AR: Ch 79

   After the video call ended, he stared at the phone screen until the screen light naturally turned off.

    He clenched a fist to his lips, coughed for several times, and his throat hurt. The exposed fingers were cold and stiff. I held the water glass tightly and took a glass of water in front of the water dispenser. Then I took out the capsule from the drawer and took it with water.

    In the silent night, the cold office was lit all night.

    When I am sleepy, I sleep on my stomach for a while, but it won’t be long before I wake up again. Since returning to Nanyang City, he has not had a good night’s sleep.

    He stayed in the office all night, and in the morning, his stomach felt very uncomfortable.

    The assistant Xu Cheng arranged for him would deliver breakfast on time. He was eating those things and I chewed on wax, but never refused.

    If you want to get something, you are doomed to be involuntarily.


    “Enter.” The

    young man opened the door and put a document on the table, “Mr. Xu, the information you want.”

    His name is Jiang Zhou, but he is only 23 years old this year and he has just graduated from university. After graduating, he has great business acumen.

    Back then, Xu Yue was taken back to the Xu family by Mr. Xu to live for a while, and he also met some people here. Back then, they were not mature enough to play well. When they met Xu Yue, they wanted to tease him. They didn’t expect that this kid was a silent wolf, but instead they were a few years older.

    Later Xu Yue left Nanyang City, thinking that he would never see you again. Going around, they meet again.

    Originally came to the Xu family to work? But Xu Yue’s son inherited his father’s business and became a small boss, but Xu Yue became his immediate boss.

    During these six months, Xu Yue worked frantically, adapted, and kept his mind. I met a few like-minded friends through Jiangzhou, expanded my circle, and promoted some capable people.

    Jiangzhou is one of them.

    They are work partners and good friends.

    Jiang Zhou knew by looking at his state, “You slept at the company again yesterday?”

    “Yes.” Xu Yue responded lightly.

    Jiang Zhou frowned slightly, “Are you good? It’s been a few weeks, don’t you need to fight like this.”

    “Oh, no?” He folded his legs, fingers interlaced on his knees, and leaned back slightly, his eyes deep. “if I do not fight, what means should we with that? groups contend old fox?”

    River Island eyes showed doubt, “To be honest, I think you not like that? kind? busted their ass fight possessions of people.”

    some people just If you touch, you can feel his pride.

    Xu Yue’s life experience is indeed pitiful, but he has always been arrogant.

    Jiang Zhou feels that Xu Yue’s goal should not be a machine that has a wealth of wealth and puts himself in work, because in the past six months, no matter how much money they have won and how much money they make, he has never seen Xu Yue’s heartfelt happiness. pass.

    It seems that these things have no value to him. However, he has to firmly grasp these, even if he toss his body, he will not hesitate.

    Hearing these words, Xu Yue’s expression faded, “You are wrong, I just want to get everything.”



    He wants it !


    Shortly after New Year’s Day, many schools have closed holidays one after another. But the hard-working third-year high school students are extravagant for winter vacation. They still have to struggle in the classroom until they are released home on New Year’s Eve, or they carry a lot of test papers for the job. And the teacher requires a certain amount of work photo inspections to be completed every day.

    In the final exams of this cycle, Ji Yi finally surpassed Song Yanting and got the first place in the grade.

    The three children who currently live at home have outstanding academic performance. Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi are very happy, and they want to spend a lively New Year with them.

    Hearing this, Ji Yi didn’t have much expectation and happiness.

    Last time Xu Yue promised to come back to accompany her on the festival, but now, he has no faith.

    On New Year’s Eve, Ji Yi woke up early and met Xiao Li in the living room. Hearing him on the phone, he seemed to call Dad.

    She just passed by accidentally and heard it, but was discovered by Xiao Li.

    Xiao Li hung up the phone.

    Ji Yi explained, “Excuse me, I just passed by, not deliberately eavesdropping.”

    Xiao Li spit out coldly, “There is no silver three hundred taels here.”

    Ji Yi waved his hand again and again, “…really not.”

    She How can I know that things are so coincidental!

    In order to avoid embarrassment, she quickly changed the subject, “I just heard you call your family, so I must miss them very much. In fact, our school is off for a week. It’s okay to hurry up and get together.”

    Xiao Li glanced at it. She glanced at her, “Who told you that I missed them?”

    Ji Yi: “…”

    Sorry, she was wrong, is it too late to shut up now? !

    It’s never possible to have a pleasant chat with Xiao Li. Even if you live under the same roof every day, or even at the same table for half a year, you have never had a harmonious communication.

    Ji Yi turned stiffly and slipped away.

    But? He stopped halfway and asked him, “What did you eat this morning? Aunt Su has gone home and can only be self-reliant.”

    His throat rolled and squeezed out two words, “Whatever.”

    Ji Yi answered? :”OK.”

    Xiao Li turned his back, and heard the faint sound that was gradually going away, soft and gentle, like the warm sun in winter.

    He thought it would be nice to stay in this place for the New Year.

    At least there can be that? How does it feel to have a New Year, after all, he is good? I haven’t felt it for many years.

