AR: Extra 4

  It was a sea of ​​roses that could not be seen. The girl in a white dress stood in the middle of the sea of ​​flowers with her hands shouldered.

    She looked back suddenly, the corners of her mouth raised, and a bright and warm smile appeared on her face with countless tenderness.

    The morning sun poured down, and the budding rose smiled with her at that moment, and the dew rolled between the layered petals, shining with light.

    Hidden in the darkness, he penetrates the sunlight, drags her down to hell, and sinks together.

    The girl was crushed in the rose, the sharp thorns pierced her delicate and white skin, and the crystal dew melted into the blood.

    The delicate rose petals were crushed and cracked.

    Did he dream? He was in a sea of ​​roses? Making love with her.


    revelation, chest, back full of sweat.

    The surrounding sunlight was shrouded in darkness, and he was familiar with walking in the darkness.

    In the dead of night, the sound of water in the bathroom was rushing and flowing for a long, long time.


    Ji Yi didn’t know? How serious is a kiss he sent to that man?

    She felt that the distance between the two was much closer yesterday, so she woke up this morning and is in a very happy mood.

    Apart from “preparing three meals a day for Xu Yue, Ji Yi has nothing else for the time being, so he searched the Internet for many instructional videos about food.”

    To grab Xu Yue’s stomach, she has to work harder! So in the past two days, she has been keen on researching recipes, but there is still something lacking.

    Thinking about this? The original chef was top-notch and professional, so she humbly asked for advice.

    Two days ago, she studied with a forty-something-year-old master. During these two days, the master was on vacation, and she studied with Zhang Wenhao, the master’s personal apprentice.

    “Master Zhang, the pattern you made yesterday is not bad, can you teach it again? I always feel wrong when I hold it.”

    Cooking pays attention to color, fragrance, and taste. She can control the taste that Xu Yue likes. Looks a bit uncontrollable.

    Zhang Wenhao is twenty-seven years old, but he is very accomplished in cooking. He likes to make some tricks in cooking, it is very delicate, and it makes people’s appetite go up.

    “It’s like this when you just started learning. Cooking? Patience, I will slow down and teach you again, you can do it.”

    “Okay, good.”

    Zhang Wenhao will explain to her after two steps, skills and techniques Ji Yi listened very carefully and occasionally poked his head out? Look at the shape.

    If Ji Yi did a good job, Zhang Wenhao would also compliment her with a kind of master’s tone, and she smiled happily, “I’m really successful? Thank you so much?!” The

    two talked and laughed.

    Yeah , it looks like, it’s so irritating to want to smash the picture of the monitoring room!

    After Xu Yue walked out of the monitoring room, the system operator in the monitoring room found that the keyboard in that place was broken.

    At noon, Ji Yi received another message, saying that she didn’t need to send her food over.

    Looking at the new dish she had just learned, she nodded in disappointment.

    “Master Zhang, let me give you a taste.” She gave it a plate to Zhang Wenhao, and the rest was distributed to the others in the kitchen.

    After all, I spent the entire morning and worked hard to do it. Sharing with others is better than wasting? It’s better to throw it away.

    Ji Yi thought it was just this meal, but he didn’t expect to see Xu Yue again for two consecutive days.

    In the evening, Ji Yi sat in a daze in the kitchen.

    Is it because of that kiss? So Xu Yue doesn’t want to see her again?

    Before obviously… he liked it very much.

    Zhang Wenhao came to the kitchen to get things, here? Quietly, but suddenly saw a person sitting there.

    He was frightened? He jumped, “Miss Ji, why are you still here?”

    “Ah…I was researching new products just now, sit here.” Ji Yi replied weakly.

    “Where are you? Don’t you understand? If you have any questions, you can

    just say it.” “No, I just want to practice more and I can do better next time.”

    “You really work hard.” Zhang Wenhao casually praised, but didn’t hear Reply.

    On weekdays, Ji Yi treats people kindly and politely, even if someone else says casually, as long as she speaks to her, she will respond.

    Today is a bit weird, Zhang Wenhao walked to the door and fell back?, “Is there something?”

    Ji Yi raised his head and waved to him, “It’s okay, Master Zhang, you can go first.”

    Seeing that it is not early, She also stood up, took off her apron, took her coat and her belongings and left.

    It looked like two people were meeting, together?…

    The system operator in the monitoring room found that, damn, even the screen was broken this time.

    Xu Yue left the monitoring room, walked across the dark corridor, and ordered: “Bring me Ji An’an!”

