AR: Ch 74

  “OK, the dictation is complete! Let’s check each other.” In the

    afternoon, there was English dictation. Taking advantage of lunch time, Song Yanke ran directly to the seat in front of Ji Yi and sat down. The two supervised each other and exchanged checks.

    This matter only took more than ten minutes, and Song Yanke touched a book from her desk and put it down, and put the phone in the page of the book pretendingly.

    Ji Yi asked her, “Why do you like to play with my mobile phone?”

    Song Yanke gave a serious answer, “So you can’t shoot surveillance video.”

    Every classroom is equipped with a camera, the truth is They don’t know if the school has started this? For example, when taking an exam, I don’t care about the camera if I want to plagiarize, but I usually worry about it.

    Song Yanke is keen on Weibo, and she will share interesting passages with her friends.

    She watched with gusto, and turned her phone over, facing Ji Yi’s face, and said?: “Look at this? How interesting is this sentence.”

    [If you are looking for a boyfriend, you should look for the kind of self-discipline that you can’t catch up with. Cold, this kind of person, as long as he looks back at you, you are his fate! ]

    Rarely read romantic novels? The romantic copywriter Ji Yi only has a domineering thinking, and she is eager to read. “Is the boyfriend who can’t catch up?”

    Song Yan looked like a hatred of iron and steel, “Is this? Is it heavy?” Point? Sister! This? The sentence means that the kind of cool, handsome and self-disciplined boys are excellent. If this kind of people like you, you will be very happy.”

    Song Yanke pretended to be a heart-holding posture. “Don’t you think? This? The sentence looks very interesting? It’s romantic and heart-puzzling?”

    Ji Yi thought for a while and nodded in agreement, “I think? You said? Yes? Right !”

    Her family? Xu Yue Isn’t that what it is?

    One word: handsome!

    Thinking of the sweet past, she changed her mind, “I’m going to copy this paragraph down!” She

    quickly turned out the pen and paper and copied the paragraph in a neat and tidy manner on the notebook.

    Song Yan realized it later and cast an ambiguous look, “Oh~~~” the tone of the word tactfully changed.

    Xiao Li next to him also returned to the classroom at this time.

    Song Yanke glanced at the time. She estimated that the original owner who occupied this position should have returned. She immediately put her mobile phone in her pocket, closed the book and left. She just stood up and saw a familiar figure appeared at the door of the classroom.

    Song Yanke turned his head and squeaked, “Xiao Yi, Zhuo Yihang is here.” As

    soon as the voice fell, I heard the classmate near the classroom door shout, “Ji Yi, someone is looking for it!”

    Ji Yi stood up and waved, passing Xiao. Leave your back and leave your seat.

    Xiao Li’s gaze shifted and landed on the notebook she had just finished writing.

    Black and white, neat and beautiful.

    “High coldness, self-discipline…” He muttered a few words lightly, and his eyes couldn’t help but cast out the door.

    Ji Yi didn’t know what to say to the boy named Zhuo Yihang? When he came back, he was holding a small box in his hand, with a sweet smile on his face. It’s as if the smile I saw last night is more real than the light smile I usually see.

    Ji Yi returned to his seat holding the box and opened it to see that there were fleshy snacks inside.

    I remembered what Zhuo Yihang said just now: “Brother Xu called me? Call me? The express arrived, I ran fast, thinking that his conscience found that he finally remembered? Brother, the result!!! Do you know what he said? What? “

    Ji Yi shook his head.

    Zhuo Yihang thumped his chest, “He said? I’m afraid you will be tired from holding upstairs, let me be a free tool man…”

    Thinking of Zhuo Yihang’s vivid description, she couldn’t help but laugh.

    Later, I opened it directly and found that there was a card inside: I knew you would give it away, so I prepared two copies.

    Xu Yue didn’t think for others, but he thought about her wholeheartedly. Because she understands her style of doing things, even this kind of thing is prepared in advance.

    She gave some points to Zhuo Yihang, and planned to give some to He Xuxu and Song Yan.

    Ji Yi found out how many people next to her looked at her intentionally or unintentionally.

    I’m afraid it’s not this? A “foodie” has taken a fancy to her snacks!

    She hesitated, took out two individually packaged pieces of meat from the box and handed them to Xiao Li, “Here you are, you can fill your stomach when you are hungry.”

    Xiao Li stared at the two pieces of meat for a while, tearing apart. Put it in your mouth.

    It’s really fragrant.

    It’s probably because you get thirsty after eating something at noon, Xiao Li picked up a water glass and went out to get the water, but unexpectedly saw Zhuo Yihang talk to another girl? Did he laugh? He even hooked his shoulders.

    He didn’t even know how many people in the first class, let alone Zhuo Yihang.

    Xiao Li kept following behind him holding the water glass, and saw Zhuo Yihang walking with the girl and separated.

    The girl entered the classroom of Class 4, and Zhuo Yihang stood on the corridor of Class 7 classroom for a while, and found out the lighter and cigarette case.

    Zhuo Yihang didn’t light up the cigarette immediately, and walked toward the toilet with his things in his pockets.

    As for what he is going to do, it goes without saying.


    Before the nap, the classmates have basically returned to the classroom. The monitor holds the roster to find the new students to fill in the information. “The roster will be passed on in a while, and you should check whether your information needs to be modified, and directly post the remarks at the back. ‘Indicating.” The

    roster has to be reviewed at the beginning of the new semester. It was originally just for freshmen to add their own identity information and contact number.

