AR: Ch 86

 How many people walked in lightly and saw that the person lying on the bed was the Ji Yi they were anxiously looking for.

    The independent ward is clean and tidy, and the overall color is mainly blue and white. The boy in black lying on the bed is particularly prominent.

    He stood in front of the hospital bed, with his arms crossed by the bed, and most of his face was hidden between his arms. Because facing the head of the bed, it is facing the people who come in from the outside with their backs, and they can’t see the appearance for a while.

    The setting sun went down, and the setting sun sprinkled in from the window was like a dazzling golden gauze covering the two of them? Time is quiet and good.

    Xiao Li stepped forward, Song Yanke hurriedly held him, “Hey, what are you doing?”

    “…” Xiao Li glanced back at her, and silently broke free.

    Song Yanke kept her voice down as much as possible, “Don’t bother them in the past. It’s fine to see that they are all safe. Let’s go outside and wait for a while.”

    Xiao Li was unmoved.

    During the dispute between the two, Xu Yue, who had been leaning on the bed, had already opened his eyes.

    He slowly raised his head, his spine straight and his back stretched.

    He Xuxu lifted up helplessly, “You two? Goodbye, Xu Yue is awake.”

    “…” Song Yanke and Xiao Li looked at each other, disgusted with each other, but calmed down.

    He Xuxu approached the window with his feet and hands, and asked him in a low voice, “Is Xiao Yi okay?”

    “Yeah.” Xu Yue responded lightly.

    “That…Xiao Yi’s mom and dad might be here soon, you are planning to…” He Xuxu pointed to the hands of the two closely linked together, euphemistically prompted.

    Because I don’t know if Xu Yue and Ji Yi want to confess their relationship to everyone now. They can only remind them as friends.

    Xu Yue pondered for a moment and wanted to raise his hand, only to find that even with his five fingers spread out, Ji Yi, who was sleeping, was still pulling his middle finger and ring finger tightly.

    Seeing this dramatic scene, everyone looked different.

    He tried again, but the arc of the action was not big, but it was still okay? See clearly, it was Ji Yifei who was holding people back and refused to let go.

    Song Yanke “tsk” twice and sighed

    from the bottom of his heart , “This is probably the magic of love.” As soon as he said this, Xiao Li frowned deeply, feeling that his whole person was not good.

    “The two of them?”

    “They…” Song Yanke was about to answer when there was another movement at the door.

    The figures of Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi appeared at the door of the ward, Zhao Shuyi ran over in small steps, pounced on the girl’s bed, and started crying, “Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi.”

    Her movement made Yuan Yuan quiet. Xu Yue’s ward became noisy and noisy, Xu Yue glanced anger, thinking of Zhao Shuyi’s identity, and tried to use the polite phrase, “Please be quiet.”

    Xu Yue spoke, Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi’s eyes fell on On him?.

    Ji Guosheng recognized this person, looked at him, cast a bad look, “Why are you here?”

    Song Yan explained in time: “Uncle, Xu Yue sent Xiao Yi to the hospital.”

    “It turned out to be like this. “Ji Guosheng pretended to have a sudden realization, and politely alienated the relationship between the two, “Thank you very much for saving my daughter? Son, what do you want? Just ask for it.” The

    latter half of the sentence clearly despised and was present. People feel weird when they hear it, let alone Xu Yue, the person involved.

    The expressions of onlookers like Song Yanke and He Xuxu were hard to say. On the other hand, Xu Yue didn’t seem to be affected by those words. Facing Ji Guosheng’s “money shame”, he was still neither humble nor overbearing, “Don’t worry about Mr. Ji, protecting her is what I should do.”

    “You can’t say that. Our Ji family never defaults on favors. In this way, I will write you a check when the time comes, and it will be regarded as payment. If there is nothing else, please leave first, and don’t disturb Xiao Yi to rest. “Ji Guosheng still regards him as a high school student with a terrible background. If you are willing to say a few words of courtesy, it is because there are outsiders watching, otherwise he might behave more mean.

    Ji Guosheng had a contemptuous attitude.

    Xu Yue’s eyes were deep, his teeth chuckled, and he was about to refute…

    Zuo Yihang suddenly stood at the door and knocked on the door, “Brother Xu, something is going on.”

    Xu Yue turned his head and saw that his expression was serious and slightly slightly. Nodding to indicate?.

    Gu Nian Ji Yi’s blood relationship, he didn’t want to be inexplicable when Ji Yi was asleep? Friction with his family, so he stood up again.

    Ji Yi still grasped his fingers and didn’t let go. The inadvertent reliance on trust wiped out all the unwillingness and resentment in his heart.

    The free left hand held Ji Yi’s wrist, and her fingers were gently scratched between her white wrists, and she saw her fingers slowly loosen.

    He held her hand patiently and slowly hid in the thin blanket on the hospital bed.

    Ji Guosheng raised his chin high, with an arrogant expression.


    At the moment Xu Yue really let go and turned and left, the patient in the bed suddenly coughed.

    Everyone looked over, and even Xu Yue retracted his footsteps.

    On the hospital bed? The little girl raised her eyebrows slightly, her curly and fine black eyelashes quivered slightly, and she slowly opened her eyes under the watchful eyes of many pairs of eyes.

