AR: Ch 84

    Time goes by, time flies.

    The hot summer is coming, and the college entrance examination that makes senior students nervous and exciting finally arrives as scheduled.

    People in the same class may be divided into different campuses. How many people have checked the process, depending on the location arrangement, only Song Yan can be uncomfortable.

    “Why is it me?”

    Because Ji Yi and He Xuxu still stayed at the school for the exam, only she was assigned.

    Ji Yi said that she had a lot of words to coax her and promised to give her a box of imported candies after the exam.

    Song Yanke? Listening, feel a lot better.

    It’s not that I can’t afford a box of imported sweets, but the meaning and feeling of what others give is different from what I bought?

    Although Ji Yi and He Xuxu are in the same school, they are not in the same examination room.

    Xiao Li held the test admission ticket, still as usual, without any disturbance.

    In the end they discovered that the person most destined to Ji Yi was actually Xiao Li.

    But during the college entrance examination, most of the people were very cautious and tense, since the two of them had no communication in the same examination room.

    Although Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi couldn’t spare any time for the college entrance examination in the past two days, they still found someone to escort them, for fear of accidents between them.

    A group of parents outside the school watched and waited, and a fat man mixed in with two tall men with wicked eyebrows.

    There are police guards at the intersection outside the school, and they are a little bit guilty, “Master Qin, this place

    is not easy to start.” “Those people are just doing a good job ! Just because there are many people, it is not easy to attract attention. Qin Shan repeatedly urged them to see the person they are looking for, “You guys have inspired me, don’t miss it!”

    By the end of the exams on the first day, a group of students poured out, and many of them were picked up by their parents in person.

    Qin Shan waited outside with someone for a long time.

    The people under him were a little worried, “Master Qin, won’t the woman we want to catch? Already? Go away?”

    “Wait!” Qin Shan suppressed the nervousness in his heart.

    finally! A familiar face came into sight.

    Ji Yi waited for He Xuxu to come out together, and the two chatted a few words about the exam on the way.

    After walking some distance from the school gate, the two waved goodbye.

    “Follow up!” Qin Shan’s opponent gave orders and was about to act, only to find that Ji Yi was three meters away from behind and followed by two figures similar to bodyguards.

    Qin Shan could only follow from a distance.

    When Ji Yi entered the community, the two bodyguards followed.

    “Fuck!” Qin Shan couldn’t help but explode, slamming on the tree next to him in a circle.

    “Master Qin, did that little girl find us? She was still traveling with her bodyguard?”

    “Absolutely not? Can?!” Qin Shan raised his hand and made a stop-and-stop posture.

    He wrinkled his brows, lost in thought.

    Qin Shan returned with his subordinates in defeat.

    Sitting on a wide chair made of pure gold, Qin Shan inhaled fiercely. The smoke filled the air in rolls, and he exhaled a thick smell of smoke.

    “Master Qin…” someone said in his ear? A few words.

    Qin Shan opened his eyes lazily, raised his body, the fat on his beer belly trembled, “Let him come in.”

    Soon, his men led a gentle-looking man with glasses to appear.

    Qin Shan half-opened his eyes and took a look, “Lu Yi, you? Can you help me achieve what I want?”

    Lu Yi lowered his eyes and glanced at his naturally curved left hand. There was a fierce light flashing in his eyes, and he deliberately lowered it. He spoke in his voice, but his tone was very determined, “Yes.”

    Since the incident in the grotto a year ago, his left hand has been completely abolished. Later, in order to calculate Xu Yue, Qin Shan got involved with him.

    The enemy’s enemy? It’s a friend. Lu Yi also got in touch with Qin Shan because of that incident. Knowing the reason why Qin Shan was unable to restrain himself recently, he decided to push it secretly! Let the two kill each other.


    Ji Yi’s second time through the college entrance examination, her mental state is much smoother than that of other classmates. In addition to the solid knowledge in her mind, she consciously exerts a stable performance. If nothing happens, she can get one. good achievement.

    At the end of the exam, when she was packing up the odds and ends, Xiao Li rarely took the initiative to approach and asked: “Let’s go together?”

    “Ah…” She stood up and shook her head, “I won’t be back home now, talk to Xu.” Xuhe Ke? Can? I have made an appointment to go out and relax.”

    Xiao Li lowered his eyes and whispered: “Oh.”

    Since it was a sister gathering, he was too embarrassed to offer to participate.

    Ji Yi packed up all the small things such as the admission ticket, ID card, and pens, waved to Xiao Li, and walked out of the classroom.

    The girl held something forward with her arms, her long soft and smooth black hair was tied into a high ponytail and hung behind her. She walked out, the tip of her hair swept across the snow-white clothes, and the ponytail was gently curved.

    The sun fell on the girl, forming a warm golden light, like a misty and beautiful painting.

    Xiao Li walked behind in a hurry, and there seemed to be a fire in his heart, about to burn and explode.

    Ji Yi didn’t deliberately wait for He Xuxu. It is said that someone came to see her, and he would go directly to the agreed store to meet them later. When I walked out of the school gate, I once again saw those parents and children standing together, each with a different expression on their faces.

    Because the exam was over, the bodyguard did not follow, she walked alone under the tree and let out a long sigh of relief.

