AR: Ch 66

   “Hey, look at that man…”

    “Yes? Xu Yue, he is back to school?.”

    The man on the playground was wearing a neat school uniform, carrying a schoolbag in his hand, and slung on one shoulder. His steps are steady, his straight back posture is like pine and cypress, proud.

    Crowds of students pointed at him.

    “Why did he come back? He meant to come? Ah, if? I have that kind of family, I’m so ashamed?”

    “Hush, you guys keep it quiet?, annoyed? He is? Can? Kill.”

    “Go and go. “

    Some people are alarmist, some are bad words.

    Don’t know yourself? Inadvertent remarks can ruin the fate of others.

    Hearing the sound? Zhuo Yihang directly smashed the basketball he was holding in his arms, with a fierce look, “What are you trying to compare to? You want to chat with Brother Xu? Don’t you? Come on? Ah!”

    With his roar, the crowd of onlookers who ate melons pulled the people next to him away.

    Was the basketball caught by Tikanka in front of him? Xu Yue stepped forward unhurriedly, bent over, and picked up the basketball.

    Zhuo Yihang has already followed up?, “Brother Xu, don’t listen to those messy words, we all welcome you back to school.”

    “Men?” Xu Yue’s line of sight was swept around him, don’t There is profound meaning.

    “Hey…hehe.” Zhuo Yihang scratched? Scratched his head?, showing an awkward and polite smile.

    Xu Yue handed the basketball back to him.

    Zhuo Yihang was flattered.

    I didn’t get this treatment in the past!

    Zhuo Yihang followed in his footsteps, his mind turned fast, and he kept making ideas, “Just those people, just pick two out? Give me a lesson, and you’ll be honest?!”

    Xu Yue calmly averted his gaze, and did not change his face to deny his approach. He acted like a disciplined and law-abiding student, “No fight.”

    An An didn’t like him to fight.

    Zhuo Yihang emphasized, “No? Others say they want to kill something to toast. This trick is extremely deterrent!”

    “Are you? You want to talk about killing chickens and monkeys?” A

    voice came from the front? People hear clearly.

    Xu Yue raised her head, and saw that the girl she was thinking of her heart with her hands on her back, stepping down the steps step by step, walking towards herself.

    She is wearing a small white round-necked shirt today, and the silver-black wing necklace hanging on her chest is particularly obvious.

    Zhuo Yihang turned his neck mechanically, took a closer look at Xu Yue, and then at Ji Yi.

    “This necklace… has been sent out? Ah.” He was so surprised that his mouth opened into an O shape.

    I still remember when someone refused to accept Xu Yue and stole the necklace while taking advantage of the physical education class. Xu Yue lost his temper. It took a lot of effort to get the thief out, and he cleaned it up fiercely.

    And since then, Xu Yue never took off his necklace except for his home.

    Right? Xu Yue’s necklace with a special meaning is now hanging around Ji Yi’s neck. This sister-in-law, is it?

    As a result, the words that hadn’t passed Zhuo Yihang’s mind came out of Zhuo Yihang’s mouth, “Sister-in-law.” With

    this shout, Ji Yi stepped on the soles of his feet and almost fell from the last step.

    Xu Yue quickly caught the person, turned his head and gave Zhuo Yihang a warning look.

    Zhuo Yihang swallowed? He swallowed, holding the basketball back, “Brother Xu, it’s none of my business…”

    “Then what, I’m

    leaving first?” Thirty-six strategies are the best plan, smart Of people ran away with oil on the soles of their feet.

    Xu Ji leaning more memory, a firm of her feet? Immediately after release, but also specifically reminded, “Do not mind him.”

    Ji Yi mouth up, “Zhuoyi Hang seems to be listening to what you say ah.”

    “Yet Good.” Xu Yue said very shallowly.

    Ji Yi expounded his own opinion objectively, “Recently in school, he has been very upholding you, is he a friend who treats you sincerely.”

    Although she is in class 1, Zhuo Yihang is in class 7, and the two classes are separated. It’s far away, but she often hears Zhuo Yihang’s success for Xu Yue. Now, there are very few people who can stand up for Xu Yue. Zhuo Yihang can do this. Is it really good?

    “It seems? He gave? You have a good impression.”

    “Because he is right? How are you.” Ji Yi smiled slightly, “But? Why? What happened between the two of you? Is there any significant story? ? ” “

    Do you want to know, I can tell you. “

    Ji Yi eyes wide open, expressed curiosity.

    “Zhuo Yihang’s family is in good conditions, but he was inspiring to be a schoolmaster when he was in his second year

    of middle school.” The first middle school is the best middle school in Yancheng. The students in the last class have poor grades because of some things. Sports students, some people came in through the back door by stuffing money. Zhuo Yihang is the sports student who stuffed money and walked through the back door.

    “As a result, the school tyrant was not regarded as such. Instead, they were calculated and blocked outside the school.”

    “Later? I passed by? and helped? He once.”

    Ji Yi blinked, “That’s it?”

    “That’s it.”

    Xu Yue didn’t. Tell the complete details, is that? A secret belonging to Zhuo Yihang.

    Ji Yi listened to this simple story and patted him on the shoulder, “So I said, you are a kind person.”

    Xu Yue: “…”

    If it’s not? I’m still sober in my head, I’m almost convinced?

    At that time, those people forced Zhuo Yihang to kneel down and admit defeat, not only verbally insulting, but also pressing people to the ground to record videos.

    Zhuo Yihang kicked the iron plate for the first time and was humiliated and dignified.

    And he calmly watched the whole journey, and didn’t show up until Zhuo Yihang was desperate. Not only saved Zhuo Yihang, but also deleted the kneeling video recorded by others, so that Zhuo Yihang was relieved of worries in the future.

