AR: Ch 81

  There were still two white glutinous rice balls left in the bowl. Ji Yi bit the white porcelain spoon and stared at Xiao Li for a second time.

    “What do you want to say? Just say it.” Xiao Li was stared at her uncomfortably.

    “Da——” She put the white porcelain spoon back into the bowl? She raised her eyelids and glanced at Xiao Li, then lowered her eyes, and asked cautiously: “What do you mean? Yes, missing a mother?”

    “Bang—— “

    This time, the spoon in Xiao Li’s hand fell directly to the ground, and it broke –

    Ji Yi quickly stood up, raised his hand, and stumbling to persuade him: “Don’t, don’t get excited? Ah.”

    Xiao Li gritted his teeth secretly. He reluctantly picked up the restaurant paper and picked up the debris on the ground and threw it into the trash can.

    Ji Yi quickly picked up the bowl to get rid of the glutinous rice balls and soup in it, and took the initiative to take the empty bowl that Xiao Li had finished eating, and walked away, “I’m going to wash the dishes.”

    Xiao Li squatted at the dining table, his mouth twitched .

    What? The first student in grade is a fool at all!


    Downstairs in the community, a teenager in a dark gray woolen coat has been standing here for an hour.

    I arrived home after eight o’clock, and now it’s almost ten o’clock.

    From Ji Yi’s call, I learned that Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi were not at home, and Ji Xinfei was outside with classmates, so there were only

    two people left in this family .

    Two people…

    Last year’s New Year’s Eve, he gave the little girl a box of fireworks, and it was the first time he realized that he was moved.

    So? This New Year’s Eve, how does he endure his little girl being alone with another boy? Will they? Will they wait until 12 o’clock to join the New Year’s Eve together? Would it? No? Smiling and saying Happy New Year to each other? Will it? No?…

    Many questions popped up in his mind all at once, and his usual sanity was almost overwhelmed, leaving only his heart full of throbbing?

    So, he finally couldn’t help taking out his mobile phone.

    “Ann, you come home with me?”


    ? Ji recalled how he never imagined that promised so much more will give her a surprise??!

    Not long ago, I said that in Nanyang City, a phone call suddenly came and asked her if she wanted to go home with him?

    Only then did she know that Xu Yue had returned to Yancheng and was now downstairs in the community.

    As a little girl who loves beauty, Wanwan does not allow herself to appear in front of her favorite boys in home clothes and slippers.

    She hurried to look for clothes in the closet, and at a glance she saw the white cotton jacket that Xu Yue had sent, and she simply changed into a new dress with fleece panties and a skirt.

    I combed my hair a few times in front of the dressing table. The bow of the hair band was not tied up, and it was loose when she ran downstairs.

    Anxiously, she didn’t notice it, and took out the pair of white snow boots from the shoe cabinet and put them on, which gave her a traveling appearance.

    Ji Yi ran out ding dong dong, but it was a pity that he was not at the elevator door this time? I met a teenager beckoning to her.

    When she went downstairs, her heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably, and her heart was like a deer bumping into something like this. She hasn’t seen anyone yet, and the speed of her heartbeat can make her clearly feel the mood of wanting to see someone.

    It’s a pity that she didn’t see a half figure except the iron gate of this building.

    Except for the road illuminated by street lights, the other places are dark.

    “No one…”

    She walked out boldly, looking all the way.

    Suddenly heard a familiar cry from behind: “An’an.”

    Looking back suddenly, the two people’s eyes met in the air.

    “Come here.” He hooked at her again, in a familiar posture.

    This time, she ran to him without hesitation, and plunged into the embrace full of mint fragrance.

    “It’s really you.” She wasn’t sure that this person really appeared.

    Xu Yue tightened his strength, held her arms tighter with both hands, put his chin on her shoulders, and leaned against her ears and said softly, “Well, I’m back.”

    The second year they met, his first birthday. The wish came true.

    * After

    Xu Yue left, Ji Yi would go to his house to clean the room every week, so as not to make the room dusty.

    Because of Xu Yue’s return, the house that had been vacant for half a year instantly became lively. The bedroom left for Ji Yi has added a lot of girl’s things, she herself has not consciously cohabited…

    Song Yanke sent a red envelope to the group of three sisters, Song Yanke touched a 20 by herself, He Xu Xu had already robbed one for only 9 yuan, and she finally went to pick it up, and unexpectedly touched more than seventy.

    He Xuxu sent out a few exclamation points in the group, feeling that typing? was troublesome, so he started the video.

    The three of them were too familiar, and Ji Yi didn’t pay attention to the image in front of them. He held the mobile phone in one hand and the apple in the other. After eating, he took a bite.

    Three video connections, Song Yanke, who is best at “scraping” gossip, instantly reached the background behind Ji Yi, “It’s not like your room? Are you not at home?”

    “Um…in someone else’s house.”

    She’s not embarrassed? Said she was at Xu Yue’s house.

    This background is a girl’s room? Song Yan didn’t guess anywhere else.

    But at this moment, Xu Yue suddenly opened the door and came in, “An’an, where is the shower gel?”

    “Cough cough cough.”

    The sudden sound made her choke the apple she just bit into her mouth? They all spit out.

    Xu Yue frowned, thinking that she accidentally choked, and quickly walked over? Go to pat her back, “Why? So? Careless.” At

    this time, the phone connected to the video was quiet, and he didn’t even notice Ji Yi. Video with sisters.

