AR: Ch 70

Ji Yi dragged a small light purple suitcase and carried a small schoolbag on his back to the waiting area, and found an empty seat to sit down.

    Put the suitcase on your feet and operate your mobile phone with both hands.

    Just about to open the app, a call from Zhao Shuyi suddenly popped up on the screen, “Xiao Yi, I remember you are back to Rock City today, the flight has landed, right?”

    “Yes, I am already at the airport.”

    “Great. “I can do it from the phone? I heard Zhao Shuyi’s laugh, and I didn’t know what she was happy about.

    Immediately after that, Zhao Shuyi said: “Xiao Yi, can you help Mom and Dad a favor?”

    “You said.” Ji Yi patiently? Listen?

    Zhao Shuyi’s tone was a little anxious, “That’s it, my parents have a friend who lives abroad for a long time. His family? The child is coming back to take the domestic college entrance examination, so he entrusted it to us temporarily. He is also on today’s flight, and he will get off the plane soon. But there is an emergency in the company of Mom and Dad. Can’t you pick it up in person, can you? Can’t you? Wait a while at the airport, and take that child home. It won’t seem like our family? It’s too rude.”

    “…Okay .” Yes.” Like performing a task, she agreed to Zhao Shuyi’s request.

    It didn’t take long before Zhao Shuyi sent over the person’s flight time, name, and photo.

    Click on the picture sent by Zhao Shuyi. It is a half-length photo of a boy with sunglasses. Most of the face exposed outside is pretty.

    After exiting the big picture page, she saw a few words from Zhao Shuyi: [His name is Xiao Li, his mobile phone number is…]

    Domestic flights are different from foreign flights, so Ji Yi had to drag his suitcase out, from here Take a taxi from the airport to another airport, but fortunately the two are not too far apart.

    When she hurries over, looking at the time, then people are almost there.

    Ji Yi clicked on the chat log and dialed the number sent by Zhao Shuyi.

    After waiting for about half a minute, the people at the end finally connected.

    “Hello, is it Xiao Li?”


    “My name is Ji Yi. I am the one who came to pick you up. I’m at Exit 3.”


    “Can you find it?”

    “Yeah. “

    Then? Okay, I’ll be waiting for you here.” Ji Yi glanced around, and added another sentence, “I’m carrying a purple suitcase, it’s obvious.”


    she just finished. The other party has already hung up the phone.

    “Tsk tusk.” After the conversation, they said four words, what temper.

    But she didn’t care, as long as she brought people back, she would complete the task.

    While waiting for someone, an unfamiliar number called.

    At first glance, it was a local number, and she was connected.

    An urgent voice came from the phone, “An’an, where is it?” After

    hearing the familiar voice and address, she was a little relieved, and replied: “I’m at the airport.”

    “Sorry, something happened? Delayed. The phone also dropped. Wait for me, OK, I’ll come over right away.”

    “Ah, what’s the matter? Have you…”

    “I didn’t make trouble or quarrel, someone I knew suddenly got sick and went to the hospital? , I lost my mobile phone on the way to the hospital. I couldn’t contact you in time. “I’m afraid she is worried? She consciously explained the facts.

    Hearing this, Ji Yi breathed a sigh of relief and calmed down: “It’s okay if you’re fine.”

    Xu Yue said to rush over, but she also refused, “My house? I have a guest here, and I just happened to take him to my house. You should deal with the hospital first. What happened? I’ll report to you when I get home.”

    “Okay, wait for me to deal with the hospital affairs? Go to you.” The

    two have known each other for a year, and they have formed a certain tacit understanding and know how to adapt.

    Putting away the phone, she glanced in the direction of the exit. At this moment, there was a tall young man wearing a dark coffee shirt and walking out carrying a black suitcase lever.

    Then? Human sword eyebrows, star eyes, three-dimensional features, dark brown short Korean hair is dense and stylish, standing in the crowd is a very special existence, but the eyebrows look a little harsh, not easy to provoke.

    Ji Yiduo? He glanced twice, then? Turned on the phone again, and was preparing to check out the photo. Suddenly—

    a little boy hurriedly ran over and hit her lap. The ice water in his hand also spilled out and fell on In her sandals.

    Then the child’s mother caught up, grabbed the child, and apologized to her again and again.

    Ji Yi shook his head and said: “It’s okay.”

    The family leader seemed to be a little angry. He grabbed the child’s arm and slapped the child’s ass, “Quickly apologize to my sister.”

    “Sister, I’m sorry.” The boy apologized obediently, but what? The expression? …

    Seeing that? The boy opened his mouth to cry, Ji Yi bent his arm, took out a candy from the side of the schoolbag and handed it over, “Sister accepts your apology, the obedient child can be forgiven Yes, this is a reward for you to correct if you know your mistakes.” It

    was originally the candy that Song Yanke brought back, but I donated another one.

    When the boy got the candy, he smiled instantly.

    Seeing this scene, she smiled knowingly, her eyes full of tenderness.

    When she remembered and turned her head again, the young man just now stood in front of her, “I am Xiao Li.” The

    brief self-introduction, the tone was still a little cold.

    Ji Yi responded politely, “Hello, this is Ji Yi.”

    After Dao Ming’s own identity, the scene calmed down.

    Ji Yi thought for a while, okay? He made a full set of politeness, with a soft voice, “You still? What do you need to deal with? If not, we can go home directly?”

    Xiao Li and her stared, Ji Yi also kept his eyes open, without shunning his gaze, she was very open in her heart.

    After a while, Xiao Li turned to the front, “Let’s go.” The

    taxis were arranged one after another, and people who had just left the airport got on the bus one after another.

