AR: Ch 80

 All the red exclamation marks on the screen were sent again. Ji Yi finally let out a sigh of relief, “It’s finally sent.”

    Xiao Li put his hands in his pockets naturally, and stepped to follow her. Seeing her frowning just now, until the news was sent. Unwind before going out.

    He was brewing for a long time, but he pretended to mention it casually: “What news is it so important? Want.”

    Ji Yi raised his lips obviously, and smiled at him when he answered, “You don’t understand.”

    Okay? Without a reply, Ji Yi turned out the call log. About to fight, realized that there was a Xiao Li next to him.

    She pointed to her cell phone, “I’ll go next to make a call first.”

    “Oh.” Xiao Li lazily answered.

    Ji Yi walked a few steps forward, stood at the corner of a closed store, found the phone number that he knew well, and called back directly.

    Xiao Li looked around and accidentally saw that under the dim tree opposite, someone held his mobile phone to his ear.

    He couldn’t see clearly, but after seeing the opposite person hung up the phone, Ji Yi also turned around and came back.

    It’s a coincidence…

    Ji Yi rubbed his hands, looked up at the sky, and said to Xiao Li, “The fireworks are almost over. Let’s go back?”

    “Yes.” Xiao Li nodded slightly.

    Opposite the young man under the tree standing in the shadows, watching the two walking side by side gradually go away.

    He walked aimlessly on the street, passing by the small shop, his eyes fell on the row of cigarettes in the glass cupboard, and then turned and stepped up the steps.

    The boss who was watching TV with his mobile phone in front of the counter immediately let go. Lang stood up and asked with a smile, “What do you want to buy?”

    Xu Yue raised his arm and pointed to the top layer of cigarettes.

    Boss Xiaohe open glass cabinet, was about to bring him, but suddenly many more turning finger, pointing to the most sticking out of the top fruit sugar, said:?. “To this”

    ? The boss gave him a strange, pretty Without asking much, he took two candies for him.

    Xu Yue left the small shop with two fruit candies, and the cold wind swept all over his body. He finally beckoned to a taxi.

    When the door closed, I immediately felt the warmth all over the car.

    Xu Yue leaned back in the chair seat, tilted his head slightly, and gently closed his eyes.

    Once he closes his eyes, a particularly dazzling scene under the fireworks will appear before his eyes.

    Later, this past event was turned over, and someone asked why? Why was it not there? Lies on the phone.

    Because?, “Don’t dare to ask…” The

    only thing that scared him.

    He has never spoken out, he is inferiority.

    He never doubted the warmth and kindness Ji Yi brought him, and because of this, he was afraid. When she met another person who needed her like him, would she do the same thing.

    Such a beautiful girl, whoever meets it, will love it very much, right?

    Ji Yi received a courier reminder on her way home. She was still puzzled, “I haven’t bought a courier the last time.”

    When she returned to the community with Xiao Li, she took the courier home by the way. ?.

    A very large package, I can feel that there is still a box in it, and it is a bit heavy.

    Xiao Li was serious and serious, “Are you sure this is not the courier you bought? Who did it anonymously? It sent it to you?”

    “Sent from Nanyang City…” The sender only had the two letters “XY”.

    When Ji Yi received the courier, she basically determined the identity of the sender. She smiled and explained, “It’s my courier.”

    Xu Yuecong’s things have never been the lipstick bags or other things that popular girls promote, but every gift he puts in is the most sincere heart, which can bring her full surprise.

    When I got home, I couldn’t wait to take the courier back to my room, took out the utility knife from the pen holder on the table, broke open the dark blue courier bag with the most coat, and saw the white airplane box inside. Cut the scotch tape, touch the edges and corners of the bottom side, hook out the wings of the airplane box from both sides, and open it.

    She took out the contents of the box to see that it was a white cotton suit.

    The cotton jacket has a hat with soft feathers around the brim, which is very comfortable to touch. The sleeves of the cotton clothes are decorated with flower petals, and two starfish-shaped hair balls are hung on both sides of the neckline with white laces. The hem is a circle of curved ruffles.

    A piece of clothing that is comfortable, soft and nice.

    She took off her jacket and threw it on the chair, put on the new clothes, stood in front of the mirror and turned left and right. The more she looked, the more she liked it.

    She took a photo of her whole body in the mirror and was about to pass to Xu Yuefa. She didn’t expect Xu Yue to call directly, “The clothes have been washed before they are sent, so you can wear them directly on top.”

    Ji Yi raised his head and looked forward. In the full-length mirror, it is estimated that Xu Yue had seen her sign for receipt, and counted the time before calling. How could she have long been eager to give it to her.

    Ji Yi grabbed the starfish ball on the cotton jacket and tugged it twice, and asked with a smile, “Why do you want to give me new clothes?”

    He replied concisely, “New Year’s gift.”

    After speaking, he felt that something was missing. I deliberately added: “I heard that every kid will put on new clothes and receive red envelopes during the New Year.”

    “Am I a kid?” Ji Yi’s nose wrinkled, and there were so many small movements, but it was right. The person facing you can’t see it.

    “Kid An’an.” There was a rare smile in his tone.

    “I’m eighteen years old, okay? I’m not a kid anymore.” She deliberately declared, she clicked on the message page again, and sent a full-length photo of herself, “The photo was sent to you WX, look.”

