AR: Ch 83

   “Hurry up? Call

    me and let me know?” “Oh oh oh.” Song Yanke took out his mobile phone to call Ji Yi, but the ringtone rang? No one answered for a long time. The same is true for Xu Yue’s number. .

    Song Yan can with his hands? He Xuxu with machine across pairs, “Hey may play a?, Did not pay attention.”

    “What? They can only wish good luck? ……”

    know? Road Yi Ji Ji heart has always been with Disagreement, I’m really afraid that Ji Xinmei will cause trouble.

    Ji Yi and Xu Yue did not notice the vibration of the mobile phone. She was squatting on the ground, writing on the snow.

    She felt uncomfortable wearing the glove and took it off. Xu Yue’s broad hand covered it, and she felt the temperature between her fingers against her skin. “Your hand is very cold, don’t you write it?”

    Ji Recalling the not too concerned, one should casually: “I feel okay hey.”

    Xu more Lianqi expression, rather abruptly then the sentence:? “? it can be, to play on a cold needle”

    !? “”

    If you have a cold, Xu Yue will definitely take her to get an injection, she doesn’t want to get an injection!

    When she got up, she didn’t stand firm, and her foot slipped? She just hugged Xu Yue’s waist.

    At the moment, I didn’t feel ashamed, and I deliberately poked him in the waist with a small gesture, “I wear it so thick, the waist is gone?.”

    Xu Yue clasped her wrist, pressed her head, “You can go home.” Take it off for you to see.”

    Ji Yi’s face was hot, and his heart tightened, “Can you leave?! Open your mouth and keep your mouth shut! That kind of talk!”

    “What is it?” He was very calm, unable to tell. A joking expression, as if just casually said.

    Instead, he asked Ji Yi to stop asking, feeling that he was the one who overcooked his brain.

    Freed from Xu Yue’s hand, he poked him again.

    At this moment, she suddenly saw two familiar figures.

    So? Two? People are Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi?

    Ji Yi originally hugged Xu Yue face to face, but now she directly buried her head in his chest and hid it.

    “What’s wrong?” Xu Yue found out?

    Ji Yi covered her face, “I really want to see the Ji family? How many people?…”

    Xu Yue’s face sank, and without looking back, he wrapped Ji Yi’s waist and whispered in her ear, “We Go.”

    Under Xu Yue’s cover, Ji Yi successfully slipped away.

    They also went to the rest area and found Song Yanke and He Xuxu.

    He Xuxu: “You two? Are you back at last? Didn’t you look at your mobile phone? Did you

    know ?” Ji Yi: “What’s wrong?”

    Song Yanke: “Tell you, we just saw Ji Xinfei and Xiao Li We are worried that Ji Xinmei will sue the two of you when he meets you, so I want to remind you.”

    Ji Yi quickly turned over the phone, and sure enough, there are several reminders of missed calls.

    She breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s okay, we didn’t bump into it.”

    Xu Yue glanced at the mobile phone, but didn’t care about it. He only looked at Ji Yi throughout the whole process, and it became synonymous with gentle and considerate, “Would you like a drink? Something?”

    “Thinking a bit.” Ji Yi basically had something to say in front of him.

    “I’ll buy it for you.” Xu Yue didn’t feel the trouble, and immediately stood up.

    Song Yanke hurriedly said, “Big brother, can you apply for two glasses by the way?”


    He replied nonchalantly, Ji Yi hurriedly tugged? With a click, Xu Yue communicated like a normal person, “What do you want?”

    Song Yanke: “Haha, look at the belt, just like Xiao Yi?”

    He Xuxu was serious, “Thank you, brother.”

    After Xu Yue left, Song Yanke looked at each other with He Xuxu, and then doubled. Staring at Ji Yi.

    Ji Yi’s expression twisted, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

    Song Yanke’s left hand? Resting her cheek, “Tsk, a woman in love.”

    He Xuxu’s right hand? Resting her cheek, “Tsk, a man in love.”

    The two cooperated tacitly, this picture is a bit magical.

    Ji Yi didn’t know? So he asked: “What do you want to say?”

    Song Yanke sighed, “I think Xu Yue was also a famous school bully in Yancheng at the beginning. Although he doesn’t bully, he is famous. now order? you simply become? Filial Piety boyfriend. “

    He Xuxu deep that nod,” Yes! ” “

    sit together when not say? it, but also a meal is playing? Water, even the small things like changing the refill must be arranged for you.” Song Yanke held it up and compared it with a small gesture.

    He Xuxu perfectly added, “Even if they are thousands of miles apart?, remember to send food and medicine, hush

    cold and ask warmth.” When the two sang together, as if they were telling a beautiful and moving emotional story, Ji Yi was stunned and suddenly felt very surprised. ?Interesting, still pointing to myself?, “What about me?”

    “You?” Song Yanke’s eyes twitched.

    “…” He Xuxu slid his hand at the corner of his mouth and chose to close it.

    Ji Yi was anxious to defend herself? “Isn’t it… I paid too much? A lot.”

    Song Yan asked back: “For example?”

    Ji Yi: “…” Ca

    n’t remember it for a while.

    The hand? The finger went around? He squeezed out, “I go to help him every week? Does it count to clean the room?”

    Song Yan smiled extremely sincerely, “…You have perseverance.”

    Ji Yigu Got it?

    He Xuxu knocked suddenly? Knock on the table, pointing to the back.

    She thought it was Xu Yue who came back, and turned around with a smile, but saw Xiao Li and Ji Xinfei standing behind them.

