AR: Ch 63

 His body was not far from the ground when he fell, but Xu Yue, who was still rushing, was still scared to death.

    He caught the falling girl child, but fell to the ground on one knee.

    If the light is bright enough, you will definitely see Xu Yue’s face pale.

    “You…” He breathed heavily, and hugged the girl in his arms tightly.

    How much? Fortunately he didn’t leave just now, standing under the tree? When the lights in her room were dark? After going, I couldn’t help but want to find another place…secretly went to see her.

    I didn’t expect to encounter this scene.

    “How dare you!” This is almost a word popping out of the teeth.

    Even if he was on the verge of death, he was never as scared as he was at the moment.

    Ji Yi was also in shock, but when she found out that she was caught by Xu Yue, joy was better than shock.

    “You can even climb the fourth floor? Dare to climb, I jumped second? What is the second floor.”

    “That’s different!” Xu Yue was anxious and angry.

    Ji Yi looked at him and retorted: “What’s the difference?”

    Xu Yue frowned and said what he was saying, “You should be safe and never touch danger!”

    Ji Yi asked back: ” I should be safe, then what about you? Do you think? It doesn’t matter if you fall? Does it matter?”


    She always has reasons to force him? He was speechless.

    “This is not a place to talk, let’s go first.” Ji Yi pulled his hand and led him towards the back door of the community.

    Xu Yue followed her silently, but kept holding her hand tightly, for fear that she would disappear.

    She dared to turn over two floors just now, and she calmed down by herself, but Xu Yue was terribly frightened.

    Ji Yi soothed: “It’s all over.”

    “In the future, you are not allowed to do dangerous things.” His voice was dumb, and his heart was deep.

    Ji Yi found that he had climbed a floor, and the two of them exchanged positions.

    Originally, she was still sad, wronged, and even righteously complained about his disappearance. At this moment, it has become the educated party.

    Her eyes are still red, but she can’t cry anymore.

    He whispered and complained: “Who told you to sneak away? Leave me alone? I’m really angry when I stay at school, don’t you know?”

    “I know.” Now Xu Yue is not a bit hostile. , Even looking at her with a silk request, “You can be angry, but can you, don’t refuse me? Those things are what I want to give to you, can you keep them, okay?”

    Those things, he can Give everything to An’an.

    For him, An An’s rejection of those things is tantamount to…no longer.

    Ji Yitong? When he looked at each other, he asked: “You don’t ask if I need it before you give me something?”

    “What you need.” Xu Yue was rather firm, “What I gave you must be right. Hello.”

    “What do you want? Will you give it to me?”

    “As long as you speak, I will do my best? I will try my best to do it.”

    She cursed in a low voice, “Liar!”

    Xu Yue The whole body was stiff, and his face was pale and weak.

    Taking advantage of his absence, Ji Yi broke free of his hand.

    But this time Xu Yue reacted extremely quickly, holding her tightly, “Don’t go!” As if

    afraid that she would run away, his entire face was stretched.

    Ji Yi hooked his little finger with his finger backhand, raised both hands together, shook in front of his eyes, and said triumphantly: “This time you grabbed me by yourself.”

    Xu Yue Frozen, laughed.

    She can always control his emotions easily, heaven for a second, hell for a second.

    Sinking for it, the heart? Willingly.

    Ji Yi stood on tiptoe and hugged him, “I ran away for you again, today? Can you take me back to your house?”

    He said, “Everything about Xu Yue? belongs to An’an.”


    “You Didn’t go to school, did you return home afterwards?” She was a little worried? Xu Yuehui wanted to hide herself like the last time, drinking and smoking at home, letting herself become decadent and degenerate.

    Xu Yue hesitated for a while, and finally replied: “…No.”

    Can’t lie to her…

    An An hates cheating.

    “Then what did you do?”

    ” Go and find Lu Yi.” When

    Ji Yi heard this, he subconsciously grabbed his arm to check, “You go find him? Did you fight again? He did. Didn’t hurt you?”

    Xu Yue stopped her, “not hurt.”

    Ji Yida? Guessed the reason, “Did he break the news last time?”


    “Then did he apologize to you? ? ” “

    …… no. “

    Ji Yi gas is very, brow wrinkled up tightly,” I know that person? too bad, do something wrong and will not admit it, hate is dead. “

    if it were not Speaking of civilization since she was a child, she wanted to scold Lu Yi once and drown that bastard with her saliva!

    Xu Yue asked anxiously: “An An, if a person does bad things, you will hate him, don’t you?”

    “It depends on what it is.” She answered casually.

    Xu Yue hung his head, his thick eyelashes quivered, hitting the corner of his eyes, uncontrollable upset.

    Seeing that his expression was not right, Ji Yi suddenly thought of something…

    She said she hated bad guys? But the one standing next to him was the big villain in this world!

    The villain’s personal and physical setting is that Jacques must be reported. (This is a derogatory term, the original setting) Is

    n’t it… has been blackened?

    She shook her hands and suddenly panicked.

