AR: Ch 59


    No? Regardless of where Ji Yi chooses, he will agree.

    Ji Yi jumped up happily and clicked to open a group to buy tickets. After entering the password, it prompted “password error”. She frowned? Enter it again.

    At this time, a sound came in her ear, “The password is 102938.” It

    seemed that she had been given an instruction. She entered the number according to the number, and the payment was successful.

    The page? The page was changed? In an instant, she turned her head back suddenly?, looking at Xu Yue and blinked, “I…no? It’s mine? Mobile phone…” She

    said why the password is wrong, why is it not at all? Is it her? Mobile phone!

    Anyway, she is always praised for being smart? People, how can she commit such a crime!

    I stretched out a hand next to him, slender fingers hooked at both ends of the phone, manipulated it a few times, and then handed it to her, “This phone is for you.” The

    heroic gesture and tone, as if to show her a local tyrant.

    Ji Yi waved her hand quickly and wanted to return her mobile phone to him, “No? No? No? I just left the house? I forgot to bring my mobile phone.”

    Xu Yue grabbed her finger and stopped her shaking her hand. ?action.

    Put the black phone? The phone in her palm, “No? Take the phone out? Go? What should I do if I lose it?”

    “What, am I not? It’s a three-year-old child.” She whispered? Mumbled He blushed slightly.

    In the end, spineless? Hold the phone tightly.

    Before leaving, Ji Yi bowed his head and looked at himself in this blue and white casual outfit. Very loose, but…for a girl who loves to be beautiful, it would be too perfunctory to go out to play with a boy that she likes.

    She tugged at the loose? trouser legs, “Wait, I want to change clothes!”


    He waved his hand and consciously sat down on the sofa and waited.

    Ji Yi went back to the room and held up the two skirts for comparison.

    The white long skirt is very fairy, but the other light yellow short skirt is more cute and cute, with long legs.

    It’s not convenient to go out to play and wear a skirt, but…the

    main purpose of her going out to play? Isn’t it? Play! Just look good!

    Therefore, Ji Yi immediately decided to put on a light yellow skirt.

    Is the girl who is about to become an adult? Isn’t it wrong? She looked in the mirror, and this body already belonged to her completely. Because? Now? This body has become exactly what she looked like when she was 17 years old. Only the light-colored scar on the forehead has not been eliminated.

    It’s like a mark.

    Fortunately? No? If you look closely, you will find it.

    “Kacha——” When

    opening the door, it made a small sound, or did it arouse Xu Yue’s attention.

    He was originally lazy? Leaning on the soft sofa? He turned his head inadvertently? After a glance, he froze.

    The young girl is wearing a clean short skirt, with her white arms and long slender legs showing her outside, showing her youthful vigor and a bit of playfulness and cuteness.

    It is different from what I usually see? That calm and calm? Ji Yi is all different.

    Today’s? She has more cute elements.

    His finger was drawn on the sofa, and he pretended to be calm? He commented: “It seems that my vision is not wrong.”

    “Hey?” Ji Yi glanced at him when he spoke.

    He leaned back, raised his arm, and rubbed his fingers on the nape of the neck twice, “I chose such a nice dress at a glance, it’s quite suitable.”

    Ji Yi tugged at the skirt and turned his head? Asked him, “It’s just that the clothes look good?”


    His whisper, which is a bit concealed.

    Ji Yi didn’t twist with him, she dressed up nicely, and she was in a good mood.

    She made a gesture and pointed at the door, and blinked at Xu, “I’m all packed, let’s go!”

    When she left, her body was easy to get hot. Xu Yue took on a coat. .


    Take a taxi to Happy Valley. Before arriving at the gate, I saw the tall Ferris wheel ahead.

    Ji Yi raised his hands happily, “Look, that’s the Ferris wheel!” When my

    parents took her to the amusement park before, she and her mother were not afraid of heights, but father was too scared. But my dad insisted on staying with her and dad, saying that the family could not be separated.

    Although? In the end… Mom and Dad left her, but she still remembered it sweetly?

    “Shall we go to the Ferris wheel too?”

    ” Anything .”

    Ji Yi was obviously excited.

    She has never been to Happy Valley in this world, but in fact they are all the same, just the entertainment facilities.

    She is very courageous? Some? Others find it exciting? She is interested. After saying several names, he turned his head and looked at Xu Yue, only to find that he was looking ahead, and there was no hint of joy in his eyes.

    Quite the opposite of her mood.

    Ji Yi was a little worried, “Don’t you? Do you like Happy Valley?”

    “No.” His tone was flat? Denied.

    Ji Yi said directly, “But you don’t seem to be happy.”

    It was originally to play with him? If he doesn’t? Like it, then what else to play.

    “I’ve never been to this place.” It seemed to be evoked by memories of the past, and the corners of her lips curled up with a ridiculous arc, “She only brought Lu Yi here.”

    How much is the amusement park? What is the child’s longing for? Entertainment world, but that happiness never belongs to him. When I was young, I could only hear from Lu Yi, how fun the game is here, how soft the cotton candy is here, and… how indulgent mom and dad are.

    And he can only sit at the desk and read and write obediently.

    Dad will praise him for being obedient when he comes back.

    Actually not? Yes.

    He doesn’t want to stay alone at home, write and read books, and he also wants to go to the amusement park with his family, but his mother doesn’t want to, and he has to force him to say, “I don’t want to go.”

    Recalling the past is all painful.

    He couldn’t help clenching his hands into a fist, and the veins on the back of his hand were exposed.

