AR: Ch 62

The man’s slender legs stepped on the surface of the water, making waves of water, bringing muddy water on the soles of his feet, and walking towards him step by step.

    Like? The devil demanded his life.

    Lu Yi felt that his body was already against the wall, and there was no way out.

    He? Panic looking at? Xu Yue, voice drying on fire, “Xu Yue, what you want to do?”

    Xu more hand? In playing with? A small screwdriver, condescending stare? Prostrate on the ground of people , His eyes are darker than twilight.

    He slowly squatted down and put the tip of the screwdriver against the back of Lu Yi’s hand.

    Lu Yi wanted to withdraw his hand in horror, but found that Xu Yue deliberately increased his strength and pressed him with a screwdriver. Once he struggled, he would cause severe pain.

    He? Talking? The hoarse voice yelled, “Let go? Me, do you want to become a murderer too!” The

    young man’s eyes were cold, and he asked quietly, “Don’t you? Are you? I always feel that I am guilty? “

    Hearing this sentence?, Lu Yi’s lips were pale, and his whole body trembled. “Xu Yue, you lunatic.”

    “Well, today? Let you see what a lunatic is.”

    Smart hands? Finger pinch. Turning the screwdriver slightly, moving to the center of the back of his hand, Xu Yue’s mouth raised a sullen smile.


    pressed it down heavily.

    “Ah–” The

    bright red blood poured out.

    Lu Yi opened his mouth wide and let out a scream of horror. The painful voice kept reverberating in the empty room, as if one after another spell came back to his ears.

    The big beads of sweat dripped from his forehead and mixed with the muddy water surface.

    His eyes were stained with muddy water, blocking his already blurred vision.

    He desperately used his other hand to slap, but he couldn’t shake the screwdriver.

    “Let me go…”

    “I won’t do it again…”


    Lu Yi begged humblely, with tears of horror in his eyes, not at all?

    Xu Yue pressed the screwdriver tightly, without a trace of relentlessness, let alone shaken.

    After a while, he raised his hand slightly, didn’t he eagerly calmed down his tone as if he was gossiping, “I warned you, Lu Yi.”

    “A beaming clown struggled for so many years. For the sake of your father’s death, I didn’t want to care about you, but why did you want to involve her?”

    Xu Yue casually? Throwing the screwdriver out the door, “Am I? No? Yes? I said, Don’t you want to provoke her?” The

    blood stained the palms of the hands, poured into the ground, and mixed with muddy water.

    Lu Yi was dizzy.

    Just when he thought the cruel torture was over, his finger was hit on the joint with a hammer.

    a bit.

    Two clicks.

    Three times…

    His ten fingers were not spared.

    Lu Yi bit blood in his mouth, “I’m going to sue you, you will go to jail! You lunatic.”

    Xu Yue stared at the awkward body lying on the ground, and smiled coldly, “You are afraid of death. But I am not afraid of committing crimes.”

    He seemed to be a demon, and constantly inflicting pain on Lu Yi, even if it was so painful that he passed out, he would be awakened by the stabbing.

    Lu Yi was terrified, he was afraid that he would die here.

    “Let me go… I was wrong…”

    “Forgive, forgive     me …”


“Let me…”

    However? Xu Yue lost his reason and reason, and couldn’t listen to how Lu Yi begged? Go in.

    The picture that emerged in his mind was that when she was a child, her mother pressed her in the water, cruelly wanting him to drown. It was the alcoholic father who took the leather belt and beat him with whip after whip, leaving him with bruises all over his body. Is it? The older brother who has been with him for many years waited for him with a look of disgust and disgust, saying he was guilty!

    Lu Yi finally realized that he was on the verge of death.

    “You, aren’t you afraid…cough.” Lu Yi coughed out another big mouthful of blood, but in order to find his last life, don’t he? Never? It’s never possible, with Ji Yi.”

    Lu Yi uttered the last word with difficulty, and Lu Yi fainted completely.

    And? At this moment, Xu Yue, with red eyes, suddenly stopped all his movements.

    He suddenly released the blood-stained hammer in his hand, and a smiling face appeared in front of him.

    “An An…”

    The thin, chapped lips lightly opened, and the name engraved in the heart was recited silently.

    The scarlet eyes gradually restored the peace of the past.

    The bright room suddenly turned back into a gloomy appearance, and the lonely figure gradually left, leaving only the sound of stepping through the shallow water.


    Many missed calls and unread text messages appear on the screen of the broken mobile phone.

    He stretched out his hand to get it, but he was afraid that his body was covered with sewage and that thing would be dirty.

    It took him a while to clean up himself.

    Later, I went to the place I missed.

    At this time, the phone number that originally belonged to him came in again.

    He stretched out his hand tremblingly, and finally slid to the green answer button.

    “An An.”


    When he called out his name, the person who called was silent.

    He raised his hand machine to his lips, and whispered, “Is that right.”

    At the moment when he heard Xu Yue’s voice, Ji Yi’s tears that he had endured for a long time finally fell, especially aggrieved, “I hate to hear it now. These three words.”

    Xu Yue’s heart sank suddenly.

    He? Besides apologizing, doesn’t he? Know what else to say to her.

