AR: Ch 60

The moonlight is shining on the road, and the stars are shining above the head.

    There was a constant stream of pedestrians coming and going on the street, and vehicles were speeding by on the road.

    After walking down from the Ferris wheel, the two left Happy Valley.

    Ji Yi left? In front?, holding the fishing necklace on his neck in both hands, he can clearly feel the curvature of the wings.

    This thing was originally a sign that she identified Xu Yue’s identity.

    Unexpectedly, she is now wearing it on her body.

    What did he say?

    “Living for you?”

    How can she? Can afford such love…


    walking? On the road? Didn’t pay attention to the ground?, almost tripped over by a small stone? Fortunately, Xu Yue timely ? Hold her on.

    “I can’t take the road?”

    She patted her chest, shocked, she didn’t forget to defend herself, “I didn’t notice it for a while.”

    Xu Yue supported her without letting go. Looking at her quietly, her dark and deep eyes seemed to freeze, “Is it because of what I said that distracted you?”

    Ji Yi opened his mouth, don’t know what to do? Respond.

    She is not the kind of passionate sex in the first place, but she has never been emotionally experienced, so she doesn’t know what to do at this time.

    But seeing Xu Yue’s appearance, she couldn’t bear it? Seeing him sad? Or she could show lost eyes.

    Ji Yi raised his hand, a touch of shame appeared on his face, and words of comfort were brewing.

    Suddenly Xu Yue? Putting a hand behind her waist, he hooked the person forward and carried him into her arms.

    The voice coming from my ear was strong and domineering, “An An, since I gave you the necklace, I didn’t plan to take it back. Even if you refuse it, it’s useless.”

    “???” Ji Yi’s eyelids jumped several times.

    This plot goes? Toward? Isn’t it?

    Now that I think about it, when Xu Yue gave her things, he used various reasons or even gave her no reason, and directly fooled her into a routine.

    She didn’t ask her if she wanted the necklace, so she put it on her neck.

    really?! The big villain is still in his bones? It is a bloodline of rebellion, how can a ferocious wolf? May become a little milk dog! !

    Ji Yi, who was trapped in his arms, raised a hand and said, “I finally know…you? You just pretended to be.”

    Xu Yue bent over slightly, arched his back, facing her, “What are you pretending?”

    The little girl opened her eyes wide, bright, and accused: “Pretend to be pitiful! Conceive me!”

    “Pretend to be pitiful to confuse you? Is it?” Someone asked shamelessly, still? Dare to climb along the pole.

    “No! Ignore you!” She took a big step forward with her hands behind her back, out of an extraordinary momentum.

    The young man also stepped to guard her.

    Walking through the intersection, two voices seemed to be arguing.

    An old man selling candied haws sat next to the underground passage, and a seven or eight-year-old child was standing.

    The child spread out the red one hundred yuan in his hand, “Grandpa, this money seems to be fake.” The

    old man shook his head again and again, unwilling to believe, “Impossible. Grandpa received it yesterday. I took it with a flashlight. It’s true.” The

    child: “The teacher has taught you how to verify the authenticity? It doesn’t seem to be right. You will know it once you

    retake a new photo.” The old man stretched out his trembling hand and held the big black wallet in the middle of his stomach. Take it out, take out a flashlight from inside.

    There is a small button at the bottom of the torch. When it is turned on, it will have a blue light similar to a small currency detector lamp, which can illuminate the hidden numbers on the money to distinguish between true and false.

    The old man checked with a flashlight and found that there were no numbers on the money.

    One hundred yuan is just a meal for some people, but for the elderly small merchants, it is a huge amount.

    A bunch of candied haws is only two or three yuan, just like that? A fake one, and the candied haws that he has worked so hard to make and sell for several days are in vain!

    “Grandpa I’m sorry?…” The old man held the child, tears fell all at once.

    At this moment, a clear female voice came.

    “Old man, I want two bunches of candied haws.” The

    old man quickly pulled his sleeves to wipe away tears, stood up on the wall, and raised the sticks with candied haws to the front?, “Little girl, two yuan each, which one do you want? You can pick it yourself.”

    Ji Yi raised his hand, took out two hawthorns with big fruit, and then handed the change to the old man.

    She moved her gaze to the red ticket held in the palm of the old man’s hand, and smiled and said, “Old man, I have too much change here and I want to change you? That one hundred yuan, okay?” The

    old man looked down? In this picture, I glanced at the grandson who was standing by and waiting to pay the study fee. He hesitated, and finally he shook his head, “This is a fake qian, can’t be changed.”

    “Huh? You can show me. Is it?”

    Ji Yi looked surprised.

    The old man thought that the fake was worthless, so he handed it to her.

    Ji Yi pulled the four corners of the money away, touched the numbers on the money, pursed his lips and smiled slightly, “Is this true? Old man, did you read it wrong?” The

    old man was puzzled.

    Ji Yi asked him to use several verification methods to confirm that the money was genuine.

    She exchanged her change for a hundred, and both the old man and the child smiled.

    The two walked forward for a while, passing by the trash can.

    Xu Yue saw her tearing a piece of red hundred yuan to pieces and throwing it in.

    That was the old man’s fake chao just now. After being dropped by Ji Yi, it became what it is now.

    Ji Yi handed one of the candied haws to Xu Yue, who was next to him, “Would you like to eat it? It’s very sweet.”

