AR: Ch 69

  “Do you want to go over and take a look? Create a chance encounter?” Song Yan’s heart jumped out.

    Ji Yi hid behind the stop sign, tilted his head to look over, and gestured to Song Yan Ke, “Go.” The

    two? Pretending to be guests? When they walked into the restaurant, Ji Yi had good eyesight and saw the opposite of Xu Yue clearly. Sitting? That man? Is a middle-aged uncle.

    I have known Xu Yue for almost a year, and I rarely see who he gets close to.

    Song Yanke leaned on her shoulder, leaning? He asked, “Are we going to take a peek here?”

    Ji Yi pulled off those paws? Seriously? Making an excuse, “Am I here to eat?” “

    However, as soon as they sat down and ordered a good meal, they saw Xu Yue standing up and leaving the restaurant through another door.

    Song Yanke spread his hands, “Oh, people? All gone, are we still eating?”

    “Eat!” Ji Yi picked up the chopsticks? Poke the sealing film down, and put the tableware apart and arranged.

    Xu Yue still picked her up every night for self-study next night, and did not mention any special events.

    The money Xu Yue had saved before was enough for him to live for several years, and Ji Yi hoped that he would be safe and secure to study for college entrance examination.

    She occasionally asks? Daily-related? Things?, “What are you doing most recently?”

    Xu Yue’s? The answer is the same: “Draw a design, make a model, read a book.”

    Yes! Students? Just learn God, and things like reading books are all in the back row.

    “You are also eighteen years old, why are you so good?” I was really embarrassed to think about it.

    Even if they are both? The grades are very good, but there is a difference between Xueba and Xueshen?

    It takes a lot of time to learn God to memorize knowledge and accumulate experience.

    Xu Yue is a god-study level, she is at best a diligent student.

    “Are you envious?”

    “It’s more than envious,

    can you be jealous?” “I have a way? Can you make up for it? Regret, you will not be jealous, but you will be proud of it.”

    “What? “She is naive? Believe it.

    Xu Yue hooked his finger, and Ji Yi leaned over.

    He leaned over, lowered his head and spoke softly in her ear… When the

    voice fell, Ji Yi’s face was red enough to bleed!

    “Rogue!” She pushed the person away, speeding up and walking forward by herself.

    Xu Yue quickly chased him up, “Go slow, you can’t get past me anyway?.”

    “Long legs? Huh?” Ji Yi glanced back at him and watched with his own eyes? Xu Yueyong? The same. ? Speed, take a greater pace than her.

    Ji Yi: “…” The leg length is really amazing?


    At the end of July, the sun hung high in the sky like a hot firework, burning the earth.

    Walking through the playground, I was sweating like rain.

    The students who are about to enter the third year of high school are still struggling hard in the classroom. They only have one month of summer vacation. Now everyone counts the days.

    He Xuxu kept fanning himself with the draft book, “I have never looked forward to the final exam like this time.”

    Ji Yi Buddhism? Persuaded, “Nine years of compulsory education is only a sophomore? Only one month of summer vacation. Don’t worry, I’ll make up for the college entrance examination next year, and I haven’t got homework yet.”

    Summer is hot, even if the air conditioner and fan are turned on in the classroom at the same time, it will not let all the students feel cool.

    Ji Yi firmly believes, “The heart is calm and naturally cool.”

    But it is not.

    The girl held a pen in her hand, and lowered her head to do the question. There was fine and dense sweat oozing from the forehead, and a few strands of soft, broken hair stuck to her forehead. She took out the toilet paper and wiped it, and continued to write.

    He Xuxu admired her very much, “I can’t calm down, I just want to go home and blow on the air conditioner, and stay in the air-conditioned room all summer.”

    Teacher Jiang walked into the classroom and once again reminded them to hurry up, review, and be ready. Final exam.

    Soon after, the end of the term arrived as promised by the students. On that day, Xu Yue, who had “disappeared” for a few months, re-entered the public’s sight.

    Although everyone does not have a comprehensive understanding of his “things”, no one in One Middle School does not know Xu Yue’s name.

    His exam position is in the second year of high school, the first row of the first column in the first examination room, and he is the most special one in the first grade.

    Before the test started, Xu Yue, who was in the first position, and Ji Yi who was in the second position, looked at each other, and the two of them didn’t speak much.

    After the exam, the two of them stepped out of the examination room together to greet the bright sunny day.

    When the final grade came out, Xu Yue still thundered? Not moving? First.

    But this time Song Yanting exceeded Ji Yi by 0.5 points.

    Knowing the result? Ji Yi was a little sad, “Now, I’m in third place again.” A

    straight man not only didn’t coax, but also had a serious face? He said, “Then your? You should really reflect on it. .

    ” ” ??? “Ji Yi directly lift the English examination paper?.

    But this? It’s really nothing.

    Just when Ji Yi was ready to welcome a month of summer vacation, Ji Guosheng, who was on a business trip for a week, suddenly came home and told her, “I have enrolled in a cram school for you. From tomorrow, you will go to a cram school with Xin Fei? . ” “

    I know. “Ji heart submissive, docile was not in the eyes of parents.

    Ji Yi was speechless? He twitched his lips, wanting to say I won’t go.

    But when dealing with people like Ji Guosheng, you can’t go head-to-head.