    When they were both, Ji Yi reported the address, and the driver was a little annoyed, “

    After waiting for an hour, I got two closer.” The driver waiting at the airport hoped to have better luck and received a remote customer. It wasted their hard time in line.

    But this? There is no fixed number, it can only depend on luck.

    Obviously, the driver’s mentality is not very good. He talked about it several times along the way.

    “Quiet!” Xiao Li directly scanned the QR code to transfer a hundred, leaning back on the seat, and closing his eyes.

    For now, my instinct tells Ji Yi that this boy named Xiao Li may not have a good temper.

    I don’t know if Zhao Shuyi will take him home? Is he going to treat him to dinner? How about it. She just thought about? Bring people home? That’s it.

    When I returned to Ji’s house, I just came out of the elevator door, and I saw Aunt Su standing by the door with a smile on his face.

    “Second Miss.”

    “This is the guest the wife said to come to the house, Master Xiao, right?”

    “Yes, his name is Xiao Li.” Ji Yi answered for him.

    Aunt Su quickly took out a pair of new slippers and put them on the ground.

    The two changed their shoes one after the other and entered the house. Ji Yi dragged the suitcase and didn’t let go. “Aunt Su, what’s next? They should have accounted for you?”

    Aunt Su replied: “Yes.”

    “Then? He will

    leave it to you. I’ll go back to the room first.” This is the guest Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi are going to receive. She didn’t plan to mix up.

    Ji Yi pushed down the lever of the box, lifted it directly, and stepped up the stairs.

    As everyone knows, Xiao Li stared at her back for a long time, and doubts arose in her eyes.

    Aunt Su warmly received Xiao Li, “The guest room has been cleaned up, Master Xiao, let me take you over and have a look.”

    Xiao Li: “Yeah.” When

    he answered, Aunt Su smiled and went to get his luggage. “I’ll take the things for you.”

    But before they touched them, Xiao Li carried them? The suitcase moved a step back, “No.”

    *In the

    afternoon, Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi hurried in a hurry When he came back, he said that he had to take care of Xiao Li.

    When Ji Xin, who had just left the cram school, returned home, he happened to hear Ji Guosheng discussing where to go for dinner with Zhao Shuyi.

    “Dad, Mom, is that what you said? Did a guest come?” Ji Xin? I heard about this two days ago, so I quickly guessed the truth.

    “Yeah, we are planning to find a good place tonight. See you, what do you young people like?”

    Ji Guosheng said, how long has the Xiao family’s relationship with the Ji family been for years, and missed the Xiao family. ?Developed very well abroad, stronger than Ji’s strength. So they plan to raise the only son of the Xiao family.

    Several people discussed and selected two restaurants, but did not immediately decide.

    Zhao Shuyi knocked on the door of the guest room where Xiao Li was staying temporarily, and Ji Xin stood behind with the fruit plate.

    After a while, she knocked twice, “Xiao Li, it’s Aunt Zhao.” The

    boy opened the door lazily.

    They have seen it in a foreign country. Although they are not familiar, they are not unfamiliar.

    Zhao Shuyi asked Xiao Li Xihan warmly, “Do you like the layout of this room? If there is anything missing, remember to tell the aunt, treat this as your own home? Don’t be restrained.”

    Ji Xin? Fei put the fruit plate on the table. Zhao Shuyi took the opportunity to introduce him, “By the way, this is my daughter Ji Xin Fei, and there is a girl named Ji Yi who will pick you up today. The two of them are a few months younger than you. also? have to call your brother does. ” “

    mind? Fei Yi are the college entrance examination next year with little, to tell you the same level next semester also? is it the same class. after the convenient help each other. “

    Zhao Shuyi La La weave pile It feels like the words will never be finished. Xiao Li felt noisy and put on Bluetooth headsets directly in front of them.

    Ji Xin, who knows how to perceive words and colors? Fei quickly grabbed Zhao Shuyi, “Mom, people? I just need to rest after returning to China, other things?

    Take your time.” “Yes.” Zhao Shuyi nodded and gave the restaurant to Xiao Li, Xiao Li casually Glancing at it, just saying “random”.

    Zhao Shuyi asked briefly again, and then went out.

    When it gets late, Zhao Shuyi and Ji Guosheng are going to go out?

    Before they could call someone, Xiao Li had already walked out by himself. The reason was to drink water.

    “The kid Xiaoyi has been in the room for most of the day, I’ll call her.” Zhao Shuyi muttered?, about to go upstairs.

    There was movement from the stairwell, and Ji Yi hummed, holding the railing downstairs with a brisk minor, his steps were light, and he looked good.

    Wait until she sees a group of people standing in the living room…


    “It just happens that everyone is here, let’s go out?”

    “Go out?” Ji Yi was stunned.

    She is going out? But she didn’t plan to go out with them? Ah!

    Zhao Shuyi smiled? Explained, “I will pick up Xiao Li from the dust tonight.”

    Ji Yi lowered his eyes and touched the pearl chain of the shoulder bag. “I made an appointment with other friends today, can’t I go out with you.”

    Ji Guosheng: “What friend, I just pushed it, and I will make an appointment next time.” I

    have long been accustomed to Ji Guosheng’s strength. Ji Yi laughed instead of anger. Although the smile is not enough, his tone is flat.

    She lied

    without revealing a trace, “It’s a friend introduced by Teacher Nan Jia.” Sure enough, Ji Guosheng changed color when he heard the words, “If so, you go.”

    Ji Yi squeezed the pearl chain, speeded up the pace and walked down the stairs. .

    In Xiao Li’s eyes, only the moment when the light skirt floats like waves.

    The author has something to say:

    Mo Fang, Xiao Li is the key to Xu Ge’s emotional self-confidence.

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