AR: Ch 61

  In the morning of late self-study, Ji Yi and Xu Yue got up together to go to school.

    Haven’t reached the school gate yet? Xu Yue stopped, “Are you going in first?, I’ll come in a while.”

    Ji Yi asked frankly, “Are you afraid that others would see it?”

    Xu Yue rubbed her. Hair, there is no answer, it is a default.

    Ji Yi nodded slightly, and then continued to walk forward. Only after three steps, he turned around to remind him? One sentence, “Come hurry up, don’t be late.”

    “Yeah.” The

    thin back figure faded away?, Xu Yue Standing under the tree, watched her pass the road and walked into the campus before leaving.

    But he? Did not go forward, but turned back.

    “Silly Anan, I lied to you again.”

    “I can’t go to class with you.” When

    he asked for leave, Ji Yi didn’t come. Even if the two walked into the campus one after the other, in the eyes of others, they wanted to cover it up.

    Can’t stand beside her, can’t let your stigma ruin the clean girl.


    Ji Yi walked into the school gate and turned around one step at a time, always wanting to see if Xu Yue kept up.

    She listened to Xu Yue’s words not to avoid suspicion, but to think rationally. If she enters the classroom with Xu Yue, those people will definitely make up stories.

    If you separate it, no one will know that she came from Xu Yue’s house.

    “Xiao Yi!”

    Song Yanke suddenly ran from behind and patted her shoulder happily.

    “I? I watched the back image of you from behind, so I caught up.” Song Yanke happily took her hand up, “It’s really you, great.”

    Ji Yi: “I? I said I would come yesterday. It’s in class.”

    “Hey, I know, I am very happy to see you return to school safely.” Song Yanke took her to the teaching building.

    Ji Yi occasionally looked back, I was afraid that he had missed it, and did not suspect that he would deceive.

    Ji Yi returned to her seat, and He Xuxu humbled her warmth. Already sitting in the classroom? Everyone stared at her with curious eyes.

    Ji Yi adjusts her mood by herself. Even if she is facing the strange gaze of others, can she smile at herself? Comforting herself, “Fortunately, I chose the first row, no one can see.”

    He Xuxu was quite worried, “Your father mom agreed to come back to you go to school? he? they come to me yesterday? with cocoa, saying that your message will inform him of the first time? they. ” “

    I? went back to school, he? they soon I will know.”

    Indeed, Ji Yi stepped into the classroom before Ji Guosheng received the news.

    Ji Yi leaned back in the back seat, staring silently at the empty seat in front, thinking: Why haven’t you come?

    She sent a text message to Xu Yue, but the other party did not reply.

    He Xuxu saw her quietly playing with her phone, “I? Remember that your phone is not black. This phone case looks like Xu Yue’s.”

    Because Xu Yue often turned back to communicate with Ji Yi, He Xuxu gave Xu Yue something superficial. Things are fairly familiar.

    Knowing that Ji Yi could not hide it, he raised his finger to his mouth and made a gesture of sealing, “Shh, this is not my phone.”

    He Xuxu was inexplicably excited when he heard it.

    Especially? Don’t promise her, “Don’t worry, I won’t talk nonsense.”

    Ji Yi nodded at her, and the two of them tacitly agreed.

    But time passed bit by bit, and the anxiety that rose in my heart became more and more serious.

    “I want to go out to make a phone call.”

    She hid in the toilet to make the phone call, but was hung up by the other party.

    Soon, a message came in: [An’an, obediently in school, I have some personal matters? Need to be dealt with?. rest assured. ] Do

    n’t worry?

    When she saw this text message, she understood that Xu Yue had composed a lie. He didn’t even tell from the beginning. He came to the school with her to face the rumors.

    Just like before, he? Locked himself in the room and hid him.

    The phone call? He didn’t answer it.

    Just one after another text messages were sent to comfort her and tell her to study at ease.

    Seeing the news that kept coming out, Ji Yi was about to cry anxiously, “Liar, what do you say is to advance and retreat.” At the

    other end, the teenager who was already sitting in the car was holding his mobile phone, his fingers were on the screen, and he kept beating? To send a text is to refuse to connect to the phone.

    The fingers kept tightening, almost crushing the phone.

    He leaned on the car seat, closed his eyes cruelly, and stopped looking at the flashing screen.

    “An An, don’t fight anymore…”

    He couldn’t answer, because he knew that he had no resistance to her.

    If you hear her voice, I am afraid that no matter what she says, she will immediately surrender.


    Xu Yue was right. Although Ji Yi was involved in his own affairs, others would not directly pour dirty water on her.

    In addition, Ji Yi’s identity was completely exposed, and everyone was a little bit afraid of her.

    Not afraid of her, but the eldest lady who is afraid to provoke the rich.

    Ji Guosheng bought someone to “whitewash” Ji Yi, and made her achievements and honor certificates public, so that everyone could see that her excellence and the son of the murderer were completely different from each other.

    So everyone? Only when she was deceived, she began to sympathize.

