AR: Ch 87

The watch he personally made for Ji Yi has always been equipped with a tracker, which means that since then, he can control Ji Yi’s whereabouts at will.

    If it wasn’t because of this incident, he would keep hiding this secret.

    Ji Yi, who was still in high spirits, disappeared little by little from the moment she heard the answer.

    The young man was flustered, and his faint pupils were overwhelmed, and he hurriedly explained to her, “An’an, I didn’t? I meant to restrain you, I just wanted to protect you.”

    “Then why didn’t you tell me when I gave the gift?” Ji Yi He raised his eyes and looked at him, his eyes clear.

    “…” The prominent Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and for a while, he couldn’t answer.

    He didn’t say it because he knew clearly that not all people can accept that their whereabouts are kept by another person at all times.

    Ji Yi pursed his lips, bit his teeth on the lips, and slowly said, “I know if you don’t answer, because you know that no one likes his life to be restricted and is always monitored.”

    “You know. I accepted your gift and I will wear it, so I put that kind of thing in it.” She said with a certain degree of certainty, “Have you ever thought about it, even if I take off the watch some day, you will think about it.” Other ways, put that thing somewhere on my body?”

    “An An…” Xu Yue’s expression was tense, and his fists were also tight?

    Ji Yi’s repeated questions, and even the accuracy and accuracy of his thoughts, made him feel uneasy.

    He really planned that, even if the future Ji Yi didn’t wear a watch, he would use the same way to install that thing somewhere on her body.

    Ji Yi saw that he was in a mood right now, so he lowered his eyes and sighed lightly, panicking in his heart.

    While Xu Yue was concealing her, it was wrong to install a tracker in her watch to check her whereabouts. But in fact, her focus is not on this, but on this incident that reminded her of that distant, almost forgotten story.

    Because she was in contact with the people around her, she was finally able to collude with the veiled characters in the book.

    Xu Yue has been trading with Qin Shan since high school, and then Xu Yue has gone the other way, even surpassing Qin Shan to become the leader there.

    In the book, the villain confronts the righteous male protagonist, and how much is it involved with the female protagonist.

    The villain was already deep-minded. In order to stimulate the hero, he deliberately took the heroine away and locked it up. The male protagonist finally returned the heroine. From that time on, the villain could grasp their whereabouts at any time because the villain had implanted a tracking chip in the heroine’s body.

    Does the villain in the book have the concept of right and wrong. He doesn’t know why he lives. He just wants to win. He wants to see the people who oppose him suffer.

    Because of her appearance, many things have changed, but she didn’t expect that the person who was installed with the tracker would become herself in the end. Thinking of that? The story is really creepy.

    Ji Yi fell into the memory, with an expression of refusing to communicate with the outside world.

    Xu Yue’s face was pale, and he raised his fingers again and again to try to catch her, but he always hovered close at hand, and the fear in his heart kept emerging.

    Ji Yi wandered for a moment, as if thinking of something, she shook her head slightly, looked at him and said, “Xu Yue, I think? We still divide…”

    “Don’t break up!” Before she finished speaking, Xu Yue rushed to his heart. I yelled out, “Ji An’an, I won’t promise you, are you dead?”

    “…Huh?” Is it threatened?

    Ji Yi was startled, “I…”

    “Stop talking .” Xu Yue ignored him, reaching out to hug the person tightly, as if trying to embed her in his body, “An’an, I know I was wrong, you forgive me, OK? ?”

    He looked panicked, and suddenly released the person, holding her wrist, trying to take off the golden bracelet watch, “You hate this? The watch, right? Let’s take it down, throw it away, throw it away.

    Going far away, it won’t make you an eye-obtrusive anymore.” Ji Yi saw that the situation was not right, so he quickly patted his hand, protecting his bracelet watch.

    “What are you doing!” She glared fiercely, “I like this watch, don’t you? I want to tell you about breaking up!”

    Xu Yue was stunned on the spot, his expression was dumbfounded, and he stammered and asked. “No, don’t you break up?”

    She was almost angrily laughed, “Who said


    I would break up with you.” “Then you…” “I want to say, I think? We should still prioritize things and say Tell me about you and Qin Shan.” At

    that moment, Xu Yue felt like a roller coaster, still taking the steepest curve, and a heart suddenly landed safely from the sky.

    Ji Yigao? Gao? raised his hand and gently smoothed his frowning brows with his fingers, trying to reduce his anxiety in this way.

    “What the hell are you self-doubt?”

    “Even if I’m really angry, don’t you know how to coax me? Are you threatening me? Is this heart dead?”

    Ji Yi sorted out everything, nothing How angry, do you think? Xu Yue’s reaction was simply funny.

    How could she worry that Xu Yue now becomes the villain who lacks San? Views in the book?

    This? Xu Yue, but the one who has always guarded her and protected her.

    Seeing Xu Yue’s anxiety, Ji Yi raised his arms and straightened his hands towards him, “You hug me.” The

    stiff boy suddenly took a small step and took the person into his arms again. This time it was very light and gentle.

    The girl wrapped her hands around his waist and placed it on his back. She patted it gently, seemingly soothing, “Listen, then? Don’t make a fuss. Even if it’s a couple getting along, there is Little trouble, quarrels and everything are normal.”

