AR: Ch 85

  Soon, news came from Ji Guosheng that the license plate number sent by Xiao Li was a fake message in disguise.

    This is the real guess that Ji Yi was kidnapped.

    He Xuxu still? Before leaving school, she and Xiao Li met soon.

    About ten minutes later? Song Yanke also drove over from another school in the same city.

    “Have you called the

    police ?” “Already contacted the police, what should we do now?”

    “Contact some people related to Ji Yi? Provide clues and wait for news.”

    It’s a pity that the three of them are just students, even if they get together. Together, there is no other way except language communication. You can only do your best to help and cooperate.

    He Xuxu sighed with arms akimbo, and asked, “Where is Zhuo Yihang?”

    Song Yanke opened his phone, “I didn’t call Zhuo Yihang.”

    He Xuxu frowned? He frowned, “I didn’t mean to ask him to help.” Looking for someone?”

    Song Yanke explained: “No, I wanted to call him at the time, but Xu Yue’s phone number came up on my cell phone, and then? After he asked a few words, let him I keep in touch at any time. Forget it, I’ll send a message to Zhuo Yihang.”

    He Xuxu was puzzled, “Isn’t Xu Yue in Nanyang City?”

    Song Yanke shook his head?, “He’s back,” It’s in Yancheng.”

    Xu Yue already knows about this matter and love, then he knows who should be notified.

    “Wait, what Xu Yue you are talking about?” Xiao Li, who was standing on the side, heard in a cloud of mist.

    The name Xu Yue is not unfamiliar to him, he heard it mentioned in school.

    Remember the first time I had a profound impact on Xu Yue. It was at the beginning of school. Someone connected him with Xu Yue, but Ji Yi seemed very angry at the time.

    He thought… she was kind.

    It is his maintenance.

    So later, he couldn’t help but contact her.

    Later, I heard Xu Yue’s name from others. Those people who mentioned “Xu Yue” always talked about it, and seemed to be quite taboo.

    But he knows that the person is very capable, even if he is just named, he has successfully won the B big place with a number of competition awards.

    On weekdays, he doesn’t care about the glorious things of others? He doesn’t care about it, but now he still finds out that it seems that there is still a secret he doesn’t know.

    Song Yanke steadied his expression and nodded deeply. “It’s the one you’ve heard of… Xu Yue from our school.”

    “What’s the relationship between him and Ji Yi? Hear what you mean, he can find Ji Yi? Is this person credible?” Xiao Li raised a series of questions related to Ji Yi’s safety.

    If it weren’t for an emergency, Song Yan would definitely joke that he finally said something more than two crosses.

    But everyone is very worried about Ji Yi’s situation now. Song Yan replied concisely: “Don’t worry, no one is more credible than him!”

    Song Yan could believe that this sentence would convince Xiao Li, but he didn’t expect it at all, Xiao The things you think in your mind are more complicated.

    * When

    Zhuo Yihang led the people, when he found Xu Yue, he saw blood on his clothes, and the mole on the corner of his eye was also stained red.

    Zhuo Yihang felt like the sky collapsed in his heart, his legs trembled and he was half-

    deadly scared, “Brother Xu, you…” I saw Xu Yue lift up the back of his hand quickly and wipe the corner of his mouth from the side of his cheek, with a lot of energy. There is no such thing as weakness.

    “It’s paint,” he explained.

    I went to survey the terrain just now, but I accidentally got it.

    Zhuo Yihang blinked quickly, nodding his head in a naive way, “That’s good, that’s good.”

    Soon, Xu Yue received a call from Qin Shan and checked it according to the address he gave. It was indeed a short distance from where Ji Yi was.

    “Listen to me next.” Xu Yue took out two mobile phones and handed one of them to Zhuo Yihang, “This is the positioning system, you take the people?”

    “Ji Yi’s mobile phone should be accepted? but she was wearing a watch which contained positioning system, if you succeed to save people?, it will be the side buttons of the second teeth rotate 180 degrees, then? press. “

    in calculating people? such a thing? on the situation, the two ? Once reached a certain tacit understanding, now dealing with Qin Shan, saving people? It also requires calculations.

    Zhuo Yihang nodded while listening. When he turned to walk, Xu Yue tugged him, holding his arm tightly, “She must be safe.”

    Zhuo Yihang’s heart rose. The stock is given a sense of responsibility. Especially when Xu Yue didn’t hesitate to hand the mobile phone into his hands? The deep trust made him almost moved to tears.

    He squeezed the phone tightly and focused on his head, “Xu brother, don’t worry, I will save my sister-in-law!”

    Xu Yue dragged his thin coat into the grass, and went to Qin Shan’s invitation alone.

    When they met?, Qin Shan looked at him from bottom to top, showing a completely rude attitude of contempt.

    “Do you really dare to come alone?”

    Xu Yue coldly snorted, “Stop talking nonsense, people?”

    Qin Shan raised his hands, applauded loudly, and laughed strangely, “I like your quick temper.” The

    next moment , His expression suddenly changed, and he proposed a threatening transaction, “Important? Yes, hand over the things.”

    Xu Yue opened his palm, with a U disk lying on the palm of his hand.

    The person next to him immediately grabbed it. Xu Yue quickly grabbed the person’s arm, pressed his hand bones, and heard the sound of a dislocated joint.

    “Xu Yue!” Qin Shan stood up with excitement. He didn’t expect this young and frivolous boy to start so hard and mercilessly.

    Xu Yue lazily kicked the person away, as if throwing out disgusting rubbish.