    Ji Yi coughed several times, and didn’t know if it was because of coughing or shyness, and his face turned red.

    Seeing her in serious condition, Xu Yue’s face appeared worried, “Is it still uncomfortable?”

    Ji Yi shook his head with his neck, hurriedly buckled the phone to the table and waved at him, “I’m fine.”

    Seeing her After returning to normal, Xu Yue breathed a sigh of relief, and then asked, “Where did the shower gel go?”

    Ji Yi pursed his lips , not daring to open the front of the phone screen, and could only cover his phone quietly and firmly. write.

    I haven’t heard the sound for so long, she thought, maybe it’s been hung up?

    Then, pretending to be calm, Xu Yue replied: “Throw away the previous one. I bought a new one under the coffee table.”

    Because the family hadn’t held back for a few months, she had already thrown away the unused ones. New It’s not opened, and don’t want to put it in the bathroom? Contaminated with dust, it has not been taken out.

    Xu Yue nodded and went out.

    Ji Yi stiffened his neck and turned back, and ran to the door? Shut the door.

    When she turned the phone over again, the faces of Song Yanke and He Xuxu still appeared on the screen, but their microphone modes were both turned off.

    No wonder there has been no sound!

    However, even if there is no sound, she knows that the two people on the opposite side are laughing wildly, because He Xuxu is covering his mouth, and Song Yan is even more exaggerated to the table.

    Ji Yi’s ears turned red, and she pretended to be calm, “Enough…Turn on the microphone?”

    As soon as the voice fell, Song Yanke’s voice came from the phone, “Hahahahahahahahahahaha, fuck, hahahahaha, Mr. Xu!”

    Ji Yi sealed the video and cleaned it up, “Take it away. !”

    Song Yan converged…for a second, then there was another string of “hahahaha” laughter.

    He Xuxu finally opened the voice, and asked a question in a particularly dull manner: “Are you two living together?”

    Ji Yi blinked quickly, heartbroken?

    As I approached, I heard Song Yanke burst into laughter, “According to my guess, they should be in a certain house. Since they are not Xiao Yi’s family, they are mostly Xu Yue’s family, but Xu Yue doesn’t know where the shower gel is. Xiao Yi? Know! This room is still decorated in the style of a girl, oh…I’m going…it’s sour.”

    Listening to this, there is reason and evidence.

    He Xuxu nodded in agreement, “It’s a pity that you don’t become a detective.”

    Ji Yi sullenly said, “No, she must be the best-performing entertainment gossip reporter.”

    Song Yan laughed at the table again. Xiao Yi, don’t pretend, you find a mirror to take a look at your face.”

    Ji Yi quickly took off the phone and took the small mirror next to him? I took a picture on the face…

    what a special one! This broken phone has its own beauty! In fact, her face is so red! ! !

    Later in the chat, Song Yanke’s topic changed, “To be honest, did you do anything that is indescribable?”

    Ji Yi answered without hesitation: “No.”

    Song Yanke: “It’s true, it’s fake. You all live together.”

    Ji Yi raised his finger and poked on the screen, “Coco, turn off the colored images in your mind.”

    Song Yanke pretended to helplessly sighed, “I can’t control this.” Live.”

    After the chat, Ji Yi thought about Song Yanke’s words seriously.

    This is actually a cause and effect? ​​Loop problem.

    It was precisely because Xu Yuecong hadn’t been more or less sincere, she would go home with him in peace, and on the contrary, she would not be able to appear here.

    Xu Yue took a bath with his hair, and now he came out to look for a hair dryer.

    He discovered that he was not at home half a year, what? …… can not find something

    , “Ann, hairdryer Where?”

    “Ow, there are times I hit? Sweep when accidentally turned out that anti-scalding wind up broke, on I bought one again, in the living room, I will get it for you.”

    Ji Yi ran out of the living room, opened the cabinet, and took out a brand-new hair dryer from inside.

    She turned her head holding the hairdryer and saw Xu Yue following her.

    The teenager in my memory has grown a lot in this short half year, and even the outline has a sense of maturity. Drops of water dripped from his hair and wet the sweater.

    Ji Yi pointed to the stool next to the coffee table, “I’ll blow your hair.”

    Xu Yue was obedient, and sat down according to her instructions.

    It was cold in winter, so she turned on a set of hot air, slightly away from the writing distance, and patiently dried his hair.

    His hair was very greasy and didn’t tie his hands. After drying, it felt a little smooth and comfortable.

    So she couldn’t help but rubbed the top of Xu Yue’s head twice, still a little envious, “Your hair quality is better than mine.”

    Xu Yue suddenly grabbed her wrist and removed the restless little hand from the top of her head. .

    And warned, “Don’t move?.”

    “You guy, why? I turned my face and didn’t recognize people, I just played for you for a long time.” Ji Yi didn’t follow.

    Xu Yue lowered his eyes and whispered: “That’s different.”

    Didn’t realize the aura at all? Classmate Ji An’an, who was in the wrong mood, was open-minded: “What’s the difference? I just touched it twice.”

    “…” The boy’s Adam’s apple is rolling?, like a dot of ink in his pupils? Guang, the expression on his face is meaningful, “Are you sure, you can afford the consequences?”

    The author has something to say:

    Human psychology research shows that 80% of boys like girls touching their heads, while girls’ touching boys’ heads are purely touching their sons. .

 But Xu Yue didn’t know, so he would think…

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