AR: Extra 3

    “Tsk.” Xu Yue remained unmoved after listening. “The story is very novel, but you are very stupid.”

    He is a demon who crawled out of the mud hell, and what so-called? “Love” has nothing to do with it.

    Ji Yi spoke dryly, but he still didn’t believe it, so she could only rest and watch quietly.

    Actually, she didn’t believe it in empathy.

    There are only a few months left before that tragedy, and now Xu Yue is no longer the boy who needs help from others. No one can hurt him. Even if he is sick, it is not her turn to take care of him.

    Nowadays, there is no chance to get along with each other every day. She can only do something special to attract his attention and it is best to stay by his side.

    Otherwise… she couldn’t get close to the current? Xu Yue after she got out of this door.

    She has thought about all this, but she can’t predict that, this man who has gone through ups and downs and endured all the pain alone, has already been battered in his heart? Will a man still be moved by her?

    The man raised his chin, and the light hit his cheek. The mole at the corner of his eye was particularly conspicuous.

    She really wants to touch her, the one who is greedy in her heart? That mole of tears.

    “I knew that you wouldn’t believe it, but time can prove it. Could you send someone to check me and find that I can’t find my information, and then suspect that I was deliberately inserted by your side? . But what do you think, can anyone know? How accurate is it?”

    “You like slightly spicy, you like to add green onions, you don’t like garlic, and you hate the taste of acetic acid.”

    “You like to stir-fry meat? Green, green Vegetables are used to cook soup. It’s best if you don’t put oil in the soup.” When she said that, she seemed to be lost in memory, “Are you really? It’s strange, you don’t put oil in the soup.”

    “I still know that, ordinary people. You are not afraid of ticklish places, your most sensitive place is your wrist.”

    Hearing her babbling, Xu Yue, who was originally quiet, suddenly interrupted, “Enough!”

    His expression turned gloomy, and when he stared at her, he was a little horrible.

    Ji Yi flinched, just because he had never seen Xu Yue like this, but he was not afraid.

    Xu Yue looked at her coldly, “Get out!”

    “Are you angry? Are you?”

    Xu Yue naturally wouldn’t answer her.

    Ji Yi took the courage and took two steps forward, “Can I stay with you?”

    “Stay with me?” He seemed to have heard the big joke, and took a few steps forward, ruthlessly He squeezed her chin and forced her to raise her chin, “Just rely on you to imitate Cheng Ji’s heart? You can make up a story, and you can stay?”

    He didn’t control his hand and pinched her chin. pain.

    ? Ji Yi frowned, her large eyes peering at him, throat issued a dry cough, “Keke -“

    She wants to retort:? “?! I do not want to imitate her look”

    is that Some people drew Ji Xinfei’s imitation makeup for her, and only provided clothing similar to Ji Xinfei.

    Then? The eyes are too bright, and Xu Yue’s mood is uncontrollable.

    He sneered suddenly, covered the turbulent throbbing in his eyes, and shook his chin to the side—

    Ji Yi was originally wearing a stiletto heel, he was caught off guard by being pushed away?, his feet were unsteady, and he fell back. Go down.

    She has been pampered and nurtured since she was a child, and she has delicate and fair skin, and her skin is very delicate. Then she wiped out the marks at once, and slowly began to seep blood.

    She fell to the ground, revealing the wound on her wrist, tears shining in her eyes.

    “It hurts…”

    “It hurts?…”

    It doesn’t hurt much.

    But she said that when she said she was hurting, she just wanted to be hurt by others.

    However, the man who once held her and coaxed her when she yelled pain, just watched with cold eyes.

    The taller Xu taller figure stood there, his hands hanging down to his sides were tightly squeezed into fists.

    He almost lost control because of what Ji Yi said, all right.

    What did he never show? Likes and dislikes, even what he thought he could accept, until suddenly someone appeared and broke everything.

    He did send someone to investigate Ji Yi, and found no results other than the same name as Ji Xinfei’s annoying sister. As if that person fell from the sky, there was no clue about her.

    It’s useless to pretend to be pitiful, Ji Yi sucked his nose, raised his hand to wipe the tears from the corner of his eyes, and swallowed the grievances into his stomach, “I won’t say anything, then I will continue to cook for you, can you? Is it?”

    “Shit, isn’t it the last dish?” He sneered.

    “Is it what I will do? The last one is not repeated, but I can learn from him again.” When

    Xu Yue was at home before, she was not allowed to enter the kitchen, so she would There is not much to do.

    But it doesn’t matter, she has strong learning ability, so she can continue to learn.

    After waiting for a while, he did not answer.

    If there is no refutation, it is the default.

    Ji Yi supported the ground, stood up by herself, patted the dust on her hands, turned and left, and lost her previous delicate appearance.

    After walking a few steps, she suddenly turned her head, “By the way, my name is Ji An’an, you have to remember.” After the

    girl left, Xu Yue remained motionless? Standing for a long time.

    After a long silence, he walked a few steps sideways, bent down and picked up the hairband that had fallen on the ground.