    “Ji An’an?” The people under his team didn’t react for a while.

    “Ji Yi!” He reiterated his name with a cold expression.

    “Yes, go right now?”

    Ji Yi had just arrived in the room where she was resting . Before she put down her things, she received a notice from Xu Yue asking to see her.

    “Wait a minute, go right now?” She hurriedly looked in the mirror, got her hair done, and put a layer of lipstick on her lips, which was said to be “male sex”. It was fragrant and not greasy.

    Every time I go to see him, I always eat in the side hall, like a living room, and Ji Yi is already familiar with it.

    However, this time the person took her not this way.

    “Is it? Go? Where?”

    “Mr. Xu’s courtyard.”

    Xu Yue’s courtyard is also very large, not limited to the rest bedroom, hall, study and so on. Looking at the design, the surrounding lighting should be good, but he just blocked all the doors and windows and shrouded himself in darkness.

    After she went in, the others disappeared.

    The light in this place is dim, and she can vaguely see, but she is not used to this unfamiliar environment.

    “Hey, is there anyone? Can you turn on the lights?” No

    one answered, but she heard? Slight footsteps.

    “Xu Yue?”

    “Is it you?”

    She stretched out her hand to touch her side, but she was suddenly pulled forward by her wrist, and then hit a hard chest.


    Her forehead was hit and hurt, but she was not so scared anymore, because she smelled the familiar fragrance of mint.

    “Xu Yue, what are you doing… Um…”

    Her lips were pressed by? and swallowed? All the voices.

    With an aggressive kiss, people feel caught off guard.

    Ji Yi was unprepared, his heart was messed up, and he pushed him reflexively, but his strength was not enough, but Xu Yue was irritated.

    She was pushed to the side of the table, and her soft body was directly pressed against the table. Feeling the hands wandering behind him, Ji Yi felt a panic

    in her heart, “Let go, let me go.” He deliberately bit her on her lips, seeming to be punishing.

    “Xu Yue, you can’t treat me like this.”

    “Let go!”

    “Xu Yue——” I

    have never been bullied like this, or is being treated like this in the darkness that makes her fear and fear.

    Tears flowed out, crying.

    He clings to her ear, bewitching, “Please, I will let you go.”

    Just like those people, they are afraid of him, hate him, but have to surrender to him.

    Only in this way can he convince himself that this woman is no different from everyone else!

    However, Ji Yi was scared, but did not beg for mercy, but started to curse.

    “Xu Yue, you liar?!”

    “You bully me!”

    “You bastard!”

    There was a crying voice in the scolding voice, and it sounded really heartbreaking and pitiful.

    Xu Yue hooked her waist, lifted the person up, and then let go of her hand to give her complete freedom.

    The light in the room suddenly turned on, so that she couldn’t open her eyes, and she turned her head away. Ji Yi raised his hand to wipe his tears without looking at him.

    Xu Yue narrowed his eyes, and when he opened it again, he was as calm as usual. Her eyes fell beside her, and she could clearly see that her trembling shoulders shrugged because of crying.

    He tilted his head slightly, lowered his voice, “Don’t run yet?”


    This familiar line and tone? On the contrary, Ji Yi’s cry was stopped?.

    Because she remembered? No matter which world she was in, Xu Yue was the Xu Yue she liked. Deliberately pretending to be “terrible” to frighten her, but in the end, she will be given a chance to make her own choice.

    The grievances and uneasiness just dissipated slowly? Ji Yi also wiped it away? Tears, the choking sound gradually became quieter, “I won’t run, you apologize to me.”

    “…” Xu Yue frowned tightly. Wrinkle?.

    Let him apologize?

    is it possible?

    He pointed in the direction of the door and said coldly: “Get out?”

    Ji Yi’s mouth twitched. He really didn’t understand this man, he was moody, turning his face faster than turning a book.

    She lowered her head, her eyes rolled round, seeming to be about to turn around and leave, but “accidentally” fell forward and plunged into the man’s arms.

    After touching the porcelain, she still looked at him with pitiful tears, “Xu Yue, my legs are weak?…”

    “Ji An’an, did you deliberately?”

    “Where did I, it was you who suddenly did that just now, I am one of you? Girl?… Isn’t it normal to be scared for a while?”

    “Heh!” He really didn’t see that she was a little scared?

    Later, on the way back to the room, some people rubbed their eyes vigorously, feeling that they had hallucinations.

    They actually saw

    a woman who took Mr. Xu’s hand?!


    Ji Yi thinks that she won this time?