    “I have made a study plan for myself. I don’t want to go to the cram school to waste time?” Ji Yi said, and took out a comprehensive semester test score sheet, “Since you have read my results, you should know. My performance is very stable. If I interrupt at will, it may be counterproductive.”

    Ji Guosheng raised his brows and seemed to be thinking about this matter seriously.

    Ji Xinfei always wanted to find a sense of existence, “Xiao Yi, dad finds us a cram school for our own good.”

    “…” The most annoying thing is that every time Ji Xinfei speaks to mislead Ji Guosheng, it adds trouble to her. .

    Ji Yi glanced at her, didn’t tell her to save her face?, and went back directly, “Don’t use it? Your idea? Come to influence me? Do you think it is okay to obey the arrangement? Then, please take the test. I’ll say it again.”

    Ji Xin’s face? Can’t bear it, his face darkened a bit.

    When Ji Guosheng hesitated, Ji Yi pulled out another text message and held it in front of him, “Old Master Nan Jia invited me to go to a concert with her, in August, so I won’t go. The cram school, that? Is it a waste of my precious time?.”

    Ji Yi was caught off guard? Throwing out the killer, Ji Guosheng’s attitude turned around 180 degrees, smiling? Yes, “Okay, you.” If you don’t want to go, just keep your grades, I don’t care about your study plan.”

    Ji Guosheng let go.

    Ji Yi also breathed a sigh of relief.

    When Ji Xinfei saw the text message, she was very envious because she didn’t receive it.

    I knew that Nan Jia was partial to Ji Yi, but I didn’t expect that the partiality was so obvious.

    When Ji Yi saw Ji Xinfei’s faintly resentful eyes, when he went back to the room, he took a special look, “Sister, you must work hard in the cram school~”

    Don’t be too proud of this tone and gesture!

    When Ji Yi returned to the room, he locked the door and relaxed in his own small world.

    Because Ji Guosheng is her “guardian”, and her temperament is stinky and hard, she can’t refute it hard. Just have to wait another half a month, her birthday is coming soon.

    When I came to this world last year, her birthday was just past, and it wasn’t her.

    In my previous life, I studied early, and I was 18 years old when I graduated from the college entrance examination, but it hasn’t reached the day of my birth. This year is this body? Eighteen years old, she wants to make up for regrets.


    In early August, Ji Yi went to another city to attend a concert with Nanjia, where he met some friends of the old teacher in Nanjia. They are all people with status and status. Nan Jia was worried that she would be a little timid to see strangers, but she didn’t.

    Ji Yi has a gentle personality and is polite and polite to others. Those people have a good impression of her, and Nan Jia also appreciates her personality charm.

    Nan Jia took her to her private piano room.

    I practiced a few songs. During the break, Nan Jia talked to her about studying, “Xiao Yi, you are going to take the college entrance examination next year, right?”

    Ji Yi put down the music score in his hand and looked at her eyes for dialogue.


    “Do you think about which school you want to fill in?”

    “It hasn’t been determined yet.”

    “Well, why don’t you come to City B. B is one of the best in the country? The school is good for your future development.”

    Nan Jiachang lives in City B, so I hope she will come here too.

    After hearing this, Ji Yi nodded, “Okay, I will seriously consider it?”

    Nan Jia teased, “Are you considering it or the boy? Consider it?”

    Ji Yi smiled and replied: “Old teacher, I promised him to go to the same university with him.”

    “But your people, students, are your own. The old teacher didn’t stop you, I I know that you two are very good children, but you can’t follow his rhythm completely.” As a past person, Nan Jia gave advice from a sensible perspective, “You can choose the best A place that suits you, work hard to grow into a better person, and it won’t be too late to be together.”

    Ji Yi shook his head, “Isn’t I going to follow the rhythm of his? Choose your favorite? Major.”

    “And he was thinking about me from the beginning, he did not hesitate? Follow my? Choice. But in fact, I want him to know that many things can be done by two people? That’s right.”

    Nan Jia envied her for such unhesitating courage, which reminded her of what she used to be.

    At the beginning, she made the same choice with Ji Yi, but unfortunately the ending was not perfect, otherwise she would not be single so far… I

    like Ji Yi, probably because I saw her own shadow from her, brave and courageous. strong.

    Nan Jia sighed, “Silly girl, you are still young, no one can predict the future.”

    “Old teacher, he is a very lonely person? I want to be with him.” I don’t want to leave him. Alone? Alone? Repeat the same mistakes.

    Thinking of this, Ji Yi’s eyes became more determined, “I am willing to accompany him? He grows because he is worth it.” After

    hearing this, Nan Jia nodded and expressed understanding, “Okay, the old teacher knows. Come on. Ah, I support you, I hope you can have a happy ending!”

    “Thank you Nan Jia, old teacher.” The

    girl’s face showed a heartfelt smile, jumping between her fingers? Black and white piano keys connected to Chengdu. Into a brisk and joyous? note.

    Ji Yi spent a week in City B. Nan Jia gave her a lot of knowledge, which benefited her a lot.

    A week later, she appeared at the Rock City Airport.

    Xu Yue said that he came to pick up the plane. After the appointed time, he didn’t show up for a long time.

    “What’s the matter.” She muttered in a low voice. After making several calls, the other party prompted to shut down.

    The author has something to say:

    Guess what Brother Xu told An An, hahaha

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