AR: Ch 82

 Ji Yi trembled all over, and suddenly felt that Xu Yue in front of him was a bit dangerous.

    She swallowed with a guilty conscience? Drooling, “Can… What can be the consequences…”

    No… didn’t she just touched it twice? Mao…

    Xu Yue suddenly got up and took away the hair dryer from her hand. After throwing it away, the hair dryer was thrown on the sofa, making a “bang” sound.

    Ji Yi glanced at it, “You? Can’t you just put it away? What should I do if it breaks.” The

    last time? The anti-scald nozzle of the hair dryer was accidentally dropped on the ground and broke. This is new!

    She was about to bend over to check, but was caught from her waist by a strong arm.

    She almost wanted to perform a show on the spot? She lowered her waist!

    She guessed that Xu Yue didn’t like being rubbed by her hair, and planned to teach her now.

    Ji Yi second counseled, “If you have something to say?.”

    The incandescent light in the living room hit his face, and the look reflected in his eyes was a little hazy. Xu Yue looked down at her, his thin lips lightened, “I don’t want to say “.” The

    simple three words also showed a bit of arrogance.

    Ji Yi feels that what is on his mind? I am afraid that he is alone? The person is bored in his heart, and his slender arm is raised up, naturally holding his neck around his neck, and standing firmly.

    Staring at him and asking seriously, “Then you? What do you want to do?”

    Xu Yue leaned forward, chin rubbing against her shoulder, this time not against her shoulder, but turned his head to her. Cochlea.

    The magnetic sound that seemed to carry electric current came from the base of the tongue.

    “Want-do-” A

    warm breath circulated in her ears, Ji Yi’s ears? Consciousness shrank?, he was stunned for five seconds before finally reacting! Little face is hot!

    “Rogue, hooligan!”

    She reached out to push, but was held by Xu Yue.

    There is a huge difference in strength between men and women, and he can lock her two hands firmly with just one hand.

    She retreated subconsciously, and was finally pushed against the wall.

    Xu Yue clasped her fingers with both hands, pressed against the wall, and fell with an aggressive kiss.

    The warm lips were stained with water. She wanted to breathe, but Xu Yue took the opportunity to enter. The dexterous tip of the tongue pried away the shell teeth, leaned into the entrance, and led her to dance.

    The tip of her nose was lingering with the mint fragrance that belonged to him, and there was a tingling sensation all over her body, and her head was instantly empty. She was used to being gentle and could only take it passively.

    This kind of intimate contact was not the first time, but this time it gave her a different feeling, as if she was venting something.

    It used to be a mere kiss, but this time he held her down for a long time, Ji Yi’s breathing gradually tightened, and her face flushed red.

    “Um… let go…” She couldn’t adapt, and began to struggle.

    The corners of Xu Yue’s eyes were red, and his eyes were surging? With turbulent feelings, he finally let go.

    The free girl breathes fresh air.

    Xu Yue supported the wall with one hand, slowly curled up his fingers, and lowered his head. He asked, “Don’t run yet?”

    “Run?” Ji Yi repeated the word in a daze, without understanding the meaning.

    Maybe he was stupid by the pro, and even his brain was slowed down by half a beat.

    Just now, the young man who was still immersed in his own space suddenly opened his eyebrows, his lips pulled a deep arc, “You are so easy to be bullied, don’t you know?”

    The classmate Ji An’an, who was full of profound meaning , didn’t realize it. Very simple and serious questioning: “Who would do this except you?”

    She thought she was spitting.

    But provoke less? Years are in full bloom.

    Ji Yi feels that he has been teased? Laughed?

    Suddenly she was mischievous, her white hands like lotus roots hooked his neck and pulled down, and at the same time she stood on her feet, raised her chin, pressed her teeth against his lips, and lightly bit her.

    Finally, when he let go, he patted him on the shoulder with a particularly awkward appearance, and said?:

    “Huh ! I will too!” “An’an…” There was a burst of laughter in his mouth. Let her toss and tolerate infinitely.


    They plan to take advantage of this? A short vacation. Ji Yi told her family? Partying with friends, Ji Guosheng didn’t care about her anymore.

    Ji Yi searched the APP for a long time, and finally found a good place. He happily held his phone and ran to Xu Yue’s side, “Let’s go skiing! Haven’t played in a long time!”

    “You? Just like it.” He still said that.

    So Ji Yi began to plan routes and buy tickets online.

    Seeing her excited appearance, Xu Yue didn’t stop it.

    During the period, a message popped up from the sister group, Song Yanke asked them if they had any fun places to recommend.

    Heard? Her family adopted a free-raising model for their children, because there were no older elders in the family who needed to visit, and her parents didn’t want to force her to visit relatives and friends during the only seven-day holiday. Song Yanke wanted to take this opportunity to go out. Play.

    By the way, Ji Yi sent a screenshot of his plan to go to the Snow Mountain. Originally, he wanted to show off? But Song Yan clapped his hands and decided that it was here!

    But it was really embarrassing for the threesome to be together, Song Yan was in the group, trying to win over He Xuxu.

    I thought it was not easy to find a partner to travel in the New Year, but He Xuxu agreed.

    After the meeting, Ji Yi suddenly asked: “Are you all skiing?”

    Song Yanke first raised his hand to answer: “I will.”

    He Xuxu shook his head.

    Song Yanke was positive, “It’s okay, I teach you?.”