    Ji Yi didn’t really want to have some reunion dinner at home, but he still went.

    A few people gathered at the table at noon, Ji Guosheng drank a drink, very excited, and talked about Ji Yi’s prize.

    Xiao Li, who had been silent outside, also gave her a look of surprise. It turned out that this girl who looked delicate and weak was better than many others.

    In the afternoon, Ji Yi was ready to go out.

    At 6 o’clock in the evening, Xiao Li caught Ji Yi who was about to go out.

    Carries the package to see her, bent over shoes ready to go, Xiao centrifugation doubts blurted out, “Where to?”

    “Town square will put fireworks at night, I want to see.” In fact, she wanted to send recorded Xu cross.

    Even if that person can’t come back, she wants to share the fireworks she saw with him, just like he gave her a whole box of gorgeous fireworks last year.

    Xiao Li didn’t make a sound, but he walked towards the door and made the same movements as her… put on shoes.

    Ji Yi glanced at him suspiciously, “Are you going out too?”

    Xiao Li said concisely, “Go together.”

    Ji Yi’s head swiftly moved , and he came to a conclusion, “You mean, you want to go see it with me.” Fireworks?”

    Xiao Li said, “Yeah”.

    Ji Yi hesitated: “This…” Isn’t that great? Right…

    Xiao Li’s eyes were dark, and he added faintly, “I can’t find the way.”

    “Oh, then? Okay?” Ji Yi thought, if he leads the way, it’s okay.

    Xiao Li suddenly asked: “Aren’t you afraid of the cold?”

    “It’s okay. This time I posted a lot of warm babies and took cold medicine in advance. It must be no problem.” She took the scarf around her neck and patted herself. Wearing a thick cotton jacket, he touched the earmuffs next to his ears, and finally put on two hand warmers.

    When Xiao Li saw her outfit, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

    With last year’s experience in traffic jams, Ji Yi went out early, and the two reached the square before eight o’clock.

    Just getting off the bus, Ji Yi’s mobile phone popped up a message, and she replied: [I have arrived in the square now, waiting for the eight o’clock fireworks. 】The

    original empty square was filled with many people. After entering, the signal of the mobile phone was intermittent.

    Ji Yi was walking inside, and a group of people rushed out of her side without knowing where they squeezed past her and slammed hard.

    She subconsciously hid to the side, and suddenly someone grabbed her arm and pulled back.

    Ji Yi looked back, it was a familiar face, and at this moment her shoulder hit Xiao Li’s chest.

    Xiao Li also used his other hand to block her other side, presenting a protective posture.

    Ji Yi rarely comes into contact with the opposite sex, and this degree of intimacy will also make her shy. It’s not because of the shyness of the heart, it’s just that it feels embarrassing.

    “Excuse me? I didn’t deliberately bump into you.” She apologized falsely as an excuse to avoid embarrassment. She took the opportunity to break free from Xiao Li’s hand and pulled away a metre away.

    Xiao Li saw her resistance, and a layer of unspeakable emotions flowed from the amber eyes.

    Countdown at eight o’clock in the evening.

    Ji Yigao? Gao? Lifted the phone and clicked on the video mode——

    The number ball in the center of the square began to change numbers. From 10 to 1, 0, a bright and beautiful light appeared on the square, flying into the air to explode clusters of fireworks. At that moment, the entire dark starry sky Are all lit up!


    The sound of the fireworks and the cheering in the crowd echoed with laughter, and it was very lively.

    Ji Yi focused on shooting the video, but did not notice that the boys standing beside her who were much taller than her did not appreciate the fireworks, but secretly stared at her.

    Xiao Li felt that the smiles on some people’s faces and the stars in their eyes were the most beautiful pictures.


    Fireworks time? Not long, only ten minutes in total.

    Ji Yi recorded it for about three minutes, and suddenly a caller ID popped up on the page. After she connected, she couldn’t hear the voice over there.

    Originally thought it was too noisy here, she hung up the phone and hurriedly sent a message to Xu Yue, but the messages sent out always turned around, and finally turned into a red exclamation mark.

    Xiao Li prompted: “There is no signal here.”

    “I’ll go out first.” Ji Yi pointed out the direction of his mouth.

    She turned and left, and Xiao Li followed.

    Ji Yi thought that he was watching the fireworks, so he suggested: “I’m going out to make a phone call. If you want to watch the fireworks, you can stay here.”

    This is the best place to watch the fireworks.

    Xiao Li shook his head.

    The two got out of the huge firework viewing team.

    When I was far away from the crowd, the new phone number gradually recovered.

    Ji Yi persistently clicked to send it repeatedly, and only sent one sentence for a long time.

    “I have gone so far, no new account, broken mobile phone.” She is not too happy, tapping on the screen twice with her crooked fingers, and whispering to her mobile phone.

    Xiao Li tilted his head slightly when he heard her murmur.

    Down the road not far away, a tall and tall teenager leaned on the side of the road, playing with a sleek mobile phone in his hand.

    Seeing that? Two figures walking side by side, a sharp light flashed through the dark and deep pupils.

    The thin lips lightly opened, and he shouted two silent words: “An An.”

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