AR: Ch 71

Soon after returning from city B, Ji Yi’s birthday arrived as promised.

    Ji Guosheng intends to give her a birthday banquet, but Ji Yi looks for a “serious reason” and refuses.

    Those who rushed to Ji’s family to congratulate her, she is not uncommon, but she wants to live a good 18 years with her close friends.

    Ji Yi made an appointment with Song Yanke and He Xuxu, because Xu Yue wanted to come, she also invited Zhuo Yihang.

    I temporarily pulled a five-person discussion group, and Zhuo Yihang dumped a two-hundred-yuan red envelope. “Can I bring another person to the fun?” With

    the help of manpower, Ji Yi agreed.

    This hot weather is not suitable for going out. I have already booked a restaurant and then a KTV.

    The KTV time is from noon to night, and the restaurant is scheduled for dinner.

    Song Yanke walked all the way and sighed, “My God, just think of it, I’ve been in the second year of high school, I haven’t come to KTV?, I will lose my face as

    Maiba when I say it!” He Xuxu covered his face, first Give everyone a vaccination, “Sisters, I’m really incomplete, for a while? Don’t you guys laugh at me.”

    KTV is Xu Yueding, they are here first. Ji Yi gave the QR code of the screenshot of the online order, and the waiter stepped on the scooter to guide them.

    As soon as he opened the door of the room, Song Yan could “wow”? “It’s so cool?!”

    This is a huge curtain hall, the room is very large, with screens on all sides, it is very atmospheric when you look at it.

    Song Yan couldn’t wait to take out his hand, scan the code and click on the song. Ji Yi and He Xuxu lay down on the sofa. It didn’t feel too cool.

    After a while, Zhuo Yihang brought a girl to find him. The mobile phone carried a square bag and handed it to Ji Yi, “Sister Yi, happy birthday.”

    “Thank you.” Ji Yi accepted the gift and smiled. thank.

    Zhuo Yihang led the girl with short hair and a more mature makeup, which contrasted sharply with her style.

    Zhuo Yihang took the girl to introduce them to them, saying that it was his girlfriend.

    The three of them gave a lot of face, boasting that he found a beautiful girlfriend.

    After sitting down, Song Yan lay on Ji Yi’s shoulder, “I remember last week, Zhuo Yihang’s girlfriend didn’t look like this.”

    Ji Yi couldn’t help but laughed and coughed, “Hush, just? It’s unspeakable.”

    Zhuo Yihang is almost at the speed of changing his girlfriend? Can you feel the speed of changing clothes? Everyone is tacitly aware.

    “Where’s Brother Xu? Today, I remember my sister’s birthday, and he was the last one to arrive.”

    “He went to mention the cake? He will come soon?”

    Xu Yue said that he was afraid that the cake would not be fresh, so he counted the time to go to the cake shop. , Do you have to? Keep it personally.

    No matter what Ji Yi said, he was very persistent, and could only let him go.

    It was said that Cao Cao had arrived, and as soon as his words fell, Xu Yue opened the door and came in, carrying a big cake in his hand, but his expression was a bit strange.

    Ji Yi greeted him and went up, “Thank you.”

    She stretched out her hand to get the cake, Xu Yue hid the things behind her with a guilty conscience, “An’an…or else this cake will be taken apart when we return to our house.” . ” “

    ah? such a big cake, the two of us also eat it. “as a past? 18 years birthday, she? patient transfer experience,” birthday is to? friends gather together to eat, drink Well.”

    “…” Xu Yue stopped talking.

    The cake is packed in a square box with a hard base and a pattern on the side, so you can’t see the structure inside.

    Ji Yi couldn’t wait to take apart the ribbon tied outside the cake box. Song Yanke and He Xuxu squatted on her left and right. Xu Yue stood in front of him, staring at the cake stubbornly, as if he had a grudge against it.

    Zhuo Yihang stopped after singing a love song with his girlfriend.

    Everyone’s eyes focused on the cake.

    Ji Yi’s hands? Have they touched the cake box lid!

    Just when she was about to lift it up, Xu Yue suddenly pressed the lid of the box, “Don’t open it?.”

    Everyone: “???” The

    less he refused to remove it, the more curious.

    Ji Yi quietly scratched his wrist. That was Xu Yue’s sensitive point. He really loosened his hand.

    She smiled and opened the box before she was ready.

    Inside is a round cake, covered with white cream, and the middle line of English letters are very well written, and each curved hook is beautiful, only the carved flowers dotted beside it, it is really…like It has been squeezed, and there is no three-dimensional effect at all.

    Zhuo Yihang couldn’t speak, “Brother Xu, did you knock the cake over when you came?”

    Xu Yue twitched the corner of his mouth, glanced open, obviously avoiding.

    He Xuxu saw with sharp eyes, “The English letters on this mean Ping An.”

    Ji Yi stared at the cake, his eyes rolled up, and Xu Yue glanced up, and the corners of his mouth rose, “I like this very much. Cake.”

    She opened the candle box next to it, took out two of them and plugged them in, and stretched out her hand directly to Xu Yue, “Is there a lighter?” As

    Xu Yue turned her palm, she put a black lighter in her heart.

    Ji Yi’s eyes met him in the air, her long eyelashes blinked, and she smiled, “Take a lighter with you, have you smoked?”

    “No.” In order to prove himself, he opened his pockets.

    Zhuo Yihang couldn’t help but laugh at the table, “Brother Xu, I didn’t see that you are still a strict wife.”

    Except Zhuo Yihang’s girlfriend, the others knew that they liked each other and often teased.

    Ji Yi’s face is thin, and she bows her head and doesn’t speak.

