AR: Ch 67

Xu Yue only returned to school for a week and disappeared again.

    The reason given by the teacher was to ask for leave. Only Ji Yi knew that Xu Yue was taken away by the police.

    When she thought everything was resolved, she was told that Xu Yue was taken away by the police on suspicion of deliberately hurting people to serious injuries.

    Lu Yi is the victim.

    At this moment, Ji Yi’s plan was completely messed up.

    She found Nan Jia again, and wanted to ask her to help mediation, but was stopped by Anna.

    Anna is very serious to stop Nan Jia from interfering, “Nan Jia, you must stay sensible this time. That? The boy named Xu Yue has no interest in us at all. You have helped Ji Yi once, that’s enough.”

    Anna usually? Follow Nan Jia, but when encountering things that may affect Nan Jia, Anna will never give in.

    Nan Jia closed her eyes irritably, and said in a tactful way that she was very busy recently and couldn’t go to Yancheng.

    During Xu Yue’s investigation, Ji Yi went home and found out the card he had hidden, transferred a sum of money from it, went to Zhao Yingfeng for help, and released Xu Yue on bail.

    When Zhao Yingfeng brought Xu Yue out, Ji Yi who was guarding outside immediately ran over.

    She? There are a lot of things to ask him.

    Zhao Yingfeng was very perceptive and found an excuse to leave, “Is the studio still? Something? I’ll leave first.”

    “Thank you, Teacher Zhao, goodbye? See you.” Ji Yi nodded repeatedly, pregnant with twelve points towards him. thank.

    Zhao Yingfeng smiled and shook his head.

    Just when he was about to turn and leave, he heard Xu Yue speak, and said in a flat tone, “Thank you.”

    Zhao Yingfeng was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled again, “Me too? Entrusted by someone, Xiao Yi is for you, but ? It took a lot of thought.”

    Ji Yi herself is a minor, and there are many things she wants to do but can’t do.

    Zhao Yingfeng is also a businessman in a certain way, so when Ji Yi came to the door, he took the opportunity to make a small request, but Ji Yi agreed without hesitation.

    It can be seen that she? Right? How much thought the boys used.

    Watching Zhao Yingfeng leave, Ji Yi was suddenly hugged.

    Her chin was pressed against his chest, and her heart beat faster.

    “Xu Yue, you…”

    “What did you promise Zhao Yingfeng?”

    “It’s nothing, that’s it? In the next few years, you will be bound to a cooperative relationship with him.” She? She lightly took the price she paid.

    The young man’s head rested on her shoulders, and the apologetic voice was in her ears, “I’m sorry, I worried you again.”

    “I said, I don’t want to hear those three words.” Seeing him, everything accumulates. The anxiety and grievances in my heart erupted in an instant, “The things you promised me are always? Can’t do it, really annoying!”

    Xu Yue’s hands on her waist tightened slightly, and softly agreed. “Well, I really hate it.”

    Xu Yue remained silent on the way home.

    At first, Ji Yi held back, until she entered the house, she couldn’t help it anymore, and asked: “Can you tell me the truth, have you done anything to Lu Yi?”

    “…” Xu Yue Dropped his head, like a kid who made a mistake and didn’t dare to admit it.

    Ji Yi took a deep breath, “Don’t even want to say me? Do you think I can’t be trusted?”

    “No?.” He hesitated, just because, “I’m afraid you will be afraid when you know it.” Is

    Ji Yi really? When he was angry, he straightened his back with his hands on his hips, “Afraid? It’s better to be afraid than to be kept in the dark, fearing for you all day long!”

    She? Doesn’t like to be concealed, even if it is? The other party really thinks “that is? For your good”? The reason is not good.

    “I went to Lu Yi the other day, had a conflict with him, and abolished his hand…”

    He honestly explained what he had done to Lu Yi, but the process was not as bloody as it was when he did.

    “Can you see? Isn’t it? You said he was seriously injured?”

    “Perhaps? Someone else took the opportunity to attack Lu Yi and counted the charges on me.”

    Ji Yi became more angry, but knew that complaining and reprimanding would be useless. .

    The more? When she is nervous, the more she? To keep calm, “Can I help you?”

    Xu Yue shook his head.

    Suddenly he mentioned, “I will help you cancel the agreement with Zhao Yingfeng.”

    “It’s really not necessary. My cooperation with Teacher Zhao is very good. I now have a lot of poses, and Teacher Zhao also knows how to shoot me. The best look. If there is no accident, we will continue to cooperate. “She? Try to simplify the price she paid.

    In fact, what is her agreement with Zhao Yingfeng? In the next two years, apart from binding and cooperating with Zhao Yingfeng, she can’t cooperate with other photographers for profit.

    Maybe because of this, many opportunities will be lost, but she does not regret it.


    The time when the two meet is not much, Ji Yi can’t stay in Xu Yue’s house forever.

    He sent Ji Yi to the gate of the community and waved goodbye reluctantly.

    Before leaving, Ji Yi seemed to have something to say, “Recently, Ji Guosheng has been in strict control of me and can’t stay with you, but I will go to you tomorrow? You have to be calm, don’t you? Cause trouble?”

    “An’an, don’t use it to find me. Will you stay at school?”

    “But when you go back to school, I can feel at ease.” Otherwise, I can’t help but worry, and I’m easy to lose my mind even in class.

