AR: Ch 78

   “Let’s fall in love with Zhuo Yihang…” Ji Yi’s expression showed a distorted state, as if the sentence just now?, which made people feel incredible.

    And He Xuxu quickly took out the drawer from the drawer, pulled out several tissues and handed them to him, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

    Xiao Li’s face turned black.

    Although I didn’t get any water behind my back, I felt uncomfortable when I thought about it? It came out of someone’s mouth!

    The expressionless iceberg’s face became more and more frightening. Xiao Li stood up with a “tight” moment?, dragging the chair to rub the ground and making a “click” sound.

    Seeing his look? Feeling bad, He Xuxu, who was ashamed, went to the door and glanced at him. Seeing that Xiao had left the office, he never returned to the classroom.

    “Fuck you, wouldn’t Xiao Li be? You want to file a complaint with the teacher, right?” He Xuxu hurried back?, with a frightened expression, “I? Really? Deliberately…what should I do? “

    Ji Yi looked at her, holding back his smile, “

    Yes, it shouldn’t be.” “Who knows? Dao, that person Xiao Li is more terrifying than Xu Yue.”

    “Oh? Are you afraid? Xu Yue?”

    “Hey, what is before? Before, now people……” He Xuxu said? Halfway through, he braked and shut up.

    Because of Ji Yi, Xu Yue would restrain her temper, and occasionally “brib” her and Song Yanke to be nice to Ji Yi. Therefore, the Xu Yue that He Xuxu saw was much more “gentle” than usual.

    But Xiao Li is different. Although he doesn’t intimidate people or fights, he always keeps his face cold and has never seen him smile. I can’t guess what that person’s mind is, and I don’t know what he will do, so I’m afraid.

    “Now what?”

    “Now… oh… don’t you? Go and file a complaint.”

    He Xuxu was nervous for a long time, but did not wait for any response.

    Later, I learned that Xiao Li went home and changed his clothes.


    New Year’s Day is approaching, and the school is preparing to hold the New Year’s Day Prom? In the rehearsal.

    Students in the first and second grades of high school will have a program in each class, and the students in high school only need to go to the playground to join in on the day of the festival.

    Even so, Ji Yi shrank his neck, “I don’t want to go out…”

    He Xuxu stomped on the horizontal frame in the middle of the table legs, shaking twice, “I really don’t know? How about the school? Think about it, how cold it is to sit outside and watch the show.” But

    even if it is so, it is still necessary to obey the school’s arrangements.

    Before leaving the classroom, Ji Yi wrapped the bib around his neck twice, and went to the toilet to post two warm babies before going downstairs to gather.

    This body is afraid of cold, even if she deliberately raises her body, she can’t make her body warm.

    The classmates gathered one after another.

    The assembled formations are arranged according to the sports teams, and Song Yanke is sitting next to her.

    Song Yan could see that Ji Yi was sitting there counselingly, with only one head exposed, and also specially reminded: “Xiao Yi, don’t catch a cold.”

    “I? No…” Ji Yi has two hands? In the pocket of cotton clothes, I even want to curl up into a ball.

    She feels that the classmates who perform on stage are brave, and they can be calm and composed in a single piece of clothing.

    The New Year’s Day dance party lasted for two hours. After watching the event, Ji Yi went back to the classroom and something went wrong. He used a bunch of tissues and his nose was red.

    He Xuxu knew what she looked like when she had a fever after catching a cold, and when she saw it, he asked her to go to the infirmary, “Hurry up and get some medicine, otherwise it will be severely delayed, and another injection will be required.”

    “I don’t want to leave… It’s cold outside.” She just wanted to lie on her stomach for a while, better not to move.

    He Xuxu: “Then me?…” Before

    she finished her words, she was interrupted by another male voice, “I’m going to buy.”

    It was Xiao Li who said something.

    He Xuxu was shocked, Ji Yi shook her head again and again, “No need.” The

    nasal mucus wanted to come out again, so she hurriedly lowered her head and pulled her nose with a tissue.

    That is? This? After a while, Xiao Li has left his seat and can’t come back even if he shouts.

    “Let him go. You are at the same table for the semester. It’s okay to buy a medicine.” He Xuxu, who was heartless, didn’t notice Xiao Li? How strange his behavior was.

    If Song Yan could be here, he would have slapped the table and shouted, and then he would say “He must be interesting to you”.

    Ji Yi retracted her neck again, revealing half of her head outside.

    Seeing her look so pitiful, He Xuxu was full of emotion, “I’ll go get you hot water.”

    Ji Yi pushed out the water card and cup.

    He Xuxu took something to fetch water, and when he came back, he met Zhuo Yihang.

    Zhuo Yihang was carrying a plastic bag, a translucent plastic bag, and she could still see the green box inside.

    When Zhuo Yihang met He Xuxu halfway, he summoned her, “Just right, I saw you, come, come, come, this is something for Ji Yi, you

    bring the Muslim room by the way.” Ji Yi’s?” He Xuxu opened the bag to see, isn’t the green box exactly? 999 for the cold medicine.

    He Xuxu was carrying the bag, don’t give him a deep look?, “You? The medicine was delivered really in time.”

    Zhuo Yihang was slightly stunned, “What do you mean? Isn’t it? Really caught a cold, right?”

    He Xuxu nodded, “It’s kind of, coming back from the playground? Just runny nose.”

    Zhuo Yihang touched his chin and “tsk” twice, not as worried as He Xuxu, but praised the other one, “Xu Brother really has the foresight.”

    He Xuxu understood this sentence?, “Xu Yue asked you to buy it?”

