying out one pair of ladies’ shoes, throw in front of her, Xiong Baba’s command, “wearing!”

    “Well just wear what fierce fierce “The

    shoes are of leather lace-up style. Here? There are no seats, and it is unsightly to bend over. Because the person standing next to Xu Yue was Xu Yue, she had no scruples, so she squatted down?

    The long black hair fell down his shoulders, unable to hide the snowy white in front of him, but instead formed a sharp contrast.

    Xu Yuebu? consciously glanced open and passed her feet.

    When Ji Yi put on his shoes and stood up, there were no more people around.

    “Xu Yue?” I

    yelled twice and didn’t get a response, so I had to watch as I walked, and I didn’t know where I would go.

    The warm-colored lights on the walls will naturally brighten up. Ji Yi walked for a while, and could not help but mutter, “This place is too complicated.” It

    ‘s not the same as the usual house design? It looks like a small house. maze. When she reached the bifurcation, she raised her hand and shook her fingers left and right, and finally pointed to the right.

    Ji Yi walked all the way and looked around, looking left and right, and suddenly heard a slight cough.

    With my ears close to the door, trying to hear clearly, my curved elbow pressed against the doorknob, and suddenly he pushed the door open.

    Seeing a man sitting next to a table and chair, he was holding a lit cigarette butt in one hand, pressing the other hand on his abdomen, his head slightly to the side, and he couldn’t see the expression on his face.

    But she knew that it was Xu Yue.

    Ji Yi moved closer, and he smelled a pungent smoke, frowned slightly, and his tone was slightly dissatisfied. “You are smoking again.”

    Xu Yue raised his head and glanced at her, then looked away. Falling on the gloomy floor, “I? I said, I? No? It’s the person in your story?”

    This sentence almost made Ji Yi smile, “Why are you so mad!”

    She has accepted that she is inexplicably traveling through the same world. Why does Xu Yue return it? Isn’t she clinging to herself? Is Xu Yue from another world?

    “You are Xu Yue in this world, different from Xu Yue in another world? But what are you struggling with so much to do, I? I just know that you are Xu Yue.”

    Xu Yue stared, his tone increased slightly,” I? No? Will be the shadow of another person!”

    “What are you talking about? There is only one Xu Yue in this world.”

    She was about to instill a wave of spiritual chicken soup for this extreme-thinking man, but listened to Xu. The more suddenly he coughed twice.

    Ji Yi realized that his expression was a bit painful.

    “What’s the matter with you?” She subconsciously leaned over and held Xu Yue’s hand.

    The man’s palm is broad, but cold.

    Seeing him pressing his abdomen with one hand, his lips were dry, and he had a slight cough, as if he was sick.

    She suddenly remembered—Xu Yue had stomach problems!

    “Are you smoking without eating?” She asked for nothing. Now she is in a mess in her head.

    I’m afraid Xu Yue hasn’t eaten at all and still smokes now.

    Ji Yi grabbed the cigarette butt in his hand and pressed it in the ashtray next to him.

    “Do you have an upset stomach? Are you sick? Is it a stomach problem? Is there any medicine?”

    “No? It’s your business!” No? Wish she see her embarrassed, he? Forcibly pushed her hand away? But his expression became more unbearable.

    Ji Yi is not annoyed, but a little self-blame, “I forgot to make breakfast today.” Some

    time ago, she contracted Xu Yue’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, but today, because the mobile phone is not around, there is no alarm clock to remind her. Get up late.

    Xu Yue was silent, and his brows tightened.

    Ji Yi hurriedly helped him by his hand. “You’re too serious, shall we go to the hospital?”

    “No, you can control it.”

    “Xu Yue, you are really!” She stared at him with scorching eyes. Angrily let go of his hand, and turned around to ask him for something, “my hand, mobile phone?”

    Xu Yue took out a white-clad hand from his body without saying a word. The machine, pressed it on the table with a “pop”.

    Ji Yi recognized that it was his mobile phone, picked it up, and walked out.

    When the door closed, the man twisted his neck consciously and looked at the door.

    The fingers on the table curled up slowly, leaning his head against the edge of the table.

    Ji Yi hid at the door, found the number in the address book, and called Qin Shan.


    Xu Yue wakes up again, and it is rare to open his eyes again, feeling the sunshine all around.

    He was lying on the familiar big bed, but he felt strange because of the bright brilliance through the window.

    He stood up and found a little girl lying on the head of the bed.

    Sitting up with her back on the bedside cushion, her head tilted to Ji Yi’s side. Seeing her quiet face, it seemed that a fixed picture had formed in her mind.

    Ji Yi was half asleep and half awake. Hearing a slight movement, his eyelashes trembled slightly, and he slowly opened his eyes.

    “You’re awake.”

    About when he woke up, his voice was sticky, and he seemed to be acting like a baby when he said something.

    Xu Yue avoided her sight.

    “The doctor examined you just now and said that you have a stomach problem. You have to eat regularly in the future. It is best not to smoke. It hurts your body.” Ji Yi followed the doctor’s instructions and said those words. Read it all.

    She stood up by the edge of the bed, picked up the thermos on the table, carried it to the side of the bed, and greeted intimately, “I made some light porridge, do you want to eat it now?”


