AR: Ch 98 【END】

 There is still a week before returning to school to receive the graduation certificate, Zhao Yingfeng suddenly contacted her and said that she would take a photo creation.

    In the past few years, although she has been in City B, the cooperative relationship with Zhao Yingfeng has never been broken. The shooting always depends on her own arrangements.

    Ji Yi is not short of money nowadays, Zhao Yingfeng prefers to find her to shoot creations. They have walked through the old streets, the small cities of literature and art, the gentle water villages in the south of the Yangtze River, and the mysterious Dunhuang.

    Walking in the jungle, playing in the river, dancing in the snow.

    Each group of photos is a testimony of her walking in this world.

    Zhao Yingfeng meant, “Waiting for you to come back for shooting on the day of graduation.”

    Ji Yi hesitated, she didn’t want to hurry.

    But at this time Xu Yue suddenly mentioned about going back to Yancheng. The time was right? On the day of his graduation.

    “An An will follow me? Go back.”

    “What are you going to do?”

    “Some? The application materials need to be processed.” He briefly explained two sentences, and did not mention the specific content.

    Didn’t Ji Yi at this time also remember that Xu Yue’s relevant information is actually in Nanyang City.


    At the end of June, I went back to school to take the graduation exam. On the third morning, the teacher was with all the members of the group and told everyone that they could receive the graduation certificate.

    I met Su Xiaomiao in the class director’s office, and Ji Yi greeted her.

    When Su Xiaomiao asked about her future plans, Ji Yi thought about it. “The hospital where she practiced before had recruiting,

    and she plans to do research while working, and wait until the certificate is obtained.” Her purpose is not in the hospital, she plans to get it in the exam. After the psychology counselor is certified, go to some of the school’s psychology consultation rooms.

    It’s not a lot of compassion, but that is what she wants to do from the bottom of her heart.

    Just like back then, her choice changed Xu Yue’s life.

    After getting the graduation certificate, Ji Yi waved her goodbye, “Remember to keep in touch after graduation. I don’t know when we will meet next time.”

    Su Xiaomiao paused, smiling and hitting, “Hahaha I’ll see you soon.” With his

    graduation certificate in his arms, Ji Yi thought about contacting Song Yanke before leaving, but no one answered the call.

    Song Yanke succeeded in the postgraduate entrance examination and will continue to stay in school, but she doesn’t remember rushing to think about things after graduation.

    Didn’t Xu Yue come to the school to collect the graduation certificate in person, and when Ji Yi left the school, he returned the book Xu Yue borrowed from the library by the way.

    But why didn’t she expect that she would actually see…Song Yanke in the corner of the library.

    Song Yan was not the same person, she stood with Lu Liansheng who had been entangled for several years. I wanted to call her a cry from the past, but I ran into a shy scene.

    Ji Yi quickly turned aside and left.

    She just saw

    Lu Liansheng of the abstinence system, pressing Song Yanke under the tree and kissing.

    She also fled out of the school gate, and saw the license plate number Xu Yue had just sent to her.

    Ji Yi walked over and knocked on the window. Xu Yue came out from another door, “Have you got your graduation certificate?”

    “Hmm!” She handed the graduation certificate to him as if offering a treasure.

    Xu Yue took it and touched her head, “Our family is An’an, and we have finally graduated, and we can enter the next stage of our life.”

    Did Ji Yi hear the extraneous words, just think it is to make people happy? . Even simply joking, “Finally graduated, shouldn’t we be good? Okay? Celebrate?”

    ” Yes .” The man gave a meaningful smile.


    At one o’clock in the afternoon, the plane landed in Rock City.

    At three o’clock in the afternoon, Ji Yi went to Zhao Yingfeng’s studio.

    She greeted Amy expertly, and Amy brought a box, and from the inside, she brought out a burgundy dress. The edge of the V-shaped collar was decorated with lace of the same color, which was full of charm on her body.

    The waist belt is tied up behind the back to outline the graceful waist curve, highlighting the perfect figure ratio.

    The red skirt lined her skin with snow white, which looked very nice.

    Ji Yi stood in front of the full-length mirror, lifted the shoulder strap, and sighed as she looked at it, “This skirt looks good?”

    Amy smiled and said, “If you like it, just wear it and go home.”

    Ji Yi He shook his head and sat in front of the makeup table, “How can I, Teacher Zhao can’t collect debts from me?”

    Zhao Yingfeng told her that it was a photo shoot, and the clothes provided by the studio were also bought with money, and she couldn’t. Say you like it and take it away.