    Although I don’t know why Daoxu Yue suddenly became irritable and kissed her, but after all, she succeeded? A big step!

    Sure enough, her job resumed as usual.

    “I have to do it this time? Good cooking!”

    She cheered herself up, but also asked Zhang Wenhao to help oversee the work to ensure that there would be no mistakes in the process.

    But before she did half of this dish, Zhang Wenhao was summoned away by someone, and she didn’t come back until she finished her meal.

    But Ji Yi did not take this matter to heart.

    When I was about to deliver the food, I suddenly heard someone whispering on the side of the road, “Master Zhang in the kitchen, I heard that both legs were interrupted?”

    Ji Yi’s heart trembled.

    There is only one named Zhang in the kitchen, except? Zhang Wenhao who else is there.

    How many steps did she go forward? Go out?, “What were you talking about?”

    The two cleaners looked up and shouted: “Miss Ji.” Everyone knows that the

    windshield? Rudder. , I know that Mr. Xu is slightly different from Ji Yi, and how much he fears her.

    “Repeat what you just said.”

    The two looked at each other, not daring to speak indiscriminately.

    Ji Yi contemplated, learning from Xu Yue’s indifferent appearance, “It’s

    okay if you don’t tell me, I can go? Ask Mr. Xu, let him come and ask you to open your mouth!” So scared, the two of them confessed one after another?.

    “I just went to the back room to clean… the blood on the floor, I heard that Zhang Wenhao in the kitchen was broken by Mr. Xu? Both legs…”

    Ji Yi pretended to be calm, and delivered the food in as usual. ?.

    Seeing that Xu Yue is the same? As usual, she risked? One sentence:

    “Um , I want to ask a little thing.” “Huh?”

    “Yes, Master Zhang in the kitchen? He was called away before. He hasn’t come back. Can you ask him where he is?”

    “Why, I’m worried?”

    “No, just ask.”

    ” Shit, why should I answer your question.”

    Ji Yi sighed? Tone? Even if he heard those words, he didn’t dare to directly question.

    When she left, she saw Qin Shan brought another coquettish-looking woman, dressed very well.

    She always feels that this person is a bit familiar?

    Ji Yi suddenly stopped, hesitated? A moment, turned around? To catch up?, “Master Qin, wait.”

    Qin Shan was not angry with Ji Yi recently, even if he was stopped by the way?,” Miss Ji, something is going on?”

    “What is this woman?”

    Qin Shan had his own consideration, thinking that Ji Yi was afraid that his pet would be snatched away by other women, so he motioned her to take two steps to the side, and the two talked alone.

    “It’s a coincidence that she has the same name as you, also called Ji Yi, or Ji Xinfei’s own sister.”

    “Mr. Xu asked for her name? She, we don’t know what Mr. Xu’s plan is, but you should be careful, don’t get caught? Squeeze it down?.”

    Ji Yi nodded, at that time, he acquiesced in what he said.

    Before leaving, Ji Yi took a close look at her face, and sure enough, there was a shallow scar on the corner of her forehead.

    However, her heart was never at peace at this moment.

    She didn’t worry that Xu Yue would fall in love with that “Ji Yi”, because at this point in time, Xu Yue should get revenge and lose everything.

    In the book, Ji Yi has done all the bad things and deserves to be punished, and she has no compassion for others.

    She is more curious now, did Zhang Wenhao touch it? Xu Yue was so bitter that he was interrupted by? Both legs.

    The way the villain punishes people is really bloody. Think about it, some can’t help but tremble.

    But with her current status, many words have to be held back, and she can’t intervene at will, because Xu Yue’s current character…anything that is biased against other people will be regarded as betrayal by him!

    In the afternoon, Ji Yi asked others about Zhang Wenhao in a tactful way. She thought she was already cautious enough, but she didn’t expect all of this to be seen in full view by Xu Yue.

    In the evening, I saw an unexpected woman-Chu Lian in the corridor.

    The wound on Chu Lian’s forehead has healed, and she is still dressed as a girl?…What is her appearance?

    Doubts arose in Ji Yi’s heart. Coincidentally, he met Qin Shan again.

    “Master Qin, what’s going on?”

    “Ji Yi, it seems that your mission is completed? Very well.”


    “Mr. Xu has begun to accept women? Can Chu Lian go in tonight? Waiting? This is the first time Mr. Xu has taken the initiative to ask? Let’s send someone there?.”

    “What!!!” The

    last sentence was a question, this sentence is unbelievable.