    Xu Yue finally answered.

    Just because of this simple response, she showed a sincere smile, immediately opened the thermos barrel, put the contents in the clean bowl next to it, and handed it to him, “Warm , Just right.”

    Xu Yue was about to reach out to pick it up, but Ji Yi suddenly retracted holding the bowl? He asked with excitement: “I? Hey you?”


    “Okay.” “

    Ji Yi pursed his lips and handed out the bowl obediently.

    Xu Yue held the bowl, took a spoon to scoop a full spoon, and swallowed it.

    The table etiquette that Ji Yi has learned since childhood is to chew slowly. Every time he sees him like this, he wants to remind, “Slow down.”

    Hearing these two words, Xu Yue’s action of scooping the porridge suddenly stopped and cast her on her. With a meaningful look, “Do you like slowness?”

    “Yeah.” The pure-minded Ji Yi didn’t understand his subtext, and he nodded, “Eat slowly, there are a lot of them.”

    Xu Yue: ” … “

    Also? Talking about six or seven years of love, proposing to get married, this is simply silly!

    How well does the man in the story protect her?

    Thinking of this, some unspeakable emotions arose in his heart.

    When Xu gets better rest, Ji Yi feels that he is in a better mood.

    She stood by, thinking for a long time before asking, “Why is Master Zhang in the kitchen gone? Me? With him? I only learned half of the new dishes.”

    Xu Yue’s gaze swept over.

    Ji Yi quickly raised his hand, and added, “Say OK first, I don’t? I care about him a lot, I am just curious.”

    Perhaps it was this sentence that comforted Xu Yue, and he reluctantly answered, “It’s closed.” . ” “

    locked up? he? wrong yet? ” “

    I did not make a mistake you can not turn off? ” “

    no, of course not make mistakes? Yeah should be punished. “

    listen to her naive remarks, many more should laugh loudly, hook her.

    As soon as Ji Yi’s ears moved, he leaned forward and listened to his familiar voice, which came into his ears, “Then let me tell you, he? Is…” When

    Xu Yue spoke, Ji Yi froze and blinked. How many times? No response.

    Zhang Wenhao is actually a policeman!

    Because his identity was revealed, Xu Yue locked him up.

    If it is normal, Xu Yue is the villain.

    How should she rectify the three views of the blackened boss? !

    Ji Yi rubbed his hands?, tentatively asked: “Will you do him? How about?”

    Xu Yue bends the corners of his lips, but sneered, “Is this something you should worry about?”

    “Me?” Curiosity.” There has been a period of time since the beginning of contact, before the other party did not want to mention it, she also communicated sincerely. It was really shocking to hear the true identity of the other party at first glance.

    Unexpectedly that she was so confessed, Xu Yue glanced at her, his eyes drooping, “I? I thought you would intercede for him.” The

    air seemed to freeze, and Ji Yi followed him? “Then if I intercede, will you let him go?” “

    Xu Yuehui sneered, “Oh, you can try it.”

    Of course, Ji Yi didn’t dare to try. It was obviously a cannibalistic look. She was afraid that she would beg for mercy, so she would just beg the person!


    because Ji Yi said that curiosity, she went to see a Xuyue Yun Xu.

    Zhang Wenhao was brought up by someone, his hair was messy, his face was pale, and he looked very embarrassed.

    Even though he was mentally prepared, Ji Yi still couldn’t stand this scene, and put aside his face.

    Noting her little movement, Xu Yue pointed to the side door and said blankly: “Enough to see? Get out.”

    Ji Yi bit his lower lip, leaned over and said a few words softly in Xu Yue’s ear. Because there were other people here, she sighed lightly and turned to leave.

    Zhang Wenhao saw the necklace Ji Yi was wearing on his chest and lowered his head to hide the chill in his eyes.

    Ji Yi stood by, and soon heard a painful cry.

    She covered her ears and walked away.

    She wasn’t sure whether the two words she said for Zhang Wenhao could make Xu Yueshou? Let’s be merciful. It’s just that Xu Yue’s attitude towards her is ambiguous now, and a little attention will be counterproductive.


    Zhang Wenhao want some doing to get up, but times and is pushed to the ground, and in his words, action is extremely insulting?.

    Xu Yue stood in front of him, staring at him condescendingly.

    “Oh, you keep me? No? You just want to know me? Who did you work with to find those materials?” Zhang Wenhao stretched out his hand and grabbed the ground twice, and then said laboriously, “You let me go? Just me? Tell you.”

    Xu Yue “tsk”

    disdainfully , “Look, you policemen who pretend to defend Masanori will also betray others to save their lives.” Zhang Wenhao lay on the ground, bleeding from the corners of his mouth, “The police are also human, I? not want to die. “

    Xu more scoffed,” then you talk about, look at that person, but also worthwhile? your life. “

    Zhang Wenhao slight hesitation, fists clenched,” is …… Ji Yi! “

    the voice down.

Xu Yue’s eyes sank, lifted his foot, and stepped heavily on the back of Zhang Wenhao’s hand.

    “Ah–” The

    tragic cry spread throughout the house.

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