    She likes to play with young ladies, especially the good-looking young ladies!

    For a four-person trip, it takes about two hours to drive from here. Before leaving, Song Yanke took Ji Yi and He Xuxu to take a group photo, then put a mosaic on his face and sent it to Moments: Go skiing~

    For the addition of two light bulbs, Xu Yue did not show rejection. Of course, there is absolutely no meaning of welcome.

    Later, Song Yanke pulled He Xuxu and said? Whispered, “I guess the boss is automatic? I ignored the two of us.”

    Although they are traveling together, Song Yan and He Xuxu are still very smart to reduce their sense of existence? Less? Occupy Ji Yi’s time.

    The four people collect tickets together, apply for the all-in-one pass, and then collect the items needed for skiing. After entering the school, there will be a pair of two, consciously turning off their own light bulb attributes.

    Ji Yi has played before, and Xu Yue can also. Two people who don’t need teaching can have fun together. But Xu Yue was always afraid of her falling down and couldn’t let go, just thinking about protecting her.

    On the contrary, Song Yan could play with He Xuxu. They were dragged and dropped within ten meters, so it was a joy to play.

    When Ji Yi saw it

    , she sighed, “Really one? Dare to learn, one? Dare to teach…” Looking at Xu Yue again, she is still an old father model, wishing to tie a tortoise behind her ass, lest she fall.

    When she saw someone taking a photo with a mobile phone, she suddenly had a whim, took Xu Yue’s arm, the two approached, and whispered a few words in his ear.

    Finally, he asked his opinion, “All right?”

    “…” Xu Yue was dull and silent.

    Ji Yi assured him, “I really won’t fall, I’m very powerful!”

    “…” He was still silent.

    Ji Yi     punched him out of anger , and threatened: “If you don’t shoot, I will play it by myself.”

    He finally said, “

Film .” It turned out that Ji Yi wanted to find someone to help record the two. Video of people skiing together.

    After Xu Yue agreed, she began to dance and said to him? At a certain point? Perform one? What? What action? “If you fail, you can play freely. Just keep the same in front of us.”

    She Just want to make one? The video that looks very tacit and cool is kept as a souvenir.

    Xu Yue nodded.

    The two completed the double-handed action in a very tacit understanding, even the rotation time and the action were almost the same, and they showed off a wonderful performance on the spacious snow field.

    The onlookers also applauded and cheered for the face-saving people.

    He Xuxu held the phone aloft, while Song Yanke held one on each side of both hands, wishing to rush up and shout that these are all my friends!

    “It’s so good!”

    “It’s sour.”

    “It’s just Lemon’s day again.”

    He Xuxu stood aside, nodding while listening, and he was very old-fashioned? Sigh you? “I used to think that men’s mouths were deceitful ghosts. Now that they are like this, I suddenly feel a bit? Believe in love…”

    She thought she? She muttered casually and no one heard.

    After a while, Song Yanke suddenly reacted, “Xu Xu, this scorer, you? Take a look at Zhuo Yihang, do you still believe in love?”

    He Xuxu: “…” Men are really big pigs’ hoofs!


    Xiao Li didn’t want to play after entering the snow field. He looked around and seemed to be looking for something.

    Ji Xinfei walked over with the card and asked, “What are you looking at?”

    “Nothing?” He responded coldly.

    Ji Xinmei frowned?

    Originally, she didn’t expect that she would appear in the snow-capped mountains at this moment, and the reason had to be said two hours ago.

    It is rare for Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi to stay at home for the New Year, but Ji Yi said? Meeting with friends has not returned, and Xiao Li has to go out.

    Zhao Shuyi asked him intimately what to do? Xiao Li said casually? “Skiing”, Ji Guosheng discussed with Zhao Shuyi and came together.

    Xiao Li didn’t want to talk to her, Ji Xinfei didn’t want to make herself boring, but when her parents watched by, she wanted to behave better with Xiao Li.

    Before coming here, she already knew that Xiao Li could ski, which was pretty good.

    So she took the opportunity to make a request, “I don’t know how to ski, can you? Can you teach me?”

    Xiao Li glanced at her and replied indifferently, “There is a coach.”

    Song Yanke and He Xuxu, who had fallen several times, were planning to find someone. The place is resting, but I didn’t expect to bump into Xiao Li and Ji Xinfei on the way.

    If you meet your classmates outside, you should say hello.

    Song Yanke was outgoing and waved at them: “It’s a coincidence, you guys are coming to ski.”

    Ji Xinfei smiled back, “It’s a coincidence.” He

    thought that Xiao Li would not agree, but suddenly heard him ask. : “Why are you the two?”

    “Xiao Yi and…he…” Song Yanke was about to say something, and was suddenly caught by He Xuxu?.

    He Xuxu’s dress calmly replied: “Xiao Yi is resting on the other side.” The

    two replied perfunctorily, and they staggered.

    “Xu Xu, it hurts!”

    “You? Almost? You are going to talk nonsense?”

    Song Yan was puzzled, “How can I talk nonsense .”

    He Xuxu sighed, “Ji Xinfei is right next to me. I can’t let her hear Xiao Yi and Xu Yue together. What if I sue the parents?”

    “Oh…you say it makes sense?, pinch it well. Song Yanke looked back, “But I see where they are going, it seems to be where Xiao Yi and Xu Yue are…”

    The author has something to say:

    This book is expected to be completed within a week, so you can rest assured to follow it. La.

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