AR: Ch 76

 The boy leaned against the wall, and the corridor lights outlined his perfect face. He bowed his head slightly and put one hand in his shallow pocket, with a chic and unrestrained temperament.

    Hearing the slight footsteps, he turned around, raised his chin slightly, raised his other hand, and hooked his finger. The simple posture was made by him, which was inexplicably temptation.

    Ji Yi stopped and was one meter away from the boy leaning on the wall.

    When I met someone in my heart, I really wanted to pounce into his arms and pour out all his grievances and misses. But she didn’t do it, probably because there are very few such close actions.

    Xu Yue moved lightly and walked towards her. The tall figure enveloped her, and the slender and powerful arms embraced the little girl in front of her.

    “An An.” The name yelled from his throat had a lingering meaning.

    Xu Yue lowered his head, put his chin on her shoulder, and slowly closed his eyes. Only at this moment can the tense mood really relax.

    Ji Yi was startled slightly, and suddenly felt a sense of exhaustion emanating from him.

    It’s the kind of spirit.

    The mind that just wanted to be wronged? The thoughts disappeared in an instant. She raised her two hands that could not be spared, and put her arms around his waist, “I am here.”


    The weather in October is not as hot as in July and August. , And even reveal a hint of coolness at night.

    The two people who haven’t seen each other for many days walked through the passage of the community with their fingers intertwined, unspeakably quiet and peaceful.

    She gave a general description of Ji Xinfei’s incident, and now she thinks of it still angered, “Anyway, I won’t just let it go this time!”

    Xu Yue patiently finished listening, and said directly: ” May I help you out?”

    Ji Yi shook his head and said firmly: “No, she provokes me this time, I will give her a long memory in my own way.”

    She knows what Ji Xinfei cares about, and how can she directly hit Ji Xin’s sore spot.

    “Show me the watch.”

    “Here.” Ji Yi asked him several times when he handed the broken watch to him, “Can this really be restored to its original appearance?”

    Xu Yue laughed, “An An, I won’t lie to you.” It

    is something he made, not to mention restoring the original appearance, even if you make another exactly the same.

    He heard from Zhuo Yihang that Ji Yi kicked over the table in public to warn Ji Xinfei. This behavior was a piece of cake for them. But Ji Yi, who had always been gentle, did this, indicating that she was extremely angry at the time.

    It also shows that she really cares about this watch.

    The watch is dead, but the person giving the gift is alive.

    Since receiving that call this afternoon, he did not hesitate to put aside the tedious affairs in his hand, and bought the latest plane to fly back, just to fulfill his promise to her, and even more afraid of her being sad? Too long.

    After solving the heart problem, and seeing Xu Yue, Ji Yi’s feelings improved a lot, so he shifted the topic to Xu Yue, “Then what about you? How are you doing?”

    Xu Yue simply replied Two words: “It’s okay.”

    “I want to hear the details.” Ji Yi held his arm and acted like a baby inadvertently.

    Xu Yue really couldn’t resist this set…

    “The details are boring? I am studying every day.” He weaves a boring, but extremely exhausting life into a positive story and tells her.

    Because she knows that she is full of sunshine and positive.

    In fact, when Grandpa Xu passed away, the other relatives of the Xu family divided the possessions. Fortunately, Mr. Xu sent her back to Yancheng so that he would not be displaced.

    At that time, the Xu family did not expect that the old man Xu still kept a hand. It was not until Xu Cheng was released from prison that the lawyer came to the door and handed over the real estate left by the old man.

    Xu Cheng became the largest shareholder of Xu’s company.

    And? He is now terminally ill, and the other shareholders of the company are like wolves. He needs to cultivate a strong and smart enough heir to take over all of this. Xu Yue is the best candidate.

    Although Xu Yue has never been in contact with the company’s affairs, he is talented and has a good understanding of learning. Xu Cheng could not foresee his death, wholeheartedly, hoping that he would grow up quickly.

    He is studying endlessly every day, and he has to cheer up and face the company’s cunning old foxes, physically and mentally exhausted.

    He clearly knows the ambition and selfishness of everyone, but he must go against the current!

    He has no ambition, but selfishness?.

    Even though he had never recognized Xu Cheng, he had to recognize what Xu Cheng said: Only the strong can hold onto what he wants.

    Including people who want to protect.


    Ji Xu Yi did not know those complicated things, she promised to respect the choice, because everyone has their own way of life?. But she still couldn’t help but worry?, “What about the school? You haven’t graduated from the college entrance examination…”

    Xu Yue couldn’t answer this question for a while. He looked up at the sky, and he didn’t see a star tonight. When the moon was hidden, it seemed as if the whole world had become gloomy.

    “An’an… the college entrance examination is really important? Do you want it?”

    Ji Yi said, “Well”, according to her own mind, as a gossip, “It’s quite important. After studying for so many years, if you miss the college entrance examination ? If you do, it will feel like a lifetime regret.”

    “I know.”

    “Ah? What do you know?”