    Student A suddenly popped up? A question: “Did you find Ji Yi and Ji Xinfei’s ID numbers?”

    Student B asked back: “What’s

    wrong with the numbers?” Student A replied: “The years on their two sisters’ ID cards are the same , But the months are different…”

    Sisters born in the same year, if they are twins, their birthdays must be the same, but they are different by a few months, so they are wrong.

    Once in doubt, the family wants to break the casserole and ask the end.

    Soon someone picked up the stupid things Ji Yigao did in the first grade, which was completely different from Ji Xinfei.

    Just because of this? As soon as the matter spread, Ji Xinfei’s junior high school classmates and elementary school classmates all ran out to testify, “When we were classmates with Ji Xinfei, we knew she was Miss Ji’s family.”

    That means, Ji Xinfei She was the daughter of Ji’s family since she was young.

    Then why did you adopt a Ji Yi later? Did you predict Ji Yi’s perfect transformation in advance, so you adopted her at home?

    The novel? Brain classmate: “I’m afraid it’s not the true and false daughter who was miscarried in the dog blood plot?”

    Just like that, the big family? began to speculate again:

    Ji Yi and Ji Xinfei’s biological parents are rich and the other has no money. Then I reported an error in the hospital, and when I grew up, I found out that this was an oolong. When they found out their biological daughter, they were reluctant to give up the adopted daughter who had been raising them for many years, so-the two sisters were raised in Ji’s family together!

    Don’t say?, the posts in the forum are made up? When the three become tigers, they become the “truth” that everyone knows.

    Because of these hearsay rumors, Ji Xinfei has become increasingly depressed recently, and his usual test scores have continued to decline.

    Teacher Jiang went to her office alone to talk, “Ji Xinfei, your grades have not been ideal recently. Is the pressure in the third year of high school? Too much?”

    The teacher obviously didn’t know about this, and Ji Xinfei would not take the initiative to explain it.

    She shook her head and said? “It’s okay”, then she was silent.

    Seeing that her face was a little pale, Teacher Jiang asked with concern, “Are you feeling unwell?”

    Ji Xinfei still shook his head.

    Teacher Jiang tried many ways but couldn’t open her mouth, so she could only let her go back.

    But Teacher Jiang is very responsible to the students. She couldn’t start from Ji Xinfei, so she simply went to Ji Yi.

    “I think Ji Xinfei’s grades have been very unstable recently, and her mood is not very good… The teacher knows that you and Ji Xinfei are sisters, so I want to ask, what happened to her recently?”

    “This? A…” Ji Yi stopped talking and bit his lip.

    What do you want her to say? Discuss the dog-blood story of true and false daughters with the teacher…Is

    he still one of the protagonists…

    Since Ji Xinmei is reluctant to say?, then I definitely don’t want others to tell?.

    She thought for a moment, a confused light appeared in her eyes, and she shook her head at Teacher Jiang, “Teacher, I don’t know too much.”

    Teacher Jiang sighed deeply and waved to her, “Forget it, you go back first? Right.”

    Neither of them wanted to say?, and she couldn’t force them to speak.


    But just the day after Ji Yi and Ji Xinfei were invited into the office in succession, the truth broke out?

    “When Ji Yi was a child, he was abducted and sold by fans. Ji Xinfei was an orphan adopted from an orphanage.”

    This title is simply a summary of the essence of gossip!

    Someone made a joke about this? Ji Xinfei cried and blushed in the classroom.

    Ji Yi, Song Yanke, and He Xuxu had just returned from the cafeteria, and found the people in the classroom very strange.

    The three of them walked towards their own seats, and happened to pass by Ji Xinfei’s table when they were suddenly caught by their wrists.

    Looking back, Ji Xinfei, tearful of her hand, looked at her with a grimace, and asked, “Why do you want to do this?”

    Ji Yi didn’t understand, “What did I do?”

    Ji Xinfei He clenched his hands, crying? Eyes flushed, angry? Cheeks flushed, “Tell those things? Come and hit me, is your ultimate goal?”

    “What…thing?” Ji Yi My heart is tight.

    Thinking of recent sensitive topics, she vaguely guessed that it was related to her life experience.

    But she forgot to charge her mobile phone last night. When she brought it to school, the battery level was already red. She had hardly played and didn’t know the latest news.

    The male student in the back row blew a whistle, “Ji Xinfei is an adopted daughter, and he has taken over Ji Yi’s identity and still refuses to admit it. So? No wonder Ji Yi was right with Ji Xinfei.”

    “That’s right…haha. “

    Someone agreed? Laughing?”

    It’s because of these unbearable words that irritated Ji Xinfei, her mind became a mess, and she only felt ashamed of herself. Unconsciously grasping Ji Yi, the strength of both hands continued to increase.

    Ji Yi frowned in pain? Pulled her hand, “You let me go!”

    Where is Ji Xinfei still sensible now, she feels that everyone is laughing at herself, sarcasm herself. What I heard were all those mocking and contemptuous laughter, saying that she had robbed other people’s lives.

    The more Ji Yi resisted, the more Ji Xinfei refused to let go.

    The situation got worse, and while struggling, Ji Xinfei’s finger hooked to the golden watch on Ji Yi’s wrist. The bracelet-style watch was pulled apart and fell to the ground with a “pop”.

    The author has something to say:

    Get ready to meet An An’s anger~

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