AR: Extra 2

 “Master Qin, you brought all the girls you want? They are all outside.” The

    potbellied Qin Shan leaned on the golden chair and beckoned, “Let them in.”

    Several young and beautiful, and Young girls of different styles were led in and stood in a row in order.

    The subordinate stood aside to ask for a reward, “Master Qin, these are all freshly delivered, clean chicks.”

    Qin Shan lifted his head and pointed at him, and the man took a step forward.

    Qin Shan glanced at the front-convex-back-upwardly sexy woman, waved his hand, and the person was taken out.

    The second one wore a short pink skirt, charming and cute.

    The third is a punk outfit, full of wildness.

    The fourth…

    Only in the end, Qin Shan saw two girls with long hair and shawls, wearing white clothes, looking very clean.

    Obviously ordered to go down and bring women with different styles. These? Two look similar?, “These? Two?”

    “Master Qin, what’s the problem?”

    “Isn’t it said that I brought 12? Why? One more?”

    “This?…I don’t know, when we picked up people in the past, these were the ones.”

    Qin Shan frowned, a little impatient, “Forget it, leave these two, others Take them away.”

    After the others leave, there are only two girls to be selected.

    Before they came, they all knew that the selected person was going to “serve” a gentleman surnamed Xu. If he could please him, he would get a large reward.

    Qin Shan was considering, another thin person came out from the side, and the two began to talk without anyone else.

    “Master Qin intends to send these? Two over?”

    Qin Shan breathed a sigh of relief, “Mr. Xu’s personality is gloomy and moody. He doesn’t look good at gold and silver jewelry. Recently, he suddenly brought a little woman by his side. I guess it is that the hero is sad for the beauty pass.”

    That’s why . Thinking, send a woman of the same type, if it is, it will be convenient for him to do things in the future.

    “You? Both of you talk about what your name is, what will you do?” The

    first girl said first, “My name is Chu Lian, I can sing and pole dance…”

    She said in one breath. Duo, in short, it is to please men, and I have learned it all.

    Qin Shan nodded and moved his gaze to the next one, “What about you.”

    The girl who had nodded her head up, revealing the sleek corners of her jaw. She lifted her chin slightly, with a faint smile on her face. “My name is Ji Yi.” “

    She didn’t know how she came to this place, but she remembered everything before.

    Whether it is a dream or a reality, the deep six-year feelings have been deeply immersed in her soul.

    When she opened her eyes again, she returned to the rock city in her memory, but it didn’t seem to be the familiar rock city.

    Before I figured out the situation, I found myself in a strange place with a group of girls. From their mouths, she heard such names as Qin Shan and Mr. Xu, as well as some news, so she connected everything.

    She seems to have come to another world again, but unlike before, this time is the time when the original book is nearing the end, and Xu Yue’s suicide is still…five months away.

    Xu Yue took Ji Xinfei away, which made people mistakenly believe that it was the woman he liked. Wanting to please him, Qin Shan chose a girl of the same type as Ji Xinfei to send it over, but was thrown out by Xu Yue and even annoyed him.

    Has she looked in the mirror? There is no scar on her forehead, or her appearance, in other words, this? This is the body that originally belonged to her.

    Perhaps it was fate that arranged for her to appear here, and happened to be selected by Qin Shan to take her and Chu Lian over.


    “You two will behave well for a while. If this thing is done, it will naturally benefit you. If it doesn’t, huh!” A person

    like Qin Shan won’t be reasonable with you.

    Standing together with Chu Lian, Ji Yi and Chu Lian drew delicate but relatively light makeup as required, with long black hair naturally draped behind their shoulders, wearing a turtleneck sweater and plain gauze skirt, soft and graceful.

    Especially Ji Yi, when he dressed her specially before, he stood there wearing high heels, revealing a bit of innate elegance, which is different from Chu Lian’s deliberately dressed up.

    But Qin Shan and others only acted well when she “acted” well, and everything was just to resemble Ji Xinfei.

    Qin Shan led two of his subordinates to lead them, and stopped in front of a heavy door.

    Qin Shan looked serious, “I have something to report to Mr. Xu.” The

    gatekeeper naturally knew the relationship between his owner and Qin Shan, and gave way, “Master Qin, please come in.”

    They walked through a corridor, surrounded by buildings. Blocked, the light is dark, Ji Yi is a little uncomfortable, because she doesn’t like darkness.

    The door at the end of the corridor slowly opened. Ji Yi walked behind Chu Lian, tilted his head slightly, and finally saw the face that made her dream.

    She restrained her inner excitement, her smile still spread unconsciously, her lips curled up.

    Qin Shan presented a document bag, which should contain important information.

    Xu Yue quickly read it, and quickly finished it. From beginning to end, his eyes didn’t stop on the unimportant people.

    Until Qin Shan gently hinted that Chu Lian and Ji Yi stepped forward? But before they could do it, Xu Yue made them tremble with cold eyes.

    Xu Yue made no secret of her rejection of them.

    Chu Lian bit her scalp and poured a cup of tea.

    She wanted to send it over. She heard the cold words from the crowd before she even approached, “Go away.” They came in with the task, so naturally they won’t retreat.

    Chu Lian began to exert her charm, but Xu Yue directly grabbed the thing at hand and smashed it at her.

    Chu Lian’s forehead was bleeding.

    This? The bloody scene made Ji Yi tremble.

    Ji Yi glanced at him secretly, thinking that this twenty-five-year-old Xu Yue is really much colder than the 17-year-old, and he is full of deterrence.