    Some     people think that they are coming to “consolate” her, “It is not your fault to know people badly. You are only too innocent and kind to be deceived by that kind of person.” When Ji Yi heard this sentence, Directly took the book and patted the man’s face.

    On this day, there is always someone guarding outside the classroom, and she can’t go.

    Ji Yi kept his face calm all day long, exuding the indifferent aura of “Should you not enter”.

    Go to the school gate? There is also a special car to pick you up, even if it is only ten minutes away.

    Ji Yi returned home “obediently”, but learned that Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi did not go home.

    Aunt Su is still the same, she has already prepared night snacks.

    Ji Yi said to her sincerely: “I’m sorry.”

    “Second Miss, don’t say that, Aunt Su doesn’t blame you.”

    She also learned later that Mr. and Mrs. treated their daughters like that.

    Before this child was disobedient, everyone at home didn’t care, just let it go.

    Now he has become well-behaved and sensible, but has become harsh, but a bit too much. Keep your child at home? What is it like? It’s no wonder that children will run out?.

    “By the way, the second lady, the security room downstairs said today that there is a special express for you, and you need an ID card to pick it up.”

    Usually express delivery is delivered to the door, or in the courier box downstairs? , You can get it with the verification code.

    This is a special reminder, and I need to take my ID card to get it.

    Ji Yi nodded, went back to the room to find the ID card, and then went out again.

    At the door? Someone stopped her, “Second Miss, sir? I told you not to go out at will.”

    “I’m going to get the courier.”

    “You can directly order this kind of trivial matter.”

    “Why? Me? Can I get a courier to get away?” She naturally wouldn’t listen.

    The two followed closely, watching the whole process of Ji Yi taking the courier, and “sending” her back home.

    Ji Yi got a sealed document bag, she opened the things and took out a small envelope.

    She touched a hard card inside the envelope about the thickness of A4 paper. She opened the envelope and the bank card inside fell on the table.

    On the back is written a line: An’an, the password is, my secret.

    She instantly confirmed the identity of the card sender-Xu Yue.

    The password is a very simple but difficult sentence to understand.

    If someone else gets the card, there is no way to know the password of the card.

    Only she knows the day when Xu Yue confessed his life experience to her.

    That is Xu Yue’s secret.

    She turned over the file bag and took a closer look. The date on it was the day after she was locked up by Ji Guosheng.

    Didn’t she go back then? What does it mean that Xu Yue gave her a card after looking for Xu Yue?

    Ji Yi frowned, flipping the file bag over and over again, there was nothing else.

    “What do you mean…” She sighed? She sat on the chair.

    When her finger touched the phone, she suddenly remembered that this is Xu Yue’s phone, even the card!

    Moreover, she knows far more than this.

    I used these things to check the amount of the bank card, and it turned out to have six digits.

    The six digits at the beginning of the word 9…

    For a young adult, it is simply a sky-high price.

    Moreover, before that, Xu Yue had been providing high medical expenses for Lu Yi’s father.

    Ji Yi lowered his head, pressed his fingers with his head, thinking in pain.

    She seems to have forgotten something.

    The reason why Xu Yue became a rich and powerful “Mr. Xu” with his own power has been ignored by her all the time. The description in the book is vague, and only knows that it has something to do with his mechanical design talent.

    He? He’s doing transactions with people, the kind that is not very bright…


    She shook her hand, and even the bank card fell to the floor.


    Lu Yi woke up, he found himself lying on the cold and humid ground with water on his body.

    He? I don’t know why he appeared here? The only memory before waking up is, this morning, he? Going to the studio to work as usual.

    I can’t remember the latter.

    My head hurts badly at this moment.

    He got up with difficulty and touched all sides with his hands. They were hard and cold, and there were some stubborn hands. It should be a hard concrete wall.

    There are walls on all sides, you can’t even touch the door.

    There is no gap to go out. Even the light that enters the room is only the top? A little sunlight.

    “Come on!”

    “Let me? Get out?!”

    “Is there anyone? Who wants to lock me up here?”

    “Come out!”

    There is water on the ground here, and his clothes and pants are all It’s wet. Although I can’t see it, I also know that I’m covered with mud and water, and it’s very dirty.

    Lu Yi usually likes to be clean. This environment is really unbearable for him, but he can’t get away.

    He looks very gentle in appearance, but his temper has not been very good, even a little irritable.

    Being locked in a dark, cold and damp place at the moment, I was frightened a long time ago, but had to cry for help.

    After yelling for a long time, my throat was dry again, and my mouth was peeled.

    After a long time, he heard the sound of Shimen moving.

    The light from outside shone in, and Lu Yi was eager, but he? At this time, he has no energy.

    Can only climb over?.

    The tall and thin figure stood by the door, unable to see what it looked like.

    Lu Yi lay half-length on the ground, licking his dry lips with his tongue, and said with difficulty, “Who are you?” After a

    while, the dark figure stepped forward and approached him.

    The indoor lights came on suddenly.

    The bright light pierced Lu Yi unable to open his eyes, and after a while he slowly took a closer look.

    He looked at the people in horror, and backed away in fright.


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