    Amy began to put on makeup and hairstyle for her. The long straight hair that was originally straight curled into big waves, and the broken hair on both sides was hooked into the middle braid into a flower shape.

    I don’t know why, she always feels that this time, Amy made makeup for her more carefully than ever before. When I turned on the phone, it took half an hour longer than usual to check the time.

    Ji Yi looked up at the sky outside the window, “It will be dark for a while.”

    “Don’t be in a hurry.” Amy picked a pearl hairpin without hurries, and put it on her head. superior.

    When the makeup was about to be completed, Ji Yi touched the empty neck and muttered in the mirror, “What is the shortcoming of the neck.”

    “Is it already? Are you ready?” Amy turned around and took it from the drawer next to it. He

    took out a red rectangular box and handed it to her, “Look at it, do you like it?” Ji Yi took the box and opened it.

    In that box is a golden necklace, adorned with a red gem, and the treasure is flanked by a pair of golden wings. The pendant is no more than three centimeters long, but it is extremely delicate.

    “Very good? Look.” Ji Yi weighed the necklace. Not only did it have a texture, but also heard enough. “Is this real gold? It feels very expensive.”

    Which shop offers such a rich lot, or Zhao Yingfeng Suddenly rich? The accessories for taking pictures are so expensive and tall?

    Amy paused, and shook his head pretentiously, “It should be, but you think it’s good? Just look good?.”

    Ji Yi was puzzled, “Me?”

    Amy coughed, and explained: “I.” The meaning is… the photos taken in this way are better?.”

    “Yeah.” Ji Yi didn’t? How much thought, put the golden necklace on the white neck, icing on the cake.

    When the three set out, it was a little bit late? Zhao Yingfeng insisted that what he wanted to shoot was night lighting effects, and Ji Yi didn’t know what he wanted to create.

    When she arrived at the destination, she saw the towering Ferris wheel that represented the Happy Valley symbol at a glance.

    It wasn’t until she bought tickets to enter that she was sure, “Is it too extravagant for the three of us to buy tickets to enter the venue?” With

    the lights of Happy Valley, she really couldn’t think of what effect Zhao Yingfeng wanted to shoot.

    Zhao Yingfeng insisted on finding a place with good light, and he meant to take more than a dozen pictures. When she wanted to look at the photos, Zhao Yingfeng held the camera to prevent her from letting her go, and hid far away.

    She was wondering, and suddenly heard a familiar cry: “An’an.”

    Ji Yi responded? Turning back, she saw someone coming. Somewhat unexpectedly, “Xu Yue? Why are you here?”

    He walked over and whispered. : “Come to accompany you.”

    “Then you wait for a while? Next, let me ask Teacher Zhao when will he be ready?”

    He lifted his chin and nodded lightly.

    Just as Ji Yi walked over, he said something, and Zhao Yingfeng waved at her, “Today is finished, you can go with your boyfriend.”

    Ji Yi lowered his head, “My clothes…”

    “Wear the clothes first. I’ll talk at that time.”

    No? Waiting for her to say more, Zhao Yingfeng and Amy, who acted as logistics, left with their things first. Ji Yi left? Standing there with a dazed face.

    Looking back, I saw Xu Yue was by the street light and hooked towards her, “An’an, come here.”

    Ji Yi smiled, stepping on his red high heels and walking towards him, swaying gracefully.

    He is wearing a decent suit tonight, which is different from what he usually sees. Obviously there was still a meter away from him, she was in a daze, then she slammed her heel, and then ran into his arms.

    He smiled on his lips, “An An really…like to pounce in my arms as always.”

    “I didn’t mean it, the problem with high heels.” She kept her eyes away, her ears were reddish.

    Knowing that she can’t stand the ridicule, Xu Yue sees it better? He closes it, slips between her fingers, and clasps her waist. “An An is very beautiful today. Do you like this dress and necklace?”

    Ji Yi subconsciously touched the necklace on his chest and said. From the bottom of my heart, “Have you tried this style before, and now it feels very good.”

    “You like it?.”

    He moved his palm lightly, feeling the loose tie around his waist, and turned around. Going around behind her, the slender fingers of the joints hooked the two thin belts, and they knotted them skillfully.

    He whispered close to her ear, “Take you to a place.”

    “Where is it?” Jiaojiao’s tone came into the ear with a slight mellow sound, especially sweet.

    “Close your eyes first.” He coaxed mysteriously.

    Ji Yi trusts him so much, is he really at ease? Close his eyes.

