AR: Ch 68

When summer comes, everything is alive. The warm sunlight penetrates the shade of green trees, and the ground casts mottled shadows.

    Three or three students walking in groups walked into the campus holding books, and there was a loud sound of books in the classroom.

    “Cough, cough, cough–“

    He Xuxu covered his mouth and coughed several times, and pulled up the paper in the drawer. As a result…

    “It’s gone again.” Her nose came out.

    Ji Yi quickly took out a small package from her schoolbag that was unopened and handed it to her, “I still have it right now, here you are.”

    He Xuxu pulled out a tissue and wiped it on the tip of his nose. Wipe, the bridge of the tall nose is red.

    Seeing her extremely uncomfortable appearance, Ji Yi reached out to touch the fan switch on the wall, “I turned off the fan, right? You have had a cold for a few days.”

    She turned the switch, head? The rotation speed of the top fan blades gradually slowed down, and after a while, the wind disappeared.

    After the last mid-term exam was over, after a period of delay, Mr. Jiang still asked the students to choose seats based on their scores.

    This time Ji Yi chose the third row by the window. Is He Xuxu still her?

    It is a pity that Song Yan, who is stepping on the tail, has to fight in the back row. I heard that she fought with the boys and girls in the back row.

    The weather in June gradually heats up, and some students with warmer physiques cannot go to school without blowing air.

    As soon as the fan stopped here, someone raised objections, “Who turned the fan off?”

    “Xu Xu? The cold has been bad, and the weather is not very hot recently. Can you turn it off for a while?” Ji Yi and Yan Yue said People are talking about it.

    “She? You have a cold? Don’t you know how to wear more clothes? You can’t just let a group of people sweat on our side just because she will be alone.” The other party? Obviously cooperate.

    What else did Ji Yi say, He Xuxu stopped her?, “Forget it, turn on the fan? Turn on.”

    This kind of thing, sometimes it’s really difficult to balance.

    Ji Yi’s home was close, so he went back at noon and brought a coat to He Xuxu.

    He Xuxu expressed his gratitude.

    The next day, he discovered that Ji Yi also had signs of a cold.

    The fan hadn’t been on for a few days, not only did He Xuxu catch a cold, but also planted with her.

    He Xuxu expressed horror, “I won’t be the one who infected you. How about going to the infirmary soon? See?.”

    Ji Yi nodded, and went to the infirmary to get some medicine during the break, but he didn’t eat it. Seeing improvement, there were some signs of fever the next day.

    She? This body doesn’t get sick very often, but she gets sick quickly throughout her life. The next afternoon, I slept on the table for two classes. Fortunately, she has excellent academic performance, and the teacher is relaxed about her.

    “Xiao Yi, you can’t do that. Why don’t you go to the infirmary for an injection?”

    “An injection…” I feel dizzy when I hear these two words.

    She waved her hand quickly, “It’s okay, I just take medicine.”

    “You are more serious than me.” He Xuxu frowned, not upset.

    She sneaked out of the phone and sent a text message to a mysterious number.

    After class in the afternoon, He Xuxu leaned into Ji Yi’s ear and said a few whispers.

    Ji Yi’s eyes lit up.

    When everyone else went to the cafeteria to eat, she ran to the school gate. Because some students go home for dinner in the afternoon, they can freely enter and exit the campus gate at this time.

    She looked around when she got out of the school gate, and was suddenly grabbed by someone from behind.

    The fragrance of mint strikes, don’t have to look back? Know the identity of the person.

    Xu Yue’s hand moved up from his waist, and finally stuck to her forehead, a warm touch spreading between his fingers. Then he made a judgment, “I have a fever.”

    Ji Yi didn’t listen, turned around? Looking at him, there was a glimmer of light in his beautiful eyes, “Why are you here?”

    He lowered his eyes and swept his slender eyelashes. Passing the end of the eyes, she looked unpredictable, “Someone is unbehaved, let me teach her?.”

    “I didn’t!” She subconsciously retorted.

    “Huh?” Xu Yue gave a deep look.

    “…” All right, she? This is three hundred taels without silver here?!

    Xu Yue held her wrist and led her away.

    She? At first she didn’t ask where to go until she stopped at the outpatient hospital.

    Ji Yi quickly pushed his hand, obviously resisting, “So what, I’m hungry, I want to eat.”

    “Heh.” Xu Yue gave her a glance, instead of giving her a chance to escape, directly Pulled in.

    After a checkup, the doctor recommended an injection.

    “Sit down and get an injection.”

    “I don’t want to get an injection…” Ji Yi looked at the door for several times, but the person next to him was Xu Yue, she knew she couldn’t get away today.

    She is wearing lace long sleeves today, and the flared cuffs are looser. Lifting the material up, she reveals her white arms.

    Xu Yue bent down and gently embraced her other shoulder.

    When the doctor picked up the needle, Ji Yi put aside his head in fear, not daring to look directly.

    On the contrary, Xu Yue stared at the sharp needle? It pierced the delicate skin, and there were dots of blood.

    The pure white cotton swab was gently pressed against the pinhole, and a thin layer of mist filled the girl’s eyes, “It hurts…”

    Slender fingers passed through her soft hair, and a thin strand of hair was drawn between her fingers, and she stroked her reddish pinna and pressed her to her side. Uncomfortable.”

    She stuck her head out and bumped his chest, closing her eyes and not looking at him, “I don’t want to care about you anymore.” The

    soft tone was like sugar in the water, sweet and moisturizing the throat.

    “Ignore me? Who accidentally made myself sick?”