    He didn’t say anything. Complimented stingly, “It’s beautiful.”

    “Did you just watch it? Boast.” Even though I said so, it is obvious that the little girl is still thinking.

    Being praised by someone I like is simply beautiful.

    It’s a pity that he is not here?

    Hiding the loss in her heart, she just remembered to share the joy with him.

    After the chat, Ji Yi took off his coat and made a space in the closet to hang up the treasure cotton jacket!


    Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi rarely stay at home, saying that they are going to celebrate the New Year together, and they are going to invite people for dinner in the evening. Ji Xinfei also went out to party with her group of friends.

    Thinking of being locked out of the door on New Year’s Eve last year, was Xu Yue willing to take her home?…Unconsciously, so many things have happened.

    After nine o’clock, Ji Yi felt that she was hungry, and ran to the kitchen again to find something.

    The freezer still has the quick-frozen glutinous rice balls that Aunt Su left before she left. She boiled a small pot of water and was about to cook the glutinous rice balls, just when someone opened the kitchen door.

    Hearing the movement, Ji Yi turned his head to look, and saw Xiao Li walking slowly.

    She has a hunch that this foodie is about to come again!

    Sure enough, Xiao Li walked to the stove, stood still, and said, “I want too.”

    Ji Yi: “…”

    Really a second man? Uncle!

    Speechless to speechless, is she still good? She added a big bowl of water after it was boiled, and put two people’s glutinous rice balls.

    Xiao Li: “Thank you.”

    Ji Yi put the lid on the pot without looking at him, only said, “You will wash the dishes in a while.”

    Xiao Li responded without hesitation, “OK.” The

    quick-frozen glutinous rice balls still need some time, both of them. Standing in the kitchen, but inexplicably quiet.

    Xiao Li suddenly said, “Are you the first? The one who cooks for me.”

    Ji Yi looked over in amazement, “Then how did you grow up these years?”

    “…” He was stunned and explained. “The servants are not counted.”

    Ji Yi thought it was amazing. She actually heard what Xiao Li meant: Except for the servants who took money to do things, she was the first one to cook for Xiao Li for free?

    After thinking about this, Ji Yi thought about it seriously, and tentatively asked: “Then I am not at a loss? Would you like to transfer the money to me?”

    Xiao Li: “…”

    His expression was dark and unclear, Ji Recalling

    that she could n’t see through, she waved her hand to avoid embarrassment, “Hey, kidding, don’t mind, it’s incidental anyway.” Generally, she only started when she was hungry, and she didn’t cook for Xiao Li. What? That’s not right? Fang took advantage.

    Finally, the two of them each held a bowl of glutinous rice balls and sat at the table for dinner.

    The dining table is quite big, and the two of them are sitting there and they are very separated, which makes them look particularly deserted.

    Xiao Li took the glutinous rice balls and swallowed it, and saw that Ji Yi was slow and timid, scooped up the white dumplings glutinous rice balls with a spoon, raised it to his mouth, slightly opened his mouth and took a bite with the sesame filling inside. It was exposed, touching her lips, she would subconsciously squeeze it.

    Before she knew it, she recorded so many small movements.

    Xiao Li suddenly asked, “How much did you hear this morning?”

    Ji Yi, who tasted the glutinous rice balls seriously, wrapped a mouthful of small glutinous rice balls, and slightly puffed his cheeks, and asked him, “What?”

    Xiao Ci opened his eyes flusteredly, lowered his head to cover up his careful thoughts, and then went on to a topic, saying: “When calling.”

    “Oh that…I really don’t know what the substance is, I heard it when I passed by. You yelled dad.” Ji Yi explained.

    “Do you want to know, why am I not going home?”

    “…” Ji Yi bit the white porcelain spoon, suddenly shocked.

    I heard from Ji Guosheng that Xiao Li’s family is not vulgar, and every wealthy family has some secret and complicated grievances. With experience in drama, the more you know, the faster you die, so she made a decision quickly. “No.”

    The little head shook like a rattle.

    Xiao Li was choked, ignoring her wild guesses, and straightly said, “My dad is an entrepreneur? He only knows how to make money and rarely goes home?. Later, my mother was afraid that my dad would raise women outside. Just find all kinds of excuses to trick him into going home?.”

    “Later, my dad found out that she was lying, and the two started quarreling. She began to use me as an excuse to force my dad to go home? She didn’t come back for half a year at all because of her tricks.”

    “My mother is not satisfied with the material conditions, so

    she left with others.” Even his own son is no longer …

    These secrets have never been revealed to people, maybe they are. Because this New Year’s Eve is too special, he couldn’t help sharing the depressed things in his heart with another person.

    She is so kind, will it be so, right? He is better? A little bit?

    Sure enough, Ji Yi didn’t feel good after hearing this story.

    She is most afraid of hearing the stories of family discord, because the words to tell the story sound simple, but those who experience those things must be uncomfortable.

    Ji Yi held the white porcelain spoon with an awkward expression.

    The author has something to say:

    In fact, it’s okay to treat people with ease, but when it comes to dating, hahahahahaha! ! !

    Guess what she will say next, Xu brother will be

    unable to hold back anymore.

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