AR: Ch 73

  “Cough—” Teacher Jiang stood at the door of the classroom, clenched a fist close to his lips, coughing clear.

    All the classmates put away? frolicking, facing the blackboard.

    Teacher Jiang walked up to the podium with his head upright and filled everyone with a wave of spiritual chicken soup. “Students, starting from today, you will officially become third-year high school students. You must take your heart back and seize the last few months and work hard! Fight for the college entrance examination!”

    Everyone clamored.

    “Quiet!” Teacher Jiang patted the lecture table, “Four new classmates have come to our class this semester. I will first name them and adjust their positions. After the next monthly exam, I will still continue the freedom of the last semester to choose seats. Way.”

    Teacher Jiang glanced at the whole class and remembered that there was a special warning from a parent before. Ji Guosheng specifically explained the situation of Xiao Li, a transfer student, and asked the teacher to reconcile Xiao Li with Ji Yi or Ji Xinfu on the grounds that he was worried that he would not adapt to returning to China.

    Teacher Jiang has read Xiao Li’s files, because he has lived abroad for a long time and has excellent English, so he thought about putting him on the same table with Ji Yi, and maybe he could help Ji Yi in English subjects.

    I just passed the exam last semester? Four, I can fill up the vacancies now. Everyone felt that this matter had nothing to do with them, until He Xuxu was named.

    “Xiao Li moved to the third row, He Xuxu changed positions with him.”

    He Xuxu and Ji Yi at the same table: “??”

    Teacher Jiang did not explain anything, and continued to arrange the next one.

    Good students at this age seldom refute the teacher’s arrangement. He Xuxu reluctantly waved to Ji Yi, picked up his bag and left.

    Before leaving, He Xuxu still said, “Xiao Yi, I will come next month.”

    Ji Yi was amused by her, took out a comic book from her bag and stuffed it to her, “Is this for you? Gift.”

    He Xuxu has always liked this, so he brought it back when he went to City B during the summer vacation.

    After changing the table, Ji Yi was a little uncomfortable. After all, is a lively and cute tablemate and an iceberg really?… The difference is too big. She had forgotten how to take Xu Yueguai as a warm man.

    Because Ji Yi was sitting on the other side against the wall, as long as she went out, she had to squeeze from behind Xiao Li. She endured for a few days without drinking any water.

    Later, I said in the group of three little sisters that Song Yanke or He Xuxu would take the initiative to help when they went out to fetch water.

    Because they both agreed: “Xiao Yi, you really? It’s so pitiful!” 】

    Many people think that Xiao Li is not easy to contact, and the fact is?

    He usually doesn’t talk, he studies at school, and shuts himself up in the room when he arrives at home. It is said that he is playing games.

    For two weeks at the same table, the two exchanges hardly exceeded ten sentences.

    Fortunately, isn’t Ji Yi? Talking about tuberculosis, she is more willing to spend time on studying.

    Every time Xu Yue is not around, her English is a bit unsteady. It’s really frustrating to think about it.

    It has been more than half a month since Xu Yue left Yancheng, and he didn’t know when he would come back. After thinking about it…it’s over…it’s even more heartbroken.

    Ji Yi was lying on the table. After a while, the sound of knocking on the table came from her ear.

    The voice is not loud, but she can hear it very clearly.

    Ji Yi looked up and saw Song Yanting standing on the side of the aisle, “Ji Yi, look at this question.”

    After being a classmate for a year, Ji Yi has already seen through the character of the hero of the original book. .

    Song Yanting has an extraordinary family background and excellent abilities. He usually gives a good impression to his classmates at school. No wonder he has been listed on the campus male god list for three consecutive years.

    Of course, some of these gossip people secretly banned them.

    Song Yanting’s current favorite is? Researching various topics, not limited to high school knowledge, sometimes even teachers will be difficult. He will first adopt the principle of proximity to discuss with Ji Xinfei, and if the discussion fails to yield results, he will come back to Ji Yi for analysis.

    Ji Yi knows that it doesn’t

    matter , another person will do the question… Ji Yi read the question again, shook his head at him, “Wait a moment, I will tell you the answer when I ask.”

    “Okay!” Song Yanting happily put it. The draft paper with the title copied on that page was torn off and left on Ji Yi’s desk.

    Ji Yi was about to take out his mobile phone to take pictures, but the teacher did not expect to enter the classroom early. She had to plug her phone back? The draft paper was sandwiched in the book.

    Not long after, the person next to him suddenly threw a ball of paper.

    Ji Yi glanced at him curiously, unfolded the paper ball full of doubts, and found that the number on it… was the answer to the math problem just now.

    Ji Yi blinked and scanned the process. Turning his head slightly, he whispered: “Thank you.” I

    didn’t expect Xiao Li to be really enthusiastic, and it is true that a person can’t be judged by his appearance and the number of words!

    After class, Ji Yi copied the answer to the problem neatly. He just stood up and called for Song Yanting, but found that Song Yanting was not in his seat.

    She glanced at Xiao Li next to him, “Could you please help to pass this to the middle position? Thank you.”

    Xiao Li silently took the draft paper, and handed it directly to the middle with his slender arms.


    self-study and school in the evening, the three people who obviously lived in the same house had a magical turn of time. Ji Yi arrived home first, and just went to the drinking fountain to receive a glass of warm water, and the door was opened again.

    It was Xiao Li, and Ji Xinfei who followed behind him.

    When Ji Xinfei saw her, she was the first to speak: “Xiao Yi, I will go to the piano room to record a video later.”

    Ji Yi nodded perfunctorily, indicating that he knew.