    “I didn’t mean it. I can’t resist a cold.”

    People who are sick are sensitive? They are especially special. Fragile, if others are pampered, it is even more squeamish. At this time, there is no other way except coaxing.

    At this time, the patient came again, a little girl of seven or eight years old.

    The little girl didn’t want to get an injection, she kept crying, but the young man who brought her here lost his patience after a few words. He played with his mobile phone, leaving the child sitting alone on the stool, crying and beating. ?Needle.

    Seeing this scene, Ji Yi bit his lip lightly.

    Xu Yue didn’t care, pulling her? Want to leave.

    “Wait.” She stopped, fumbled in her pocket, took out a fruit hard candy and walked to the little girl’s face, “The kid, don’t cry, my sister will give you the candy, so it won’t hurt if you eat it. Now.”

    She? She bent over to talk to the child, her voice soft.

    Xu Yue’s eyes dimmed slightly, his thoughts entangled in his heart?

    He still couldn’t understand this behavior…Obviously, he almost shed tears from the pain just now, so he turned his head and gave the candy to someone else.

    Ji Yi came back empty-handed, but smiled brightly, “I snatched a candy from Coco yesterday, and it came in handy today.”

    He slowly said, “An’an, there are thousands of people in need of help in this world. Sugar is not too careless about pills?.”

    He believes that even after eating the candy, the pain will not decrease, and the irresponsible father will not be more patient and affectionate for his daughter.

    If so, why bother to do those useless work.

    “How big is the pill? I don’t know, but you didn’t read it? See that when I gave the candy to the child, did the child stop crying?”

    After the child stopped crying, the irresponsible young father came over I took the child and paid for the medicine.

    She? Suddenly thought of something and turned her head? Asked: “Xu Xueshen knows the butterfly effect, right?”

    “There are unpredictable variables in everything in the world. Perhaps the occurrence of one thing can change a person’s life, or a person’s life. Appearance can change the destiny of many people.”

    Ji Yi raised his arm and struck his smooth cheek with a small hand. The soft finger pads stayed under the tail of the eye, touching the brown tear mole, and pressing it gently.” Xu Yue, I firmly believe in science and I also believe in destiny.”

    “Maybe, I am here for you.” The

    current development has completely deviated from the trajectory of the story in the book, because her appearance has produced a kind of butterfly effect. So in the future, Xu Yue will not do things that violate the law in private, nor will he end his life.

    Xu Yue’s Adam’s apple rolled, and warmth spread all over his body.

    He gently brought Ji Yi’s other hand together, and his ten fingers were intertwined, with a certain tacit understanding, inseparable.

    * After

    taking the medicine, the two people went back to the school to settle a dinner. It was almost late to study time for class.

    Xu Yue sent her to a place not far from the school gate, with the medicine bag still in his hand.

    “If you still feel uncomfortable, you must tell me as soon as possible, remember?” He originally intended to ask Ji Yi to ask for leave, but Ji Yi said that there was still a test in the evening and he did not want to be absent.

    “I see……”

    “Well, let’s go in, come to pick you up at night.”

    “Okay.” She nodded her head, and she turned and walked forward.

    Just after two or three steps, he suddenly ran back and hugged his arm. “I want to drink milk tea. You can bring it to me at night.”

    “No.” He refused without hesitation.

    Ji Yi shrugged her nose, “I am a patient, you have to leave me alone.”

    Xu Yue glanced at her calmly, and suggested to remind: “You already drank it yesterday.”


    “There are ten more.” Minutes, it’s time for you to go back to class.”

    “Huh!” The

    rejected girl stomped her feet, turned her head, and left.

    Xu Yue’s gaze slid to the plastic bag hooked between his fingers, with a smile in his eyes.

    Ji Yi found out that he had forgotten to take his medicine after entering the school gate. He stopped and stood for a while, shook his head, and continued to walk forward.

    After the midterm exam, Xu Yue disappeared from school.

    She was still very worried at first, but every night Xu Yue would pick her up in person and after school, she would feel relieved.

    The school still hangs his file and has not expelled him, so he can continue to take large exams in the future.

    The feelings of the two people are becoming more stable with each passing day.

    Ji Yi stepped back to the classroom. He Xuxu got up to give her a favor. Seeing her, her face turned red, teasing, “Oh, the taste of this love is really magical. I was still drowsy in the afternoon, but now it is.

    She is so refreshing.” “Where is it?” She pointed to the position under her shoulders and complained, “I was stabbed with a needle. It was very miserable.” The

    needle worked, and Ji Yi’s cold was at a miraculous speed. recover.

    When He Xuxu’s voice became hoarse and he was recuperating at home, Ji Yi was already glamorous and went shopping with Song Yanke.

    Song Yanke was keen to buy new clothes and food, and when he came out of the mall, two people stood by the side of the road and waited for the traffic lights.

    Song Yanke looked around, and suddenly pointed to the glass window behind him, “Xiao Yi, do you see that? Doesn’t that person look like your boss?”

    Even the profile is enough for her to confirm her identity, and to come and go alone. Xu Yue, there is another person in front of you.

    The author has something to say:

    I saw a comment yesterday and someone said that the heroine was too weak and didn’t know how to fight back.

    But what I think is that Ji Xinfei is jealous, but not to the point of being frantic. An An also defeated her in a field she was proud of. This was a counterattack.

    An An really doesn’t have any golden fingers. If she has to say it, she probably has a warm heart. For Xu Yue, there is no need for someone to do too much for him, as long as that person doesn’t give up on him at any time.

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