    Xu Yue slanted? He glanced and kicked over.

    Zhuo Yihang dodges based on experience and moves coquettishly.

    Song Yan can take advantage of the time? A birthday song, “A little while? Everyone sing along!” The

    candle lit up, and the lyrics and laughter of “Happy birthday to you” infected everyone.

    After singing the first half of Chinese, Zhuo Yihang stepped back and quietly beat the other girls.

    As soon as the English “happy birthday to you” came out, the strong sound effects in the private room disappeared, and there was only a cool male voice left, singing English songs, full of magnetism, and a catchy ending.

    Ji Yi listened to the song of blessing, and smiled.

    She arched her hands in front of her, closed her eyes, and silently made a wish in her heart.


    They ate early for dinner. At around eight o’clock, Xu Yue and Ji Yi had already left alone.

    But Ji Yi’s expression was strange.

    He asked curiously: “Did Song Yan tell you just now? What?”

    Because he came out of the restaurant, Ji Yi didn’t even look at him.

    “She? Say, wish! Me! Happy birthday!”

    Ji Yi wanted to cover up, but in fact, Song Yan could follow the sentence: “I am an adult? Can I do something? Adults can do something? Love?~”

    How could she tell Xu Yue! ! !

    There is a river in Yancheng, and the light bridge across the two banks is here? The night is extremely beautiful, especially in summer, and there are stars at night.

    “Xu Yue, you made the cake today, right?”

    “Have you guessed it?”

    “Huh.” Xu Yue wouldn’t be late on purpose, just like picking her up at ordinary times? The next night self-study will wait at the school gate half an hour earlier, unless there are special circumstances.

    Why do you say that the cake is not fresh? It is an excuse, mostly? He is making the picture, and the production error has delayed? Time.

    Xu Yue was a little annoyed, “I would buy you one

    if I knew it .” “But I prefer you to do it yourself.” The girl turned to face him, her hands behind her back, and walked backward step by step, “You How long have you studied?”

    Xu Yue hesitated for a moment, and replied: “…half a month.”

    “Puff.” She couldn’t help laughing, “So there are areas where you are not good at studying God.”

    Xu Yue lacks in this aspect. Talent, but the English letters on the cream cake are very beautifully written.

    He couldn’t help frowning, as if he couldn’t let go of this affair, feeling that he was embarrassed today.

    Ji Yi asked again: “Did you discuss it when you sang the birthday song today?” The

    honest man Xu Yue shook his head, “No, they counted me!” It

    was Zhuo Yihang privately with Song Yanke and Xu What are you discussing?

    Ji Yi said “Huh”, and laughed: “They are not afraid of you to stop, so how embarrassing I am.”

    Xu Yue shook his head, his eyes firmed? How much, “They know, I won’t. “

    Huh?” Ji Yi lifted his eyelids, with doubts in his round eyes.

    Suddenly, Xu Yue took a big step, pulled the person facing him, and avoided the pedestrian who was stepping on the scooter behind her.

    The two of them moved closer together. He stretched out his hand badly, squeezed her pinna, and when he lowered his head, the sound came into his ears, “I won’t let An An’s birthday have any regrets, I will finish singing.”

    Even though, he has never sung in front of outsiders before.

    The girl grinned, and the faintly exposed teeth pressed her pink lower lip, and smiled triumphantly.

    She stretched out her palm, her dexterous fingers swayed up and down, and she asked him straightforwardly, “Where is my gift?”

    Xu Yue raised her hand, and patted her hand with her heart. Pressed down? Some distance, “No.”

    “Really?” Ji Yi stared at him suspiciously.

    Xu Yue nodded again, “Really.”

    Such a straight man’s behavior is really…too much?!

    Staring at the red string on his wrist, the little girl grinds her teeth, revealing a fierce gaze, “Then you will return my hand and chain to me!”

    Xu Yue, really stretched out his hand to explain…

    Ji Yi’s eyes widened?!


    Without waiting for her, Xu Yue suddenly held her thin wrist and put it in a circle like magic.

    To be precise, it is a hand watch.

    For the bracelet style hand watch, the gold bracelet is about 0.5 cm wide. Except for the beige dial, the outer ring of the dial, the time letters, and the hands are all of the same gold color. The small and exquisite hand watch is just right on the girl’s wrist.

    “It’s so beautiful…” She touched her hands and watch with joy, her eyes filled with brilliant brilliance.

    “Is the letter on this anan? Is there this brand?”

    Generally speaking, there will be a hand? Watch brand logo on the dial of a hand watch, but she doesn’t remember a hand? Watch brand with this letter.

    Just when she was puzzled, she was suddenly knocked on her head. She said, “Xu Yue exclusively manufactures an exclusive wristwatch for An’an.”

    “There is a recording function here, and…” He patiently taught her to use the hidden function keys on the watch.

    The moonlight spread to the ground, illuminating the way for the pedestrian to move forward, and illuminating the cold heart of that person.

    The heart that had been cold and silent began to become alive.

    Touching the girl’s soft ink hair, my heart felt soft, “An An…”


    He hesitated? For a long time, or did he say it? To be honest, “If I want to leave Rock City for a while, will you be angry?”

    Ji Yi touched his hand? The hand on the wrist? The watch refused to let go?, and asked casually: “Where do you want to go? Huh? How long?”

    “To do something? Love, time… not sure.”

    She Release your hand, stop in place, and look into his eyes seriously, “If it is a very important matter, then I support you, as long as you don’t lose contact with me.”

    “Okay.” “

    The author has something to say:

    Hey, what kind of article did you read and were abused? Why are you afraid of my abuse in every chapter? ?

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