AR: Ch 77

Ji Yi was stunned when he watched Ji Xinfei’s good show.

    At times like this in the past, Ji Guosheng would not hesitate to stand on her side and criticize Ji Yi, and then Ji Yi would refute and angry because of this? Will he finally leave without joy?

    This time, the plot has all been reversed.

    Ji Guosheng did not reprimand Ji Yi.

    Ji Yi didn’t quarrel with his parents either. Instead, with a few tears and a few words, Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi’s guilt was aroused.

    Zhao Shuyi immediately let go of Ji’s heart, and went to comfort Ji Yi, “Good boy, these years you have suffered, and parents are sorry for you.”

    Ji Yi cried aggrievedly, and stopped talking.

    “Obviously you told everyone that I was an adopted daughter, and you smashed me. What are you wronged?” Ji Xinfei was really pressed and subverted the image of being obedient in the past.

    “If I? Want to tell you, would have trumpeted, and have to wait? To do now?” Ji Yi retorted, “I did not expect such a person in my heart it …… sister”

    really very wronged, who talk with Sobbing.

    “All in all, I’m telling the truth.” Ji Yi raised his hand and wiped his tears, turned his back to them, in a gesture of leaving at any time, “If you don’t believe me, I’ll leave.”

    Ji Guosheng quickly calculated the gains and losses in his mind, and immediately pointed the finger at Ji Xinfei, “From the moment we brought you home, we have raised you as our own daughter. We have never treated you badly in these years. You?, now you? But you blame your? sister for a few words from outsiders.”

    Ji Guosheng reprimanded her righteously, “Xiao Yi’s words are reasonable, if she wants to expose your? Just tell everyone, don’t have to wait until now. It’s you who treat you like a villain to the belly of a gentleman, wasting our usual careful cultivation and teaching of you!”

    “Dad… not like this.” Ji Xinfei cried. Shaking his head, tears fell like broken beads.

    Hearing these words, Ji Yi, who had his back to them, showed signs of sadness.

    Ji Xinfei’s sorrowful cry came in his ears, Ji Yi closed his eyes, and his heart was uncomfortable.

    She knew, this time, she won.

    Ji Yi returned to the room, sat quietly at the desk, and opened the latest English book. I remembered that the best advice left to Ji Guosheng had been put into practice before returning to the house, and I laughed.

    “Recently, my sister was affected by the school’s rumors, and she was not in a good mood. She shouldn’t tell you that all test results have been declining recently, right? No wonder, after all, my sister has always reported good news and not’worries’.”

    “I suggest letting my sister rest at home for a few days, wait? This? The matter is over, the mentality is calmed, and the grades will naturally go up.”

    “Oh, right. To prevent my sister from seeing those people spreading on the Internet, or temporarily Don’t let her go online. Reading at home to consolidate knowledge, is quiet and not easily distracted.”

    She is willing to be kind and tolerant, but it does not mean she has no temper.

    Feng Shui turns around. At the beginning, Ji Xinfei was good at guiding Ji Guosheng with words, but now he uses this trick to trample her down!


    Ji Yi returned to school at noon, everyone didn’t know what happened? Love.

    Song Yanting asked Ji Yi euphemistically. Ji Yi held the book and smiled at him with a standard smile, and said something like this: “Rumors? This thing is really hurtful.”

    Song Yanting was choked with an expression on his face. All become unnatural.

    He remembered that when Xu Yue’s life experience was spread, he had persuaded Ji Yi to stay away from that person. Ji Yi also said this to him? What a word.

    It was probably that Ji Yi threw up the table and frightened everyone that no one was looking for a topic on her.

    When Xiao Li was working on the question, Yu Guang glanced sideways intentionally or unintentionally, her thin lips pressed tightly, and finally did not speak.

    The next day, the express delivery arrived at seven or eighty eight, Xiao Li took all the express boxes back to the room, took them apart one by one, took out the watches inside and placed them on the table, and arranged them in a neat row. .

    They are all gold bracelet styles. In his opinion, these things look similar, similar to those of Ji Yi?

    He decided to wait again, wait for all the ten watches to be delivered, and then give Ji Yi a pick.

    Let her pick enough!

    However, Xiao off yet, etc.? All to watch, Zhuoyi Hang Ji Yi put a watch sent back to him, “just run down to take the courier, you? See, is the same as before, right?”

    That Xu Yue could only accompany her for a short while when he came back, because his affairs had reached a critical moment and could not make any mistakes. I flew back that night, and the watch was repaired and mailed.

    Ji Yi opened it and looked, and she saw the perfect bracelet watch as before, and she was immediately overjoyed. “Thank you very much. I would like to invite you to dinner when I have time.”

    “Hi, it’s all right.” Zhuo Yihang, an errand tool, has already Recognizing his “status”, when he received a call from Xu Yue, he ran to the school gate to pick up the courier.

    Ji Yi put the watch on his wrist again, exuding a sense of pleasure from head to toe.

    Xiao Li frowned when he saw that the destroyed watch was replaced with a new one. After returning, he threw all the bracelets and watches into the cabinet and locked them up!

    While Ji Yi was in the room doing English test papers, he suddenly received a text message from Teacher Nan Jia, asking her and Ji Xinfei whether they would like to go to City B and study with her on the National Day.