    He? On purpose.

    It wasn’t because of his kindness that he tried to save Zhuo Yihang at that time, but because he had another plot.

    But his An An always? Unswervingly think he is? A good person…

    really? A good girl.


    Ji Yi and Xu Yue step into the classroom together.

    All people’s eyes fell on the two of them, and some people were hiding behind the high pile of books and peeking.

    Xu Yue was very calm, sitting in a special position beside the podium as if he was okay.

    Zhao Xinran took Ji Xinfei to gossip, “Why is your sister still mingling with Xu Yue, isn’t she afraid? Xu Yue’s father?…”

    Everyone is taboo in the following words, but everyone knows it well.

    Ji Xinfei looked down and squeezed the pen in his hand. “She has to be with Xu Yue, even her parents can’t control anything. What can I say.”

    “Really?” Zhao Xinran sighed. He sighed. “I didn’t know that Ji Yi was? Your sister, now she is facing it? She always feels weird.”

    Before, Ji Yi was openly targeting Ji Xinfei. As Ji Xinfei’s friend, she naturally looked at Ji Yi everywhere. accurate.

    Now that Ji Yi has changed for the better, Zhao Xinran finds that he is getting more and more difficult to understand Ji Xinfei.

    Obviously? Two sisters, why didn’t they make it clear at the beginning?

    The more Zhao Xinran thought about it, the more wrong? Jin, and he said casually, “You said, if you reminded me privately, I wouldn’t have targeted her.”

    Ji Xinfei’s expression became stiff, and he pressed his voice and asked: “Xin Ran, Are you? Are you blaming me?”

    Zhao Xinran waved his hand quickly, “No, no, don’t think too much.”

    Ji Xinfei turned around, took out the contact information from the drawer, and lowered his head to make a question. As if this way you can separate yourself from the trivial things around you.

    Song Yanting gently clicked on the tabletop, “Ji Xinfei, you…”

    As soon as someone called him? Name?, Ji Xinfei reflexively covered his ears with his hands, “Don’t ask me, I don’t know anything.”

    Song Yanting withdrew his hand awkwardly and stopped talking.

    Ji Xinfei hesitated? After a while, he turned his head slowly and went, “Excuse me, what did you want to say to me just now?”

    “I just want to discuss a topic with you.”

    Although Song Yanting is the boss of Ji Xinfei Good grades, but when encountering problems, I also humbly ask for advice.

    Ji Xinfei knew that he was misunderstood, and he whispered an apologetic, “Let’s say it.” There

    is not much difference between the results of the two. Sometimes one person gives an idea and then calculates the answer. Sometimes, both of them Stuck in the same place.

    This question is? So.

    The two used two pages of draft paper, looking at each other, unable to get an answer.

    Song Yanting refused to give up, and re-assigned the question to the new draft, and walked to the first row, Ji Yi’s position.

    Openly said: “Ji Yi, I want to ask a question.”

    “What question?” Ji Yi raised his head?.

    Song Yanting put the draft on her desk, Ji Yi read it again, and calculated on the draft paper. It’s too much? Several formulas can’t get results.

    Xu Yue just came in from the door of the classroom, holding Ji Yi’s warm water cup in his hand. Just now? Helped her fetch water?.

    Xu Yue’s gaze stayed on Song Yanting’s body, and a trace of undetectable hostility flashed across his eyes.

    Seeing him coming, Ji Yi hooked his finger at him and handed the notebook directly, “Xu Yue, how do you do this question?”

    Xu Yue took the notebook and put the cup of warm water back to her. On the table.

    He turned around and picked up the pen from his desk.

    Song Yanting looked carefully, and the pen Xu Yue held in his hand turned out to be a pink rabbit head.

    He remembers that?…Ji Yi’s.

    Just now I saw that all the black sign pens on Ji Yi’s desk were? I didn’t know it was? Have you exchanged it with Xu Yue?

    Xu Yue picked up the pen and wrote a clear idea on the draft with “swish”.

    “Alright?.” After finishing writing, put the rabbit head? Pen cap away and finished.

    Ji Yi’s face was full of admiration, “It’s amazing.”

    She looked at the formula for solving the problem, and then returned the draft to Song Yanting.

    Song Yanting took over and saw it, and he suddenly realized it.

    He did not stingy and praised the sentence, “You are indeed capable.”

    Xu Yue lowered his eyes, disregarding his praise.

    When Xu Yue has a bad temper, it makes people feel inaccessible; when Xu Yue has a good temper, it makes people feel elusive.

    Song Yanting returned to his seat and pushed the draft to Ji Xinfei.

    Ji Xinfei glanced open and moved the draft back, “I won’t read it.”

    “It’s up to you.” Song Yanting had nothing to say, withdrawing the draft, “I’m going to take the exam tomorrow?” The

    midterm exam came as scheduled, and Xu Yue was in the last exam room.

    Ji Yi’s examination room was far away from him, separated by two floors.

    But Ji Yi still? “The Encounter” has arrived? Xu Yue.

    “Why are you on the third floor?”

    Xu Yue replied without changing his face: “Passing by?”

    “Humph.” Ji Yi directly pierced through? He said, “Who told you to hand in a blank paper last time? Or you can be in the same examination room. That’s it.”

    “Don’t worry, it will be the same examination room next time.” Xu Yue assured her.

    After the midterm exam rankings came out, Xu Yue returned to the first place in the grade, and Ji Yi followed.

    When they were expecting Teacher Jiang to reallocate seats, Xu Yue disappeared again.

    In the evening of self-study, Mr. Jiang asked all the classmates to go to the corridor, shouting the name and then come in again? Are you going to let them re-select seats.

    Ji Yi was the first to refuse, “Teacher, Xu Yue is the first one? He is not here, how to choose?”

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