AR: Ch 65

Why didn’t Ji Yi? Think? Come, she? Teacher Nan Jia who has hoped will say the same thing with Ji Guosheng.

    It is false to say not to be disappointed.

    How heavy is Ji Yi’s tone? “I’m sorry, Teacher Nan Jia, I won’t lose my friend.”

    Nan Jia is sitting next to the piano stand at the moment.

    Hearing Ji Yi’s answer, she groaned for a moment before pressing a white button.

    The sound of the piano enters the ear, and it is fleeting.

    Nan Jia’s words struck people’s hearts, “Ji Yi, do you want to be clear, that the boy’s business has dragged you down, are you sure you still want to reject me for his reputation? Well-known Teacher?” At

    that moment, Ji Yi felt a chill spread all over his body.

    She was the plan probably not working…

    just right, she also told Nan Jia what she thought in her heart, “Everyone has their own fancy. I think you are a kind and respectable teacher. But if you stick to your own way of thinking, then I’m really sorry, maybe I will live up to your expectations.”

    Nan Jia was not angry because of her choice, and her tone was always calm, “Xiao Yi, maybe Suddenly you will be angry. I will give you two more days to think about it. If you change your mind, you can call me at any time.”

    Ji Yi is very firm, “Teacher Nan Jia, it’s been long enough, I’m sober.” I know what I’m doing. Whether it’s two days or two years, I won’t change my choice. I’m sorry, too, thank you for your love.”


    Losing such a teacher, she? I don’t think it is a pity.

    A teacher who only listens to rumors and makes her cut off contact with friends, is not worthy of her? Respect!

    After the call was over, Anna standing by the door raised her hand and knocked on the door, attracting Nan Jia’s attention.

    Anna walked in?, “Excuse me, I heard a

    few words.” Nan Jia shrugged, indifferent attitude, “It’s okay, it’s not a secret.”

    “I’m here? I gave you the score, you The song you want has been found.” Anna handed how many A4 papers pinned up with a paper clip to Nan Jia.

    He brought up the matter again, “You told that elementary school student to sever the relationship with his friends and choose a teacher? This is not Nan Jia’s style.”

    Nan Jia turned over two pages with the score, still answering Anna’s doubts. “What is my style is not important. What is important is that I suddenly found a fun thing.”

    She quickly browsed the scores, confirmed that it was correct, and placed the scores on the piano stand.

    Nan Jia’s eyes flickered, with a slight smile, “A person’s disposition may be deceived by the surface if they get along with little. But when they encounter things related to their own interests, nine out of ten people will make the right thing. The most advantageous choice for me. This is also the best time to test people’s hearts.”

    When it comes to this, she? looked up at Anna standing in front of her, and asked, “Isn’t this fun?”

    Anna immediately understood. “ Nan Jia, Nan Jia, if you lose, your students will be sad.”

    “Wait, right? There is one.” Nan Jia raised the corner of his mouth and picked up the phone that was set aside again.

    The two students admitted some time ago have different aptitudes and different personalities.

    They both speak and do things very politely, but they are different.

    Ji Xinfei often sends her greetings. In fact, the two of them are not private. There are other topics to talk about besides studying, which can be a bit embarrassing sometimes.

    Ji Yi’s politeness lies in paying more attention to details. For example, the phone conversation just now, even though I was angry, I still didn’t hang up directly. But after saying goodbye, wait for her as a teacher? Hang up first.

    Because the two students are in Lincheng, looking at the current situation, it is difficult to meet them in reality.

    She? Want to take this opportunity to learn about the personality of the two children through some things, at least there is a spectrum in her heart.

    Anna agreed with Nan Jia’s “test”.


    Nan Jia’s second call was made to Ji Xinfei.

    When Ji Xinfei received the call from Nan Jia, she was still a little surprised, because she usually fixed the teaching time and rarely made special calls.

    “Teacher, how are you?”

    “Xin Fei, I would like to talk to you about the matter between you and Xiao Yi.”


    Ji Xin Fei listened for a while, it was almost clear what Nan Jia said.

    Nan Jia said, “Although you haven’t had any association with that? Xu Yue classmate? But his affairs involve Xiao Yi, and you are Xiao Yi’s sister. You two are both my students. If it spreads out, it may affect your development.”

    Ji Xinfei asked tentatively: “You mean, let me persuade Xiao Yi to draw a clear line with Xu Yue?”

    Nan Jiasi paid a moment, “No If she really refuses, you won’t be able to persuade you with a word or two, but I want to know what you think. If Xiao Yi’s affairs are picked up, you will choose to protect your sister, or choose music The way?”

    “…” Ji Xinfei was silent.

    Nan Jia said unhurriedly: “I know this choice may make you feel embarrassed. The teacher just wants to listen to your thoughts.”

    Later, Ji Xinmei heard his own voice and answered yes. “Teacher, Xiao Yi chose to be friends with that kind of student. It is self-willing to fall. I don’t want to lose myself because of her.”

    “Okay, I see.” Nan Jia hung up the phone.

    Anna looked at him.

    Nan Jia spread out her hand, “The choices of the two sisters are really very different.”