    Ji Yi continued to stay in the kitchen to cook for him, started to try, and brought in the food by himself.

    At the beginning, she didn’t make any rash moves, but waited quietly for him to eat.

    Xu Yue seemed to have acquiesced to her behavior. Qin Shan opened his eyes and smiled when he saw her recently.

    Such days lasted for another week.

    But Ji Yi was a little anxious, because he couldn’t wait for their feelings to progress in an orderly manner like they used to, time and background were not allowed.

    After hesitating for a long time, he changed to a peeled blade and gestured on his fingers.

    She frowned, clenched her teeth, and was about to make a cut in her hand, when she suddenly heard movement from outside the kitchen.

    She received a notice, saying that she did not need to cook at noon today, and arranged another professional chef to cook a table of good dishes.

    Ji Yi was puzzled, so he followed with the excuse of delivering food.

    I didn’t expect to see… Xu Yue and Ji Xinfei sat face to face.

    In this book that has become a heroine, Ji Xin is undoubtedly dignified and beautiful. She has been favored by the male protagonist Song Yanting, but now she is locked in this place by the villain Xu Yue.

    When I saw Ji Xinfei?, Ji Yi suddenly understood who was preparing the food for today’s table.

    She has no way of knowing whether Xu Yue from this world is heartbeat by Ji Xinfei. I just know that at this moment, I feel like I was stabbed by a needle, which is very uncomfortable.

    A table full of colors, flavors, flavors and food are placed in front of Ji Xinfei, but she coldly shakes her face away. It is indeed the heroine’s capital.

    Xu Yue had no waves on his face and couldn’t see his emotions. He waved his hand and let all the food delivery people go down.

    Ji Yi stood there in a trance, and didn’t move for a while.

    Xu Yue’s eyes finally moved to her, his eyes still cold, “Get out.”

    Ji Yi’s fingers were tight? He grabbed the hem of his clothes, didn’t look up, as if he hadn’t heard.

    Suddenly Xu Yue stood up and looked at her with a sneer, “If you don’t go, then you will stay and watch a good show.”

    He clapped his hands, and saw two strong men in black holding one about three? Around the age of? The man appeared.

    The man himself was tied up and lost his freedom.

    When Ji Xinfei saw the man, he was obviously shocked.

    The man was kneeling on the ground while being escorted.

    Xu Yue didn’t know? When did he have an extra? Dagger, and walked towards that? Man.

    Ji Xinfei hurriedly stood up to stop

    him , “Xu Yue, what do you want to do?” The man was controlled and could not move.

    Xu Yue held the small knife in his hand, and patted the man’s cheek with the back of the cold knife. As long as he tilted it slightly, the sharp tip of the knife could cut the man’s face.

    “Look, this is the person who wants to save you.” Xu Yue played with the dagger, his eyes fell on Ji Xinfei, and he seemed to ask casually: “You said?, how many people did Song Yanting arrange to save you?”

    Ji Xin Fei ran over, trying to stop, but was stopped by Xu Yue’s men.

    ? Ji heart urgent voice shouted: “You let him go!”

    Promised more “Tut,” a cry, completely unmoved, “Keep your cheap that it tears, crying, really disgusting??.”??


    My heart was crying, “What do you want?” “Well, I will answer the phone with Song Yanting. You will tell him a few words according to my request.” Xu Yuekai began to calculate,” What? What? How good… Just say?, you don’t want to go back, and you are willing to stay here.”

    Ji Xinfei: “He won’t believe these things?!”

    “Do I need him to believe it?” It’s just intentional Song Yanting was disgusting.

    That man who pretends to be upholding justice, the joint police troubled them twice and three times, it was really annoying.

    Xu Yue really connected with Song Yanting, and Ji Xinfei, who was threatened, naturally said according to his words: “Yanting, don’t find me anymore, I… don’t go back, I am willing to stay here?. “

    Song Yanting’s violent anger came from the phone, and Xu Yue was satisfied? Hung up the phone.

    Ji Xinfei cried to tears, “Are you satisfied, can you let him go now?”

    Then at this moment, Xu Yue suddenly turned his face, “Miss Ji, what did I say? Gone?”

    “You!” Ji Xinfei was so angry?

    Xu Yuepian was still in front of everyone, holding a dagger and drawing a long blood mark on the man’s face.

    The man’s eyes were full of horror, but he couldn’t make a sound.

    Not only that, but he used that sharp dagger to break the man’s muscles, leaving the skin open and fleshy.

    This bloody scene made Ji Xinfei gag.

    Even Ji Yi couldn’t bear to glance open his eyes.

    But she knew that she couldn’t say anything rashly at this moment. Xu Yue in this world was originally a “dark” existence. If she stood up, she would definitely not get any benefits.

    Then? People are tortured to the last breath? But Xu Yue suddenly “sends mercy” and instructs, “Return the man to Song Yanting.”

    “Remember to remind him that if he has the ability to get in, don’t let me find out. Otherwise, The next… is not so good? Luck?.” After

    torturing people into this way, they still say? Luck? Good?

