AR: Ch 75

   He Xuxu and the others hurriedly pulled the two apart, and there was still someone in the chaos that stepped on the hand watch.

    “Stop arguing!” Ji Yi yelled suddenly and waved away the four-week old.

    The aisle was originally not wide, everyone? Seeing that the situation was not right, they spread out and stood farther to continue watching. He Xuxu and Song Yanke stood beside Ji Yi.

    In full view, Ji Yi knelt down, picked up the hand watch that was turned on the ground, and carefully wiped the dust. But the glass on the front of the dial shattered like ice cracks.

    Ten fingers tightened slowly, and she could clearly hear the sound of her teeth gnashing.

    Ji Yi stood up slowly, glaring at Ji Xinfei with his eyes. Suddenly the desk of Ji Xinfei was pulled into the middle of the aisle. When everyone was surprised, she kicked and lifted the desk forward without hesitation.

    Ji Xinfei stepped back, after all, he couldn’t avoid it. All the books that had slipped from the drawer and on the tabletop? Smashed on her feet.

    “Ah–” Ji Xinfei cried out painfully while holding her foot, and Dou Da’s tears went out.

    Ji Yi stepped on the inverted desk, staring at her indifferently, every word, and knocking on her heart, “You are the best? Pray that it doesn’t break!”

    Where is Ji Yi nowadays gentle and peaceful? It looked like that cold and stern warning hit Ji Xinfei’s heart, making her face pale with fright, even the pain.

    The “others” were also taken aback.

    He Xuxu and Song Yanke looked at each other and tentatively shouted.

    Ji Yi retracted his feet and shook his hands? The bracelet watch is good for two? Friends shook his head, “I? Go out first.”

    “What are you going to do?”

    “Repair the watch.”

    “Let’s go with you.”

    “No need , Your test paper hasn’t been completed yet, so let’s do the questions first.”

    Speaking of this in the cafeteria just now, Song Yanke and He Xuxu were still crying miserably. Now Ji Yi rejected them with this? The reason is obviously in a bad mood?.

    Ji Xinfei sat on the ground and cried so hard that no one came to help.


    soon as Ji Yi left with his front foot, Zhuo Yihang, who received the news, rushed up.

    Song Yanke and He Xuxu briefly recounted what happened just now. Originally thought Zhuo Yihang would be as worried as them, but he didn’t expect… Zhuo Yihang gave a thumbs up after listening, “As expected of Brother Xu. The one above, a word, tough!”

    “Is this the point?” Song Yan rolled his eyes, “Also, is your math taught by your physical education teacher?”

    Zhuo Yihang scratched his head. Brother Xu said that once Ji Yi has something to tell him as soon as possible, but now Ji Yi has not been bullied, and has made others cry, should I say it or not?”

    He Xuxu sighed. After a sigh of relief, “Zhuo Yihang, the main point now? Is that Ji Xinfei broke Xiao Yi’s hand watch… She is now out looking for someone? Repairing her hand watch, why don’t you let us follow, what should I do? Huh?”

    Zhuo Yihang was stunned, and didn’t even scratch his head, “Fuck, she won’t let you follow, just in case something goes wrong, Brother Xu can’t skin me? Go find it first.”

    Ji Yi walked slowly, but Zhuo Yihang ran downstairs and caught up at the school gate.

    When Ji Yi saw him, he was still surprised.

    Zhuo Yihang hurriedly asked: “Sister Yi, are you going to fix your hands now? Watch?”

    Ji Yi: “Yeah.”

    Zhuo Yihang asked as he pursued, “It’s going to be late for self-study, and in the evening. Isn’t there still a test?”

    Ji Yi: “ Ask for leave.”

    Zhuo Yihang suggested: “No, this hand? The watch is broken, we can wait for the holiday? Go repair it.”

    She retorted without hesitation, “Don’t .”

    Ji Yi, who had always been “gentle and friendly”, suddenly turned on the cold response mode. Zhuo Yihang couldn’t cope with it, anxiously like an ant on a hot pot—wandering around Ji Yi.

    I really can’t persuade Ji Yi. Zhuo Yihang can only sacrifice his life to accompany the gentleman, “Well, I’ll go with you.”

    Ji Yi calmly refused, “No.”

    Zhuo Yihang shook his head, “That’s not okay, you If you go out of this state, what if something? What’s wrong, me? Not good? Explain to Brother Xu.”

    He moved out of Xu Yue and made a mistake and made Ji Yi acquiesce in his existence.

    The two of them found a small shop near the school that sells hand watches.

    “Boss, my hand? The watch screen is broken, may I ask this? Can I change it?”

    “Take me? Take a look.” Disassemble the screws on the back of the dial and take a closer look at the structure inside.

    Ji Yi lay on the glass table, staring unblinkingly, for fear that the watch might run off.

    After a while, the owner of the watch shop shook his head and said: “This watch? The contents of the watch are a bit complicated and different from what I usually see. I’m afraid of accidentally ruining its internal structure. “

    This? The store’s hand watch is a cheap price of dozens of dollars and hundreds of dollars. Although the boss hasn’t noticed it? What brand of her hand? You can see the value of the pure gold bracelet. Not cheap.

    He didn’t dare to try, so he euphemistically said that he couldn’t fix it.

    Out of the store, Zhuo Yihang persuaded again: “Why don’t we go back to school first, and go to the urban area during the holiday.”

    “No!” She refused more decisively and firmly this time.

    Ji Yi searched out a few stores in the map, and those people said after seeing it, it is not good to repair. She stood dejectedly by the side of the road, still holding the watch in her hand.