    Ji Yi wiped away the tears and tried not to? Let the other person hear it out, restrained just remembering the tone, and asked: “Are you okay?”

    Xu Yue squinted his eyes, and answered twice slowly: “Very good.”

    “But I’m not? Good!” She broke out completely, “Do you know? Know how many calls I called you? How many messages did I send? Are you willing to answer the calls? Do you know that I am scared? “

    What’s that card? What do you mean?”

    “You let me go back to school by myself and throw me down, don’t you? Will you see me, won’t you? Will answer my call?, what do you mean?”

    Tears pattered. It slammed on the ground, blurring his eyes.

    She has a clear cry and is so stubborn.

    “Xu Yue, you deceived me again and again, you…”

    “Don’t you just live? Are you? I like you!” The

    night was cold and the breeze was blowing.

    Downstairs in the cold residential area, the young man hidden in the dark kept forbearing, restrained, or could not resist the voice that came into his ears.

    Every word of her? Like a sharp long arrow, pierced in the heart.

    “An An, stop crying, can you?” He wanted to apologize, but she didn’t allow it.

    Then he? Can only pray, please, don’t you? He is crying.

    Ji Yi sniffed, “Anyway, you don’t want me, it doesn’t matter what I do! I don’t want your card, don’t you want your phone, phone, or your necklace! “At

    that moment, Xu Yue’s heart was completely confused.

    He was so flustered that he wanted to talk, he couldn’t make a sound.

    Don’t you want to reject him?…

    That card was? After Lu Yi broke out of his life experience, he? He took the design drawings and models he had cherished for a long time to make a deal with Qin Shan. Knowing that she wants to make money, he? willingly give her all his wealth. No matter if Ji Yi is? Is he really abandoning him with those people? He? He wants to fulfill her wish for her.

    That necklace was worn by him when he was alone after his grandfather left.

    Give her the necklace, do you want to tell her that he is willing to give everything he has.

    “An’an, I just want to be good to you.”

    “But I don’t need you to sacrifice yourself to be good to me!” The

    mobile phone fell on the ground and made a “bang” sound.

    Ji Yi sat on the ground beside the bed, wrapped his hands around his knees, and buried his head.

    Tears soaked the trouser legs, and she didn’t even feel it.

    It’s just that he hugged himself tightly, and his voice gradually lowered, “I’m really… very scared.” He

    thought that he could face things together, but he didn’t say goodbye.

    He took away the evil rumors, and she lost her freedom.

    In this world, she has no relatives.


    Don’t you know how long it took, there was a rustling noise outside the window, as well as a small knocking sound.

    Ji Yi wiped away tears, then turned his head and glanced.

    The next second, she stood up in horror. He quickly got up from the ground, ran to the bed, and opened the window from the side.


    Looking at that familiar face, she was so shocked that she couldn’t speak.

    One stood in the warm and bright room, and the other clung to the dark and quiet window. Between the two? Is there a strong? Breakable anti-theft bar, even a hug? A luxury thought.

    After a moment of surprise, all that was left was? Worried about

    Ji Yi? Looking at him in a strange way, his heart was beating, “Are you crazy?”

    Where she was, but? The fourth floor!

    Xu Yue appeared by the window… Is that? Did you climb up?

    When she was extremely worried, the person outside laughed, responding to what she said, “Yes? Ah, crazy.”

    “You go quickly, it’s dangerous.”

    He shook his head and didn’t want to. Leave, “I’m not afraid of danger.”

    “I’m afraid you will cry for a long time.”

    Ji Yi covered his mouth tightly, so that he would not cry.

    She stretched out a hand and grabbed Xu Yue’s wrist tightly, “I’m not crying, you go, how about you go? It’s dangerous.”

    Xu Yue laughed more ugly than crying. “No? You want to drive me away… An’an.”

    Ji Yi kept shaking his head, “No? Yes? It’s very dangerous here. You go down first and we will slowly say okay?”

    “I’ll find it.” You, I will go out to find you!” She assured him.

    “It’s the safest to stay at home obediently.” Xu Yue stared at her? She looked for a while, stepping on the iron fence with both feet, one hand? Climbing tightly?, or forbearance. No, he stretched in and touched her teary cheeks, “I just want to look at you. Don’t cry, I’m leaving now.”

    He glanced openly, reluctantly.

    Xu Yue’s skill and strength disappeared into the night.

    Ji Yi opened the door? The door ran downstairs. The door had been locked again. She still couldn’t open it.

    The only thing in the house that is not equipped with an anti-theft net or locked is? The balcony on the second floor…

    She found the iron chain in the utility room. In the silent night, she quietly hugged the iron fence to the balcony and used the iron lock to hold the iron chain. The bars were between the balconies, and they stepped on the stools and turned them out.

    When stepping on the balcony, she was terrified.

    The delicate and white hands held tightly to the iron chains with their palms, and the hands were reddened, and the pants were stained with rust.

    When the night wind passed by, she shrank her neck in fear, clenching her teeth and sliding down.

    I don’t know how long it will be to reach the ground, but since she has come down, there is no turning back.

    Before his feet landed, blood stains appeared on his hands and heart.

    The hands and fingers hurt badly.

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