AR: Ch 72

 Two beds are placed in the white ward, separated by blue curtains.

    On the shelf next to the bed, there are two bottles of infusion fluid of different sizes. When it is very quiet, you can even hear the ticking of the water in the bottle, like a small stone smashing into the lake, there is a sound , But not obvious.

    The doctor who rescued the dying and healed the wounded was wearing a clean and tidy white lab coat and a mask. Only his sharp head and piercing eyes were exposed. “The recovery is good, but he needs to stay in the hospital for observation for a period of time. Pay attention to recuperating.”

    Middle-aged man on the bed? Just came back from a trip from Guimenguan? It can be said to be a life of nine deaths.

    He does not have hair, but the corners of his mouth are in a circle. There is no scum, probably because it hasn’t been a few days since someone shaved him, and his whole face looked a lot more serious.

    The man was pale and weak, lying on the bed? No one came? Visit.

    It was getting late, and the slender young man carried a plastic bag and pushed in.

    The man lying on the “patient bed” was not asleep, and opened his eyes as soon as he heard the movement.

    The man opened his dry lips and shouted in a dumb voice, “A Yue…”

    Xu Yue silently took out the lunch box inside, and then rocked the bed so that the patient could sit up.

    “Trouble you.” The man’s words were full of guilt.

    Xu Yue had no trouble in his hands? After doing things, he turned around and left.

    The man didn’t care about drinking water and eating, and shouted at his back with a hoarse voice: “A Yue, have you thought about what you told you before?”

    Xu Yue stopped, put his hands in his side pockets, and did not turn around. Look back.

    The man added anxiously, “The car was clearly heading for you that day. You should know… If you stay here? I’m not at ease?. If you go back with me, I can protect you.”

    Listening to the man’s heart and lungs, Xu Yue coldly interrupted, “Enough, I don’t want to listen to the extra words.” The

    man leaned forward and found that the infusion tube on the back of his hand was still pulling. I can’t wait to unplug the thing in the way! Seeing the lonely back of the young man, he felt uncomfortable for a while, “You are my biological son, and I will not harm you.”

    He finally said calmly about the relationship between the two.

    This person is Xu Yue’s biological father-Xu Cheng.

    He was arrested and imprisoned for making mistakes and sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment. Now he is finally free.

    When he learned of Xu Yue’s experience these years, Xu Cheng regretted it. At the beginning, he hid in prison for atonement in pursuit of peace of mind, but he didn’t know that his old father was sorrowful and sick, and his biological son was affected by this.

    At first, he didn’t even dare to face his son, so he avoided it deliberately.

    He didn’t hesitate to come to Yancheng until he was diagnosed with a serious illness, but it was worth the bad news that Xu Yue was forced to drop out of school by rumors.

    He finally wanted to take on the responsibility of being a father, but was turned away by his son.

    On that day, he wanted to find his son, but he saw a motorcycle rushing up the road downstairs in the residential area, and his goal was obviously rushing towards Xu Yue.

    In an instant, his mind was blank, but as a father, he instinctively rushed to protect his son.

    At the moment, Xu Yue hugged him and rolled around on the ground, avoiding the crazy motorcycle. The two were not injured, but he became ill and went to the hospital.

    His body is getting worse every day, and the doctor wants him to maintain a good attitude, but he can’t do it. When he thinks of someone trying to harm his son, he sleeps and eats hard.

    In the face of Xu Cheng’s grief, Xu Yue’s heart did not fluctuate, “You should be fortunate, if you are there? An accident in front of me, even if you die, it has nothing to do with me!”

    When he was in the hardest and most difficult time, he survived by himself, and his true heart of being late did not have any value!

    Xu Cheng twitched the corners of his mouth, really? There was no reason to keep him. I was in a hurry to find out the reason for the finale?, “A Yue, do you still want to protect the school girl?”

    “You check me?” Xu Yue was finally willing to look at him face-to-face, with sharp eyes like pincers. With frost.

    Xu Cheng was a little helpless, the blood relatives were actually no better than the status of a little girl in his heart.

    “I only care about your life.” Xu Cheng politely persuaded: “You are only a student now, even if you guard her every day? How? How?? Can you keep it for the rest of your life?”

    Xu Yue scoffed Then he laughed sarcastically, “Do you think that everyone is like you used to be? Ridiculous?!”

    It must be a lifetime thing for him to protect a person.

    “Then have you? Have you ever thought that if the motorcycle incident happened to her? And you happened to be? Can you protect her in time?” From the moment Xu Yue retorted him, he knew. Your chance is here?

    He finally found his son’s weakness.

    Xu Cheng closed his eyes slightly, hiding the soreness in his eyes, “Xu Yue, just a sincere heart is not enough to protect a person?”

    “You must become the leader…”

    “The master…”

    *In the

    golden autumn of September, the students who had released themselves during the summer vacation returned to campus one after another.

    The school, which has been quiet for a long time, re-emerges with vitality and vitality, which is the laughter and joy of a group of youthful students.

    Of course, high school seniors also wailed.

    “I haven’t? Have fun enough, why?

    School starts? “

    “My test paper hasn’t been finished yet!”

    Senior high school students don’t have to go through the process of two-day registration time.

