AR: Ch 64

  Xu Yue said that she almost fell into the mirror in fright.

    The confession came too suddenly, it is really…not prepared!

    With a jump of his eyelids, Ji Yi touched the mirror pretendingly. The handle set things up, “This matter, I will talk about it later.”

    “Yeah.” Xu Yue nodded, as if this answer was what he expected.

    The atmosphere is too quiet, but the conscience is guilty.

    She covered her lips and yawned. The water droplets were soaked in the black and white pupils, and the even curled and long eyelashes were stained with some moisture.

    Xu Yue looked down at the time, then stood up straight and broke the tranquility with an admonishment, “Don’t you lock the door in the bedroom next to me, please come to me whenever I have something to do.”

    “I know.” Ji Yi nodded gently.

    The sound of footsteps? Away? Her ears are quiet, and she can hear it until the door of the next room opens and closes.

    Ji Yi stretched out his hand to fetch the little bear from the bay window, and rubbed it in his arms.

    In her previous life, she had already taken the college entrance examination, and she also saw those young couples who were crooked and greasy in high school and talked about each other and broke up as soon as they graduated. I always feel…Graduation is like a curse, it will cut off a relatively stable and harmonious relationship.

    She doesn’t want to be the person in the story.

    However, when she opened her eyes and looked at everything carefully arranged in the room, her heart was very moved.

    Ji Yi kneaded the little bear incomparably tangled, and fell to the ground without holding his ears firmly.

    When she bent over to pick it up, the necklace hidden in the collar slipped out and hung in the air.

    Ji Yi picked up the little bear and put it back in the bay window, holding the necklace tightly with the palm of his hand.

    She turned to go out, raised her hand and knocked on the door of the next bedroom.

    After knocking twice, the door was pulled open from the inside.

    Xu Yue turned his head to look at her: “An’an?”

    Ji Yi stood at the door with his hands on his back, standing firmly with one foot, and shaking the other foot gently.

    Xu Yue was puzzled, “What’s the matter?”

    “I have something to say to you.” She lowered her head, her voice soft, “If you still liked me when you were admitted to college? We will be together.”

    So…Isn’t it a rejection of him, right?

    After the words fell for a long time, Xu Yue never responded.

    Ji Yi raised her head uneasy, and saw his lips smile.

    Xu Yue lowered his head slightly, approached her ear, and whispered: “Why are you so cute?”

    Ji Yi’s ear softened and fled back to the room.

    Would she be so? Is she too reserved? !


    next day, when Aunt Su woke up early to make breakfast for two school children, but found that Ji Yi was not in the room, she was so scared.

    She was about to call or go to inform her husband and wife, but she received a call from Ji Yi, telling her, “Aunt Su, I’m already at school.”

    Aunt Su looked around, still uneasy. “Second Miss, how did you get out?” The

    door outside has not been opened at all. How can Ji Yi get out?!

    “I can do it myself. I want to go to class, see you Aunt Su.” After

    Ji Yi hung up the phone, he stepped into the school gate.

    She sat in the classroom all morning and did not move. After school was over at noon, she logged in to her Weibo account, edited a long message by hand, and clicked to send it—these

    people used her enthusiasm to break the news. , Many people come to leave comments on her Weibo.

    She just edited a message and sent it out, stating that she and Xu Yue are classmates and friends, and will not draw a line with her friends because of malicious and false rumors on the Internet.

    It is also obvious to persuade the people on the Internet to speak rationally.

    It’s a pity that she posted this Weibo? It didn’t take long for her to disappear inexplicably.

    Ji Yi didn’t believe it, so he edited and sent another one.

    But it was gone soon.

    “Will your account be hacked?” He Xuxu quietly came over.

    Ji Yi shook his head, “I don’t know, I don’t know too much about the

    Internet .” It’s okay to surf the Internet at ordinary times, and she has never touched those black technologies.

    At this moment, Xu Yue and Zhuo Yihang were together.

    When Xu Yue asked to solve those things on the Internet, Zhuo Yihang hesitated, “Brother Xu, I am very happy to help me, but can I? How late? How many hours later? My cousin is from M country. Dang, I’m calling this one? It’s going to happen if I wake him to sleep…”

    Xu Yue took out his cell phone without changing his face, with four words: “Money transaction.”

    “Isn’t it money?” When it’s time for money, his house…” Zhuo Yihang hadn’t finished speaking yet, and a payment reminder popped up on his mobile phone. He clicked on the amount and looked at it, and his attitude immediately turned 180 degrees, “Xu brother, don’t worry. , I must communicate with my cousin!”

    This deal is so real, he likes it!

    Ji Yi’s Weibo account was obviously the cousin Zhuo Yihang doing tricks, because Xu Yue didn’t want her to stand up at all.

    “Brother Xu, what are you going to do next?” Zhuo Yihang took out the cigarette case from his bag, took one and passed it over.

    Xu Yueyan simply refused, “Don’t smoke.”

    “Huh? Doesn’t it? Isn’t it because I was seen by Ji Yi last time, so I didn’t smoke?”

    “Hmm.” He didn’t deny it.

    Zhuo Yihang put the cigarette between his fingers and stuffed it back into the cigarette case.

    He smiled and joked, “Okay, I have to call my sister when I see you in the future…oh no?, call her sister-in-law?.”