    “I know that An An really wants to take the college entrance examination.”

    “Puff, I actually…” I’ve already experienced it once.

    This is hard to say. Ji Yi smiled and changed his mouth, “I? Neither do I have a million fortunes to inherit, nor do I have any special life goals to achieve. I want to study and enter the university and experience every different stage of my life. It will be very interesting.”

    Xu Yue tilted his head, staring at her, and suddenly asked, “Want to go to City B?”

    Ji Yi: QAQ.

    Suddenly asking such a question caught her off guard.

    Ji Yi subconsciously twisted his fingers and began to tangled, “I haven’t thought about it yet. If you take the college entrance examination, where do you want to go?”

    Xu Yue’s eyes were calm, and the answer that had been brewed blurted out, “Go to City B.” “

    Ji Yi smiled, grabbed his arm happily and shook his arm. He just said that the person who hadn’t thought of it would be right on the spot? He made a decision in retrospect, “Okay! Let’s go to City B!”

    Xu Yue looked on. Very light, hiding all her thoughts without revealing a trace, paving the way for her.

    If you really want to care about a person, you can’t help but pay attention to her likes with others, and you must also be good at understanding her “circle of friends.”

    Ji Yi never mentioned where he wanted to go in front of him, but was waiting for him to make a choice. But now that he has no choice, he must make the best decision for her.


    next day, Mr. Jiang, as expected, knew about the dispute that took place in the classroom yesterday afternoon.

    The two parties were invited into the office, where they met Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi, both of whom are well-versed.

    Ji Guosheng didn’t want to lose face in front of outsiders, so he took his two daughters home directly, and got to the bottom.

    Ji Xinfei was silent along the way. Only then did Ji Yi realize that it was not Ji Xin that Fei didn’t want to file a complaint, but because she didn’t dare to speak up.

    But this matter will inevitably be exposed. She and Ji Xinfei are now in a hostile relationship, and there will always be a “undertaking” error between the two.

    As soon as he closed the door, Ji Guosheng was completely exposed.

    “It’s the opposite! It’s the opposite! I trained you to become daughters, ladies and ladies, and fought in full view!” It is

    not as serious as Ji Guosheng said, but it is almost the same in nature.

    As soon as he reprimanded, Ji Xinfei’s tears burst out, “It’s all my fault, I am a sister, and I should be tolerant and humble.” In

    one sentence , she took the responsibility on herself, but she pushed all the “mistakes” to Ji. Recall.

    Before Ji Yi spoke, he opened his eyes and looked at Ji Guosheng.

    Those bright eyes were open and frank, and Ji Guosheng hesitated, “Ji Yi, tell me, what is going on in this matter? Is it really like your sister said?”

    He can’t think about it anymore . He hesitated to accuse this daughter, because he saw higher value in Ji Yi.

    Ji Yi opened her mouth and said: “My sister admits that it was her fault. If you want to punish, please punish her!”

    She didn’t play the cards according to the routine, and directly choked everyone.

    Ji Guosheng frowned deeply. When he turned his gaze to Ji Xinfei, Ji Xinfei panicked as if his heart was about to jump out.

    “Xiao Yi, isn’t this enough for you to be discouraged?” She bent down and rolled up her loose trousers, revealing a trace of blue and purple on the back of her feet. With her weak and windy appearance, she seemed to be suffering. What a sin.

    Every time Zhao Shuyi, who was watching something, rushed forward, holding Ji Xinfei’s bruised calf, full of heart? Pained, “This, what’s the matter?”

    Ji Xinfei didn’t answer, but just said. Tears shook his head straight.

    Ji Yi blinked and confessed directly, “I smashed her.”

    Zhao Shuyi was distressed? Startled, “How can you do this, Xiaoyi? Heart? It’s your sister!”

    “It’s because she is a sister, I did that!” Ji Yi suddenly raised her volume, shocking others.

    She thumped her hands on her side, twisted herself quietly, and the expression on her face changed.

    “I suffered so much when I was a child, and finally returned to this home. I have never used the identity of the Ji family daughter to show off anything, but Ji Xin? Fei her…her own life experience was dug out, but she pushed the responsibility.

    Come to me.” Ji Yi finally squeezed out a few tears to exaggerate the atmosphere and strengthen the language effect, “I am the daughter of the Ji family, why does my sister think I should not be found back? Can’t I be admitted? I have my own biological parents, and? It’s not a wild child that no one wants…”

    “Ji Yi, don’t you pretend to be pitiful here!” Ji Xin became anxious.

    Ji Yi lowered her head, her voice getting lower and lower, “At that time, everyone saw that my sister was holding me first. I was very hurt and scared.”

    Ji Yi almost never showed weakness in front of them. The grievance brought Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi almost shocking and sexy touch.

    The loss of her daughter caused her own daughter to suffer for many years, to spoil another girl who had nothing to do with her at home.

    Do you still want your own daughter to be wronged now?

    The author has something to say: You

    must choose the most heart- warming way to fight back against a person! This is not over yet.

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