    Ji Yi, Ji Xin? Fei, and Xiao Li came together. Before leaving, Zhao Shuyi sent the three children in the same car and sent them to the school.

    Ji Yi has now mastered the way to deal with Ji’s parents. The two sides have reached a peaceful situation. She doesn’t want to cause trouble, and it’s good to take a ride.

    The relationship between her and Ji Xin Fei is well known, and there is no need to hide it again.

    Before going to school, Zhao Shuyi was still instructing, “Brother Xiao Li went to school on the first day, you two should take more care of you?”

    Ji Yi trembled when she heard this name.

    elder brother?

    Has she ever called her brother in the last?

    On the contrary, Ji Xin? Fei was very well-behaved, obeyed all the arrangements of his parents, and shouted “Brother Xiao Li” in a sweet and soft voice, looks extremely pleasing.

    Even Ji Yi feels so?

    The office and the class are not in the same direction. The three climbed up the stairs. Ji Yi pointed to the direction of the office. “For freshmen, do you have to report to Teacher Jiang’s office first?” The

    three looked to the right at the same time. go.

    At this moment, Song Yan suddenly came out from behind, and secretly patted her on the shoulder, “Xiao Yi, long time no see!”

    Ji Yi turned his head and smiled, “Coco~”

    Song Yan was terribly hot. I stayed at home for half a month, seeing my friend after a few days, naturally, I was very happy.

    Xiao Li glanced at the two of them, stepped straight forward, and headed towards the office where Ji Yi’s finger was just now.

    Ji Xin? Fei trot two steps to catch up?, “Brother Xiao Li, let me take you over.”

    Song Yanke only realized that there was a tall male classmate next to her, but she hadn’t come yet? There was no time to see her face.

    She asked suspiciously: “Who is that?”

    “The transfer student, Xiao Li, will follow us in the next class.” Ji Yi replied smoothly, took off the shoulder bag, and slid the double-headed zipper to one side. Take out a transparent box with colorful candies in it, “Give it to you.”

    Song Yanke’s raging gossip fire was instantly extinguished by a box of sweet candies.

    She took Ji Yi’s little hand and looked so touched? The performance was too realistic, “Xiao Yi, you are really my little angel!”

    Ji Yi couldn’t help but pierce her with face, “You did the same yesterday? “

    Yes .” There is a small group of the three. When Song Yanke and He Xuxu were chatting inside, they dare to say anything.

    Song Yanke took her arm and blinked innocently, “I am sincere to you?” The

    two of them returned to the classroom with a laugh.

    Soon afterwards, Ji Xin Fei also came back, but his face was not pretty.

    Because she was rejected by Xiao Li.

    Just now she showed Xiao Li the way to the office. Teacher Jiang asked him to go through some enrollment procedures. Xiao Li refused to follow her and left by herself.

    She returned to the classroom dingy, even though others didn’t know, she still felt embarrassed. If it wasn’t for her parents to value Xiao Li, she wouldn’t want to lose her smile in front of an iceberg!

    Seeing Ji Yi chatting with friends happily again, Ji Xin’s Fei Xin was very irritable.

    Can Ji Yi? Refute Ji Guosheng, but she must be well-behaved. If she is the daughter of the Ji family, where does she need to be so careful?

    Some people are born without fate.


    Xiao Li was brought to the classroom by Teacher Jiang himself. Apart from the three students who were promoted from other classes to Class 1 during the semester, Xiao Li was the only transfer student.

    He is in good shape, outstanding in appearance, and his stern temperament sucks in a wave of face powder.

    Some? Girls discuss in private? Xiao Li looks good and has a good temperament.

    Some? Boys are jealous, but they say: “A Xu Yue just left… come again? A Xiao Li…”

    Both Xiao Li and Xu Yue feel indifferent and inaccessible, but they are different.

    Xu Yue is kind of cold, because he is lonely.

    And Xiao Li has that kind of ice cube face, looks so serious, everyone even suspects that he can’t laugh.

    When mentioning Xu Yue, some people laughed, “I just don’t know if he would be like Xu Yue? Hit someone.”


    He Xuxu suddenly heard something? The sound of something cracking, he turned his head to see, and saw Ji Yi crushed the black pen cap with his bare hands.

    The corners of He Xuxu’s mouth trembled, “Xiao, Xiaoyi, don’t be impulsive…”

    Ji Yi turned to face her and smiled at her, “I, very, cold, and quiet.”

    He Xuxu shivered, why is she? In this “calm” sentence, the meaning of gritted teeth can be heard.

    But those? People didn’t know how to constrain while Xu Yue was away, and they were still talking about it.

    Ji Yi finally couldn’t bear it, and slapped the desk fiercely, saying sarcastically, “Don’t talk if you can’t speak!” The

    talkative finally stopped for a while.

    Ji Yi set his posture upright, holding the pen on the table with

    anger ? Poke several times, “I’m so mad!” “Take a deep breath, relax, don’t be angry.” He Xuxu was tempted, “We don’t have the same knowledge as them, behave.” what.”

    As everyone knows, Xiao Li, who was temporarily placed in the fifth row, raised his eyes and looked towards her for a long time.

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