AR: Extra 1


    The sound of water drops falling, very soft.

    The air was filled with a faint smell of disinfectant.

    A tear fell from the corner of the pale girl lying on the hospital bed.


    Ji Yi opened his eyes with difficulty, and his eyes were blurred. After a long time, his vision gradually became clear, and he was frozen on the white ceiling.

    There was a movement nearby, and a female voice heard in her ear, “An’an is awake, uncle and aunt, doctor…”

    The man yelled, and the bed was filled with people one after another.

    There is a middle-aged couple, a young girl of 18 or 9 years old, and doctors and nurses in white coats.

    Her consciousness was vague, and she couldn’t make sense of all this for a while, but she cooperated with the doctor to complete all the examinations mechanically.

    “An An, you really scared your uncle and aunt to death.” The woman sat on the side of the hospital bed, both happy and worried. “How do you feel now? Tell your aunt about what’s uncomfortable.”

    Ji Yi was silent for a long time, dry. He shouted: “Auntie.”

    “Hey, you finally woke up.”

    A glass of warm water was handed over. Ji Yi slowly sat up, took the water glass, and drank most of it in one breath. His voice felt much better.

    Ji Yi held the water glass and looked at the young girl in front of her, who was her best friend Yu Xiaoxi.

    “How long have I slept?”

    Yu Xiaoxi replied: “Six days?”

    Ji Yi pressed his head, “Why, it seems, it’s been a long, long time…”

    Wait? After confirming that she has really recovered, uncle and aunt can go away at ease. work.

    The best friend Yu Xiaoxi was by her side, chattering and talking, “The college entrance examination results have come out, you should check it out quickly. It’s time to fill in your volunteers.”

    “Fill in your volunteer?” Ji Yi was stunned, only to remember that he had been in a coma for a week.

    Yu Xiaoxi sighed, “I remember that you can swim. I didn’t expect to fall into the water? I was in a coma for such a long time and such a wide road. I don’t know how you fell. During the examination, the doctor said that you had neither external injuries nor internal injuries. If we don’t wake up, we are all worried to death.”

    Although? Yu Xiaoxi’s tone of reproach, Ji Yi knew that it was out of concern.

    I heard from my aunt that when she was in a coma, Yu Xiaoxi would visit her in the hospital every day.

    “Thank you,

    Xiaoxi .” Yu Xiaoxi shook his head, “must be out of the house without reading it? The Chinese calendar, I knew that day? I won’t ask you to go out to return the book.”


    Some pictures before falling into the water flashed in his mind. She remembered that she read a book and made an appointment with Yu Xiaoxi to meet in the library, but she had an accident halfway through.

    Suddenly Ji Yi stretched out his hand to grab her, and asked anxiously

    , “Where’s the book?” Yu Xiaoxi didn’t care too much?, “You’re all like this. What books do you care about? You should fall into the water.”

    “Then… …Then…” Ji Yi wanted to say something anxiously, but couldn’t say anything.

    Yu Xiaoxi quickly calmed down, “Don’t worry, it’s just a book, it’s nothing.”

    “I remember you said that there is something special?” Ji Yi wanted to find a mobile phone, but found that the mobile phone was not beside him.

    Yu Xiaoxi shook his head hesitantly, “The author’s updated Fanwai is not satisfactory? Eight to nine readers don’t like it, so the author deletes the Fanwai again.”

    Upon hearing this sentence, Ji Yi suddenly? Losing her strength, she let go of Yu Xiaoxi and dropped her hands on the bed.

    Her lips and teeth trembled slightly, tears streaming down her cheeks.

    Seeing her suddenly? Silence, Yu Xiaoxi tilted her head to look at her?, frightened, “Why are you crying, don’t cry, don’t cry, if you like to read?, can I buy you other books?” But

    no matter what she No matter how persuaded, Ji Yi seemed to be unable to listen, and tears couldn’t stop streaming.

    Yu Xiaoxi turned anxiously, “An’an, don’t cry, are you uncomfortable?”

    Ji Yi clutched his beating heart, only feeling the pain like a burst of heart, “I don’t know, but my heart is so uncomfortable, so uncomfortable… …”

    She didn’t know why? Why did this happen, she was only in a coma for six days?.

    The heart seems to be missing a corner.

    It’s uncomfortable, even the breathing feels painful.


    Ji Yi has filled in his university? Volunteer, which is in this city.