    I think of the change of fate that took place after the last time I took the entrance examination. Now when I think about it, I feel that the past is ten minutes away. Sometimes I even think about it, whether everything I have experienced is a dream or reality.

    Lu Yi crouched outside the school gate, and when Ji Yi came out, he pulled off the tie knot on his neckline, and walked over with a smile on his mouth.

    “Xiao Yi, long time no see.”

    Looking at the man who appeared suddenly, Ji Yi was stunned for a moment, his eyebrows frowned, “Lu Yi.” After

    Xu Yue’s life experience was exposed, Lu Yi left the studio. Later, Her collaboration with Zhao Yingfeng was never related to Lu Yi again.

    After seeing each other a year later, she still felt that Lu Yi was as annoying as ever.

    “Congratulations? The college entrance examination is over.” Lu Yi wore a mask and couldn’t make people feel sincere. Even in congratulations, he was worried that he was calculating some conspiracy.

    Ji Yi was too lazy to entangle with him, and answered coldly, “Thank you, please get out of trouble.”

    “Are you free? Have a cup of coffee together?”

    “No need?” Ji Yi started with a high pony tail passing through the space. An arc almost fell on Lu Yi’s face.

    She deliberately speeded up her pace, but Lu Yi still followed.

    Ji Yi was really bored, and just as an empty car drove over on the side of the road, Ji Yi immediately waved.

    When the car stopped, she didn’t hesitate to call? Open the door and sit in.

    When closing the car door, she seemed to hear a familiar voice shouting, but she didn’t have time to analyze and identify it for a while, she just wanted to get rid of the lunatic Lu Yi.

    “Master, go to the city center.”

    She had just reported her destination and found her mobile phone to send a message to He Xuxu and Song Yanke. When taking the test, I put my mobile phone in a special cabinet and turned it off. Then I turned it on and I saw missed calls from Xu Yue.

    Ji Yi was a little puzzled. Xu Yue knew that she was taking an exam today. Shouldn’t she call her ahead of time? Ah…

    When she wanted to call, she suddenly heard the sound of the car door opening and closing.

    When Ji Yi looked up, he found Lu Yi sitting in the passenger seat with a strange smile on his mouth.

    Ji Yi immediately noticed something wrong, and pressed the door switch, only to find that the door had been locked.

    “Open the door!”

    Ji Yi yelled in horror, and grabbed his phone.

    Lu Yi noticed it sharply, turned around and stretched out his hand to grab it.

    During the fight, Ji Yi subconsciously used what was in his hand to hit him, but it happened to hit the joint of Lu Yi’s left hand.

    “Come here!” Lu Yi shrank his fingers, and a gloomy chill appeared in his eyes. He climbed to the back seat and covered her nose and mouth with something. Ji Yi’s struggling strength gradually diminished and she quickly lost consciousness.


    Xiao Li chased the taxi frantically, but the speed of the man was no better than that of the car. He quickly wrote down the license plate number and called Ji Yi again, but was refused, and then shut down.

    He regretted why he didn’t follow Ji Yi any further.

    I stayed in the school just now and walked out. I saw Ji Yi talking to a man from a distance. What were they doing? Later, I found out that the two were behaving strangely. When Ji Yi got in the car, he wanted to stop it? It was too late.

    As the son of a big entrepreneur, he is particularly sensitive to some dark things. Ji Yi can’t be contacted at this time, it is very likely that something will happen.

    Even though his family is not vulgar, but he can’t do it in this rock city, he can only contact Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi first, tell them the license plate number, and let them check.

    I remembered that Ji Yi once said that he had an appointment with Song Yanke and He Xuxu. He wanted to make a call, but found that he did not save the numbers of those two.

    Before adding Song Yanke to the class group, Xiao Li could only send messages from this.

    Song Yanke was lucky? He made a voice call quickly and came over, “Xiao Li, I saw your news, what do you mean? Can’t contact Xiao Yi?”

    “Yes, I saw that there is A strange man got in the same car with her, and then she couldn’t get in touch.”

    “Stranger man? No? Yes…” Song Yanke subconsciously thought of that young year.

    For Xiao Li, perhaps Xu Yue is a stranger.

    Song Yanke? Asked carefully: “You? Wait a minute? Er, do you? See clearly what that person looks like?”

    Xiao Li frowned, a picture flashed across his head, “I didn’t see it clearly, just I remember that the person seemed to be wearing glasses.”

    “Wearing glasses?” With this characteristic, Song Yan immediately ruled out the idea that the person was Xu Yue.

    Ji Yi’s circle of friends is very small, and he usually doesn’t? Leave with an unfamiliar opposite sex. After listening to Xiao Li’s nervous tone, she is also a little panicked, “I’ll contact other people again and ask, do you? Call me, I’ll send you the phone number.”

    “Okay.” Xiao Li is not nonsense? A waste of time, he hung up the voice and directly stored Song Yanke’s number into the phone.

    Song Yanke quickly contacted He Xuxu again, but they didn’t know what to do when they couldn’t contact him.

    He Xuxu suggested, “Why don’t you tell Zhuo Yihang? He is in this film. There are more

    ways than we can think of.” Just about to contact Zhuo Yihang, another number pops up, Song Yanke? Dumbfounded, “Xu…Xu Yue’s phone call?!”

    She shook her hand and took it.

    The author has something to say:

    Your boyfriend is already online √

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