    He raised his hand to cover her eyes and led her forward.

    After walking about ten steps, Ji Yi could feel the surrounding area become brighter in an instant.

    “You can open your eyes.”

    His hand moved away, and Ji Yi opened his eyes slowly, surrounded by lights, as if daylight.

    At this moment, a cute robot appeared in front of her face, with a small body, a round head, cute ears, and a pair of chubby manipulators.

    Immediately afterwards, a group of the same robots came out one after another, surrounding her. The two manipulators of each robot are joined together, and the palms are holding 9 delicate red roses. 99 small robots surround them, as if they are in a small sea of ​​flowers.

    She covered her mouth in surprise, and turned her head subconsciously. The people next to her had already left for some time.

    At this moment—

    familiar voice came from behind.

    “An An, look back.”

    She turned around suddenly, only to see Xu Yue holding a large bunch of delicate pink roses in her hands, walking towards her step by step.

    The robot changes positions, opening up an unobstructed passage for him.

    Getting closer.

    She seemed to have a premonition, and her heartbeat was also speeding up inadvertently.

    Until the person stood in front of her, they were half a meter away.

    Then, the man hardcore handed out the 108 pink roses, “Ji An’an, take it.”

    Ji Yi Leng, who was so touched that he almost shed tears, stunned back: “…”

    at the moment she was startled. , Xu Yue has directly put the flower in her hand.

    Then, he took a short step back and knelt on one knee without hesitation. Turning the back of the hand, a small square box magically appeared in the palm of his hand.

    “I used to be terrible, living in a muddle-headed manner, regardless of good and evil, disgusting everything.”

    “Only An An told me that fighting will hurt me, skipping meals will make me sick, and smoking will hurt my body.” Those subtle trivial matters, Permeated all her care.

    And she would worry about him, feel heartbroken for him, and shed tears for him.

    So later, he was reluctant to let her cry…

    “An An said that he doesn’t like me fighting, doesn’t like my smoking, doesn’t like to hear me say sorry, I did it all.”

    “You like kind people, like beautiful? World, then I will work hard to learn, become a better person, and give you a better life.” If you

    like a person, you will humble into the dust, and then bloom.

    “Although Xu Yue is not good enough?, but he will be good to An An? Very good?.” He opened the square box, took out the bright diamond ring, and handed it to her. “So, An An, would you like to marry? Is this me?”

    Ji Yi squatted down, let the flowers bloom, hugged him tightly, weeping with joy, “I said, Xu Yue is very good? It’s An An’s favorite person…”

    She let go. Back in front of him, tearfully stared at him and stretched out his hand.

    “I am willing to marry? You.”

    At the moment when her voice fell, Xu Yue held her wrist and slowly pushed the ring into the ring finger.

    The surrounding lights gradually dimmed, and the people who had witnessed their love came out from all directions, each of them waving a warm orange pyrotechnic stick in their hands.

    “Ah…” Ji Yi just glanced at it, then shyly hid in Xu Yue’s arms.

    She didn’t even know the scene just now, there were so many people watching!

    “I’m ashamed, I’m so ashamed.”

    She covered her face, crying and laughing again, and couldn’t help it.

    Song Yanke held up the firework stick high and explained with a smile: “Because I know you are shy, so Xu Yue let us hide first.”

    “But he said, this is one of the most important moments in your life? “I hope we will give you the best blessings!”

    “I wish you happiness~”

    The fireworks set off seemed to return to the first year they spent together, under the splendid fireworks.

    He whispered in her ear, “Thank you for coming to me.”

    The moment the birthday candle lights up, you become all my wish.

    She blushed and came out of his arms and pressed her ears to speak, “Because Xu Yue is so good and worthy of being loved, so… I am here.”

    Xu Yue’s eyes showed light, as if The mole under the corner of the eye has become particularly dazzling.

  He took her slender hand and dropped a pious kiss on the ring finger, “So, from now on, you are mine!”

    My second life began from the moment you appeared in my world.

    The rest of my life is long, and you are the only salvation in my barren life.

    The author has something to say:

    It is really difficult to write the finale. I stayed up until five o’clock yesterday and wrote about the scene of the proposal. Today I have another day to make up. Everyone has been waiting for a long time.

    The first publication in the previous chapter was locked and revised.

    After two months, the first book is finally over. Thanks to the friends who accompanied me all the way.

    Next, we will update some extras. Regarding the Ananxian world and Xu Yue who died in the book, there will also be small buns that you want to see~ 

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