    She turned around and ran to Xu Yue’s courtyard, but was finally stopped by someone.

    “I want to see Xu Yue.”

    “Mr. Xu is inconvenient now.”


    Of course she knows that it is inconvenient now! But how could she just watch that happen.

    She couldn’t break in, so she had to shout Xu Yue’s name inward.

    The gatekeeper wanted to stop it, but was frightened by Ji Yi, “Do you dare to touch me? Aren’t you afraid of being punished by Mr. Xu?”

    She was just bluffing at a critical moment, but she didn’t expect to really bluff the two of them. ?.

    But Xu Yue’s room soundproofing effect is very good, and here? There is a distance from the master bedroom, so I may not be able to hear it.

    Ji Yi panicked, looking around, his last gaze fell on the code lock at the door, “If? If I can open the code, you can’t stop me from entering? Right?”

    “No!” The password was entered incorrectly. There will be a sirens every time, and they will definitely be implicated by that time.

    “This can’t work, that doesn’t work, what really happened? What can you afford?!” The

    gatekeeper looked at each other, a little confused.

    Finally gave up his position, “Miss Ji, you only have one chance.”

    Ji Yi stood in front of the door, thinking nervously, and finally trembling fingers pressed the number code on the door.

    She has only one chance, and every time she presses a key, her hands are shaking.

    When six letters are pressed, the password door really opens?!

    The gatekeeper couldn’t help but marvel.

    Apart from Mr. Xu, no other person knew this password. They didn’t believe Ji Yi could open it. If Ji Yi can really open it, what are they blocking?

    Ji Yi’s heart finally relaxed.

    Did she succeed?

    Ji Yi rushed in? I was afraid that Xu Yue in this world could not think of “derailed?”, then she really wouldn’t forgive him!

    But she won’t let it go, she will try to fight for herself before she is sure what happens.

    However, Ji Yi, no matter what? He didn’t expect that after breaking in? After that, he would see such a strange scene…in the

    hall? All the windows were opened, the sun gathered, and the ground was covered with thorny roses. flower.

    A luo-luo woman knelt in the middle of the flowers, tears running, her expression extremely painful.

    It’s Chu Lian.

    The black man sat on a noble chair with his legs crossed. His face was unwavering, let alone a touch of sentimental gaze, how expensive and elegant he was.

    Ji Yi’s eyes widened, she didn’t know what she should react next.

    Without the ambiguous picture she imagined, on the contrary, it was like a hell.

    A hell dedicated to torture.

    “Xu Yue…”

    Seeing Ji Yi’s appearance, the man sitting on the height finally got the feeling of moving.

    “Who let you in?” His face was embarrassed, as if covered with a layer of frost.

    “I came in by myself.” She said frankly, “I opened the code lock…”

    Xu Yue stood up suddenly, with a gloomy expression on his face, “Ji An’an, you are really capable!”

    She explained, “Listen. Say you let another woman come to your room? I was anxious, so I tried? The password…”

    Then, the door opened?.

    Xu Yue raised his eyebrows, “So, are you satisfied with what you see now?”

    “Can you let her get up first?” Ji Yi pointed? Pointing to Chu Lian, who was kneeling in the middle and didn’t dare to complain, she suddenly felt her Very poor.

    “Hey, still thinking? Worry about others.” Xu Yue dismissed it, his eyes rarely moved, and he directly hooked his hand at Ji Yi, “Come here.”

    Ji Yi’s expression was frozen, pointing to the ground, “This is going to be? How will it go? Huh?” The

    ground is full of thorny roses, like thorn bushes, how can she get by?! Moreover, now she is really weak in her legs and feet.

    “Isn’t that you like me? As long as you come over, I will believe your story, how?”

    “…” Ji Yi didn’t answer, and took a deep breath.

    “Afraid?” Xu Yue’s mouth curled up, seeming to sneer, “Then go out?!”

    She suddenly looked up at him, and asked seriously: “Should I? Are you hurt?”

    Xu Yue sneered, “You can try it.”

    Ji Yi clenched his fist unconsciously, looked at Chu Lian, who was kneeling in the flowers, and his eyes moved back to the front. , Really raise his foot up?.

    Xu Yue’s expression changed suddenly, and the corners of his mouth instantly curled away. He slapped the front of the chair seat with a palm, and the floor under Ji Yi’s feet suddenly turned over and turned into a smooth flat ground.

    Ji Yi was shocked, but she quickly reacted and deliberately fell on the ground and hugged her leg to sell her miserably, “It hurts.”