    The sound of laughter in the ear has turned into a sharp and piercing one after another. He and a warning, the beauty of the world has nothing to do with him!

    However, just as he saw that fixed figure sinking continuously, suddenly a sound was transmitted into the dark world, pulling him back from the whirlpool.

    That gentle sound said: “I will play with you.”

    His hand was squeezed, and then she slowly stretched out his fingers, and there was a touch of warmth in his palm.

    “Xu Yue, don’t you? Are you going to take An An to play with you? I have to follow you today.” The girl hooked his fingers, and finally held his hand.

    In an instant, the sounds and nightmare images that bothered him disappeared.

    As soon as I turned my head, I saw the bright smiling face.

    This laugh made his heartbeat speed up frantically.

    “Let’s go, kid An’an.”


    two rounds of play, the two found that each other was very courageous, and discussed to play more exciting projects.

    The two stood on the stairs and saw the brown track of the roller coaster winding up. When passing over their heads, the player on the device broke out with a harsh scream.

    One after another, it sounds a little scary.

    “Roller coaster, do you want to try it?”

    “Just play, who is afraid of

    whom !” From entering the park to now? Are there any entertainment facilities in the two people? Are there any entertainment facilities? Dare to go? Probably there is a little bit of courage in it.

    But when she really sat on it, she felt that her heart was about to fly out!

    She couldn’t help screaming with others every time she took a bend.

    What the fuck?!

    Isn’t it those? The human voice? The sound is sharp, is it really scared? Can’t control it? Keep “I will remember a few”!


    When she walked off the roller coaster, she felt that she was stepping on the cloud, and she felt light and fluttering under her feet, and she felt like she was left behind.

    After not taking a few steps, Ji Yi squatted directly on the ground.

    Hearing a weird sound, Xu Yue squatted with her, and raised her chin with his fingers.

    At first glance, there were no tears on his face.

    Xu Yue couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

    Are you crying?

    Then, people passing by saw a girl in a beautiful dress squatting on the ground, and there was a handsome young girl guarding her.

    “I’m not playing anymore, never playing again.”

    “Okay, don’t play anymore.”

    Xu Yue put the coat behind her back, blocking the sight of others.

    Later, Ji Yi was helped by Xu Yue to go to the snack bar? The two played for a long time, just in time for a rest.

    After eating in the shop, Ji Yi came over.

    She was leaning against the window, boring? Staring at the posts posted in the store? Some? About Happy Valley? Timetable, “There is a musical fountain at 8 o’clock in the evening, and there is water on the ground? The kind.

    ” It’s pretty? Let’s wait till night? Shall we watch it together?” Will there be two hours left?

    Night fell.

    There is a large open space next to the fountain, and there are water outlets and lights on the ground, and people are standing next to it.

    At eight o’clock exactly, when the time comes, the fountain will emerge with the rhythm of music. The colorful shapes and the lights are particularly beautiful.

    Many adults hold their mobile phones to record videos, and children stand on the flat bottom, treading water with their bare feet.

    A burst of joy? Laughter.

    Xu Yue: “Do you want to go to play?”

    “No, no more.” Looking fun, she doesn’t want to wear sneakers and a beautiful short skirt to play in the water.

    Nevertheless, the water emerging from the ground still stained her shoes.

    Ji Yi hurriedly pulled him out, “The shoes almost got wet.”

    Now, they just got some water.

    Xu Yue let go of her hand, took out the tissue from the backpack, squatted at her feet, and carefully wiped it off for her.

    Ji Yi was particularly embarrassed, and wanted to shrink, but Xu Yue grabbed her toes, “Don’t move.”

    This made Ji Yi think that this cold and arrogant boy has been in front of himself more than once. Bow your head?

    She was shy and frank, “Xu Yue, it’s nice to have you.” The

    young man squatted beside her, slightly stunned. A warm current surged in my heart, and he said in a deep

    voice, “Only you would think that way.” Ji Yi raised the volume, “We Xu Yue is very good!” The

    girl raised her chin, her voice was delicate and delicate. Crisp and exceptionally loud.


    Finally, there is a must-play item, the Ferris wheel that Ji Yi stared at for a day.

    Because the Ferris wheel makes a full circle for about half an hour, sitting on the top, looking up at the sky or looking down on the ground, is very quiet, so she chose to experience it last.

    When the two entered the field and lined up, when they stepped into the small carriage? It showed that there were only two of them.

    The rotation speed of the Ferris wheel is very slow, but you can still feel that you are getting farther and farther away from the ground.

    This prosperous city is not completely shrouded in darkness. The lights of each high-rise building converge and become bright.

    “Xu Yue, look, those lights, aren’t they beautiful?”

    He looked attentively, staring at the girl on the opposite side, and whispered, echoing, “It’s really beautiful.”

    “It’s about to reach the highest point .” It’s up.”

    Ascended to high altitude, it was a little shaken, even if he was not afraid of heights, Ji Yi would sit up and look around.

    Xu Yue lowered his head, wrapped his hands behind his neck, and took off the silver-black necklace in front of him.

    What Ji Yi is puzzled? Will? His actions are in sight.

    I saw Xu Yue beckoning to her, “An’an, bow your head?”

She did.

    A chain with lingering warmth fell on her neck, and there followed a sigh, very pious? Oath:

    “From now on, Xu Yue will live for you.”

    The author has something to say. :

    My brother Xu is really good at it! !

    Look at what you said in the last chapter about tiger and wolf…cover your face

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