    Anna expressed her opinion, “But I think Ji Xinfei’s choice is not wrong, she? No need to delay herself because of the other person. development. “

    Namgyal Minchun smile,” I did not? she said? the choice is wrong. “

    Anna some doubts,” What? you test the result is? “

    Namgyal turned to the piano, fingers on the black and white keys I clicked a bit, as if I was recalling the different choices of the two people just now, “Everyone has the right to work hard, she? Choose the path of music, yes? Wrong. But did you hear her? The previous sentence? She? Her sister gave up opportunities for development for the sake of her friends. It is self-willing to fall.”

    Anna defended her, “Perhaps, she? She just didn’t think well, after all, she is a minor child.”

    Nan Jia looked down at her hand. Good? Black and white keys, shook his head gently, “A family should be like this black and white keys, complement each other. She can stand out, but if even her sister can’t tolerate… Do you think such a person will be in the future? What kind of person is

    she becoming?” “Her sister, she’s not a bad person.”


    Ji Yi cut off the idea of ​​asking Nan Jia for help, don’t you think? It’s not the two-day period, Nan Jia is the next day I took the initiative to contact her?

    When she saw the caller ID, she was still a little hesitant. Teacher Nan Jia wouldn’t give her the “Spirit Chicken Soup” again, right?

    But I am embarrassed? I refuse to listen.

    So she? Picked it up.

    The tone was slightly blunt, “Hello? This is Ji Yi.”

    Nan Jia’s voice came from the end of the phone, “Xiao Yi, has your decision changed?” This is

    another question…

    Hearing these words, Ji Yi took a deep breath with an awkward expression, “Teacher Nan Jia, what I have said will not change easily. If you call this time? Or do you want to tell me the last time? These words are unnecessary, they will only waste your time.”

    Nan Jia put her hair together on the phone, with a casual expression, smiling, but it was a pity that Ji Yi couldn’t see it.

    Nan Jia repeatedly asked her?, “Really does not change?”

    Ji Yi insisted very much, “No change!”

    Nan Jia briefly said?, “Okay?.”

    “?” Good? What?

    Ji Yi didn’t hear it for a while.

    Then I heard teacher Nan Jia’s laugh? From the phone?, “Xiao Yi, can you stick to your choice, it’s good? The teacher supports you.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Haha…” Nan Jia smiled and revealed her little abacus to her.

    Ji Yi is overjoyed!

    Turns out? Teacher Nan Jia is not just a fool who listens to rumors and rumors.

    The master and apprentice resolved their misunderstanding, and Ji Yi also took the opportunity to mention his unrelenting invitation. Originally, with the mentality of trying, didn’t you think that Nan Jia would really agree.

    “Teacher Nan Jia, thank you very very much!” This is simply her? The best news I’ve heard in the past few days!

    On this day, Ji Yi passed by with a smile.

    Because the rumors on the Internet have been banned, Ji Guosheng’s surveillance of her has been relaxed.

    She? Every day at two o’clock at home and school, Ji Guosheng did not send someone to follow her.

    She secretly texted Xu Yue to tell him the good news.

    “As long as Teacher Nan Jia comes as a guarantee, you will be able to go back to school soon.”

    Xu Yue, who received the text message, couldn’t help but curl his lips with a smile.

    How fortunate to meet someone who has a heart for him.

    On the day when Teacher Nan Jia arrived at school, she wore masks, sunglasses and baseball caps, almost disguising her face completely.

    After receiving the call, Ji Yi ran to the school gate to pick her up. Seeing this scene, she couldn’t help but laugh, “Teacher, would you be too hot like this?”

    Nan Jia pointed at Anna and complained, “It’s all to blame Anna, I said no. She? Must be like this.”

    “Mr. Anna is a very conscientious person.”

    “Come on, you will speak well. Listen.”

    Nan Jia had passed through with Ji Yigou before he came, now?, They are going to find the director.

    Ji Yi secretly told Nan Jia, “The director is on our side, and he also hopes that Xu Yue can stay in the school.” After

    entering the office building, Nan Jia took off his sunglasses and glanced at Ji Yi. He joked: “Really, your little boyfriend is not bad, so many people help him.”

    Ji Yi was very embarrassed? He lowered his head embarrassedly, “Teacher, it’s not a little boyfriend…”

    “Xingxingxing, you If you say no, it’s not.”

    Nan Jia responded, but the expression was clear? Just wrote: I don’t believe it.

    Because there was a guarantee from Teacher Nan Jia, and the school didn’t want to lose this good seedling, so they decided to follow the boat and let Xu Yue go back to school.

    Just when Ji Yi was celebrating.

    Qin Shan could not sit still, “I heard that someone at school sponsored that boy, he may be going back to school again.”

    Qin Shan’s face was full of sinister calculations, with a fierce tone, “No, this Must keep him one time? The school must expel him, when we come forward to provide him with opportunities for development, he will be willing to sign a contract with us!”

    “Do you personally go find the kid lying in the hospital? Lu, and dig something out of his mouth?.”

    “This time, you must break Xu Yue’s back path!”

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