    Sure enough , the figure quickly flashed beside her, yelling in anger. “Ji An’an, are you really stupid? If you tell you to leave, you just want to turn yourself into a hedgehog? Are you afraid of pain?”

    Such a reversal made Chu Lian who was extremely painful couldn’t help peeking her head sideways.

    Unexpectedly, the person who came in with him would get? The preference of this devilish man.

    Xu Yue squatted down to check her legs. Ji Yi took the opportunity to clenched his neck? With a little squeamishness?, “Obviously you told me to go. I don’t want you to look at other women. Can you stop? Other women?”

    After speaking, he added a weak sentence: “I’ll be sad.”

    Xu Yueji turned around without hesitation, and yelled at Chu Lian, “Get out?”

    Chu Lian Holding back the humiliation and pain, leaving the bushes, picking up the clothes and wrapping up important parts of oneself, ran out like an escape.

    “Where the hell? Hurt?”

    “Just… was stabbed? It hurt a little bit.”

    Seeing the reaction, she knew it, she was lying.

    Xu Yue let her go out of anger and wanted to get up, but found that the girl was still hooking on his neck.


    Let go.” “No? I want? Is it loose? You go again? What do you do if you find another woman?”

    “What’s up with you?”

    “I like you, I will be jealous and heartache. “The girl is acting like a baby, that voice and tone? It’s hard to resist.

    Xu Yue opened his eyes, “Who told you the password?”

    “I guessed it myself.” She leaned close to Xu Yue’s ear and whispered: “Periodic year, month and day, inverted.”

    Xu Yue has a set of rules for using digital passwords. He likes to change the password periodically, and the password numbers are the year, month, and day numbers, inverted.

    So she guessed it?.

    Xu Yue stiffened, and suddenly felt that in front of this girl, he had exposed all his weaknesses.

    If she is deliberately designing, then he will fall into a very dangerous situation, the best way is to get rid of the people who know the secret before the incident happens!

    For such a delicate girl, he only needs one hand to break her throat.

    But when his hand stroked the delicate and soft white gooseneck? She didn’t even have the slightest sense of defense, and she smiled at him stupidly!

    Move your finger away from her neck, and clasp her back, “

    Let go.” “You haven’t promised me yet.” Ji Yi asked stubbornly? Promise.

    The man sneered softly, “Don’t look for it.” After

    getting a satisfactory answer, she happily let go of the person.

    After that, he went? Ji Yi followed.

    Xu Yue entered the study room and sat in front of the computer to deal with affairs.

    Ji Yi was very discerning and didn’t go? Excuse me, Xu Yue unexpectedly didn’t drive her away.

    She played by herself for a while, but fell asleep without knowing it.

    I don’t know how long it took before Xu Yue finally turned off the computer.

    Walk over?, see the little girl lying on the tabletop sleeping soundly.

    He subconsciously stretched out his hand, wanting to pat her awake. When the gesture fell, it became inexplicable with a light touch.

    Finally, he bends down slightly, puts her arms on his shoulders with both palms, and lifts the little girl upright.

    Ji Yi was awakened by this action, and opened his eyes in a daze, and felt a familiar breath, as if he had returned to the past, “Xu Yue, how did you come back.”

    Xu Yue moved ? Suddenly, knowing what she meant by her words, frowned and emphasized, “Ji An’an, I am not the person you said!”

    “Obviously.” She followed his words and replied, and she reached out and touched?

    Touching the tearful mole at the corner of his eye, “An An’s favorite Xu Yue.” “Ji An’an, you…” Before

    he finished speaking, Ji Yi, who was sleepy and confused, suddenly raised his hand to cover his mouth.

    The gentle and soft palms pressed against her lips, still carrying her unique fragrance.

    “Don’t disturb me, I’m so sleepy.” Ji Yi murmured a few words, found a comfortable posture for herself, and moved closer.

    Xu Yue is too angry, really want to let go and throw this troublesome spirit on the ground?!

    The result? In the end, he still hugged her and walked into his own room.

    Carefully put the person on the bed, just about to get up, but found that her fingers hooked out the necklace on his chest.

    Xu Yue tugged for a while, but didn’t respond.

    “Ji An’an, let go.”

    “…” The sleeping person still didn’t respond.

Xu Yue’s brow folds deepened again? How many minutes? After raising his hand around the neck, he took off the necklace and gently stuffed the pendant of the devil’s wings into her hand.

    The author has something to say:

    I can only say: Brother Xu is destined to be planted in An’an’s hands! 

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