    But, this is her Xu Yue, can’t just retreat.

    Ji Yi did not act for a long time. Although Qin Shan was very dissatisfied with this, he did not dare to be too obvious in front of Xu Yue, so he could only lead them away quickly.

    Just as he stepped out of the door, Xu Yue’s warning came, “Qin Shan, don’t try to challenge my patience.”

    Qin Shan nodded and dared not let go.

    After leaving the door, Chu Lian cried out, clutching her forehead.

    Qin Shan began to act like a king in front of them, “Weep

    , I’m going to shut up? Shut up!” Pointing at Ji Yi again, “And you?, what did I ask you to do? What? Just dumb? Treat yourself as an invisible person. “

    At this moment, Qin Shan vented his anger on them, and if he were taken back, life would definitely be difficult.

    Ji Yi pinched his hand to keep himself sensible, “Chu Lian did what you want us to do, but it didn’t work. It means that the method doesn’t work for Xu… Mr. Xu.”

    “It doesn’t work? According to you. What do you mean, do you have a way?”

    “Not sure, but you can try.”

    She was panicked when she saw Xu Yue frowning just now.

    Qin Shan was half-believing and let Ji Yi play by himself, but he didn’t expect Ji Yi to just go to the kitchen and cook a few simple dishes.

    “Is this? Is your idea?” Qin Shan sneered. “Mr. Xu has a specific chef arrangement for three meals. You? This? No.”

    Ji Yi was not discouraged, and said mildly, “Master Qin, everything is fine . If you don’t want to be surprised, how can you know the result if you don’t try it.”

    Seeing her clear-eyed, quiet and gentle temperament, Qin Shan felt inexplicably, this? The words came out of her mouth, making people want to be convinced.

    Xu Yue has never asked for food. No one knows what he prefers and what he hates. He cooks three meals for him according to the most basic taste, neither salty nor light.

    Qin Shan intends to use the dead horse as a live horse doctor, and after having someone verify the safety of the food, he will send it to Xu Yue.

    The gangster only glanced at it, his expression subtle.

    Qin Shan watched his every move tremblingly, only to see Xu Yue picking up his chopsticks and taking a swallow from the nearest dinner plate. Then, he tried every dish on the plate.

    Qin Shan tried to endure it on the surface, but in fact he exclaimed in his heart.

    When he was emotionally tense, he suddenly heard Xu Yue’s voice, “Who did it?”

    “Yes… it’s the newly invited chef.” He didn’t dare to say that it was one of the women who had just brought in.

    “Shit, chef.” The dark pupils flashed cold light, “With this technique, you can be a chef?”

    Qin Shan didn’t expect Xu Yue to dislike this? The food is unpalatable?

    “Mr. Xu, if you don’t like it, I’ll get her to be replaced immediately!”

    Qin Shan also seemed to walk to the door, and at the most critical moment, he heard Xu Yue’s voice, “No need to change.”

    Qin Shan leaned forward. Almost planted from the door.

    In the next few days, Yu Ji Yi cooks all alone.

    For the first time, Xu Yue didn’t let people clean up.

    This state lasted for a week, until… at noon that day, the food delivered was only one dish.

    There is also a note attached to it: Xu Yue, this is already the last dish I will cook.

    Black and white, beautifully written in small and graceful letters.

    The boss finally opened Jinkou, “Bring people here.”

    Ji Yi was very happy when he received the news.

    The only dissatisfaction was that Qin Shan took someone to dress her up specially. The makeup is exquisite. Today’s hair is simply braided, tied with a hair band, still draped behind him, and finally put on stiletto heels.

    Dressing is fine, and she also hopes that she will appear beautifully in front of Xu Yue, but all of this is imitated according to Ji Xinfei, which is too responsive.

    However, who made her have no right to speak now.

    This time, she walked through the dark corridor again, and her mood was much brighter than before.

    The man sent her to the door and let her in by herself.

    Ji Yi tried to put his steps lightly, but the high heels still made noise.

    She stepped into that room slowly, and pulled her skirt nervously.

    Xu Yue leaned on the chair rest with one hand, squinting.

    But she knew that he would definitely hear her own movement.

    Sure enough, I heard him ask: “Why do you cook those dishes?”

    “Do you? Do you like those dishes?” She answered the question.

    Perhaps in the eyes of others, Xu Yue is not picky and has no preference. But she and Xu Yue had been together for six years, and no one knew better than her, whether the dish should be salty or spicy, with green onions or ginger.

    Xu Yue opened his eyes, and finally saw the girl who was standing straight in front of him clearly, a little familiar.

    Not because of her appearance, but because of her makeup and dress, she looks like another person.

    Seeing this, he couldn’t help but sneer, “

    Be smart.” “But you obviously ate it.” Ji Yi looked down, thinking he was talking about food.

    Xu Yue didn’t answer the words, but asked: “Qin Shan sent you here?”

    Ji Yi nodded and shook his head again.

    She was probably used to not hiding anything in front of Xu Yue. She frankly said: “It has something to do with Qin Shan, but I want to come.”

    Xu Yue tapped her finger and stood up from the chair. “The reason?”

    Ji Yi Subconsciously touched the root of his ear, “If I say, I still know you? Many? Things, will you? Will you kill me?”

    He nodded, “Perhaps.”

    Ji Yi pursed his lower lip, looking at his bright big eyes. He seemed to be shining with a shining light, “Then what if I tell you? We are in another world and love each other?”

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