    It just so happened that her 18th birthday was approaching, and her uncle’s family, as well as Yu Xiaoxi and other friends, held a birthday party for her.

    My uncle booked a hotel and invited friends to eat for her. The multi-layered cake was decorated with exquisite carvings. The friends ate half of it, played half of it, and wiped it on their faces.

    Ji Yi’s cheek was rubbed with cream, she went to the toilet to clean, the crystal crown headband pressed the broken hair on the front of the master’s forehead, and the delicate and white face of the young lady did not see a trace of blemish.

    After the meal?, my uncle gave her a card, saying that it was the wealth left by her father and mother. Now that she has grown up, she will return her belongings to her.

    This was originally the 18th birthday she most looked forward to, and it was very delicate.

    After the relatives and friends dispersed? Yu Xiaoxi suggested going out shopping.

    It wasn’t until outside that Yu Xiaoxi pointed out, “An’an, today? Is your 18th birthday, I feel like you have something on your mind.”

    Hearing this, Ji Yi frowned and shook his head again, “I don’t know. “

    She also thinks that she should be very happy, but all her emotions are weird and uncontrollable.

    “Oh, forget it, don’t think too much.” Yu Xiaoxi turned off the topic, “Yesterday? My water meter broke down. Just come out today. Will you accompany me to the watch shop?”

    “Okay .” Ah.” Ji Yi has an easygoing personality and is willing to accompany friends.

    There were a variety of watches in the glass cabinet of the watch shop. Yu Xiaoxi picked several for her to choose. Ji Yi took a look and went, and carefully selected a British watch that fits Yu Xiaoxi’s temperament.

    Yu Xiaoxi couldn’t put it down and decided to buy it.

    Ji Yi stayed there, staring at the golden bracelet-style watch placed in the glass cabinet in a daze.

    “An An, are you watching? What? Do you like this?” Yu Xiaoxi turned to ask?

    Ji Yi blinked, lowered his eyes, and finally shook his head.


    fall semester, school orientation distribution of long-sister campus for the new directions????.

    “The Department of Psychology should sign up over there.”

    Ji Yi went through the admission procedures and looked for the dormitory assigned by the school.

    Suddenly under my feet? What did I step on, I pulled my heels. She looked down and saw that the shoelaces were unraveled, and she accidentally stepped on her foot.

    Ji Yi put the suitcase aside, squatted down, and tied the laces again. It was a bow that didn’t look good.

    “Sister, do you need to help you carry your suitcase?”

    Ji Yi looked back, standing next to the enthusiastic student, shook his head, and refused with a smile.


    ?? University life interesting than expected, the rich, but still have to make her the most troublesome English??.

    During the college entrance examination, she fell into trouble in English. Even if she applied for a cram school, she only saved her English to a passing level. Thinking about the future? Ji Yi has a headache because he has to take the test.

    When others were playing, she was holding English materials to copy and write, and when she couldn’t read, she would bite the pen with cognition. But after a while, I knew it? I realized that this action was wrong, and it seemed that someone had been admonishing in her ear.

    Ji Yi restrained her bad habit of biting the pen and continued to write words, only to find that all the ink in the pen core was used up.

    She ran to the campus supermarket to buy a pen. After picking out a few refills with nice packaging, she finally stopped at the black pen case. When she left, she took one.


    Opening Soon, those who want to fall in love the campus center around the corner?.

    Ji Yi was stopped on the way back to the bedroom. The boy confessed to her with flowers in his hands, “Ji Yi, since the first time I saw you, your voice and smile have been deeply carved into my mind…

    ” Please give me a chance and let me take care of you. Can you be my girlfriend?”

    Hearing the sensational confession, watch around? The lively melon-eating crowd clamored.

    After Ji Yi listened, there was no fluctuation in her heart, and

    she gave two words of reply without hesitation: “Sorry.” Then, she left without looking back.

    Back to the bedroom, see a pot of green grass on the table.

    “Hey, who put the grass on the table?”

    The roommate outside the balcony suddenly? A head popped up, “Oh, that’s my friend’s mint grass. I’ll bring it to her in a while.”

    Mint grass?

    Ji Yi looked down and took a closer look, really.

    She asked?: “Can this be kept in the dormitory?” The

    roommate replied: “Yes, I heard from my friend. Just put it in a sunny place.”

    After that, there were two more pots of mint in their bedroom, which was raised by Ji Yi.