    Xu Yue took the candied haws, pinched the slender? You? It’s the same for everyone? Okay?”

    “No, it’s all trivial things. Since? I met, within the scope of my ability, I can help.”

    She tore the surface? That thin layer I opened my teeth and bit a hawthorn fruit with syrup in my mouth. The cheek on the left was slightly bulged, very cute.

    Xu Yue coldly said: “I won’t?.”

    His voice was floating in the air, unparalleled and true, “Xu Yue is only good for An An.” After

    she finished eating her candied haws, he gave him back. Pass it over.

    “You? Why? Don’t you eat?” she asked.

    “Children like to eat this.”

    “Hmph, don’t eat it.” She took the candied haws back domineeringly.

    After tearing off the sugar paper, he didn’t move.

    “Xu Yue, you? Have fun today?”

    Ji Yi stopped in place, waiting for his next answer.

    He was about to be inertial? The words were like gold, “Hmm…”

    Ji Yixian made a serious statement, and said solemnly: “No, seriously? Answer!”

    “Very open…Um.”

    When he opened his mouth? When, Ji Yi took this opportunity to put the candied haws into his mouth.

    The taste of sweetness is on the tip of the tongue.

    She smiled triumphantly, “Xu Yue, is the candied fruit sweet?”

    The boy was stunned, her smiling face reflected in the dark pupils.

    The broad palm suddenly covered the back of her hand, holding the long sign and gently pulling it, biting off the top part.

    When Ji Yi was proud, his back and neck were buckled.

    The young man bowed his head, pressed between her slightly opened red lips, transitioning the bitten hawthorn fruit in her mouth.

    Heavy breathing fell on her cheeks, like feathers brushing the tip of her heart.

    There is no refund.

    There is nowhere to escape.

    He lowered his voice, his thin lips almost pressed to her ears, reminding him: “An An, don’t try to provoke me.”

    Could? Can’t help it.

    The children passing by were very curious, “Dad, you? See what your brother and sister are doing?”

    “Ahem, son…” The man had to find a lame excuse, “My sister fell down, and my brother helped her.”

    Kissed by a passerby. I saw that Ji Yi’s face was probably as red as hawthorn fruit.

    Why? Every time at the end? Was picked up to the death of the brain? Opportunity!

    What a shame!

    The child has no objection to his father’s words, and he is serious about teaching experience, “If I fall, my father will carry me, and if my sister falls, my brother will also carry my sister.” The

    man hurried his son and left quickly . .

    Xu Yuehao loosened her in his spare time. “An An, who fell down, do I need Xu Yue’s back?”

    Ji Yi pressed Xu Yue’s head to the side, pressing on his pounding heart? He smiled at himself.

    Fragile laughter

    came to his ears, Ji Yi pointed to the ground, “You? Squat down!” He really was obedient.

    Xu Yue took out her jacket from her bag, and two long sleeves came around from behind and tied them around her waist. Then he squatted with one knee in front of her, “Come up.”

    Ji Yi didn’t dare, lying on his back.

    The shadows under the street lights overlap each other.

    He looked at the bulging black shadow behind his back, with a smile on his lips.

    Pedestrians on the road became scarce.

    Ji Yi lay on his back and ate the last candy.

    “It is said that everyone is an independent living body. Shouldn’t people who live in this world work hard for themselves the most?”

    “I don’t want to do that anymore.”

    Working hard for myself, isn’t he alone? people.

    What does that mean?

    He doesn’t want to be that kind of person, he would rather devote his life to another person.

    In fact, when he saw Ji Yi helping the old man to replace the…

    His care? And love, delivered to another person?” But he didn’t ask this question in the end.

    He dare not.

    As long as Ji Yi stays with him, that’s fine.


    Xu Yue carried her on his back for a long time, and the two of them took a taxi home.

    I had a great time on this day, and I almost forgot my troubles.

    When Ji Yi opened the WeChat message, he found that Song Yanke and He Xuxu had each sent a lot of messages to her to “report” the situation.

    “Although it is not allowed to spread on the Internet, the class has been discussing your affairs with Xu Yue for the past two days.”

    “An An, you? Pay attention recently. Did you ask Mr. Xu not to go back to school for the time being. After a while, wait for the storm to pass.”

    She knew that she couldn’t hide forever.

    Once this kind of thing broke out, no one would forget it in a short time, and it was impossible for Xu Yue not to go to school forever.

    After playing for two days, it’s time to stand and face each other and solve the trouble.

    She is not afraid that Ji Guosheng will keep her at home. The most important thing is that she has to guard the people she wants to protect.

    Today Xu Yue asked her, is it true to everyone? Okay?

    But in fact… she doesn’t know what she will do?

    Maybe if something like this happened to someone else, she would choose to stay away from trouble.

    When everything was silent, the awake girl was lying next to the window, looking at the high-hanging moon, and quietly made a wish, “If the kindness given to others can be accumulated, I hope all gentleness and gentleness can be accumulated. All the good things are returned to Xu Yue.”

    The author has something to say:

    Look at your message, it is another day when Luo Luo forced Brother Xu and An An to open business (covering their faces). These

    two know that they like each other, but they are still one difference. Little opportunity.

    As for Xu Yue, the big villain, he certainly can’t be so gentle. The next chapter will be blackened.

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