    “Don’t make fun of her.” Xu Yue guarded him tightly, staring at him with a strong warning.

    Zhuo Yihang’s mouth twitched, unable to understand these people who fell in love, what kind of great love can turn a cold school bully into a good student!

    “Will I go to school recently, you can take care of me.”

    The dean of the school has already contacted him and said in a tactful way that he shouldn’t go to school recently.

    It just so happened that he didn’t want to go either.

    “Okay, no problem, no? Guo Jiyi is Miss Ji’s family, shouldn’t it? Need it? What should I do.”

    “Pay attention to what is the first time to tell me.”



    Ji Yi’s Weibo is unsure, and he and He Xuxu have been studying in the classroom for a long time.

    Song Yanke hurriedly ran back to the classroom, sat down on the stool in front of him, panting, “No, no, no, no, no. All the students from the school have meetings in the principal’s office, saying that they want to discuss Xu Yue’s. Things.”

    “Many parents of students now complain to the school, saying that they can’t let their children go to school with… um… Xu Yue. I also heard that they were trying to calm this matter. He may be subject to forced suspension, replacement, or even expulsion.”

    “No? No!” Ji Yi patted the table and stood up.

    The three ran to the principal’s office together, and when they were about to approach, they all cautiously pretended to pass by accidentally.

    Waiting? Walking from the front door of the office to the back, Ji Yi came back and shook his head with them, “The front and rear doors are closed, I don’t know what is being discussed inside.”

    Ji Yi wondered, “Coco, you listen? Who said it? Huh?”

    He Xuxu added the question, “No school? Isn’t it allowed to talk about this matter?”

    “Actually…” Song Yan could hesitate, or decided to say something in one breath? The director is an uncle of my family. Don’t tell anyone about this.”

    “I’m not? I see Xiao Yi has been frowning recently, so I went to the side and knocked on the side to find out.” I

    heard the news immediately. Tell Ji Yi.

    Ji Yi heard that I was grateful, “Thank you Coco, wait? This thing is over? I will definitely give you the whole snack package!”

    “Wow!” The saliva of food is about to flow out.

    In order to live up to the future snack package, Song Yanke said something more: “Actually, I heard? My uncle meant that the school still wants to keep Xu Yue, after all, his grades are very good. But the parents I can’t directly ignore the complaints, which is very difficult.”

    Ji Yi nodded in agreement, “This time the matter is indeed very troublesome.”

    She was unconditionally on Xu Yue’s side.

    But only one person can’t stop the crowd. What makes the school leaders difficult is the joint complaint by the parents of the students.

    Everyone not only revealed his life experience, but also revealed his “stubborn” behavior in the past few years. The other students were afraid of him, and everyone said he was malicious intimidation.

    Some people brought the rhythm, and even spread the story of Xu Yue’s fight very eloquently.

    The three of them became tigers, and finally fell into the ears of people? It seemed like Xu Yue had ever killed a classmate by mistake… It was

    almost impossible for so many people to “understand” Xu Yue.

    Song Yanke: “Xiao Yi, you have a good time with Mr. Xu, do you know what other family members do he still have?? When it’s like this, you should find your parents.”

    “But the post? Isn’t it? , Is his father a criminal?” He Xuxu was straightforward, and said, “I didn’t mean to slander, but if it is true, it means that his family situation is also relatively bad. How many days have passed, and no Seeing his family appeared.”

    “Don’t you? Use it so cautiously in front of me, I know you are all kind to help.” Ji Yi calmed down.

    “Xu Yue’s family situation is complicated, and it is almost impossible to rely on his parents.” The

    three people discussed fiercely.

    At this moment, I suddenly heard the sound of opening the door of the next office.

    The three hurriedly hid in the corner.

    A teacher came out of the office and headed towards the toilet?

    Song Yanke whispered? Suggested: “Let’s go back to the classroom first. When they finish the meeting, I will go to Uncle’s to find out.”


    So the three came quietly and left quietly.

    Song Yanke told Ji Yi as soon as he got the new news, “They mean that if someone guarantees Xu Yue, this matter may be adjusted.”

    Ji Yi answered without hesitation. ?, looked at her and asked: “Can I do a guarantee?”

    Song Yanke’s expression became stiff, and he shook his head awkwardly, “…Although…but…you are just a minor high school student.”

    This is inevitable. Doesn’t work.

    Ji Yi pressed his forehead and sighed.

    She puffed her lips and bit her lip, hating herself that she was too young to have money and power.

    It’s hard to help.

    Obviously there is a true family background, but I just met a pair of wonderful parents. If it is to let Ji Guosheng know that she is desperate to help Xu Yue, it is estimated that she will take her back to cut off from the world.

    So who else…

    Coincidentally, a popular news popped up on Weibo that the musician Nan Jia was on tour.

    This reminded her, “Teacher Nan Jia…”

    Ji Yi hesitated for a long time and decided to fight.

    The phone call to Nan Jia, a few words of greeting.

    Nan Jia mentioned the school’s affairs, “I know something about you recently.”

    Ji Yi was overjoyed, but she didn’t expect that the teacher would still care about her affairs.

    She made a small calculation in her heart, but listened to Nan Jia: “You are a student of Nan Jia, how can you get involved with that kind of person? If you still recognize me as a teacher, you will break with that classmate. a relationship with me, or not nice to say later. “??.

    author has to say:

    hold, do not impulse.

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