AR: Ch 97

 The real touch made Ji Yi feel safe, and her mood gradually calmed down.

    She cried for a while, but she became energetic.

    Xu Yue blamed himself very much.

    One must be that she does not have a sense of security so that she can suffer from gains and losses.

    Ji Yi felt that she had lost face and washed her face all over again. His eyes were still red.

    “It’s twelve o’clock.” She raised her head and glanced at the clock on the wall, her stomach was punctual, and she made a “cuckoo” sound.

    Ji Yi lowered his head slightly and mumbled, “I’m hungry…”

    Xu Yue rubbed her hair, “Na An’an will wait outside first? Let me make dinner for you.” He

    was about to turn around. When leaving, Ji Yi suddenly grabbed his clothes, “Well, I actually boiled a pot of soup today. Would you like to try it?”

    Xu Yueyi brought back the tonic from the last trip. In the meantime, she cooked a pot by herself, thinking that Xu Yue could still drink and maintain health when he came back at night…

    Of course Xu Yue would support her.

    While making her a simple dinner, while warming up the pot of soup.

    When Ji Yi started filling his stomach, Xu Yue held a white porcelain bowl and filled a large bowl of soup. Put it on the tip of the nose and smell it, the fragrance is very strong.

    “You try it quickly. If it tastes good, I will continue to do this next time.”

    “Yeah.” He just took the bowl and drank it? The scent filled the tip of the tongue, and it was really fragrant.

    Just a little bit? So a little bit tired.

    But when he raised his eyes and saw Ji Yi’s expectant eyes, he couldn’t bear to say? No.

    Xu Yueyang praised his lips: “It’s delicious.”

    Ji Yi finally laughed.

    “Then you drink more? A little bit.” She will also feel happy when her heart is accepted by the person she likes.

    In order to prove that this soup is delicious, I like it very much, Xu Yue served two more bowls, and drank all of them.

    Even if he was hungry, he couldn’t eat too much at night. Ji Yi only ate a small bowl and put aside the bowl. Xu Yue put the bowl and chopsticks into the kitchen.

    The two went back to their respective rooms. Ji Yi was not sleepy yet, she sat on the bed and stayed.

    “Bang—” The

    door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and Xu Yue broke in, frowning with a serious face? He asked, “What ingredients did you use for the soup today?”

    Ji Yi didn’t know why, so he still followed The answer in memory: “Goji berries, black sesame seeds, etc., are very nourishing and healthy.”

    Upon hearing this, Xu Yue clenched his fist and knocked on the door with a “boom”.

    “Do you think my body still needs to be repaired?” There was a bit of gritted teeth in these words.

    No wonder after I went back to my room, I felt so hot that I couldn’t bring down the fire even after I washed it twice with cold water.

    Didn’t you expect the initiator to sit on the bed with an innocent face, don’t be too calm!

    “I think you are very tired at work, so I want to…make up your body…” Ji Yi swallowed, staring at Xu Yue’s cannibalistic eyes, the more he explained, the more guilty he became.

    Her starting point is good, but I don’t know why Xu Yue is not happy.

    “Heh…” He whispered, and almost laughed angrily.

    Withdrawing his hand by the door, he turned to enter the room and slammed the door shut.

    With a loud “bang”, Ji Yi was frightened.

    She stared at Xu Yue without blinking, and seeing his generous figure blocking the light in front of her, she suddenly realized that the original boy had faded from his childishness and grew into a mature man with extraordinary temperament and charm.

    The man Xin’s long figure stood on the bedside, attracting all her eyes.

    Pressing the fingers on the buttons of the clothes, quickly untied the two under the collar, and leaned over.

    Ji Yi couldn’t avoid it and was held down by him.

    He leaned over, the tip of his nose touched her, the two were very close together, and the warm breath poured on his cheeks.

    “An An, it seems that I am treating you too well.” So that, you who have a boyfriend for four or five years are so simple that you don’t know the madness in his heart.

    “Xu Yue, you…”

    She hadn’t finished yet, and the rest of her voice was swallowed up by the overturning kiss.

    Although she is easy to be shy, she has never refused his approach, because he will stop every time and will not make excessive behaviors, so Ji Yi feels at ease with him.

    However, this time, it was not as simple as it was.

    He made a move he had never done before.

    “Xu, Xu Yue…” No matter how dull she was, she knew what was happening at the moment?

    Ji Yi trembled all over. When he wanted to call his name, the moments in his mind were taken away, and he forgot what he was going to say.

    The slender fingers tugged at his collar and inadvertently tugged, the profound name in his heart greeted his eyes.

    Fingers trembled slightly, and my heart throbbed, “When did you…when? When did you get the tattoo?…”

    The two words connected to the heartbeat are-


    An An is in his heart.

    Live with him.

    The usually cold boy showed a rare face in front of her, with infinite affection in her eyes, “An’an, are you afraid?” No

    ? Yes? Wait? She replied, and the man stretched out his hand to block her eyes, “Don’t fear me.”

    The two hands that restricted her movement have moved away, and her shoulders are obviously loose.

    His voice was muted, “Just push me away.”

    She still has the right to choose…

    But at this moment, she has already made a decision in her heart.

    “I, I’m not afraid of you.” She blushed all over, but she didn’t avoid it.

    He closed his eyes, and his long eyelashes gently swept across the man’s palm, responding as he pleased.

    The man’s Adam’s apple rolled, his eyes seemed to be stained with fiery fire.

    I wanted to scare her a bit and give her a better memory, but I didn’t expect it to evolve to this step.