    —— During the

    National Day holiday, Yu Xiaoxi, who went to university in other provinces, came back and happily asked her to go out to play, “I think? Reposted in the circle of friends, I won two? Happy Valley 50% off tickets, let’s get together Go and play!” During

    holidays, many places to play will increase in price. It is good luck for Yu Xiaoxi to get a 50% discount on tickets.

    But when they arrived in Happy Valley, they felt dizzy when they saw the crowds in it.

    Originally, they wanted to go to the Ferris wheel to experience it…

    But seeing the long line, they gave up.

    Yu Xiaoxi was very active, pulling Ji Yi to play in the bumper cars, and after a fight, his body and body were sweating.

    The strands of hair stuck to his cheeks and neck, Ji Yi raised his hand and hooked it back, and found that the hair rope on his head had also fallen off.

    Ji Yi sighed, “Maybe I fell inside when I was playing just now.”

    But a new game has begun, and it seems unrealistic to ask them to find a rubber band in their cheeks.

    Yu Xiaoxi touched her short hair, and she didn’t have much hair rope to lend her.

    He smiled and joked, “An An, I think you are missing a boyfriend right now.”

    Ji Yi glanced at him, “Why? What?”

    Yu Xiaoxi: “You haven’t watched it? Have you watched a popular video on the Internet? Now your boyfriend has a hand in hand. A small rubber band, tsk, so sore.”

    Ji Yi: “What are they doing with rubber bands, and they don’t know how to tie their hair.”

    “It’s for girlfriends to tie their hair!” Yu Xiaoxi grabbed his hair and was about to collapse. It looks like, “It’s a loss for me to read it? For so many years of romance novels, I haven’t been able to save you.”

    Ji Yi still didn’t believe it. Tie the hair.”

    She doesn’t even tie her hair well.

    Yu Xiaoxi snorted softly: “Ji An’an, you’re done, no one in this world can escape the law of true fragrance!”


    Winter is coming, Ji Yi is very sad to catch a cold.

    She went to the infirmary to get cold medicine, and it didn’t get better after two weeks.

    The roommate sincerely suggested, “Xiao Yi, you just listen to the doctor and get the injection, right?”

    “The injection hurts…” Ji Yi shrank his neck and wrapped the quilt tighter.

    She refused to get an injection and started coughing. Finally, she couldn’t help but two roommates escorted her to the infirmary.

    Perhaps it was a psychological effect. When the needle was pierced in, she was so painful that her tears pattered, but she didn’t say a word.

    I endured all the pain by myself.


    ? New Year’s Eve day, Ji Yi uncle went home to eat a festive dinner, but the evening went back?. No matter how kind her uncle and aunt are to her, there are still two families, and it is impossible for her to take her to the family.

    On her account book, the head of the household is herself.

    Ji Yi wanted to ask Yu Xiaoxi to come out for the New Year’s Eve. When she called, she suddenly remembered that a year ago, Yu Xiaoxi said that the country’s grandma was in poor health and the family went to accompany the elderly in advance.

    She walked alone on the busy street, looking at the bustling city, and when she passed the boutique, she saw the doll bear in the window.

    She stopped and saw that when she went to the store, the boy gave the teddy bear he bought to the girl next to him. The girl stood up on tiptoe without hesitation and kissed the boy on the cheek.

    Seeing this sweet scene, she unconsciously followed with a smile.

    When the couple went away, her mood was inexplicably cold.

    It seemed to have opened a barrier with this world, and couldn’t melt into the laughter.

    She walked forward aimlessly, and the old man at the street stall called her, “Don’t miss it when you pass by, little girl, buy something for yourself.”

    Ji Yi has always been soft-hearted to the old man, especially This is the New Year’s Eve, and the gray-haired old man is even more heartbroken when he comes out to set up a stall to discuss life.

    Ji Yi bends down slightly and chooses the items on the shelf.

    She randomly picked out a few eye-catching ones and asked the old man to pretend to be for her, without asking the price.

“Little girl, you bought so many things from me, old man, I am happy, and I will give you the same.” The

    old man smiled and handed out a silver-black necklace with wings on the pendant, which was particularly eye-catching.

    Ji Yi, who was about to refuse, when he saw the necklace, the ghost reached out and took it.

    In an instant, everything around her became blurred in her eyes.

    Those memories that were forgotten in the depths of the soul emerged one after another.

    There was a tear in her left eye.

    The author has something to say: When it’s

    over, I want to ask for a wave of overlord votes, thank you everyone~ Wait until An An goes to save the dead villain!

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