    Learning with Teacher Nan Jia is not just about learning. Following Teacher Nan Jia, there are several times more opportunities than ordinary people to climb up.

    Ji Yi thought for a while and gave a clear reply, expressing his willingness.

    Later, Nan Jia sent another message, saying that he could not contact Ji Xinfei and asked about the situation.

    When Ji Yi saw this text message, she didn’t reply immediately. She got up and left the room and walked to Ji Xinfei’s door.

    Although Ji Xinfei was also banned, Ji Guosheng did not lock her, probably because they were sure that Ji Xinfei would not run out. Moreover, in order to continue to behave well, Ji Xinfei would not even ask them for a mobile phone.


    She knocked on the door, and after a while, the door opened from the inside.

    Ji Xinfei held on to the doorknob, saw the person standing outside the door clearly, and immediately wanted to close the door.

    Ji Yi quickly pressed his hand against the door, “I have something to say.”

    Ji Xinmei snorted, let go of his hand, and returned to the room.

    Ji Yi gently opened the door, and after stepping in, he closed the door intimately.

    The two are in the same room, and the atmosphere seems to freeze.

    Ji Yi looked at her and asked in a tepid tone: “Are you willing to apologize to me?”

    Ji Xinfei was angrily and lost his usual gentle appearance, and asked in a stabbing voice: “Why am I? I want to apologize to you?”

    Ji Yi gently rubbed the watch on his wrist, the slightly cold dial and the warm finger pads stuck together, only feeling the smooth surface, without the broken hand traces like before.

    She raised her eyes and looked directly at Ji Xinfei, and said: “Because you don’t tell right from wrong, you slander me first, and it is unreasonable to break my watch behind. Even so far, you haven’t said a word of sorry to me.”

    “Oh, You? Call me slander? I grew up in Ji’s family, and no one would know that I was an adopted daughter. If you didn’t tell the truth, how would others know?”

    “Oh, it turns out that you are just the truth.” Recalling that I am not indifferent, I said that sentence, and the corner of my mouth raised a sarcasm, “I said it wasn’t me who exposed your feelings, you? If you don’t believe it, that? A fact, you? Why on earth are you accusing me of this incident?”

    “Ji Xinfei, did you feel that I was the outsider who ruined your family after staying in Ji’s house for a long time?”

    Ji Xinfei, who was poked at the center of thought, paled.

    Ji Yi observed the details, “So you really think so.”

    She lowered her head, kicked her feet gently on the floor twice, leaving Ji Xinfei with the word “goodbye”, and then turned and left.

    Back in the room, she reopened Nan Jia’s information page, quickly tapped her finger on the keyboard, and typed a line of words: Ji Xinfei was punished for making a mistake, reflecting in the room, not knowing her schedule.

    Nan Jia received this late reply.

    Anna on the side asked with a puzzled smile: “How do you say?”

    Nan Jia straightened the phone straight, and replied to her, “Me? Two students, it’s really not worrying.”

    Anna: “They are. Two people live in the same home, even if they are punished, it is okay to ask? Unless…”

    Nan Jia answered, “You? Didn’t you see that the two sisters did not agree? She said that deliberately.”

    Anna He lowered his eyebrows, “Last time you said Ji Xinmin was narrow-minded, you can see that Ji Yi is also a selfish person.”

    Nan Jia waved his hand and said, “Anna, you can’t judge a person’s behavior from the surface. You have to combine the causes and consequences to find the reasons. That’s it.”

    Anna got a little more thoughtful about this matter, and later told Nan Jia what she found out.

    “Then this National Day, will Ji Xinfei come?”

    Nan Jia shook his head, “Forget it, Ji Yi is enough.”


    A few months later, Ji Yi’s tablemate was still Xiao Li, because Xiao Li’s The results are better than He Xuxu, every time I choose to be next to her. He Xuxu can only retreat and choose her front row or back row.

    Xiao Li means: “You? Quite quiet.”

    have to! She just shut up.

    While preparing for the college entrance examination next year, the third grade of senior high school also has a shortcut way to spread it out-to pass.

    “This year, Big B only gave one place to go. It must be placed in the Olympic international competition.”

    Most people are daunted by the place to go, because…it is too difficult to meet all the requirements.

    The school talked to the first three grades and asked them about their plans for the future.

    Song Yanting’s goal is not here, he will not participate in this competition.

    Ji Yi made it clear that her goal is to be big, but she also refused the chance to pass.

    When everyone was wondering who this place fell on-

    Ji Yi had already studied hard enough and vowed to be admitted to the B college.

    Xiao Li was puzzled: “On your terms, you might be able to be recommended, why refuse?”

    Ji Yi smiled and shook his head, “Secret.”

    Xiao Li was interrupted by Zhuo Yihang who was standing outside waving his hand.

    I have seen Zhuo Yihang come to give Ji Yi things many times, and Ji Yi is very happy every time he receives something!

    This time, he saw Ji Yi take out a loving card from the box.

    Xiao Li finally couldn’t bear it, “You? Are you in love with Zhuo Yihang?”

    He Xuxu couldn’t hold back a sip of water on his back when he heard this—the

    author has something to say:

    Xu Ge is carrying a forty-meter long knife On the way here.

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