    He couldn’t control himself, and all the reason he was proud of was defeated in front of her.

    “An’an, stay with me forever.” When the

    pain struck, she subconsciously exerted force, leaving obvious scratches behind the man’s shoulder, “It hurts…” The

    evening breeze was blowing, and the flowers and leaves bloomed. The stars hide their brilliance, and the moonlight penetrates the clouds and reflects the dazzling light.


    Sunlight came in from the window, Ji Yi’s eyelids haven’t opened yet.

    Xu Yue picked her up from the bed and hugged her to wash.

    “Open your mouth and brush your teeth.” When

    someone ordered, she obediently did so.

    The pink toothbrush smeared with toothpaste got into her palm, she took it in a daze, brushed her teeth, and drank water.


    She didn’t really wake up until the warm towel was attached to her face.

    Little face wrinkled? Not too happy.

    Xu Yue wiped her face and put the towel back into the clean basin. Before she had time to wash, she took the person in her arms out again.

    “Still sleepy?”

    Ji Yi nodded.

    She didn’t know when she was sleeping, she only knew that she was still sour when she opened her eyes, it was a sign of lack of sleep.

    But? She is too hungry to sleep?

    Ji Yi rubbed his stomach, Xu Yue took the food he had prepared earlier and said, “Eat something before going to bed.”

    Ji Yi nodded, picked up his chopsticks and picked up the egg, and took a sip. Biting in a small bite?, swallowing slowly.

    Waiting? After she took a few bites, Xu Yue passed the warm milk next to her.

    Ji Yi didn’t answer.

    From waking up to present, haven’t there been any? After a few words, Xu Yue has some worries and some fears.

    Could it be the events of last night that made her unhappy?

    Or… Regret?

    If it is the latter, then he…how can he make up for this fault.

    He subconsciously stretched out his hand to hug her, but he forced it to hold back, and carefully went to observe her expression, “An’an, tell me something.”

    Ji Yi suddenly raised his head and confronted him. s eyes.

    Accompanied by a squeamish reproach, “I blame you.”

    Xu Yue’s heart suddenly sank.

    Didn’t you wait? He expressed his stance, and saw Ji Yi lift up his loose sleeves, pointing at the unresolved traces on it,

    feeling aggrieved and acting like a baby, “It hurts…” Xu Yue’s mood was like a roller coaster. Fu, after turning a few turns, I don’t know when? When will I reach the point.

    “An An, what do you want to say?”

    If you regret it, or you hate him for doing that, then he won’t dare to touch her even if he is abolished.

    Now that he is so grueling, it is better to say it directly and give him a good time.

    “That’s…you from now on? Can you lighten it?” Ji Yi bit his lip, his eyes erratic, “Well, that time? When…you don’t listen to me…” He

    was easy to be shy at first. Yes, in order for herself to suffer less in the future, she still speaks frankly.

    Xu Yue stunned for a while, and then showed an irrepressible smile.

    He thought so much, but he didn’t expect it to be like this.

    His lips raised a smile, and there was a bit of scorn, “An’an, I can’t guarantee this.”

    “What?” This is not the answer she wants to hear.

    Xu Yue held the milk cup again, put it in her palm, and whispered: “When I’m near you, I can’t control myself anymore.”


    *When I

    work, I am the most serious. Xu Yue actually skipped work for two days in a row. When he returned to the studio, all those colleagues who had been squeezed to death were complaining.

    But this complaint is not a complaint.

    “Brother Xu, don’t you? You, we really can’t do it? Ah.”

    “Can you? Can’t you? It’s my shit?”

    Xu Yue took a cup of tea elegantly.

    Can’t calm down?.

    His expression does not like the past is so cold, others can see him in a good mood, “Xu brother, you recently encountered what a happy thing?”

    The holding promise? Cup, fingers caress in Beibi, mouth Raising a He wiped a meaningful smile, and said two words unfathomably: “Almost.”

    Since then, he hardly worked overtime, and went home on time.

    Every time everyone asked, he had only one reason, “Go home to accompany his wife.”

    Single dogs:? ? ?


    graduation was approaching, Xu Yue began to contact his former high school classmates.

    He didn’t contact many people, only a few.

    Song Yanke, Zhuo Yihang, He Xuxu…

    When these people received Xu Yue’s invitation in private, they were particularly surprised and a little excited.

    Song Yanke? Although he was in the same school as them, he went back for an internship in Rock City when he was in his senior year.

    He Xuxu has been in other places all the time.

    After graduating from high school, Zhuo Yihang didn’t have to go to school again. He wanted to go home happily to inherit his family property, but he was flogged by his parents and began to accept the stigma of life earlier than they did.

    “Brother Xu, you have something to order.” He has been in direct contact with Xu Yueyi, but this time the incident is particularly special.

    After Zhuo Yihang finished listening, the smile on his face hadn’t gone on.

    “Don’t worry, I’m working very well with confidentiality. It’s completely okay.”

“Okay, okay, okay, I will definitely follow your request, and arrange it for you clearly!” After the

    call, Zhuo Yihang received a arrogant remittance message from Xu Yue.

    The author has something to say: This

    is a sweet pet article, don’t always worry about being abused.

    The story of the book is not an abrupt plot. Six years is a long time, and many things will really be forgotten. The scar on the forehead described from the beginning of the text has appeared several times in the middle, which is also arranged in the plot. It’s written outside.

    Don’t take it out of context, my dear, the author will naturally dig holes in writing, the plot is filled one after another, otherwise what are you watching? right.

    The finale of the next chapter, grab the red envelope~

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