    The smile froze on his face, Ji Yi blinked, his small expression instantly converged, and he said straightforwardly, “Good afternoon.”

    “What a coincidence.” Xiao Li rarely spoke.

    Ji Xinfei’s suspicious eyes hovered between the two.

    Ji Yi felt a little flustered, fearing that Xu Yue would come back. How embarrassing he would really run into it.

    After staying at Ji’s house for half a year, she didn’t want to give Ji Xinfei a chance to do things.

    Ji Yi clutched his stomach and found an excuse to slip away, “Well, I’ll go to the toilet.”

    Before leaving, Song Yanke and He Xuxu blinked and raised their eyebrows, and they nodded at her in unison.

    After making eye contact, she turned and left?

    When she turned the corner, she just met Xu Yue, she stopped them, and then sent a message to the sister group.

    Xiao Li’s gaze fell on the table where Ji Yi had been sitting just now. Although there was no one beside Ji Yi, there was a pair of hands on the opposite table.

    Could it be that there are actually four people in this line?

    Xiao Li didn’t care about other people’s thoughts, and found a chair next to him to sit down.

    However, Ji Yi, who said he was going to the bathroom, never came back.


    Coming back from the snow-capped mountains, it felt like returning to the world of two people again. She told him everything she could think of, but Xu Yue didn’t know. “Today Coco and Xu Xu praised you?, said You are very good to me.”

    Xu Yue tilted his head slightly, looked at her, and asked: “What about you?”

    “I also think you are very good.” She held his arm and smiled sweetly, as if Acting like a baby, “But they also said, I’m not good enough to you, I can’t remember myself? I did it for you? What.”

    “An An doesn’t have to do anything.”

    “That? I’m not very good? Useless?”

    “No , You are more important than anything? Want.” In fact, what she did to him was extraordinary.

    It was she who pulled him out of the abyss again and again, telling him that there was light in the outside world and her.

    The streets in the city are brightly lit. This year, you don’t need to envy other people to accompany you on the road.

    However, when the moon is overcast and clear, people will also have clutches.

    After playing happily, he had to tell her bad news, “An’an, I’m leaving tomorrow?”

    “Oh…” She stopped, stood still, her face drooped.

    The emotions in his eyes flowed, and he softly coaxed, “Don’t be unhappy.”

    The girl who is usually reasonable? Suddenly wanted to be unreasonable? Shamelessly, “Are you going to leave after only two days? Your company doesn’t have holidays? “

    Xu Yue: “I’m the person in charge.”

    Ji Yi curled up?

    He curled his lips, ” Isn’t the boss allowed to assign employees to do things? The one with remote command?” He laughed, “An An…”

    Ji Yi pinched? Means, I’m in my heart? I’ve buffered it for a while, waved my hand, and returned to my usual gentle appearance, “Just kidding, I know that your time is very nervous, you go back.”

    Xu Yue held her cheek and stared carefully, ”     Are you angry?”

    Ji Yi shook his head, “No.”

This sentence is true, she is not angry, but she is not willing?

    Send her downstairs in the community, the two reluctantly say goodbye?

    Slender fingers slipped under the hood of the white cotton clothes, feeling a rush of heat, and the fingertips slid gently behind her back. He suddenly suffocated a sentence, “Don’t like other people.”

    Ji Yi looked at him unclearly, and unconsciously grabbed the two starfish hairballs that he had fished with the collar and money, and squeezed, and answered seriously, ” No, I’m not a scumbag.”

    “What are you worried about?”

    He didn’t answer, touched her forehead, and smiled: “I wish I graduated now?” The

    girl’s eyelashes trembled, “Its Really…it doesn’t have to wait until graduation…Anyway, we are all grown-ups now, not counted as premature love.”

    A look of surprise flashed across the young boy’s eyes.

    Ji Yi made a vague voice, “Or, would you ask me again?”

    He hugged her, with the tall bridge of the nose pressed against the tip of her nose, tilted his head slightly, and the warm breath spread on the side of his face. Then? Can An An be my girlfriend?”

    “Okay.” The girl’s voice was soft and sweet as sugar.

    Get a satisfactory answer, a young man who has always been calm and composed? Startled all over.

    Afterwards, the warm lips pressed against her cheek and kissed her, moving upwards and spreading to the corners of her eyes.

    I heard that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and one can see the depths of the soul at a glance.


    The first day he returned to Nanyang City, he walked into a tattoo shop.

    “Xu Yue, are you really here? Want a tattoo?”


    The tattoo artist of this tattoo shop happened to be one of the group of people he knew Jiang Zhou at the time, and everyone had some friendship.

    The tattoo artist never thought, himself? This shop will welcome customers like Xu Yue.

    He took it? He took the collar, wherever he went, the aura would come out?.

    “What do you want to get tattooed on?”


    He took a pen and wrote two words on the paper. The tattoo artist prepared a professional tattoo artist with all the tools, and placed three points under the left clavicle according to Xu Yue’s requirements. The text pattern is traced in a dimly jumping position.

    The tattoo machine made electrical noises, the tattoo needle pierced the skin, his brow furrowed, and he didn’t say anything in pain during the whole process.

    After all the complicated processes are completed, I don’t know how long it has been.

    Boy? Left the tattoo shop, the cold wind was blowing.

    He raised his arm, his palm was slightly close to his heart, and he felt the heat transferred from there. He didn’t feel any pain, but he smiled.

    The author has something to say:

    Tsk tsk, can you understand where and what is tattooed! ! !

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