    Ji Yi’s gaze was originally to Xu Yue’s side. When he woke up, the dark shadow in his eyes gradually became clear.

    Even if she hadn’t fully seen the person’s appearance, she could still perceive who that person was.

    The little girl’s voice was small, soft and sticky, and

    she shouted, “Xu Yue.” Her voice was very soft, but she could hear it clearly in a quiet environment.

    Everyone in the house looked different.

    Xu Yue turned around, took two steps towards her, squatted on one knee beside the bed, “I am here.”

    “Headache…” Ji Yi has always been afraid of pain, but if she feels uncomfortable, it’s just for her. It has doubled the feeling of others!

    “You have inhaled too much? You take a lot of drugs, and you will get better after a while.” The

    doctor said during the examination that Ji Yi was unconscious because of the strong smell of the drug, and she might feel coma after she woke up. To a slight headache.

    At the moment of tenderness between the two, there is no one else in their eyes.

    Ji Guosheng was not good at expressing, so he gave Zhao Shuyi a hand and gave his wife a look.

    Zhao Shuyi rushed forward again, “Xiao Yi, you are finally awake, mother is really worried.”

    Ji Yi stared at her, facing Zhao Shuyi’s “extremely sad” appearance, she felt nothing in her heart.

    She was probably confused by the medicine. She didn’t want to pretend to be gentle and polite. She blinked, put her head aside, and covered her ears, “You are so noisy.”

    Zhao Shuyi was very embarrassed.

    Song Yan, who was hiding at the end, clutched her mouth tightly, almost? No smile came out.

    I have long learned from Ji Yi about the way that Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi behave in the world, treating women as valuable things. When things really happen, they have not been more reliable, so it’s no wonder that women are not. Get close to them.

    “I don’t want to talk to you.” I don’t want to see those people, so I just pulled the quilt and covered my head without seeing anyone.

    The nurse came to the ward round and saw so many of them, and gently reminded everyone not to get together, which would affect the patient’s rest.

    Ji Guosheng couldn’t show his face to coax the girl’s son, and was afraid of embarrassment again, so he just waved away.

    “It’s really upset, look at what she was just now? What kind of attitude?”

    “We are all to blame. Xiao Yi must be angry with us for not finding her in time. Since Xu Yue rescued her, she When I just woke up, I should trust that person.” Zhao Shuyi cried and cried, annoying others.

    Ji Guosheng gave his wife a bit of training.

    Xiao Li and others wisely distanced themselves from their parents so as not to be implicated by the innocent.

    When Ji Guosheng left, Song Yan breathed a long sigh of relief, “Really convinced, it didn’t work when the incident happened?, and ridiculed the benefactor who saved the daughter?”

    Song Yan was straight-tempered and muttered. Tucao the strange parents.

    Standing on the side, Xiao Li was not on the same channel as their thinking. Suddenly he said, “You said that they are in love?”

    Song Yan was shocked and smiled, “Oh, I said Xiao Li. , Your reflex arc is long enough, and

    I’m still thinking about it now.” “You just need to tell me, are they?” Xiao Li’s tone was a little anxious.

    Song Yan was teasing him, pointing to the concealed door, “Don’t you know?”

    Inside the room, Xu Yue opened the quilt, “Isn’t breathing uncomfortable?”

    “It’s just that I don’t want to listen to them. Noisy ears.”

    “Already gone.”

    “I know.” Ji Yi sat up from the bed, and his mental state was much better. “Then we can? Are you going home?”

    Xu Yue asked, “You are not dizzy. ? “

    Ji Yi shook his head,” just a little, but better now? “.

    he slightly meal, point head and said:?”?. then you can go home. “

    Ji Yi blinked, his eyes rolled round and round, and raised his hands high to him to act like a baby, “You hug me.”

    Xu Yue did not answer, but directly hooked her back and legs, relaxed. Hugged up.

    How many people were watching outside? One after another scattered.

    Xiao Li leaned back against the cold wall, feeling the momentary weightlessness in his heart, what was there? A strong feeling was falling down and passing quickly.

    Xu Yue walked out holding Ji Yi, paused at the door, and left a sentence, “When she recovers, I will send her back.”

    He Xuxu asked, “Where are you going?” “

    Xu Yue: “…”

    Song Yanke hurriedly pulled her hand and spoke quietly in her ear, “Stupid, of course I went to the boss’s house.”

    “Oh~” He Xuxu opened his eyes slightly. Suddenly realized.


    Xu Yue told Ji Yi about the ins and outs of this matter.

    “So? Qin Shan arrested me to threaten you to surrender the evidence of his unidentified transaction?”

    “Yeah.” He nodded, suddenly feeling a little bit missing? What? “At that time, were you scared? “

    To be honest, it was a bit? when I was in the wrong car, but later…” Later, she fainted and didn’t wake up until the hospital. She didn’t experience the feeling of being threatened at all.

    Xu Yue brought her out intact so quickly, Ji Yi suddenly felt a strong sense of admiration, “You are amazing! How did you find me?”

    “…” He hesitated, “An’an, this question Can you not answer?”

    “But I’m very curious.”

    “…In your watch, there is a locator.”

    The smile on Ji Yi’s face disappeared.

    The author has something to say:

    Since having An An, the villain has become an honest man

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