    Ji Xinfei retched and scolded, “You are simply a devil!”

    She cried so badly, she was frightened, and suddenly fainted.

    Ji Xinfei was carried away, and the tortured man was also sent out.

    Xu Yue took out the tissue and wiped the blood at the crossing.

    The dazzling red is the devil’s favorite.

    He stared at the dagger, as if he was still interested in torturing people.

    With a glance, his eyes fell on the girl who had been standing quietly by the door.

    “Come here.”

    Ji Yi took a deep breath, pressed his leaping heart, and stepped towards him.

    Today, she didn’t wear any makeup or high heels, so you can easily see that she is different from Ji Xinfei. Both of them are impeccable in appearance, but Ji Yi is more gentle.

    Step by step, she walked towards that? The hostility between the eyebrows? The man who hadn’t dissipated yet.

    I thought she would stop some distance away, but she didn’t expect that she walked directly in front of her, raised her hand, and touched the handle of the knife with a finger.

    Seeing that Xu Yue didn’t know what he was doing, she continued to “take an inch” and pinched the handle of the knife, “Can you let go? It?”

    Xu Yue didn’t answer, but suddenly let go of her hand.

    The dagger fell into Ji Yi’s hands.

    She was relieved, and immediately put the dagger behind her back and hid it.

    Xu Yue suddenly leaned in and approached.

    He used to like this action very much. After he got closer, he would put his chin on her shoulder and whisper in her ear.

    Ji Yi’s heart is hot.

    But I heard a gloomy tone of voice in my ears, with bewilderment, “Are you completely? Can you use that dagger to pierce my body.”

    Ji Yi turned sideways and raised his neck. , Staring at him with a strange look in his eyes, “You are so strange, why should I stabbing you with a dagger?”

    The man straightened his back, his eyes deep? Staring at her, “So? Do you think the performance just now was wonderful?”

    Ji Yi shook his head and honestly said his impression, “Not good, very? Scary.” The

    man A very faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, “Are you afraid?”

    “I’m not afraid.” Ji Yi shook his head again, looking at him with a particularly firm look, “Because Xu Yue said that he would be very good with An’an. Okay?.”

    Hearing the second half of the sentence, the corners of the man’s mouth curled down, and his indifferent breath was restored, “I’m not in your story? That person.”

    Ji Yi was unconscious? Puffed his face, “But now, the one in front of me is you.”

    Without waiting for Xu Yue’s next words, Ji Yi turned and threw the dagger into the corner, far away, out of reach.

Then, turning to face Xu Yue, she held out her white hands, but said: “Dirty, let’s go wash our hands.”

    “Didn’t you mean the one you took? Dirty.” She smiled slightly and reached out to hook it. With his little finger, “From my selfish perspective, bullying others is better than being bullied by you.”

    She knew that what Xu Yue needed was unwavering preference.

    As long as the person is coaxed first, what to watch, she can slowly break him right!

    Maybe it was because of that? The eyes were too clear, or which smile was too warm, Xu Yue looked down at the hands they were shaking, and didn’t get rid of her for the first time.

    But he still took out his own fingers, in an indifferent gesture, and turned and walked towards the side door inside the house.

    I gave her the dagger just now, but I was trying.

    He doesn’t even believe in himself, so how can he trust others.

    He only knows that anyone who approaches him has a purpose.

    Ji Yi cheered herself up in her heart, and leaped forward to catch up.

    Xu Yue actually took her to a large bathroom, but she couldn’t get in, just stood firm by the sink outside.

    Xu Yue glanced at her, and issued a concise instruction, “wash.”

    Ji Yi quickly stretched out his hand, and the sensor’s faucet kept flowing out of water. But the water was cold and stinging.

    “Can you turn it on? Hot water?”

    A cold eye swept over, Ji Yi quietly closed his mouth.

    After she finished washing, she stepped back and gave her position to Xu Yue.

    Xu Yue didn’t say a word. He stepped forward, stretched his hands over, and scrubbed one of his hands repeatedly.

    Ji Yi stood aside, his gaze fell on his neck, and saw a piece of the silver-black necklace exposed, and the devil’s wings hidden in his clothes.

    One day, she will let Xu Yue willingly give her the necklace?!

    Standing at this angle, you can see the mole on the corner of his eye clearly. I really want to touch it.

    While he was not paying attention, Ji Yi suddenly turned his head and kissed him on the cheek.

    The water in the sensor was still flowing out, but the person washing his hands suddenly froze.

    The author has something to say:

    1. First, declare: Xu Yue in the original book is the villain. The Three Views are crooked. Don’t say that he is cruel in this extra chapter~ Apart from facing An An, he just doesn’t have the Three Views.

    The next chapter is a bit, heavy taste

    2. Brother Xu:

    The rice cooked by An An is really fragrant!

    An’an’s headband is so fragrant!

    An’an’s kiss, it smells so good!

    3. The baby who reads the book, remember to leave a message.

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