    He swallowed unconsciously, and then added: “Well…doing bad things are also divided into major? minor, and reasons. If

    you know you are wrong, you can correct it . It is also forgivable.” “Can you understand?” Ji Yi blinked.

    “Yeah.” Xu Yue echoed.

    Ji Yi breathed a sigh of relief.

    When he heard his face unchanged, he added: “That’s good.”

    Ji Yi: “???”

    What do you mean? Sure enough, she has done something bad, is she testing her tone?

    She pursed her lips and added a sentence deliberately: “However, no matter how big or small it is, you can’t do anything that you violated.”

    Xu Yue lowered her eyes and whispered: “Okay…”

    Ji Yi: “…”

    It sounds, how does it seem that there was such a plan?

    “Xu Yue, I have a very serious matter to ask you.”

    “You said.”

    “How did the money in Kali come from?”

    “If you earn it yourself, you can use it with peace of mind.”

    “I’m not worried? What about this!” Her point is not whether this is good or not at all!

    “I’m thinking, you are a just-adult high school student and don’t rely on family members? How come there is so much money?”

    Xu Yue replied solemnly? Answer: “Because I can make money.”

    OK…big You guys are big guys, so easy to talk about making money.

    “But! That’s too much? Right, like in TV dramas and written in novels? All this kind of money? … What, it’s hard to come by.”

    She implied euphemistically, but she didn’t know if Xu Yue could do it. Understand her meaning.

    Xu Yue didn’t tell her the answer clearly.

    He raised his hand, touched her soft hair, and promised her, “It won’t be anymore.”

    “Oh.” Ji Yi nodded in response, with bright eyes open, like stars in the sky.

    She said seriously: “Don’t forget that you promised me to study hard. We are now high school students. Trying hard to get into college? Learning is the main task.”

    “Look, your grades are so good, and my grades are also good .” Yes, as long as you perform steadily during the college entrance examination, you can be admitted to a good university.”

    She is not rigid thinking that the only way to live is to take the college entrance examination , but she wants to lead Xu Yue to this right track. , On the ordinary road. Don’t take the sword off the front.

    Suddenly Xu Yue asked, “Where does An An want to go?”

    “I haven’t thought about this. But then we can choose where we want to go, fill in? Volunteer. Wait until college? Graduates and then find a job, is this very easy? Good?” She tried her best to make all the beauty of the future better, hoping that Xu Yue could be full of expectations.

    Xu Yue pondered for a moment and asked, “Always? Together?”

    This was a bit slurred, but Ji Yida knew what he meant, so he nodded, “According to the results of the two of us, it should

    be fine. ” Xu Yue responded in a low voice.


    she arrived at Xu Yue’s house, she checked it out and confirmed that there was no cigarettes or alcohol in the house. Then she nodded in satisfaction, “Very good, this time I didn’t violate the promise again. It is worthy of encouragement.”

    Waiting for her to go to the bedroom habitually When I left, I was held back by someone behind him.

    “Wait, come with me.”

    Xu Yue took her to the middle door, put her finger on the door handle, and pressed it down, and the door opened.

    When the lights turned on, she was shocked by the scene before her, “Wow…”

    This room has a completely different color tone from the next room, and the contrast is obvious.

    Xu Yue’s bedroom is rigorously dark and dark, but this bedroom is gentle and bright white.

    “Do you like it?”

    “This is…” She dared to guess, “Prepared for me?”

    Xu Yue nodded as expected, “I checked a lot? The decoration style, but I am afraid you don’t like it, so I chose A kind of more elegant, if you still want something, or modify something, just tell me.”

    ” I like it too much, okay!” She can’t wait to stand on the bed and jump twice? This is soft and soft. The bed looks so cool!

    Xu Yue told her to go in, “Look at the room first.”

    There are wardrobes and dressing tables specially prepared for girls and children, and there are even teddy bears on the bay window.

    Xu Yue alone would never have thought of it.

    Later, Ji Yi accidentally saw his mobile phone and realized that the photo album contained hundreds of bedroom layouts in different styles, and it also recorded the “must have” small decorations in the rooms of girls and children.

    At this moment, she was almost fascinated by the new room? “It’s great!”

    Xu Yue embraced her arms and leaned against the door, quietly looking at the figure, listening to her joyful laughter, her eyes The light is soft and the corners of the lips are slightly raised.

    At this time, the mobile phone calls.

    He walked gently to the usual office room next door, and stood in the corner to answer the phone. His face has completely calmed down, even a little cold.

    “Call someone to take that person out of the grotto and take him to the hospital.”

    “Remember, don’t let him talk

    nonsense .” Because he was reading the girl in the next room, he ordered two important sentences and ended the call.

    When he returned to the door of the middle room, Ji Yi was fiddling with the small movable mirror.

    “Xu Yue, do you know too much about girls? Hearts! I like it too much!” She said, I like the layout here, don’t think too much.

    The young man’s voice came from the rear, “Na An’an will be a girl for me? Friends, okay?”

    The author has something to say:

    Luoluo: Good! ! ! ! ! !

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