    The U disk was still in his palm, it turned out to be connected to the mouth of the circle and hung between his fingers. As long as he is unwilling, others will not be able to snatch it from him.

    The sharp gaze met Qin Shan, “Don’t engage in the little moves that can’t be moved on the table, the things you want are here.”

    Qin Shan narrowed his eyes slightly, and a little narrowing flashed through his eyes, “What am I going to do? I believe you did not leave behind. ? hand? “

    Xu more raised his hand, hanging on the fingers of U disk shook his presumptuous smile,” Oh, Qinshan, more and more small touches you courage. ” “

    Do not playing jokes with me, attempting to rally useless to me “Qin Shan sullen his face, completely afraid to relax a bit.

    Xu Yue put five fingers together, bent, and completely wrapped the U disk in the palm of his hand, “I will replace you with something? I don’t want to talk nonsense. If you don’t believe it, you might as well take the computer out and take a look at it. This kind of thing is not arbitrarily able to be copied.”

    A special program has been set up, and if it is copied and changed, the files inside will be automatically destroyed.

    Doubtful, Qin Shan waved his hand to move the laptop out.

    Just when the USB flash drive was about to be inserted into the computer, Lu Yi suddenly emerged from the side and shouted, “Xu Yue is so scheming, don’t believe it easily!” It

    was because it was a moment’s care that he was harmed by Xu Yue. A disability!

    Now that I see Xu Yue again, there is only revenge in my heart.

    Xu Yue took his gaze back with a slight glance, as if he didn’t look at Lu Yi at all.

    How many people? When confronted? Xu Yue lowered his eyes and saw the mechanical watch on his wrist light up and turned into a character.

    Without a trace, he put aside his gaze, took out the USB flash drive from his fingers and put it on the notebook. “Things are right here, do you want it or not, this is the only opportunity.”

    Qin Shan’s breathing became heavier, and he felt like he was being threatened. That kind of oppression forced him to see cold sweat on his forehead.

    At the beginning, I wanted to lure Xu Yue to sign a contract with them by dropping out, but he didn’t expect Xu Yue to drop out directly. Later, he left Rock City and collected evidence of their illegal transactions within a year.

    Ben thought that Xu Yue himself was involved in it, and it was impossible to destroy him in order to retaliate against them. I didn’t expect this person to be a lunatic! I would rather implicate myself and give things to the police.

    “Xu Yue, if you dare to falsify, just wait to collect the body of your distressed girl!” Qin Shan said cruelly.

    Sure enough, Xu Yue heard that? He changed his color and slapped the table angrily. It seemed that he would rush up to beat someone at any time?, “Dare you!” Qin Shan

    put down some caution in response to Xu Yue’s reaction like this. He wasn’t sure yet. One year later, whether that girl was still Xu Yue’s weakness. Ben? wanted to take a gamble, but he didn’t expect to win the bet.

    He disregarded Lu Yi’s prevention by inserting the U disk into the computer, but he needed a password to open the file.


    Xu Yue turned the laptop to himself directly.

    Lu Yi blocked the keyboard and reminded Qin Shan again, “Xu Yue is untrustworthy!” A

    sneer appeared at the corner of Xu Yue’s mouth, “So many eyes, what can I do? Then again, you caught Ji Yi. Isn’t it right to use her to threaten me?”

    “Lao Zi doesn’t have that much patience to talk nonsense with you, if you don’t dare to open, just hand over the person directly.”

    Qin Shan knew, once Xu Yue was pricked. The key point will be very irritable.

    Like it is now?.

    Qin Shan calmly asked Lu Yi to leave, “Just under his nose, what he is not willing to do?.”

    Lu Yi was very unwilling, but could not defy Qin Shan.

    Xu Yue rested his hands on the keyboard and tapped the keyboard at extremely fast speed to enter the file reading page.

    The progress bar grew slowly, and Qin Shan waited impatiently.

    At the moment when the document progress bar reached 100%, a group of police officers wearing police uniforms and holding pistols rushed in and surrounded the four groups of dough.

    “Not good!”

    Guitu three? Cave.

    Qin Shan ran into the house immediately.

    Xu Yue closed the computer and caught up.

    The soles of Lu Yi’s feet softened, but at this moment, a dagger suddenly flashed in his hand, and while Xu Yue was entangled with Qin Shan, he stabbed behind him.

    Xu Yue’s eyes were stained with scarlet.


    When Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi were waiting for news at the police station, and Xiao Li, Song Yanke and He Xuxu were anxiously looking outside? Song Yanke’s ringtone beeped, and she saw that it was Zhuo Yihang’s phone.

    After the phone was connected, she asked anxiously: “Did you find Xiao Yi?”

    ” Yes , we are in the hospital.” Zhuo Yihang reported a list of addresses. The person who heard the news was finally relieved.

    Soon, Ji Guosheng also got information.

    People on both sides rushed to the hospital together.

    Song Yanke sat in the car, his whole body relaxed, “That’s great, and it’s Xu Dadao reliable.”

    “But they are in the hospital, I don’t know what’s the situation now?” He Xu Think more comprehensively.

    When Song Yan heard this, she immediately sat upright, “Yeah, I don’t know who was injured.”

    Xiao Li sat in the front panel, clenching his hands on his knees.

    According to the information given by Zhuo Yihang, they rushed all the way to the hospital and found the ward under the guidance of the nurse.

    Zhuo Yihang sat in the rest seat outside the ward.

    How many people? Exchange a few words, push the door open, and then? See…

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