    He doesn’t know how to fall in love, so she told him some things she had heard and seen.

    Xu Yue said dullly: “I won’t fight with you, and I won’t fight with you.”

    “Ouch…” The boyfriend suddenly said? Such lovely love words are really exciting.

    She deliberately pinched Xu Yue’s waist. She was not strong or strong, but seemed to be poking, “Will you be more confident in yourself? Can you do something wrong? Find a way to make up for it, seek a remedy, and Isn’t it just forcing the results you want? Sometimes you can think about it in a different way, and then you can find a better way to solve the problem. This way, it’s very good for the big family.”

    These words have already changed Xu Yue’s The uncomfortable heart was soothed? Seven or eight, but he still wanted to confirm, “Then you are really not angry anymore?”

    “At first, I was a little angry. I was angry that you hold everything in your heart.” Ji Yi was tempted to him, “A lot of things don’t you try? How do you know the result? Is it as you wish?” He

    embraced his limp body, his chest was hot.

    “You mean, even if I told you when I gave you a gift, there is a locator in it, will you accept it?”

    Ji Yi raised his palm, fingers behind his back? There was a little rhythm, his tone Briskly and leisurely, “If the person giving the gift is Xu Yue, I will accept it~” At

    that moment, a bright light burst from the dark pupils.


    After a night of rest, Ji Yi’s body has fully recovered.

    On the second day, the police came to find them.

    After Ji Yi entered the police station, he cooperated very well and explained how he was kidnapped, but he didn’t know anything else.

    She is more worried about Xu Yue’s side.

    After the two recorded their confession, the police did not feel embarrassed, but let them go.

    Ji Yi still feels that this matter is too easy, “Is it that way? Is it over? Has Qin Shan caught it? What will happen after him?”

    Xu Yue tilted his head slightly and spoke to her in a low voice, “I’m still at large,” Finding someone is a matter of the police.”

    Ji Yi nodded and cared about him again, “Then are you really all right?”

    Xu Yue chuckled lightly, and asked, “Am I right by your side now?”

    Ji Yi was dubious. Nodded.


    Half a month later, the students’ college entrance examination results have been announced one after another. What is remarkable is that Ji Yi and Song Yanting’s science scores are actually the same?!

    But unfortunately, even if the scores are the same, they are 0.5 points lower than the provincial champion of the experimental school.

    This is really a pity!

    After the results came out, the family began to discuss the matter of filling in their volunteers.

    Ji Yi once again carried a guide book for applying for the college entrance examination, and then looked at dozens of pieces of news that had been discussed in the sister group.

    This time Song Yan was able to perform exceptionally well, and his total score in the college entrance examination was even more than a dozen points higher than the usual test.

    In the high-level segment, a difference of one point may determine your different destiny, more than a dozen points is like a godsend.

    Song Yanke joined the wheat in the group, “Have you figured out what school and major you want to

    apply for ?” Ji Yi weighed the thick book in his hands, “I’m going to city B. It’s already been decided. “

    He Xuxu hesitated, “I’m not sure yet, but I will probably report to the medical profession.”

    Ji Yi and He Xuxu had more or less goals, and it was Song Yanke’s turn that she felt a headache.

    Ask directly? Question three? Even: “Who am I? Where should I go? What do you do?”

    Ji Yi is going to City B Ji Guo? Sheng, they all know that there is teacher Nan Jia on the line, so? Ji Guo Sheng did not intervene in Ji Yi’s college education to fill in the volunteers.

    According to her grades, all majors of University B can be reported, but she is still struggling with majors that she did not want to understand in her previous life.

    Doesn’t seem to be? What’s

    she likes so much… She turned it over for a long time, thinking about it, finally? Have one? A decision!

    After submitting the volunteer letter, Ji Yi felt that he was a lot easier as a whole.

    Didn’t I finish the road at the beginning, but I finally got it on!

    A good college life is what she is looking forward to.

    Xu Yue has been recommended to University B. In the future, they can be together without any scruples!


    Xu Yue has been in Yancheng recently, cooperating with the police to search for Qinshan’s downfall.

    If Qin Shan doesn’t get rid of it for a day, he can’t feel at ease.

    On the day Ji Yi submitted her volunteer letter, she also received a good news, that is, Qin Shan, who had run away for half a month, was finally arrested.

    Knowing that he did not have a chance to escape, Qin Shan simply dragged Xu Yue into the water and told the police one by one the deal between them.

    Ji Yi was horrified, and when he ran to look for him, he happened to see a police car parked outside the gate of the community. And when Xu Yuezheng was about to get in the car, he turned his head suddenly as if receiving induction, and the familiar figure gradually became clear before his eyes.

    Ji Yi rushed over and almost tripped.

    She shook Xu Yue’s hand nervously, with tears in her eyes, “Will you come back safely?”

    Xu Yue smiled and rubbed her hair.

    She took off the silver-black necklace from her neck, and hung her feet on his neck.

    The moment the police car closed, she burst into tears.

    The author has something to say:

    Guess which department Ann will choose~

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