    Xu Yue clasped her head, bowed her head and kissed her forehead, “I will get rid of the trouble as soon as possible.” After

    that Qianli figure disappeared from sight, Xu Yue turned and walked to the side of the road, waving a taxi. .

    After getting in the car, he reported the name of a bar.


    Colorful lights dazzled.

    Xu Yue went straight through the noisy bar, with a clear expression in his eyes, which was completely different from those intoxicated people here.

    He saw Qin Shan in the corner.

    Qin Shan likes to come to such a place to do business every time, but in the past he would meet in a separate private room, but this time he chose to be in the noisy hall. Although it was the corner farthest from the stage, he would still be affected by the side.

    When Qin Shan saw him, there was a smile on his face. He even carried him a bottle of wine specially, “Xu Yue, you are here, sit down.”

    “You sent someone to do something about Lu Yi? Why, want to give it away. I go to jail?”

    Qin Shan’s smile stiffened, but he adjusted quickly and put a smirk on his face, “Brother, what are you talking about, how many years have I been with you, Qin Shan, can I help outsiders harm? You can’t?”

    Xu Yue coldly snorted, and directly broke his mind, “Oh, no? Want to send me in, that is? Want to pull me in.”

    Qin Shan’s intentions, he had guessed seven or eight points.

    Although the two have maintained a cooperative relationship for several years, since contact with Qin Shan, he has known that he cannot have a deep friendship with such a person.

    Qin Shan narrowed his eyes, craned his neck and leaned forward, his eyes sharp, “The last design drawing you took out? The best thing you handed over in the past few years? It changed so much with us. A sum of money. Do you think our transaction is? Can it be concluded with both money and goods?”

    After that, he took out a document from behind, which Xu Yue was most familiar with-the contract.

    “Xu Yue, are you? A? Smart man, I appreciate your wisdom and extraordinary talent, but also willing to provide you with the best growth opportunities. As long as you sign this? After the contract, we is? One of us.”

    This That is? Qin Shan’s purpose.

    A cold light appeared on Xu Yue’s face, “No sign.”

    “You don’t sign, even if it is? You want to’take on the father’s inheritance’.” The sinister and cunning Qin Shan finally revealed his true face, “Someone broke up a while ago. If it happened to your father, wouldn’t you be willing to end your bright future in jail?”

    “You have found someone to destroy Lu Yi and want to put the charges on me and force me to submit?” There was a chill in Xu Yue’s eyes. A stern smile appeared on his face, “Okay, I have to go in anyway, and I will never forget to report every transaction of these years as it is!”

    Qin Shan’s expression was dark and unclear, and finally couldn’t help but shoot the table. “Xu Yue, you are still young, don’t always be so arrogant.”

    “If I want to make you feel bad, there are thousands of ways to do it. Don’t toast or not drink fine wine.” The

    crowd in the hall cheered. The sound and fast-paced music also seemed to arouse the fire in their hearts.

    Xu Yue’s face was cold, with thorns in his eyes, “Do you think these can threaten me? I’m not even afraid of death.”

    Qin Shan’s face was even more gloomy, “I know you are high-spirited, you are bold, and are not afraid of threats. But you want Think about whether you can afford the consequences of your willful behavior! Don’t think I don’t know, you are going back to school with one heart, that’s it? For that? The little girl named Ji Yi!”

    “You fucking shut up!” Xu Yue Picked up the wine bottle and almost smashed it at him.

    The muscles and veins in his hands were clearly stretched, he clenched his teeth, his eyes hid the flames.

    Can’t fight…

    An An doesn’t like it.

    Can’t cause trouble…

    An An will be worried.

    Not to be hurt…

    An An can cry.

    Qin Shan saw that the wine bottle he held high hadn’t fallen, but laughed, “Is that angry? I haven’t done it to her yet? What are you anxious about.”

    “At the beginning, I thought you were a talent, sincerely. I want to win you over.”

    In fact, Xu Yue asked for nothing and feared nothing except money. He couldn’t start anything he wanted to do.

    Now, there is one more weakness.

    “Xu Yue, think carefully about yourself. I, Qin Shan, is a person who cherishes talents. I hope that the final outcome is a win-win situation.” Qin Shan held up the red and bloody cocktail on the table and held it in mid-air. Xu Yue’s gaze shook slightly, and he drank one last time.

    This person… Once he has a weakness, he will definitely lose.

    Xu Yue closed his eyes, and under Qin Shan’s gaze, he raised the wine bottle in his hand and slammed it down towards the ground.

    “Bang—” The

    bottle broke, and the pieces scattered all over the floor.

    The manager of the bar hurried over, “What’s the matter?”

    Xu Yue took out a stack of red tickets from his wallet and pressed them on the table.

    Qin Shan has lingering fears.

    Xu Yue picked up the cocktail in front of him and poured it down towards the contract.

    “Isn’t it? Want to see me abandon school?” He held the table with one hand, the corners of his lips curled up, his eyes were full of chills, “Okay, I will give it to you!”

    *After the

    mid-term exam, Xu Yue asked for leave. , Class One has not changed positions for a long time.

    But in early May, Zhuo Yihang suddenly came to a class and removed all the textbooks and materials that Xu Yue left in the classroom.

    From that day on, the special desk next to the podium was moved away, as if no one had ever been here.

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