    Because Teacher Nan Jia spot-checks the two of them from time to time, and asks to play a complete piece of music, record the video, and send it to her for inspection.

    There is only a single piano room in the house, and the two of them must hand in homework together, one after the other.

    Ji Xinfei took the lead, so she also let her go.

    By the time Ji Xinfei came out of the piano room, it was already an hour later.

    Originally, the self-study in the third night of high school was late after class, but now it is already 11 o’clock in the evening. Fortunately, the soundproofing effect of this piano room at home is excellent, as long as you close it, you won’t disturb others.

    She has been practicing, and the recording went well.

    Ji Yi came out of the practice room holding his own music score, and suddenly heard a “bang” sound in the kitchen.

    She frowned suspiciously, and took a step back.

    Today, Aunt Su asked for leave, but Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi did not come back. Who is in the kitchen?

    Wouldn’t it be?…

    Fear is the easiest for people in the dead of night.

    She was about to run back to the room, but she heard another movement from the kitchen and a cough.

    Will cough, is it the person—

    Ji Yi changed his trajectory to go to the kitchen and almost bumped into the person inside.

    The smoke in the kitchen is full of smoke, making people uncomfortable.

    Ji Yi looked at this scene in horror, “What are you doing?”

    Did you fry the kitchen? !

    Xiao Li helped by the door and coughed again.

    Ji Yi rushed in, clutching his nose and mouth? Turned on the range hood, and opened all the windows and doors to let the smoke dissipate.

    She looked around and found that the refrigerator door was also open, and there were vegetables on the cutting board.

    She seemed to guess something, “Are you in the kitchen, don’t you? Want to cook?”

    Xiao Li frowned, feeling embarrassed.

    Before, when Aunt Su was there, she would prepare food every night, but Xiao Li had a special point. His stomach digested quickly and was easy to get hungry. He was so hungry that he couldn’t sleep at night.

    Girls like Ji Yi usually stock up some small snacks in the bedroom, but Xiao Li didn’t prepare, so he went to the kitchen to study, but unfortunately… he failed.

    Or? Special? Don’t fail the kind!

    “I’m coming.” Ji Yi touched his stomach and sighed, just as he was a little hungry.

    She put the scores in a clean place and began to find suitable food in the refrigerator.

    Xiao Li, who rarely speaks, finally found out that he took the initiative to walk over?, “Need? Help?”

    Ji Yi was not polite, pointing to the Chinese cabbage just now, and said, “You help me wash that vegetable leaf. I cook noodles.”

    Xiao Li started to act.

    He took a basin of water, put the whole Chinese cabbage in it, and rolled it back and forth.

    After Ji Yi just finished boiling the pot, seeing this scene, he sighed, “Did you? Haven’t you ever been in the kitchen?”

    Xiao Li hesitated for a moment and nodded.

    He has never made anything since he was a child, and the family knows that he is hungry easily, so there is no shortage of food at all times.

    Ji Yi pursed his lower lip, and patiently taught: “The leaves should be torn apart, washed in water, and then put in a clean bowl. Repeat this, wash at least three times.”

    Xiao Li did.

    This kind of thing doesn’t need technology, he can do it.

    The two of them cooperated and only waited for the water to boil to cook the noodles.

    Ji Yi said casually: “Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, and then throw the noodles down when the water boils?”

    Although Xiao Li didn’t answer, he still remembered everything in his heart.

    She washed two sets of dishes and chopsticks and placed them on the counter. “It’s all here? Seasoning, you can add it yourself.”

    She has a light taste and hardly adds a few.

    The water in the pot started to boil, and Ji Yi was about to lose face, Xiao Li suddenly stopped her, “I’m coming.”

    Seeing his intention to study, Ji Yi nodded, stepped back, and turned to serve the cabbage slices.

    When she looked back and saw the noodles in the pot, she was stunned, “Too much! Too much!” When

    the noodles were boiled, there was a small bowl, and Xiao Li almost lost half of it.

    Xiao Li was puzzled, “It doesn’t look like that much.”

    “Before it is cooked is different from after it is cooked! Ouch…” Now it’s too late to clip it out.

    I have no choice but to cook.

    Ji Yi said casually: “You go? Ask Ji Xinwan if you want? Don’t? Eat.”

    Xiao Li frowned and asked: “Why? Me?”

    Ji Yi raised his head and stared at him seriously. , Asked, “Do you want to see the kitchen here?”

    Xiao Li: “…”


    He went? Knocked on the door upstairs, Ji Xinfei was taking a shower, and did not hear.

    After going downstairs, Xiao Li told Ji Yi directly, “She won’t eat.”

    “Oh.” Ji Yi didn’t care too much, and didn’t doubt it.

    So? Almost, the two of them cooked a large pot of noodles, and they solved one-third.

    Ji Yi eats less, she goes first by herself? Washed the dishes, and after she came out she saw Xiao Li habitually putting the dishes on the table.

    She was about to say that she helped him wash, so she should report to him for solving the problem today.

    Xiao Li also saw Ji Yi’s hand stretched out.

    Just when she was about to pick up the bowl, the phone on the table suddenly vibrated.

    When the screen turned on, Ji Yi glanced, and instantly pulled back his hand to pick up the phone, and threw it to Xiao Li: “Eat yourself and wash yourself.”

    Then, Xiao Li saw her smiling face picking up the phone and walking outside. , What is the voice? He has never heard the gentleness, it is different from usual, and it is more squeamish.

    “I’m here~”

    The author has something to say: Let me go

    , An’an’s kindness in life is her sincere heart, but we An’an will not treat other boys in all kinds of goodness, An’an can only treat Xu as good as possible~

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