    Zhuo Yihang tilted his neck and glanced at him for fear that she would cry?. There was really no trick. In desperation, he called Xu Yue while Ji Yi was not paying attention.

    “Brother Xu, something has happened!”

    He raised his hand to the phone with one hand, and with the other hand in front of his mouth, and quickly explained the matter.

    After Xu Yue heard this, he only said one sentence to him: “Let her answer the phone.”

    Zhuo Yihang handed the plane out and glanced at Ji Yi cautiously. “Brother Xu’s phone…”

    Ji Yi stared at that time. He glanced.

    But when she stared at others, she didn’t have any threatening power. Zhuo Yihang chuckled twice, and threw the fruit brand “hot? Yam” to her.

    When Ji Yi answered the phone, he deliberately found a corner where there was no one to stand in.

    The acquainted Zhuo Yihang was a few meters away from her.

    “An An.” As

    soon as she heard that familiar cry, the grievances in her heart almost couldn’t help but come out?.

    “Yeah.” Ji Yi bit his lip and said from deep in his throat.

    “An’an, don’t go find someone to fix your hands or watch.” Xu Yue didn’t talk nonsense, and went straight to the point.

    Ji Yi stared at the broken dial in his heart, and his eyes began to panic, “But…it’s broken…”

    Xu Yue’s calm voice came from the phone, “I’m giving you a gift, of course I “Responsible.”

    She subconsciously squeezed the bracelet watch, and asked tentatively: “Then you will come back?”

    “Of course.” Xu Yue promised, “I? Will come back as soon as possible? I promise to let you. The gift is in good condition? To the extent that it is not damaged, you are now going back to school with Zhuo Yihang and go to class obediently, you know?”

    She suppressed her voice and said: “Okay?…”

    Xu Yue coaxed her on the phone? After a while, he said everything well.

    From the initial anger to the strength and indifference of facing others, Ji Yi finally couldn’t help but cry after hearing a few words from him.

    She returned the mobile phone to Zhuo Yihang, and the words were clearly crying, “Back to school.”

    Zhuo Yihang immediately sighed in relief, hurriedly ran to the side of the road to beckon, and the two took a taxi back to school together.

    Zhuo Yihang sent Ji Yi to the door of the classroom before leaving.

    When everyone was immersed in the examination papers, Xiao Li happened to see this scene, and a strange light flashed in his eyes.

    Seeing that Ji Yi took the broken hand watch back again, and carefully put it in his school bag, it seemed that he cared very much.

    Xiao Li stopped talking, and finally immersed himself in doing the test papers.

    Ji Yi started to do the questions in the middle, and there was still one page to be completed when the paper was handed in, but this was just a daily test, and she didn’t care too much.

    When she entered the classroom, she found that Ji Xinfei’s position was empty. She didn’t know if she ran to complain or complain about him. The head teacher has gone home today, and even if something happens, he will have to think about it tomorrow.

    After self-study in the evening, Ji Yi packed up his things and got up.

    On the way home, Xiao Li suddenly caught up?

    Ji Yi thought he was walking fast, but when Xiao Li walked behind her, he would maintain a distance of about half a metre, neither falling behind nor surpassing her.

    She is not in a good mood this afternoon, and she does not take the initiative to talk to people.

    They didn’t stand side by side in the same direction until they walked into the elevator in the community.

    There were only two of them in the elevator. Xiao Li stood beside her and suddenly shouted: “Ji Yi.”

    Ji Yi responded casually: “Huh?”

    Seeing the constantly changing elevator floor numbers, Xiao Li blurted out: “That? Zhuo Yihang has a good relationship with many girls? And he smokes.”

    Ji Yi answered absently, “Oh, I know?”

    Zhuo Yihang said. Yihang never concealed those bad habits, and she heard no waves in her heart.


    Ji Yi answered plainly, and Xiao Li had nothing to say.

    The two people? They didn’t pretend to be the same thing at all, and they couldn’t get each other’s feelings.

    The two of them walked into the house in this state, and went back to the room.

    As soon as Xiao Li entered the house, he locked the door from the inside, then opened the Taobao page of the computer and began to search: jewelry watch?

    Directly searched out? There are many styles of hand watches, and he seems to have no idea what girls would like.

    He had seen Ji Yi’s hand watch before, but could not recognize the brand of that hand watch. He could only rely on his memory (not a typo) to search for keywords in the style of Ji Yi’s hand watch and find a variety of golden bracelets. Style of hand? Watch.

    Choosing it? I can’t get results, so I just bought ten hands-on watches of similar styles and poke the customer service one by one to make up the difference and let them send SF Express’s fastest shipping method.

    Ji Yi stayed in the room for a while, then went downstairs to eat later?

    Aunt Su prepared food for three people, and Ji Yi took her own back to the room, “I will eat it later, take it to the kitchen and wash it myself.” When

    Xiao Li came, Ji Yi just left when she heard such a sentence.

    So he waited and waited down there, waiting for half an hour and didn’t see her come down.

    Just as he was about to go back to his room, he heard another sound of closing the door.

    I looked up, but no one was seen?

    Ji Yi took the mobile phone and the watch, and didn’t even bother to change his shoes, stepped on the slippers and went out.

    Turning the corner, I saw the familiar figure leaning against the elevator door.

    When the teenager heard the movement, he turned around and waved to her, “An An, come here?.”

    The author has something to say:

    Brother Xu finally showed up~

    Classmate An An said: Tomorrow, I will pick up two familiar cute little cuties from the comment area. Red envelope!

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