    Zhuo Yihang nodded repeatedly, “Yes, ah, I just received a call from Brother Xu in the Muslim office. “Let me go to buy cold medicine, and say yes? Ready.”

    The answer was expected.

    He Xuxu smiled, “Why are you doing this? Listen to him?”

    “Hey, Brother Xu is generous, run errands for him, it’s worth it!” Zhuo Yihang smiled and gestured to her, thumbs up and The index fingers rub each other, representing “money”.

    Running errands, is that? Real money.

    He Xuxu raised his eyebrows?, “Aren’t you? A rich second generation? Are you?”

    “Rich second generation? What’s wrong, rich second generation? Also? Yes? I have a backbone! Me? Zhuo Yihang never messes with flowers. Money at home!”

    Fake! Because his parents knew that he was in school, they deducted his card, and every month he was given a little bit of living expenses and books. He can only earn pocket money by “skills”.

    “Alright, alright, you have the backbone. I’m going to the Muslim room first, let Xiaoyi take the medicine earlier.”

    “Bye.” The

    two people simply waved goodbye, and then turned back to their respective classrooms in different directions. .

    He Xuxu stepped into the teaching room, and Xiao Li also climbed up from the top of the stairs on the other side.

    As soon as He Xuxu handed the cold medicine and the water cup to Ji Yi, Xiao Li appeared in the classroom.

    Xiao Li saw the cold medicine on the table, and then looked down at the plastic bag he was carrying. He always felt it was unnecessary.

    Xiao Li frowned and glanced at her? “Do you have medicine?”

    Ji Yi explained: “Just now, Zhuo Yihang sent it here.”

    She didn’t know beforehand that Xu Yue would let Zhuo Yihang send the medicine, otherwise she wouldn’t let Xiao Li do this.

    “Thank you Xiao Li, how much is this? The medicine? The cost? I? Pass it to you.” In order not to waste the kindness of the same table, she thanked and prepared to give the money.

    But I didn’t think that it came to me, Xiao Li said something else? I just stuffed the medicine that I bought myself into the drawer, and his face became a little darker.

    Ji Yi and He Xuxu looked at each other?…Do

    n’t dare to speak.

    Ji Yi thinks that Xiao Li thinks they are deliberately pissed off. So? She solemnly apologized to others, “I’m sorry, really? I asked you to take a trip on purpose.”

    “…” Xiao Li didn’t.

    Ji Yi sighed lightly, with a serious and serious attitude, “I really want to thank you.”

    Xiao Li didn’t even blink his eyes, and there was some air-conditioning in his voice, “You don’t need to apologize, are you? Me? Myself. Go to buy it.”

    She said? Have a lot of words? Xiao Li put on a cold face, no way, Ji Yi quietly closed his mouth, and took He Xuxu’s cold medicine back to dissolve it in water and drink it. .

    She would never have trouble with her body.

    This package of cold medicine came in time, and when she went home at night, her breathing was already smooth.

    I don’t want to have dinner today, and I wash up early and get to bed after I get back to my room. I’m not sleepy, so I want to lie down earlier. The soft bed is the most comfortable.

    Ji Yi held the phone and clicked on the screen, and finally clicked on Xu Yue’s message page.

    The last message still stayed in the morning. Is it his good morning at eight o’clock.

    Originally, I thought that even if I was separated, I could always see each other on the video, and I could share the interesting things in life with each other every day.

    But later did I know that he was really busy, and sometimes he was so busy that he was a luxury to sleep.

    Since then, she has not taken the initiative to video him, but the news has never been interrupted.

    Just thinking about it, a video invitation popped up on the screen.

    Ji Yi’s heartstrings tightened, and anxiously refused. The video was hung up. Seeing the unanswered video record of Xu Yue’s message page, she took a hard breath, hurriedly lifted the quilt, sat up, stroked her hair, and took the time to call it back.

    Before she could speak, Xu Yue’s voice came over first?, “Have you caught a cold?” After the

    video was connected, I realized that a bunch of hair rising from the top of his head was extremely funny. Ji Yi and quickly push lightly two? Under the hair, clever answer, “No, I? Took the pills would be no cold.”

    “That’s good.”

    He did not say? Words, and makes one was found, in fact, he The voice is a little hoarse.

    Ji Yi was a little worried, “What’s wrong with you? Is your throat uncomfortable?”

    The person in the video subconsciously touched his Adam’s apple and replied? “My throat is a bit dry, I’m fine.” Isn’t

    Xu Yue’s environment background? What kind of chair is the chair behind him? The office chair type, and the face seems to be covered with a hazy light, should it be? Facing something…

    “Are you still working? It doesn’t seem to be your study? “She guessed that Xu Yue was facing the computer right now.

    She was observant, Xu Yue? Did not hide it, and replied frankly: “At the company.”

    “It’s all this? Even if it’s too late? Will it be too hard to work?” When it comes to this, she can’t bear it. He sighed, “Actually, you can come back to school? It’s okay? Ah, with your grades, the future? The future is bright.”

    Xu Yue was silent for a long time after hearing this. He lowered his eyes and sighed silently, “An’an, Everyone has their own choice.”

    “I know that.” She responded in a low voice, lowered her head, her eyes turned sour inexplicably, “But you look so tired now…”

    He took off his comfortable sportswear and put on rigorous clothes. Mature suits leave campus early to enter the complex society. When other people are eating, drinking and having fun, he wants to force himself to study twice, busy day and night, and bear the burden that is not suitable for his age.

    Thinking of these things makes me feel distressed.

    “Can you? Come back early?”

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